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Unbiased Stereology: Three-Dimensional Measurement · PDF fileUnbiased Stereology: Three-Dimensional Measurement in Microscopy, 2004, 277 pages, Vyvyan Howard, Matthew Reed, 0203006399,

Jul 06, 2018



  • Unbiased Stereology: Three-Dimensional Measurement in Microscopy, 2004, 277pages, Vyvyan Howard, Matthew Reed, 0203006399, 9780203006399, GarlandScience, 2004


    Unbiased Stereology, Second Edition is a practical guide to making unbiased 3-D measurementsvia the microscope. Only those stereological techniques which have been tried and tested by realapplication are included. Although this technology is essentially mathematical and statistical, theauthors do not immerse the reader in complex analysis, but rather provide simple heuristicexplanations and references to the original proof, and illustrate the theory by analogies drawn fromeveryday experience. To give practical experience in application of the techniques, exercises areprovided at the end of each chapter, complete with detailed worked answers.


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    Thermal and electrical conductivity of polymer materials , I Uli Kirillovich Godovski, V. P.Privalko, 1995, Technology & Engineering, 130 pages. .

    Principles and Practices of Unbiased Stereology An Introduction for Bioscientists, Peter R. Mouton,Apr 1, 2003, Medical, 232 pages. Beginning in the 1960s, scientists across a wide range ofdisciplines cooperated in developing unbiasedor assumption freestereology, based onstochastic geometry and.

    The Quantitative Description of the Microstructure of Materials , Krzysztof Jan Kurzydlowski, BrianRalph, Jul 21, 1995, Technology & Engineering, 432 pages. This book, the product of a deepcollaboration between the two authors, strikes a balance between the traditional approach andnewly emerging techniques used to obtain a.

    Biomedical image processing II 25-27 February 1991, San Jose, California, Alan Conrad Bovik,Vyvyan Howard, Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers, IS & T--the Society forImaging Science and Technology, Rochester Institute of Technology. Center for Imaging Science,1991, Computers, 351 pages. .

    Jerry K. Castleman, Cheryl I. Lipshutz, and Kathleen M. Lynn: Securities and Exchange CommissionLitigation Complaint , Matthew Reed, , , . .

    Reproductive Health and the Environment , P. Nicolopoulou-Stamati, Luc Hens, Vyvyan Howard,Jun 4, 2007, Medical, 424 pages. The link between reproductive health and the environment hasbeen strengthened by the findings of recent studies. It is becoming increasingly important to linkresults and data.

    Sociological Perspectives of Organic Agriculture From Pioneer to Policy, Georgina Holt, MatthewReed, 2006, Cooking, 320 pages. This book takes a fresh look at understanding the dynamics ofthe organic agricultural sector in Europe, Australia, South America and the US. Many of the authors

  • explore the.

    Practical Statistics for the Textile Industry, Part 2 , G. A. V. Leaf, 1984, Textile industry, 95 pages..

    Stereological Methods Practical methods for biological morphometry, Ewald R. Weibel, 1979,Science, 415 pages. .

    Endocrine Disrupters Environmental Health and Policies, P. Nicolopoulou-Stamati, Luc Hens,Vyvyan Howard, Jun 30, 2001, Medical, 376 pages. During recent decades, millions of tonnes ofman-made chemicals have been produced and released into the environment, with very littlesafety testing. Many of these chemical.

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