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The Nature of Healing Trust Your Gut Rosanne Lindsay , N.D., M.A. Naturopath

Trust your gut. Caring for Your Microbiome.

Jan 26, 2015


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  • 1. We are. Air, Fire, Water, Earth Breath, Energy, Blood, Body of the Mother

2. The pattern of cell division in biology matches the fundamental structure of the fabric of the space that it is dividing in. This allows for the 100-200 TRILLION chemical reactions that happen per SECOND on a cellular level inside the human body! Nassim Haramein 3. Phi = 1:1.1618 is The Golden Ratio 4. Health is the Bodys Natural State 5. We are 75% water by weight Water holds key to healing Critical for detoxification Dehydration can be cause of many chronic disease conditions (low iron, high blood pressure, digestive disorders, asthma, etc). Structure of water is essential to proper, deeper hydration and metabolism Restructured (ionized) water becomes a powerful antioxidant to eliminate free radicals, boost immune system, increase energy, create alkaline environment, and detoxify body. Microbiome (bacteria) requires healthy water (non-chlorinated, non- fluoridated) for healthy, alkaline environment. 6. COMMON CAUSES OF LEAKY GUT 7. Pasteur went further to suggest that germs could be prevented through vaccination, a concept Edward Jenner postulated in 1796 with cowpox vaccine. 8. 3/14/22 9. Gut Bacteria Mercury vaccines Glyphosate plants GMOs Food 10. We Are No Greater Than Our Smallest Inhabitants 11. Pasteur Recants Germ Theory It is not the germ that causes disease but the terrain in which the germ is found. Louis Pasteur i.e., it is the strength of the immune system and its diversity of good bacteria that determines health or disease. 12. 94 Other Bioactive Components I Components of Blood Eat all foreign bacteria, yeast and molds (phagocytosis). Destroyed at 56C and by pumping milk. Produce H2O2 to activate the lacto- peroxidase system. Produce anaerobic CO2 that blocks all aerobic microbes. Basis of immunity. B-lymphocytes Kill foreign bacteria; call in other parts of the immune system1,2 Macrophages Engulf foreign proteins and bacteria2 Neutrophils Kill infected cells; mobilize other parts of the immune system1 T-lymphocytes Multiply if bad bacteria are present; produce immune- strengthening compounds1 Immunoglobulins (IgM, IgA, IgG1, IgG2)--Transfer of immunity from cow to calf/person in milk and especially colostrum; provides passive immunization2 AntibodiesBind to foreign microbes and prevent them from migrating outside the gut; initiate immune response. 1. Scientific American, December 1995. 2. British J of Nutrition, 2000:84(Suppl. 1):S3-S10, S75-S80, S81-S89, S135-136. 13. 95 1. British J Nutrition, 2000:84(Suppl. 1):S3-S10. 2. Scientific American, December 1995. 3. International Dairy Journal 2006 16:1374-1382 and 1362-1373 4. Spingolipids and Cancer,; Koopman, J S, et al, AJPH, 1984, 74:12:1371-1373 14. 96 III 1. British J Nutrition, 2000:84(Suppl. 1):S3-S10. 2. Scientific American, December 1995. 3. British J Nutrition, 2000:84(Suppl. 1):S3-S10, S39-S46 15. 97