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Types of house

Dec 18, 2014




Types of House's

  • 1. Types of HouseBy: Nabil MuradGrade: V

2. Ondol (Heated Floor during Winter)Suwon, Korea Ondol is the traditional under floorheating system which has been usedin Korean peninsula where the winteris very severe. The heat from thestove in the kitchen goes through thepathway under the floor. They usedto use the firewood or straw for thestove. The entrance of the house ismade smaller to prevent cold aircoming into the house. They sleepon the warm floor with the mat andthey do not need to wear roomshoes. In the modern Korean house,Ondol is still used by hot water. 3. Complex Houses of Hakka FanmilyFujian, China In dry Fujian area, the houses arebuilt with the hard solid soilwalls. The houses were built about300 years ago. Hakka family wasmoving from the Yellow River areain 12 th to 13 th century. Theybuild the many town housessurrounded by the hard walls toprotect from the outsiders. Thehouses are 4-storied and hundredsof people are living together. Onetownhouse is for the whole familywho has the same last name. Theother family or not Hakka family arenot allowed to live. 4. Tree House of Bagobo TribeMindanao Island, Philippines The people in the south ofPhilippines used to live in the treehouses. From the tree houses,they could find the enemies, thepoisonous snakes and wildanimals. They also could get thecooler and drier air. The housesare needed to rebuild as the treesgrow. The tree houses are nowused for the meeting and resting. 5. Houses on the WaterSabah, Malaysia The fishermen in Saba of BorneoIsland live on the water. In thewater village, there are so manyhouses still now. They use thetimber of mangrove tree whichhas the durability against the seawater to build the waterhouse. The water houses areofficially issued the addresses andthe family registrations. 6. House of Lafu TribeNorthern Region, Thailand In the Village of Lahu Tribe, nearly5,000 people live in the houses onthe steep land 1,000 meters abovesea level. The floor of the houseis 2 meters high and under thefloor, they keep cow, pigs andchicken. They made house withthe wood panels crossing eachother. 7. Anuak Tribe VillageOmo Valley, Ethiopia Anuak people are living innorthwest part of Omovalley. They build their ownhouses by family and gather in thevillage. In the center of thevillage, they grind corn into flourto cook rice porridge. 8. Nomad Dome-shaped House of Art TribeEritrea Afar people are nomad living inGreat Rift Valley. Their house iscalled Bulla which is transferablecompact dome shapedhouse. The house is made ofstraw which is easy to carry. 9. Reed Houses of Uros TribeTiticaca Lake, Peru Lake Titicaca is nearly 400 metersabove sea level. About 2,000Uros people live on about 50artificial reed Islands made offloating reeds in the lake. Theymake living by fishing andtourism. The island, boats andhouses are all made ofreed. They have to pile fresh reedover them every several monthsas the old reed is decaying. Theystarted to live in this way as theyescaped from Spanish army about500 years ago. 10. Tepee (Native American's Tent)Alberta, Canada Tepees are the transferablecone shaped house of NativeAmerican who move to live forhunting. When they move,they carry the poles on thehorses. The house is 3.5 to 5.5meters high and there is theexhaust pipe in the center ofthe house. The house iscovered by buffalo hide. Inthese days, they use campuscloth in stead. They only usethem when the festival isheld. 11. Cuba (Underground Houses)Andaluca, Spain In Andulucia of southSpain, the undergroundhouse, Cueba' couldkeep cool inside even itis over 40 degreesoutside and keep insidewarm during the winter.