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Two Revolutions in Russia Two Revolutions in Russia

Jan 04, 2016



  • Two Revolutions in Russia

  • What is a Revolution?What does the term revolution mean?

  • Name That Revolution!Revolution Resulting in the Factory System and Mass Production:Revolution with new ideas on Government and societyRevolution with a Reign of Terror and the Rise of NapoleonRevolution Where Japan Modernizes

  • Communism/MarxismEconomic and Political SystemSees All History as EconomicWorldwide Revolution of the WorkersAll Means of Production to be owned by the workers.Class StrugglePower to the working class

  • Alexandra and Alexei

  • Rasputin

  • Russia in 1914A huge country spread from Eastern Europe all the way to the Pacific OceanRuled by the RomanovsEmperor in 1914 was Czar Nicholas IIHis German wife was AlexandraHis son Alexei suffered from haemophilia

  • The Russian PeopleMany Russian people were peasant farmers they were poor and illiterateMost of the land was owned by the nobilityThere was a growing URBAN population which worked in the factories they lived in poor conditionsSo for most Russians life was hard

  • The CzarThe Czar Ruled as An Absolute Monarch. He Held Total Power

  • Long Term Causes of the Russian RevolutionsLarge Gap Between Rich and PoorRapid IndustrializationLoss in Russo-Japanese WarFailed Revolution of 1905 and Czars Failure to Make Changes

  • Into World War 1In 1914 Russia entered the warIt had a massive army BUT faced problems!It was badly equipped (By 1915, men were sent to battle without weapons)High Casualties

  • Nicholas II heads to warNicholas II decided to head to the front lines to help his menUnfortunately he was not a competent leader and the Czarina Alexandra was left in charge ( Nicholas II)The Czarina, German born, knew little about governmentThe Czarina turned to Rasputin for advice

  • Gregory RasputinAn illiterate peasant and self- proclaimed holy manHe gained the reputation as being a healerFollowing a healing experience with her hemophilic son, Alexandra released more power to RasputinA group of nobles killed him fearing his power in 1916

  • Immediate Causes of Russian RevolutionsUnpopularity of Czar and his FamilyMassive Casualties in World War 1Food Shortages

  • Vladimir LeninCommunistLenin and the Bolsheviks promised the people Peace, Land and BreadBolsheviks-Russian Communists

  • Germany and LeninGermans Help Lenin go Back to Russia in Hopes that he would start Revolution and Take Russia Out of WWI

  • AnswerWhat Three Things Did the Communists Promise the Russian People?

  • The November RevolutionIn November (Oct. in Russian Calendar) In just a few days Lenins and the Bolsheviks overthrew the government, who put up no fightCommunists will Execute Czar and Family

  • The Russian Civil WarThe Bolsheviks quickly looked for peace with Germany (signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk)For 3 years the Reds (Communists) battled the Whites (Counterrevolutionaries) who remained loyal to the czarThe Allies (of WWI) sent forces to help the Whites/The Reds used this to increase distrust of the West and increase nationalism

  • Communism WinsBy 1921 the Communists/Reds win the Russian Civil WarBut Russia was in shambles: millions of deaths from the wars, famine, and diseaseLenin would now have to rebuild the nation

  • USSRRussia under Communist Rule was Known as the Soviet Union or the USSR!

  • Joseph StalinAfter the Death of Lenin, Joseph Stalin Will Take Power in the Soviet Union.He Was One of the Worlds Most Brutal Totalitarian Dictators.

  • Answer:Who was Rasputin?Who fought in the Russian Civil WarWho won the Russian Civil War?Who took power after Lenin?What three things did the Russian Communists Promise?


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