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Two critical perceptions of the world

Jan 16, 2015



It is our choice to believe in God or Not. But it is vital that we have a perception of the World we live in. This is especially important when earth is collapsing under our ignorance and our material quest of nature without understanding its oneness and its working. Explore the two critical perceptions of the world

  • 1. Two Critical Perceptions of theWorldA Judgment that is Vital to Transformation and Survival of theEndangered WorldBy John Paily 1

2. Index IntroductionChapter -1: Material Perspective of the World Explanation Crux of what revealed to me The Design of Earth and Dual Cycle Disaster approaching HumanityChapter -2: Living Perspective of the World Explanation The Creation Secret Simple cycle of existence Four waves of Creation Differences between rebirth experience Final Judgment 3 veils over Human mind 8 fold Spiritual Development and Truth of NatureChapter-3: Disasters ahead for Humanity and how it unfolds Disaster from environment Disaster from Human blind affiliation to religion Hope For the world Conclusion About the AuthorIntroduction The world as you all know is going through a critical period. Where the negativity and self of human mind is peaking as corruption and conquering motive. Generations have become slave to matter and material force. Money and markets rule the world. We are caught in the worst period of the history of time as predicted in Bible and other spiritual scriptures. We are in fighting and calling upon self destruction in the name of God. The nations have turned against nations, earth quakes, tsunamis, floods and other forms of natural catastrophes are increasing as never before. The climate is turbulent and unproductive and is turning destructive. The world is caught in a vortex of death.Knowledge should have brought wisdom, order, peace, happiness, oneness, control and such positives. But the modern knowledge is bringing the opposite. Individual, community and nations are turning violent and are collapsing. It is reflected in the collapse of economy, health, quality of the society and so on. The world is full of2 3. corruption strangulating the system. The conquering motives of nations is manifesting into war and terrorism. The earth it self is collapsing under human ignorance.There is hope in Christ and Knowing God the Father. Every human being is called to come to life and fight the vortex of death and bring life back to the world. Bible says My people are destroyed for Lack of knowledge and it also says Seek Truth and truth will set you free. If these two words of Bible are true then Knowledge restoration should be the Key purpose of God and His Divine Plan.The hope promised by Christ can only manifests when the Living Knowledge that Christ advocated and that exists in all the spiritual scriptures unfold and subdue the material knowledge that is ruling us today. Mind of modern man knows not the Truth of Nature and her Master [God]. It does not know the oneness of nature and its functioning. Truth is essential for the world to transform and survive.There is a ongoing powerful debate on the existence of God. Many institutes have emerged in the west that works to defend God scientifically but have failed. If the world has to survive the Kingdom of God or Dharma Yuga needs to be established. It is inevitable that we need to take the mind of humans and material vortex it has created by it eye and open it.I was a non believer, who used to define God as invention of intelligent to rule the ignorant. But as a researcher and bio-technologist trying clone life and work to contribute something to humanity, I began to perceive serious flaws in the foundation of biological thinking. I escaped from Platos chair of science to live as a small farmer taking care of the combined family that was sinking. In the new found freedom, I pursued the search for answers to fundamental questions and truth. Nature revealed many pages of her Book of Life randomly. But I could not put them into cyclic form. Years went by and eventually in a Christian Retreat Center, I surrendered unconditionally to Christ and God to take rebirth and gain an enlightened experience. This revealed the Secret of Calvary and Truth as a simple science. The spirit of Christ liberated me and grounded me on a new platform.Both science and spirituality has made Truth of Nature and God very complex and beyond comprehension of common man. Just as scientific understanding of the origin and existence is complex and full of many theories which are self contradictory, the explanation from spiritual scriptures are vivid and beyond human mind. Thus we have knowledge chaos that is exploding and impounding humanity that is confusing.The simplicity of what revealed to me was too simple and self convincing. The revelation was associated with a call to bring it to the world. I resisted it for quite some time. Because as a biologist, as a small farmer residing in an interior village in a third world county, I felt power less to move against the mighty west and their physicists who are determining the world by their thoughts. I also see revival in spirituality strictly under the belt of religion. I know both are leading the world to disaster. But I was helpless. However, in 2001, when I saw the twin tower fall and the people jumping form it for life, I could no longer resist the inner call. I left my village, spent time to write what Nature and Her Master [God] through Spirit of Christ was revealing. I kept on sketching them figuratively and writing notes instinctively and put them on the net. I was hoping that some scientist will rediscover the idea and bring it to mainstream. Few scientist from internationally 3 4. reputed institutes who sensed some vital reality came forward, but had business and money in mind but not spreading truth and liberating human mind.What I wrote and kept on net from 2002 to 2009 was lost when the free Yahoo Geocities closed down. The copy I had on hard disk got corrupted; [I have now managed to retrieve most of them]. Mean while I have managed to write the crux of my thinking and reload them into Free Google Sites.The war for Truth is mighty. I see revival in Christianity, so also in other religions strictly under religious name. I see a situation molding in the world, where people instead of becoming one in God to bring peace to the world are moving to self destruction in the name of God. This needs to be feared more than the nuclear era, where human sense prevailed signing the non proliferation of treaty. The spiritual fire in the absence of truth truly is more destructive because most religions preach fighting a battle for God. In the ignorance of Truth they tend to self Judge and dub another sect, religion, country as opposite and evil and go to any extent to destroy it. When it comes to religious fire, common sense seems to fail. The hope for the world exists in Knowing the Truth and oneness of God.I believe Good News is not a religion limited to a sect or nation. It is a simple science of higher order. The only way I perceive a Global Victory for God and the manifestation of Kingdom of God or Dharma Yuga is when Christ and Calvary sacrifice is understood as a simple Life Science that can be understood by a common man sensibly and becomes acceptable to all religion.But I alone cannot cause the transformation to the world. The like minded scientist, spiritualist who believes in God beyond religion should come together. My battle was lone battle. When the scientist spends billions of public money to search for God particle, I searched for it, by sacrificing every material comforts that came my way. As I communicate today I exist dissolving my parents property. As such I am being stressed to give up my communication with the world and return to my village or sacrifice my freedom to take some jobs to fulfill by basic needs. This could be the last article I write, unless the world that seeks truth comes forward. I know the world will discover truth and my effort will not go in vain.I am not claiming that I am right. No one can judge himself or others. Time and Truth Judges everything. I write this because I am called by four letter words by scientist when I speak God in the center of creation. I am also called by a five letter word [devil], when I speak science of God or quote sensible world from other scriptures. I am for science and I am for spirituality. But I feel both lack the knowledge of oneness and needs to be advanced and if human beings should survive on planet earth.You are free to judge me any way you want. But I request the brothers and sisters in God to help me in the name of God, by bringing my work to the notice of scientist who are New Born and spiritually inclined. I also would appreciate if you bring it to the notice of institutes that works to prove the existence of God. I did write to few of them but they failed to take notice of them. Even an experienced diamond merchant tends to overlook a precious diamond in the hands of a beggar. This is exactly why Christ was rejected by His Own People. Quest for Truth calls us to go down to the root. This calls for self to die. Remember Christ washed the feet of his disciples before he entered hell to conquer Death and emerge victorious for the world to be saved. Often our ego becomes a stumbling block in flying high.4 5. Here in this article for the last time, I summarize what Nature and Her Master reveled to me over two and half decades in two simple Logical perspective of world we live in, which every one can understand. This should come to help you fight the ultimate battle and bring transformation in the world. My sites contain its elaboration. These perspectives are 1] The Material Perspective of the World 2] Living Perspective of the WorldChapter -1 The Material Perspective of the World Modern world is built on material perspective and this perspective rules us today. It has gone wrong at the fundamental level when it isolated mind and consciousness from matter and assumed that Truth exists in Matter. In the process scientist separated themselves and proclaimed non existing immunity to their actions. Material Fire thus is ruling us. Let us call it, the world of matter and its fire or energy. [We can also call it body an