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Jan 18, 2016



  • Part of the Admission Process

    No separate application

    Must have a completed file with the Admissions Office

    Notifications start in December

    Range from $8,000-full tuition


  • Available to MD residents

    Could be transferred from other states

    Know your legislators

    Could be renewable

  • Search NOW!

    Free process

    Check our website

    Guidance Office

    Parents employers


    Organizations and Clubs

  • Scholarships are part of the plan for paying for college, but not the entire plan

    Of students enrolled full-time at a 4-year college:0.3% get enough grants to cover the full cost of attendance (COA)1.0% get enough grants to cover 90 % or more of the COA3.4% get enough grants to cover 75 % or more of the COA14.3 % get enough grants to cover 50 % or more of the COA

    Source-Top Ten Myths About Scholarships presentation, 9/2011

  • On-Campus or Off-Campus


    Gain work experience

    Flexible hours


    FAFSA benefit

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid

    Available January 1, 2012

    Our deadline-2/15/12

    Our code-002065

    IRS Match

  • Apply (January-February)

    Receive Award Letter (March-April)

    Complete activation steps (May-June)

    Receive funds twice a year (fall and spring) (September and February)

    Apply again

  • Apply for a FAFSA PIN

    PIN for a studentPIN for a parent

    FAFSA4caster (early estimate of federal aid)

    Apply for admission

  • Net Price Calculator

    Colleges websites

    College Navigator

    Maryland Higher Education Commission

  • Change of Income

    Separation, Divorce, Death

    High Medical Expenses Paid During 2011 year

    One-Time Income

    Parent Attending College

  • Contact Info:

    Zhanna [email protected](410) 532-5735

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