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Unit 1 Reading A Body language. Reading A Body language What’s wrong with Harry, Lo? He can’t understand why people don’t want to talk to him

Jan 14, 2016



  • Unit 1 Reading ABody language

  • Reading A Body languageWhats wrongwith Harry, Lo?He cant understandwhy people dont wantto talk to him.

  • Watch a film from Mr. Bean.How does he tell you what he is doing? By speaking ,by his body or by the expressions on his face ?

  • Do you know the meaning of the gestures?

  • What kind of language are they using?He means Yes by nodding his head.

    They mean No by shaking their heads. They are using body language.()

  • What is body language? the gestures () the expressions on your face

  • New words ()1. body language2. college3. part-time4. travel agency5. greet1.

    2. 3. 4. 5.

  • 6. cheerfully7. sigh8. fax9. gesture10. hesitate11. remind

    6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

  • 1. Where does the story take place?

    2. Who are the two people sitting at the desks?

    3. Which of the two looks more friendly?In the office. / At a travelagency().college studentsDebbie and Simon are sitting. Debbie. Because she isPre-reading Do A1

  • Fast reading. Tell T or F.Chris was standing there. TSimon can understand why customers prefer Debbie. FThe reason is the way he communicates. TBody language is a kind of communicating. TSimon gave people a good impression when he looks at them. FAfter that, Simon tried to do better. T

  • Detail Reading Read the story and complete the table Hold her head up.Rest his head on his hand.Look at peoples eyes.Never smiles.Not turn his head or body towards people.Smiles before speaking to people.Look down.

    DebbieSimon head eyes smile or not

  • A4 Put the events of the story in the correct order.a. Chris said that body language is important.b. The lady walked over to Debbie instead of Simon.c. Simon began to sit up and smile.d. An old lady entered the travel agency.e. Simons sister came to remind him about her birthday.f. Simon went to fax some papers.g. Chris said that Simon looked down and never smiled.h. Chris said Simon made a good impression on the girl.42617358

  • Simon is phoning a friend. Complete the speech below with the words in the story. Put one word in each blank.Read and do A3

  • Chris spoke to me today. Hes one of the _____ member of staff of our travel agency. I told him that our customers always prefer ______ to me. He told me the problem might be the way I _____________. He explained to me about ____ language. He said that my body language was not giving people a good _________. So now Im trying to _______ my body language.seniorcommunicatebodyimpressionimproveDebbie

  • Debbie and Simmon are _______ students. They have __________ jobs at a travel agency. One day, an old lady entered their office. Debbie greeted her __________. Simon sighed and took some papers over to the _____ machine. Post-reading collegepart-timecheerfullyfax()

  • He didnt know why the people ________ Debbie ___ him. Then, Chris, a senior member of staff told him. _______________ is not just speaking. Body language is very important. Simon often rest his head _____ his hand and never smile.prefertoCommunicatingon

  • The way he looked at people didnt give them a good __________. But Debbie held head up. She smiled before _________ to the people . Thats why the people go to her for help and not Simon.speakingimpression

  • Language points1. Customers always prefer Debbie to me. Prefer to 2. Thats why they go to her for help. go to sb. for help 3. at once

  • 4. Communicating is not just about speaking. She smiles before speaking to them. Without hesitating, she went to Simon and gave him a big smile.()

  • phrases1. body language2. part-time job3. prefer to 4. hold up5. go to sb. for help6. at once 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

  • How to give a good impression to people before you are talking?

    What is the bad appearance, do you think?

    T:Is the man friendly? Do you want to talk to him?