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Trip to italy!

Jul 12, 2015



Trip to Italy!

Trip to Italy! By, Farah & Maria.The Trip.Hi. On Wednesday, 4th of December, we went to Italy with 4 teachers, Ms. Burke, Ms. Daly, Ms. Claffey and Ms. Reegan. It was really fun.

On the WayWe took two flights - 1 from Ireland to France and 1 from France to Italy. The flights were about an hour and a half each. It was so exciting to think that we were almost there.

Were Here!We landed at the airport. We were so excited. We were finally in Italy.

Where We Stayed.We stayed in Pegli in Genoa. We stayed in Hotel Mediterranee.

The Children.There was also children from Spain, Slovakia and Poland in Italy. Here is a picture of us all.

Having Fun In The Sun.

The First day.On Thursday, the students from Italy welcomed us by playing music and singing songs. They also made a Christmas card for everyone from the different countries.

Alessi School.The first school we went to was Alessi school. We went to a digital class. All the children had their own tablets! We made lots of friends there.

Villa Rosa.On Friday, we went to Villa Rosa school. They made us a flag of Italy and a book about Italy. On the book they signed their names. They also sang us a couple of Christmas songs.

The Park.We went to a park. It was really fun.

The AquariumOn Saturday, we went to an aquarium. There were loads of fish.

Sight Seeing & ShoppingOn Saturday, we went around the city centre of Genoa. We had a great time.

Pizza!!!On Saturday Night, we all went out for pizza. It was gorgeous!

The Last Day.Sunday came (and way too quickly!) so we had to fly back to Ireland. Even though we were sad, we were happy to see our families again.

Goodbye!!This is the end of our presentation.We hope you enjoyed watching it as much as we had making it.


By Farah & Maria.

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