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Traffic and Market Report – On the Pulse of the Networked Society - Ericsson - May 2012

Aug 23, 2014




  • CONTENTS Mobile subscriptions update 4 Subscriptions outlook 6 Subscriptions outlook: devices 9 Mobile traffic update 12 Traffic development 13 Coverage 15 Smartphone users: network quality 16 Accelerating mobile content delivery 18 Traffic variations between networks 19 Traffic variations: data plan 23The contents of this document are based on a number of theoretical dependencies The signature of humanity 25and assumptions and Ericsson shall not be bound by or liable for any statement,representation, undertaking or omission made in this document. FurthermoreEricsson may at any time change the contents of this document at its solediscretion and shall not be liable for the consequences of such changes. Key figures 272 TRAFFIC AND MARKET REPORT JUNE 2012
  • Ericsson Trafficand Market ReportJune 2012Everything is going mobile. This evolution is driven by video,cloud-based services, the internet and machine-to-machine(M2M) connectivity. It changes how people behave and how theyleverage mobility to communicate and to improve their daily lives,through new and existing services. Users now demand connectivityanywhere and anytime. About this reportImportant driving forces include new affordable smartphones, and Ericsson has performed in-depth datathe many new connected devices on the market. The total number traffic measurements since the earlyof mobile subscriptions globally (excluding M2M) will reach around days of mobile broadband from a9 billion in 2017, of which 5 billion will be for mobile broadband. With large base of live networks coveringan increased number of subscriptions, evolved devices and 24/7 all regions of the world.connectivity to use them, we expect global mobile data traffic to grow15 times by the end of 2017. The aim of this report is to share analysis based on theseAccess to the internet is a prerequisite and will drive further build-out measurements, internal forecastsof mobile networks. By 2017, an astonishing 85 percent of the worlds and other relevant studies to providepopulation will be covered by WCDMA/HSPA networks. insights into the current traffic and market trends.In todays competitive markets, it is crucial to ensure best userexperience and provide differentiation. A recent consumer study shows We will continue to share traffic andthat network coverage and speed are the most important factors for market data, along with our analysis,satisfaction with mobile services. on a regular basis.We invite you to share our enthusiasm in the insights this data offers. Publisher: Douglas Gilstrap,We hope you find it engaging and valuable. Senior Vice President and Head of Strategy, EricssonTRAFFIC 12 SMARTPHONES 16 STUDY 19Mobile data traffic Coverage and data Video representswill grow 15 times speed drive customer the largest databy 2017. satisfaction. traffic volume. JUNE 2012TRAFFIC AND MARKET REPORT 3
  • Mobilesubscriptions updateFigure 1: Subscriptions by region, Q1 2012 Net additions 6.2 Billion (millio n) 2.3 5.9 total mobile 9.9 subscriptions Mobile subs 18 cripti ons ( mil li o 3 30 5 40 n) ica Western h Amer Nort Euro pe 0 65 er ica Ce nt Am ra 60 l in 0 & t La Ea s te nEr uro 39 pe 30 6 80 Africa