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ULearning Skillnet Overview of Evaluation Approach Rob Cosgrove & Kieran Swail Monday 8 th September 2008 Shannon Business Park

Ulearning evaluation approach

Jun 25, 2015



Outline of evaluation approach focus on networking

  • 1. ULearning SkillnetOverview of Evaluation Approach Rob Cosgrove & Kieran SwailMonday 8th September 2008Shannon Business Park

2. Role & Approach Role = monitor, evaluate and report Approach = Listen, observe, engage, advise, recommend and review 3. Scope of evaluation 2 reports Interim early 2009, Final early 2010 Key data & indicators set by Skillnet Mandatory, Strongly recommended, Optional Kirkpatrick scale of evaluating training Level 1-3 & Phillips Level 5 see Guidelines handout. Innovation & Networking = Opportunity to stand out 4. Phillips ROI Model The Phillips ROI methodology is a 10-step process preferred by SkillnetsWe need to select suitable course/modulesConsider Impact Measurement Skillnet Training for this initiative and next round. 5. Proposed ROI Method Identify module(s) to target for measurement Criteria Multiple students doing same module in same company failing that similar companies closely spaced preference for larger companies preference for modules with concrete skill deliverables Interview module lecturer for modules chosen for ROI measurement. In depth interviews with reps from each provider In depth interviews/ liaison with trainers in modules selected for ROI assessment 6. Progress to date Attended Launch in Shannon Met with Project Co-ordinator and members of Steering Group in Dublin Met with Skillnets Liaison Officer in Dublin Evaluators met and agreed joint approach 7. Methodology / Outputs to Interim Report Attend Steering Group Meetings Sep, Oct Dec 08 f2f Consultations with select no of network member companies Oct Dec 08 Review Lead Generation Process & General Marketing Activity Identify course/module (s) for ROI assessment Students/Trainees Pre Module Start Subset 10-15 minute telephone interviews eSurvey or integrate with AUA pre- commencement data capture Interview Student Cohort Nov 08 Review End Module feedback sheets Draft Report Dec 08 & Interim Report Feb 09 8. Added Value & Support Wiki Spot Evaluation of an event - pre & post survey process and content review Nov/Dec 08? Ideas Calendar of Events Network Activities & promotional activities Online Forum? Analysis of sales funnel lead generation to sales conversion 9. Risk Area Severity Probability Mitigation ROI may not be easilyEvaluation Moderate High Select modules for measurable via Phillips.ROI assessment Degree level ROI less with care. tangible ROI slower to accrue Softer skills harder to measure credible ROI. Training days targets mayMarketingHigh High not be hit. Network may seem Administrative ?? Moderate Ensure network supply led rather thanmembers are the demand led a saleskey driver of channel for universities. course content not providers. Regional Focus on theMarketingHigh Moderate Retarget marketing west misses key markets activity to Greater Dublin - is less effectiveDublin Area Marketing focusMarketingHigh Moderate Monitor & Evaluate unstructured not leadingmarketing/sales to closed sales.process 10. Q How do you attract new Apply W5 network members and trainees?Who?, What?, When?,Where?, Why?Trainees Telephone cold v warm /Network Members Text Mkting -Marketeers call the Network - Regular themed events3rd screenBranding & Merchandising Direct Mail postcard mktingTrade shows, Exhibitions CompetitionsDiscussion Forums HR/CPD Demos - wow factor PR / Word of Testimonials / Referrals Conferences Web Marketing Web 2.0Market Research email, blog, podcasts, social Joint Venture e.g. IRCSET - the Irishnetworking, Flickr YouTube, Research Council for Science,Facebook, Bebo, MySpace RSSfeeds.. Engineering and Technology AdvertisingJournalists Visits education, science Radio, newspapers, supplements, journals. Local & technology business circulars, Magazines, Sponsorship Billboards, Google Adwords, 11. ULearning SkillnetThankyou Rob Cosgrove & Kieran Swail Monday 8th September 2008

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