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Apr 09, 2018



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  • 8/7/2019 Townsend Brochure


    Our experience is your peace of mind

    townsendaccommodation ltd

  • 8/7/2019 Townsend Brochure


    Hello !

    Before we get into the detail of our letting and management

    service we'd like you to get to know us a bit. That's not

    because we're unduly proud of ourselves, although the

    growth of our business demonstrates that landlords

    appreciate our friendly efficiency.

    Unlike some, for whom property management is a side line

    or just another one of their many activities, for us careful

    management of property is our speciality! We'd like to

    include your property in our care.

    We realise that, in the past, property rental was fraught with

    dangers. Rent controls, Protected Tenancies, difficult tenants,

    etc., made renting property rather unattractive. However, the

    Housing Act of 1988 has made significant changes. Now you

    can let a property with the assurance that you can get it back.

    Reasonable rents are unlikely to be challenged and, if you

    allow us to find your tenants, the vetting we carry outminimises the likelihood of a bad tenant.

    You can take all the advantages of receiving regular rent from

    your property. We will do the practical work and see to all the

    administration and care. We will also act for you with the

    tenant during the tenancy, ensuring that the pleasure of rents

    received is not spoiled by the routine needs of even the best

    of properties! You can have the assurance that your property

    is being well looked after.

    Full details of what we would like to do for you are in the

    following pages.

    Full Management

    Visit your property,

    agree rental value.

    and find tenants.

    prepare agreements

    Move tenant in.

    service accounts.

    Collect rent.


    Visit property.

    Arrange repairs

    final accounts

    townsendaccommodation agency

    Advertise property

    Take up references and

    Transfer domestic

    Provide management

    Tenant move out and

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  • 8/7/2019 Townsend Brochure


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    Instruction to Let

    Landlord Details:

    Salutation: Tel No:

    Full Name: Mobile:

    Address 1: E

    Address 2: W

    Address 3:

    Post Code: P/Contact:

    Details of bank account into which rentals are to be paid:

    Bank Name:

    Acc Name:

    Sort Code:

    Acc No:

    Property Details:

    Address 1: Tax Band:

    Address 2: Tel No:

    Address 3: Fur

    Post Code:


    Type: M/Model:

    White Goods:

    Appliance 1: Appliance 2: Appliance 3: Appliance 4:

    Type: Type: Type: Type:

    Make and Model: Make and Model: Make and Model: Make and Mod

    Please use the spaces below to state if white goods are "Under Warranty" or "No

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  • 8/7/2019 Townsend Brochure


    92 Trevethan Road, Falmouth, TR11 2AX Tel:01326 315000 Fax:01326 311122

    VAT REG No: 831 9939 92