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Aug 11, 2014



Inspired by the design work of @ghoshal and @jessedee.

Drawn from my experiences at #2011mwi.

Thanks to everyone who gave feedback

  • DO UT STAN In a World ofTwits & Tweets
  • sh aw Br ad ce e u L aw e r D sh awPet r ad @ B
  • Networking via Twitter
  • What am I Doing?
  • Having Conversations
  • Sometimes with no one
  • Sometimes with everyone
  • People do business... with those they like, know and trust.
  • ... Social media is... a networking event without... getting cornered by the creepy guy with scotch.
  • ...Its about connection and conversation."- Scott Stratten, President of Un-Marketing
  • Getting Started
  • Following
  • Look for people talking about things youre interested in.Look for Twitter names at the end of presentations.Follow Relevant People
  • dPage Stan darA Follow Relevant People
  • to Fo llow lic kH ereC Follow Relevant People
  • u fo llow le that yo eedPe op you rf wu p in sho Follow Relevant People
  • Hashtags
  • Hashtags start with a pound symbol(#) followed by a word or series of words without spaces. #Hashtags
  • Hashtags start with a pound symbol(#) followed by a word or series of words lwithout spaces. They ook like this #Hashtags
  • Hashtags enable conversation around trending topics.Use #Hashtags to nd Relevant topics of conversation. #Hashtags
  • r twe et of you easpar tJust typ #Hashtags
  • o sh ow ags als# H ast top ics Trend i ng #Hashtags
  • @Username
  • A message directed at a specicuser, but everyone else can still see it and join the conversation.Whats @ All About?
  • Whats @ All About?
  • RT @Username
  • Once youre following people, you can Retweet what they say.Retweet What Others Say
  • Retweeting is the equivalent of a quotation with a citation.Retweet What Others Say
  • Retweet What Others Say
  • Just press Retweet under a tweet in your feed or use the Litany The Litany: RT @UserNameRetweet What Others Say
  • It shows Respect for the people you follow and their opinions.Retweet What Others Say
  • Combine @ and RT for Best Results
  • Link Shortening
  • Shortlink Services
  • Youre limited to 140 characters. Shorten links to save space.Shortlink Services
  • g Links HereType in Lon Shortlink Services
  • Lon g L in ksShortlink Services
  • dVer s ionSh or teneShortlink Services
  • Its all about Relevance
  • Stay on Relevant with PROPPS
  • Be Poigniant
  • Be sharp and on point with news and events.
  • Be Respectful
  • Of others views, opinions and ideas
  • Be Opinionated
  • Say whats on your mind and be authentic.
  • (While still beingrespectful, of course.)
  • Be Positive
  • Even when criticizing,come up with a solution and share it.
  • Be Professional
  • Be knowledgable and dont spam your followers with uselessinformation and tweets.
  • Be Smart
  • Everything you say on the internet can be used against you.
  • As my grandmasays, When in doubt, DONT!
  • So... Have Conversations Know and Use the Twitter Tools Stay Relevant Follow PROPPS
  • So...The next time youre at a conference, look in theprogram for a #Hashtag
  • So... Start a Conversation about one of the talks using @s and RTs
  • So... Introduce your physical self to the people youwere talking to on Twitter
  • So... Have a face to face conversation based off topics and interests
  • And Dont be a Fail Whale
  • DO UT STAN In a World ofTwits & Tweets
  • Photo Bibliography Bird icon: Slide #2: Quinn Dombrowsk, quinn.anya, Slide #4: PhotoJonny, Slide #5: Ame Otoko, Slide #6: Slide #7: Slide #11: Curt Matlock, Slide 38: Andrew Rollinger, Slide 39: Chris Stickley, Slide 43: Martin Abegglen, twicepix, Slide 45: RaeA, Slide 48: helen.yoyo, Slide 48: RyAwesome, Slide 50: hurleygurley,
  • Also... All photos for this project were taken from Flickr.I do not have, nor do I claim to have any rights to use these photos beyond those given by their creative commons license. Accordingly:
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