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Tweet! Tweet! (A Crash Course to Social Media)

Jun 19, 2015



The National Safe Boating Council presents on how to tweet at the 2012 International Boating and Water Safety Summit, touching on the very basic elements of Twitter and Facebook.

  • 1. Tw e e t !Rachel Johnson, Communications e e t ! T w DirectorNational Safe Boating Council Monday, March 5, 2012

2. Boston Daily (August 24, 1902): Face Book The New Fad, describing a party game where revelers sketch out cartoony caricatures for fun. Washington Post (1942) Think Before You Twitter an article about gossiping.#2012IBWSS 3. Source: Mobile Marketing and Mobile Technology 2011 on YouTube#2012IBWSS 4. Strategy 2.5 Deliver Branded Messages through Non-Traditional/New/Social Media IBWSSummit#2012IBWSS 5. How Do I Set Upan Account? What is a Hashtag(#)? Hashtag(#2012IBWSS)#2012IBWSS 6. Fa c e b o o k atthe S u m m it#2012IBWSS 7. #2012IBWSS 8. Rachel Johnson National Safe Boating Council [email protected](703) 361-4294#2012IBWSS

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