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Aug 11, 2014


Business's May 2012 Trend Briefing features (R)ETAIL (R)EVOLUTION: how e-commerce is transforming ALL shopping behavior. Both on and offline.

From (M)ETAIL to ETAIL-TAINMENT, with examples from brands like Zara, Ticketmaster, Facebook, KLM and more...

  • May 2012trendwatching.coms free Monthly Trend Briefing(R)etail (R)evolutionetail is retail is etail
  • introduction Exactly as predicted by e-gurus 15 years ago, e-commerce is hotter than Some obligatory stats: ever. Whether in mature markets, where consumer spending is shifting US e-commerce sales will grow 62% by 2016, to USD 327 billion (Source: online, or in growth markets where rapid urbanization and increasing Forrester, February 2012). (mobile) internet penetration are unlocking new shopping habits, shoppers European e-commerce sales will grow by 78% by 2016, to USD 230 billion are e-commercing it up. (Source: Forrester, February 2012). Now, consumers current online experiences are of course fundamentally Brazilian e-commerce sales will grow 21.9% in 2012 to USD 18.7 billion (Source: eMarketer, January 2012). different to those during the early dotcom boom: e-commerce is no longer just about choice, price, convenience, reviews and ratings, but also about Chinese e-commerce sales were CNY 780 billion (USD 124 billion) in 2011, an increase of 66% from 2010. E-commerce is expected to rise from 3% of everything that consumers look for in any purchase: status, the right consumption to 7% by 2015 (Source: IDC, March 2012). product and a compelling experience. Indias e-commerce market is expected to grow to USD 70 billion by 2020, from just USD 600 million in 2011 (Source: Technopak Advisors, February 2012). Indonesian e-commerce sales are forecast to grow from USD 120 million in 2010 to USD 650 million by 2015 (Source: Frost & Sullivan, February 2012).w w w. t r e n d w a t c h i n g . c o m (R)etail (R)evolution 2
  • Contents #1: E IS FOR For consumers who are constantly connected, buying online is simply another option, rather than a wholly separate and distinct medium. EVERYWHERE Featuring sub-trends like: SCREEN CULTURE, ALL THE WEBS A (SHOP) WINDOW and ON TO OFF / OFF TO ON. #2: metail Going online now means immersing oneself in (and enthusiastically adding to) a rich, personalized, social web. Featuring sub-trends CASHING IN ON CURATION, SELL-YOUR-OWN STORES, RETAIL INVESTMENT and AT YOUR SERVICE. #3: E(asy) All the barriers initially holding e-commerce back (e.g. correct fit, secure payments, convenient deliveries) have been significantly reduced, if not commerce totally removed. Featuring sub-trends PERFECT FIT, DELIVERY DELIGHT, LIFE: SUBSCRIBED and PERFECT PAYMENTS.. #4: oh that Consumer expectations at large are now set online. Endless choice, instant gratification, total transparency, seamless collaboration, the list wonderful web goes on Featuring sub-trends like NICHE RICHE, CROWD CLOUT, TOTAL TRANSPARENCY, ETAIL-TAINMENT and EXCLUSIVE EXPERIENCES.w w w. t r e n d w a t c h i n g . c o m (R)etail (R)evolution 3
  • #1 E IS FOR EVERYWHERE For consumers who are constantly connected, buying online is simply another option, rather than a wholly separate and distinct medium. For consumers, the very act of navigating to a website, locating SCREEN CULTURE / and then buying a specific product is giving way to a world where (e)commerce is always just a click (or a point, tap, swipe) away. ALL THE WEBS A (SHOP) WINDOW / Indeed, e-commerce is rapidly being joined by m- and t- commerce on to off / (via mobile, tablet and TV). Whatever the medium, consumers will use off to on / any and every available technology that helps them find and buy the right product, at the right price, in a manner they enjoy.w w w. t r e n d w a t c h i n g . c o m (R)etail (R)evolution 4
  • screen We looked at the all-pervasive SCREEN CULTURE in our 12 Crucial Consumer Trends * Note: Thats it in this Trend Briefing for m-commerce. Yes, the lines between mobile culture and online are getting more blurred by the day, for 2012. Now, for (r)etailers, everything from especially for mobile-first consumers in emerging bus stops to TV programs can be an outlet, as markets, but to keep this manageable, for us and consumers armed with smartphones or tablets you, well save looking at all the m-commerce embrace innovative new applications and developments for another Trend Briefing! technologies to shop wherever and whenever*. Tesco Homeplus: Glamour & LOreal: QR code bus stop stores Fashion Taxis QR code shopping walls have popped up During New Yorks Fashion Week, Glamour everywhere since Tesco Homeplus pilot in Korea. magazine partnered with LOreal to enable The company has now extended the initiative to passengers riding in selected cabs to buy 20 bus stops in Seoul, after becoming the number Lancme products they saw featured on the in- one shopping app in Korea with nearly one million cab TV screens. downloads.w w w. t r e n d w a t c h i n g . c o m (R)etail (R)evolution 5
  • screen culture QR code virtual shops Watch with eBay iPad app Other online brands deploying the stores include eBays new iPad app includes Watch With eBay. eBay in both London and New York, PayPal in Users enter the channel they are viewing to see Singapore, luxury fashion retailer Net-a-Porter, relevant items available for purchase. For example, and online grocery store Ocado. Traditional sports fans watching a game can buy memorabilia