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Feb 09, 2016




Trivia Quiz. Question 1. What news does Mary Warren bring from Salem ? That someone accused Elizabeth of witchcraft That the witch trials have ended That someone accused John Proctor of witchcraft That Reverend Hale is ill. Question 2. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Trivia QuizQuestion 1What news does Mary Warren bring fromSalem?That someone accused Elizabeth of witchcraftThat the witch trials have endedThat someone accused John Proctor of witchcraftThat Reverend Hale is ill

Question 2Who said, "If so he is, then let us go to God forthe cause of it"?Elizabeth ProctorAbigail WilliamsRebecca NurseJohn HaleEzekiel Cheever

Question 3On what charge is Giles Corey arrested?WitchcraftMurderContempt of courtSlander

Question 4The events of The Crucible happen in:15921692179218921992

Question 5To what does John Proctor convince MaryWarren to testify?That the girls are only pretending to be possessedThat Abigail is a witchThat Hale is a warlockThat he and Abigail slept together

Answers 1 - 5AThat someone accused Elizabeth of witchcraftCRebecca NurseCContempt of courtB1692AThat the girls are only pretending to be possessed

Question 6The allegory about which Miller wrotehappened in which time period?1910's1920's1930's1940's1980's

Question 7What does Elizabeth do when called upon totestify?Keeps silentTells a lieTells the truthKills herselfQuestion 8Who said, "Spoke or silent, a promise is surelymade"?John ProctorJohn HaleAbigail WilliamsElizabeth ProctorTituba

Question 9When Mary Warren testifies against them,what do Abigail and her troop of girls do?They all confess.They attack her.They claim that Mary is bewitching them.They claim that John Proctor has bewitched Mary.

Question 10The events of The Crucible are an allegory for:AbolitionismRevolutionMcCarthyismCommunism

Answers 6 - 10 D1940'sBTells a lieDElizabeth ProctorCThey claim that Mary is bewitching themCMcCarthyismQuestion 11Who is in charge of the court?Giles CoreyDanforthHaleParris

Question 12What does Putnam want?AbigailR E S P E C TElizabethLand

Question 13What government rules Salem?DemocraticSocialisticCapitalisticRepublicTheocratic

Question 14Who accused people of unAmerican activitiesduring the Cold War?CIAFBIUAWUAEUNICEF

Question 15Which commandment does John Proctor forgetwhen Reverend Hale quizzes him?Thou shalt not kill.Thou shalt not commit adultery.Honour thy mother and father.Thou shalt not covet.

Answers 11 - 15BDanforthDLandETheocraticBFBIBThou shalt not commit adulteryQuestion 16When John Proctor is facing death, what doesHale urge him to do?Kill himselfBlame someone elseConfess, even though he is innocentRefuse to confess

Question 17Who said, "I do think I see some shred ofgoodness in John Proctor"?John ProctorAbigail WilliamsElizabeth ProctorReverend ParrisMary Warren

Question 18Reverend Parris generally believed:He was destined for greatnessHe could just be left aloneHe was a truly great singer - no one wanted to tell him he couldn't carry a tuneHe believed he was being persecuted

Question 19Why does Proctor retract his confession?Because the officials demand that he sign his name to itBecause Hale asks him toBecause new evidence has come to lightBecause Abigail confesses

Question 20Why does Giles Cory believe the witchaccusations are happening?The townspeople want the property of those accusedThe townspeople are totally prejudiced against witchesThe townspeople have everyone's best interest at heartThe townspeople are trippin'

Answers 16 - 20 CConfess, even though he is innocentAJohn ProctorDHe believed he was being persecutedABecause the officials demand that he sign his name to itAThe townspeople want the property of those accused

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