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Unit 3 At a Music lesson ( Part A ) Miduqiao Primary School Vivian

Mar 26, 2015



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Unit 3 At a Music lesson ( Part A ) Miduqiao Primary School Vivian Slide 2 Name Card English name: From: Family: Ability : Vivian Changzhou four people in my family I can cook. Slide 3 Can you ? Yes, I can. No, I cant. What can you do ? I can . Slide 4 Guess: What can he/she do? He/She can singdanceswim /a:/ / i / Slide 5 lesson have an English have a Music lesson / e / Slide 6 Unit 3 at a Music lesson Slide 7 What can you do at a Music lesson? play the violin play the guitar Slide 8 What can you sing ? bird girl first /:/ Slide 9 learn the song /:/ listen to the song / i / lesson / e / learn from Slide 10 You can ______ and we can ____. They can ______ ____ _____. Are you ready? Lets ______. Lets _____. Lets _____ and _____ _____ ______. We can sing and dance dance sing playtheviolin begin dance singplaytheviolin follow me follow Slide 11 Can you sing it now? sing it together Slide 12 Where are they? What are they doing? What time is it ? Slide 13 When Where What Its two oclock in the afternoon. Theyre in the music room. Theyre having a Music lesson. Slide 14 When two oclock Where in the music room. What are having Slide 15 Try to retell: Slide 16 Watch the cartoons and Fill in the blanks: They can sing ________________ and ________________.But they cant sing ___________________. Slide 17 Watch the cartoons and Fill in the blanks: They can sing ________________ and ________________.But they cant sing ___________________. In the classroom Colour song We can sing and dance Slide 18 Read the first passage Find out Mr Greens questions. Q1 Can you sing the song We can sing and dance? Q2 What can you sing? Q3 What can you do? Slide 19 three steps : 1. 2. 3. Listen to the song Follow the teacher Sing it together How do they learn the new song? Slide 20 Fill in the blanks : Its _________ in the afternoon.The students are in the _____________. They are _____________________. They ____ sing In the classroom, but they _____ sing We can sing and dance.They learn the song. They ____________ the song first.Then _____ the teacher. At last ( ), they _____ the song _______. two oclock music roomhaving a Music lesson cancant listen tofollow singtogether Slide 21 It is ten oclock in the morning.The students are having an Art lesson.Mr Wang is teaching them to draw animals. Mr Wang: Good morning,boys and girls. What animal do you like? Mike: I like tigers. Mr Wang: Can you draw them? Mike: Sorry,I cant.But I can draw monkeys, I like monkeys,too. Mr Wang: Good.How about you,Nancy? Nancy: It has two red eyes,a short tail.Its white. Its very lovely. Guess! What is it? David: A rabbit! Nancy: Youre right! I also can draw it very well. Mr Wang: OK. Next, please draw animals you like on the paper.Lets start! I Slide 22 Answer the questions: 1 What time is it ? 2 What are they doing? 3 What animal does Mike like? 4 What animal can Nancy draw? Its ten oclock in the morning. They are having an Art lesson. He likes tigers and monkeys. She can draw a lovely rabbit. Slide 23 Homework: choose one to do 1.Read the text of Unit3. 2. Role in play. 3. Make a new dialogue and act it out.