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Unhappy Co Owners

Feb 11, 2016



When coowners of business are unhappy...



NameRollMahadi Hasan254Trishna Saha249Ariful Hasan244Tawfeeq Hasan257Shamsuddin Bappi237Mostafizur Rahman242



# INAME OF PRESENTERYou have to sacrifice something for a better and reasonable negotiationYour co-owners should also judge his situation then prioritize what should be given or kept

# INAME OF PRESENTERHow to Negotiate as the case dictates?Leveraging Power from your BATNAWhat is BATNA

Leveraging the source of PowerLeveraging Power through Tactics

Leverage Power through PersuasionTools for Persuasive CommunicationPersuasion through Process


# INAME OF PRESENTERQ.1.Assuming that your BATNA is letting a court sell the property, can it help you reach an agreement? Why or why not?BATNA should optimize the advantages by overcoming disadvantages

BATNA should increase power in bargaining than the opponent party. What are the predominating conditions in selecting BATNA?

BATNA will give advantages of-

Using property in your own wayChanging propertySelling property at your desired priceMaking opponent party to accept your terms and conditions.

BATNA of letting a court to sellthe property wont give the advantages of-Using property in your own wayBringing changes in propertySelling propertyMaking opponent party to accept your terms and conditions.

Can these conditions be filled up?-in terms of increasing advantages10Three ways of leveraging power are-Being incapable of optimizing advantages, can it be a strong one?

Is it possible to convince co owner of the strength of your BATNA

Is it possible to bring changes in BATNA?

Believing you have strong BATNA

Convincing others of the strength of your BATNA

Changes in BATNA during negotiations

NONONOCan these conditions be filled up?-in terms of leveraging power 11What decisions can be taken regarding the answers?

# INAME OF PRESENTERWhat are your power sources and your co owners power sources in this negotiation? How can you strengthen you power position?


# INAME OF PRESENTERMy power sourcesThe summer home as a controlling resource that leads me to reward power.

Authority vested in me by my parents leaving me as a co owner of the summer home that leads me to legitimate power.

# INAME OF PRESENTERMy co-owners power sourcesConsiderable power through the control of information regarding the summer home - expert power.Control over summer home - reward power.In position to take decision regarding the property Legitimate power.Power to force the sale of the land Coercive power.

# INAME OF PRESENTERStrengthening my power positionNot going for an all or nothing dealMake his position seem weakEnsure him to get him some better dealsGood information is always a source of powerConstrain myself Manage the process according to the situation occurs.

# INAME OF PRESENTERPRESENTED BYTAWFEEQ HASAN (ROLL 257)Logical and Emotional Arguments Negotiation and argumentCase : Unhappy Co-ownersArguing achieves a predictable outcome: it solidifies each persons stance. Which, of course, is the exact opposite of what youre trying to achieve with the argument in the first place. It also wastes time and deteriorates relationships.

Creating Persuasive argumentsCase : Unhappy Co-ownersLogosLogos is a Greek term meaning 'word' and refers to using logic and reasoning as your appeal. Pathos

Pathos is a Greek word meaning 'suffering' or 'experience,' and it appeals to the reader's emotions, utilizing story, sensory-based details and vivid language.Ethos

Ethos is a Greek word meaning "character" that is used to describe the guiding beliefs or ideals that characterize a community, nation, or ideology. LOGICEMOTIONSCHARACTERLogic basesCase : Unhappy Co-ownersThe credible arguments Supporting evidence on which our arguments are builtThe parties try to identify their real desiresLeave personalities out of the investigation

Pathos brings human experience Focuses emotionsNegative emotions : anger, frustrations etc.Positive emotions: Fairness, pride, rigidityRelated to egoA connection cannot be established by facts alone

Focuses on the person who is making the argument the persons reputation for truthfulness and fair dealing Intervention by third partyPower to dictate

PathosEthosLogosGiving the logicsCase : Unhappy Co-ownersThe cost association with the improvement plan may not be profitableSale of the land will be a lossLong-term planningValue of personal entertainment Buying the co-owner outNeutral argument from third party

Expressing franklyLong term emotional attachmentFirm stance on not giving up attitudeSense of cooperationEmphasis on building a relationship

Equitable solution by third party arbitratorArbitrator may dictate the solution


# INAME OF PRESENTERQuestion 5.4: What nonverbal communication techniques might you use to persuade your co-owner that your proposal is a win-win proposition? Non-verbal Communication:Nonverbal communication is the process of communication through sending and receiving wordless (mostly visual) cues between people.Plus Presentation TemplateTypes of Non-verbal CommunicationBody Movements (Kinesics)


Eye Contact

Para-LanguageCloseness or Personal SpaceFacial ExpressionsPlus Presentation TemplateKey techniques in pursuing a win-win proposal:1Honesty2Willingness to listen the opposite partyPlus Presentation Template27Common Nonverbal behaviors that express honesty0103020405Open gesturesDirect speech PointingOpen BehaviorsSmilingPlus Presentation TemplateCommon Nonverbal behaviors that express Willingness to listen2901030204Keeping arms and palms openLeaning Forward in seat Maintaining great eye contactNoddingPlus Presentation Template

# INAME OF PRESENTERUsing of ThreatsThreats are one of the most abused tactics in negotiation. Highly competitive behavior has become a norm for some managers and lawyers concerned about control. If a threat is successful, it only takes a couple of words to induce the target to do what the threatened wants.

# INAME OF PRESENTERTactics to follow Change the circumstances so that the cost of not following through on the threat is significant, and is recognized as significant by the other party.Visibly and irreversibly restrict options.Expend resources to create fallback positions and make sure the opponent knows it.

# INAME OF PRESENTERContinued Delegate the authority to carry out the threat so it is just a matter of execution at the appropriate time.Develop a reputation for following through on threats.Give a convincing preview of the future.



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