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UNIT ONE TONEY L FERGUSON M.B.A., M.P.M MT 435 Operations Management

Jan 21, 2016




    MT 435 Operations Management

  • Contact InformationEmail Address: [email protected] : Toneyishere4uOffice # 678-404-1494Virtual OfficeThe virtual office should be used for questions pertaining to the class or course so others can benefit from the response.

  • Seminar SessionsSeminars will be scheduled on: Mondays or Wednesday @ 6 pm EST after first seminar.

  • Course Policies AcknowledgementMake sure to respond to the course policies acknowledge thread as soon as possible. Make sure you have acknowledge the policies before Tuesday, February 8 to receive full 25 points.25 points will be reduced to 20 points after Tuesday, February 8 and reduced again after the 15th of February. Grades will not be released until the acknowledgment is completed.

  • Grading Criteria/Course Evaluation

  • Late PolicyIn order to move quickly and successfully, specific deadlines for all assignments are clearly stated in the course syllabus. Should a student be unable to meet a deadline, it is expected the student will make arrangements in advance with the instructor to turn work in late. A penalty may or may not be assigned, at the discretion of the faculty member. If a student does not make prior arrangements with the instructor and fails to turn individual work in on time, the following penalties may be applied: Assignments are due Tuesday at 11:59 pm EST. Up to one week (1-7 calendar days) late 20% deduction in

    After one week (8-14 calendar days) late 30% deduction in points.

    No work will be accepted more than two (2) weeks after the due date. No Exception!!

    Note: In order for you to make up a quiz, exam or discussion thread, you must contact your instructor by email at least one day prior to the day you want to make up the work so that access can be provided. Additionally, you must notify your instructor by email when you have submitted late work.

  • Participating in Threaded DiscussionsYou will communicate with your professor and classmates using the threaded discussion areas. This is where you post your responses to Discussion Questions and share your experiences in completing Exercises and applying the content of the course. Participation in discussions is required and will help determine your grade. You are expected to contribute to each of the Discussion Questions in each unit. You should read all responses of other students and add your own. During discussions, you must demonstrate not only that you understand the subject matter but also that you can apply what you have learned, analyze it, integrate it with knowledge you already have, and evaluate it critically. Your postings should be appropriate and timely contributions that add value to the discussion. Your instructor will provide you more detailed information about requirements and grading related to participation in discussions.

  • Discussion Boards Discussion Questions provide a forum for students to seek clarification and answer important questions about the course material. The discussion also allows students to receive feedback from the instructor and other students in the class. A discussion question grade will be posted to the grade-book for each Unit using the following grading criteria. The Discussion Board Requirement:Post a minimum of three posts per discussion question. One initial response and two replies to your classmatesPosting on a minimum of three different days, for example: Wednesday, Friday and MondayThe first post must be made by Saturday.

  • Unit 3 Written Assignment Question OneBased on the information presented in the scenario discuss AlbatrossAnchors competitiveness in relation to (please address all items in the belowlist and provide support for your conclusions:(a) Cost (consider cost of production, economies of scale in material purchasing, cost or raw materials and finished goods sitting idle in the warehouse.

    (b) Speed of manufacturing process from order to finished product.

    (c) Flexibility in filling order(s)

    (d) Technology

    (e) Capacity and facilities. The current floor plan is inefficient. Please tell what about the current floor plan makes it inefficient and give recommendations for improvement. What type of factory would be best for mixed model manufacturing?

    (f) Service to customers. What types of services would an anchor company provide to marine wholesalers?

  • Unit 3 Written Assignment Question TwoThere are many ways that mushroom/bell anchors may be manufactured. Analyze and review two new manufacturing processes to determine which process has the lowest breakeven point (this validates the process is more cost effective) and report your analysis and supporting conclusion. Senior management has already determined that regardless of which process is selected the sales price for the mushroom/bell anchors will be$35.00 per pound.For each process the following fixed costs and variable costs have been identified.Process A Process BFixed cost $ 500,000 $ 750,000Variable cost per unit $ 25.00 $ 23.00Based on the above information identify:(a) The total fixed costs per unit for Process A and for Process B(b) The total number of lots that would be Process A and for Process B at the breakeven point.(c) Identify, as a result of your review, which Process (A or B) would you recommend for adoption and why?

    (03) Based on the limited information in the case study and your answer to the questions above; identify at least two direct and specific long-term and at least two short-term operations changed that Albatross Anchor must make to gain a clear, sustainable competitive advantage.

  • Fixed cost per Unit Q = FC / (UP - VC)where:Q = Break-even Point, i.e., Units of production (Q),FC = Fixed Costs,VC = Variable Costs per Unit UP = Unit PriceTherefore, Break-Even Point Q = Fixed Cost / (Unit Price - Variable Unit Cost)

  • Any QuestionsThanks for your attendance today


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