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transparent led film display (Solufarm company profile mar 2017)

Apr 12, 2017



  • Mar 2017

  • New Concept Transparent LED matrix display by using Transparent Film and Transparent electrodes

    Ultra light display, Much lighter than current ITO glass type

    Can bond a variety size of construction surfaces

    Cuttable depending on the size of construction surfaces and Curved surface possible

    Transparent LED filmWhat is it?

  • Transparent LED film


    Model name SF-TLM480-30 SF-TLM300-18

    Product Size 480x480mm 300x300mm

    LED Resolution 16x16 array 16x16 array LED : 256EA

    LED Pitch 30mm / 30mm 18mm / 18mm

    Thickness 0.938mm 0.938mm

    Luminance 1,000 cd/ 1,000 cd/ Typ 1300nit


    -10 ~ 60 -10 ~ 60


    DC, 16V DC, 16V

    Power consumption

    16W 16W At 256dot FULL WHITE


  • Transparent LED film

    Anti UV






  • Transparent LED filmDifferent from others

    Others TLM

    Glass transparent LED

    LED Display

    High resolution possible Not transparent Popular type

    Fixed glass size

    Very heavy by 13T glass use

    Curved surface impossible

    *Adhesive transparent FILM*Any size possible

    Curved surface possible by good flexibility

    Cuttable for any size

    Very light 0.8T film type

  • Tranparent LED filmCable Assy(Download Version)

    Control BOX

    SMPSMain board

  • Transparent LED filmCable Assy(Streaming Version)

    Control BOX

    Chanel 1

    Chanel 2

    Chanel 3

    Chanel 4

  • The characteristics of operating systemDownload Version board

    Streaming Version board

    - The version to play the downloaded contents in advance- This is for small size site and non changeable contents site

    Ex) Within 3Mx 3M small size wall / Frame type/ Banner type

    - The version to display real time contents- Big size site or frequent contents change site, real time contents(News, Weather, Time) and interactive contests site

    Ex) Building outer wall Media Facade/ Event location


    1 CPU 16 Bit MCU

    2 IC Grayscale 8x32 array driver IC embedded

    3 PORT UART & RS-485

    4 MEMORY Serial type memory

    5 Power Consumption DC 15V~24V 1.5A


    1 CPU 32 Bit ARM CPU

    2 IC Grayscale 8x32 array driver IC embedded

    3 PORT Gigabit Ethernet Port

    4 Power Consumption DC 15V~24V 1.5A

  • Product type 1

    18mm pitch stand type


  • Product type 2

    30mm pitch Wall mount type

    Ceiling Frame

  • Product type 3Cylinder Shape

    30mm pitch flexible showcase

  • Product type 4Facade

  • Application Example 1GLASS HANDRAIL


    It is collected from the Internet and is for reference only.

  • Application Example 2SCREEN DOOR


    It is collected from the Internet and is for reference only.

  • Application Example 3SHOW WINDOWS


    It is collected from the Internet and is for reference only.

  • Application Example 4BUS STOP


    It is collected from the Internet and is for reference only.

  • -Company Name: Solufarm(

    -Foundation: Jun 1, 2006

    -CEO: Mr. HyoukBae Jeon

    -Address : #203, Ace Techno Tower 1th, 38-9, Digital-ro 31-gil, Guro-gu,

    Seoul, Korea 08376

    -Contact : (Tel) +82 2-6959-1530 (Fax) +82 2-6959-1532

    - Business

    - Digital Signage System : Transparent LED Display, Smart mirror,

    KIOSK etc

    - Industrial Computer: Ads Set-top box, Fanless Computer,

    Water proof PC

    Supply Train operation posting system to Daegu metropolitan city Subway Line No.

    Supply Ads DID set-top box to Korail /ITX Stations Supply building guide system to Garak Agriculture and fisheries

    market Supply Arrival/Departure posting system to Busan port Supply Ads Smart mirror to NIKE shops Supply Ads terminal to SKT Supply Smart mirror display to Comax Q-Mark certification

    Company Foundation Establish Information Technology R&D Center Certification of Venture company ISO9001 Certification Supply Train operation posting set-top box at Subway Line No. 2 Supply on-board destination posting set-top box and image

    distributor at Seoul metro Subway Line No. 2





    Monitoring and Control

    About Us General Information


    Design, Making

  • Garak Agriculture and Fisheries Market

    KIOSK & Multivision/DID (130 sets in 2014)

    Passenger guide system in 2015

    Busan Port Passenger terminal

    Wall type DID / Large size Multivison / Video conference system in 2016

    Start-up campus at Pangyo Creative Economy center

    KIOSK (40 Sets in 2015)

    Kangwon Land CASINO building guide system

    About UsKey Performance

  • About UsKey Performance

    Daegu Metropolitan city Subway guide system

    Smart Mirror




    Self-Development of RIMS(Remote Information Monitoring System) for Stable Subway train operation posting system

    Control Computer



    Set-top box


    Digital IO communication



  • About UsCertifications

    Company R&D Center certification

    Main Biz Certification


    Q-Mark Certification

  • About UsPatents

    Smart SchedulerThe method of Home appliances Power control by computer readable recording medium

    Route guide service and system by Mobile RFID

    Multimedia regeneration method by using multimedia regeneration system

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