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Trade Game please move to the next slide

Feb 15, 2016




Trade Game please move to the next slide. Teacher View. Student View. What to Expect. Audience Learning Environment Objectives . Audience. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Chutes and Ladders

Question 1Define Scarcity:Answer: $15Im sorry, but thats incorrect,

Try this:

24 (multiplied by) * .5 = $14Finished!You have completed the lesson, the game and the quiz!

You did a great job!

Question 3Define taxes:QuizNext and final step is the quiz!We will cover the terms you just learned about:ScarcityTaxesWants and needsBanksPiggy banksIf needed, please go back to look over these terms before the quiz! Teacher ViewStudent ViewNeeds to Save MoneyHow do YOU save money? Where do you keep your money?BankPiggy Bank