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Trends in e marketing (5 years back)

Oct 30, 2014



As I look back at a presentation on Oct 2009, at PSGR Krishnammal College of Women. Today feel vindicated that Social Media has become a mass media.

  • 1. Trends in e-Marketing RSenthilkumar

2. This man put twitter on everyone's lips for a day and well he had unofficially become the twitters brand ambassador.. Shashi Twitteroor is his nick 3. I did an online search for PSGR Krishnammal College for Women 4. What's e-Marketing?? e-Marketing, is the marketing of products, or, services over the internet. e-Marketing is the process of marketing a brand using the Internet. 5. Email Marketing E-mail is the number one app with over 90% of internet users Issues such as browser differences, targeting, and privacy are critical Spam, creates a major negative for e-mail marketing 6. Search / Search Engines Pay for position taking a strong lead Search engine optimization (SEO) critical Majority of users rely on search engines for navigation Targeted audience Accounts for over 70% of new site visitors Turbulent arena 7. Viral Marketing Hot Mail was one of the first examples of viral marketing Another e term for word-of-mouth advertising Bulletin boards, e-mail, chat rooms are the major conduits for viral campaigns What is buzz 8. Affiliate Marketing Partnership and affiliate programs are booming Cooperation between online companies Commission programs and banner exchange programs lead this channel 9. Banner Advertising Volatile history with sharply declining click through rates New forms such as embedded java, active x, AJAX, Silverlight technology, Flash Pop-ups, pop-under and other new delivery methods are gaining acceptance Branding is possible with banners 10. Initiate RelationshipInitiate Relationship in Information Stagein Information Stage Increase ProductIncrease Product SelectionSelection DevelopDevelop AftermarketAftermarket ContactContact Develop CustomerDevelop Customer KnowledgeKnowledge Reduce InventoryReduce Inventory NeedsNeeds Reach NewReach New CustomerCustomer SetsSets Internet Contribution toInternet Contribution to Bricks and MortarBricks and Mortar 11. BrandBrand ReinforcementReinforcement and Trustand Trust Capture urgentCapture urgent and impulse buysand impulse buys FacilitateFacilitate DeliveryDelivery CaptureCapture Aftermarket ProfitsAftermarket Profits Reach a largerReach a larger customer basecustomer base Place toPlace to touch andtouch and test-drivetest-drive productproduct Bricks & MortarBricks & Mortar Contribution to InternetContribution to Internet 12. Advantages Digital innovations become an integral part of life Breaks down logistical barriers Offers greater flexibility and power Shrinks time and business Simplifies complex business processes Enables effective communication and collaboration Opens up new markets 13. Advantages Cost effectiveness Global reach Interactive response Measurability Personalization Real-time feedback 14. Now the new media in the new media: Blogging Social Media Forums, Chats, moderations 15. Blogging A new phenomena which is gripping the internet world I blog therefore I am.. Relates event to corporates. Some big names bloggingSteve Jobs, Big B, Shah Rukh Kiruba Shanker - Business Blogging 16. Social Media Facebook, Orkut, regional entertainment sites Linked in, Apna Circle, Peer Life in lines 17. Forum, Chat and Moderations IT and non IT platforms Anything you could ask for subject of choice. 18. Change of revenue pattern From PPI (impressions) to PPC PPC Pay per click - Click to feed back even on mobiles Adword, Yahoo Search Marketing, Adspace 19. Now see this21,795,550,000 dollars 20. The back ground in India All internet users down at 47 million (39 million urban, 8 million rural) Drop of 6% from last year (lapse of around 3 mn occasional users) Just 10% growth in regular users base*, reaching 38.5 mn (33 mn urban) +3.5 mn regular urban users over last year, +0.4 mn regular rural users 28% growth in daily internet users (+7 mn in last 1 year to reach 32 mn) Source: Juxt Consult India Online Report 2009 21. The back ground in India Exclusive cyber caf user base shrink to become just 6% of all internet users Lapsers from cyber cafe account for 85% of all internet lapsers in last one year Office continues to be the place from where internet is accessed the most (68% at multiple access point level) Average place of access per user is 1.9 On preferred access point basis, home tops at 37% Source: Juxt Consult India Online Report 2009 22. The back ground in India 1 out of 3 computer user still not using internet Most new broadband connections are replacement connections Still only 4 mn internet users access it through mobile phones Only 13% of existing internet users prefer to read in English More importantly only 20 mn Indians (