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Turning your online community into a dense social network

Aug 27, 2014


Social Media

Online Community and Social Media tricks to get engaged in communities that you previously have had no connection to, expanding the edges of your social network and the art of turning a tweet into a meaningful connection and a meeting.

  • Who I am: Susan Tenby @suzboop Director of Community and Partnerships, Caravan Studios [email protected] @caravanstudios @safenight Doing freestanding handstands without the wall was a personal goal for over 20 years
  • Who Is TechSoup Global? TechSoup Global is working towards the day when every nonprofit, library, and social benefit organization on the planet has the technology, knowledge, and resources they need to operate at their full potential.
  • @CaravanStudios
  • About Caravan Studios Caravan Studios is a division of TechSoup Global. We believe technology can intervene to solve problems. We work with communities to design responses to the issues about which they care the most. We start with community and end with a solution.
  • Creating a dense network of influencers: Finding out what they talk about Listening to them Engagement And some protips to make you look better
  • Netvibes to Listen
  • Find your influencers
  • Where are they? What are they talking about?
  • Find the influencers near you & invite them in There are 12 followers within 5 miles of our office And I hadnt followed them yet! And this is what they tweet about
  • Join tweetchats, learn hashtags, use them, not more than two, then listen to them in a dashboard
  • Creating a Dense Network Imagine one society in which extended kin groups live in separate villages at considerable distances from one another. Most texture of the society will be one in which individuals have strong ties to relatively small numbers of others in local clusters. Compare this to a society where a large portion of the population lives in a single large city. Here, the texture of social relations is quite different -- individuals may be embedded in smaller nuclear families of mating relations, but have diverse ties to neighbors, friends, co-workers, and others. - Robert A. Hanneman (Department of Sociology, University of California, Riverside
  • Not a dense network
  • Dense Network
  • Using Network Intelligence to reach more ppl A broadcast network = many people repeating each other, not connected to each other Top people are most repeated Goal is to make your network more dense by making interactions
  • Getting yourself embedded in a community that youre not affiliated with
  • A fave can equal a follow, especially if you tweet @ them
  • Received follow, fave, and RT within one min of the tweet
  • If you want an org to follow you Sometimes tweeting from a personal account about something other than the initial reason you wanted to connect is a good approach:
  • How to turn a tweet into a meeting/meaningful connection
  • Flattering Twitter list names
  • Find those who are triple threats Those that like you in several places Slideshare Twitter (Fav, Follow, RT, mention) Facebook (Like, share, comment, tag)
  • They listed you, they faved you: They like you!
  • Mentioned Al Franken, but put the fact that it was a RT at the end
  • Pro-tip: Blog: Updates/Events Use your blog to: Curate Post events Post news/updates Holding place -what youre working on None of this is very flattering On-the-fly posts with pics should be in Social Media
  • Pro-tip: Most share-to widgets dont allow tagging on FB/Twitter If you can, go in and edit your posts to tag, so you dont look like an amateur
  • Remember to include some visual content to stand out in a tweetstream Pro-tip: Tweet in native twitter and via dashboards
  • Pro-tip: RT in twitter vs RT on a dashboard & why? Hitting the RT button (sometimes) in native twitter is good for two reasons: 1. it saves characters, if the tweet is already long (you save the RT + the letters in the username) 2. it provides visual content, rather than just text, on the actual twitter page
  • Pro-tip: Always double-check a twitter handle before you tweet at them
  • Susan Tenby [email protected] @suzboop [email protected] Birthday Handstand in a bar, in my favorite jumpsuit Animal Belt once belonged to Beverly Sills!