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Tourism Trends and Coolhunting

Nov 21, 2014




  • 1. Laura Valdez Rawad Dalal 1A WINDOW 1B AISLE Madalena Bobone 1C AISLE Ricardo Benitez Dilara Dagli 1D CENTER 1E WINDOW Trends & Cool Hunting Tourism Trends 2014
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  • 3. Topics of our age What trends are influencing tourism? Wellness Wellness Compassion Customizing Credibility Connectivity Crisis Fear Safety Individualism Nostalgia Ephemeral Spirituality Connectivity Desire of feeling and being togerther. Individualism Acceptance Sustainability Activism It is a lifestyle that includes health, fitness and wealthyness. Being able to do things by yourself while having fun. Safety It is a feeling of being secure in any enviroment. Nostalgia The essence that reminds you of the past.
  • 4. Research Holiday trips of residents (aged 15 years or more), 2012 GO TO LINK In 2012, there were over 534.17 million international tourist arrivals to Europe, an increase of 3.4% over 2011. International tourism receipts grew to US$1.07 trillion (837 billion) in 2012, corresponding to an increase in real terms of 4.0% from 2011. GO TO LINK EU policies to support the development in the tourism sector. GO TO LINK Rolf Freitag, president of IPK International, said: Without a doubt travelling continues to be a global mega-trend. Already today, one-third of the human race is travelling. Why the tourism industry needs to take the human rights approach. Arnaud Bertrand, CEO, HouseTrip The future of peer-to-peer holiday rentals really depends on legislation, but I believe that there are very good prospects. Hosts earn extra money for their pocket and guests get more value from their travel dollar, so it is an attractive proposition. GO TO LINK GO TO LINK
  • 5. Research insights The amount of trips does not depend directly on the economical situation of the country. Tourism industry is growing in people travelling and people spending and travelling has become a mega-trend. Goverments are giving a lot of importants to the tourism industry. New ways of travelling might be affected because of countrys legislations. Tourism industry is growing but at the same time employee rights are not protected.
  • 6. Cool Hunting Post from Japan What it is It is an application that allows users to get free internet credits/minutes by sharing photos and experiences about Japan. Why is it cool Related trends Connects people. Takes advantage of those connections to improve a countrys image (brand), and uses the need for internet that foreign people experience while they are in a country with such a different culture. Connectivity; Love the city Source
  • 7. Cool Hunting Miss Can What it is Repackaging of an old product (canned fish) combined with a countrys history, culture and experience. Related trends Why is it cool Design; Love the city Allows buyers to remember and learn about a city they visited in a fun and entertaining way. This idea blends your past experiences with the modernity of the design resulting in a tribute to the culture. Source /photos/pb.571041896275162.2207520000.1392287369./ 639641712748513/?type=3&theater
  • 8. Cool Hunting Sprout Pencil What it is A pencil that, after being used, can be planted. It is a sustainably grown cedar pencil with a water-activated seed capsule at its tip. Why is it cool Related trends It is an eco-friendly product that allows consumers to own a living thing that can represent a memory. It also contradicts the mentality of using and throwing away. It can be an opportunity where you can help to improve your city. Sustainability; Love the city Source
  • 9. Cool Hunting Freitag bags What it is Unique and customized bag made from sustainable material. Why is it cool Related trends It is more than a product, it became a lifestyle by the concept the company created of gathering its fans for one day in a cool event so they can connect and share the same interest. Connectivity; Beautiful people Source
  • 10. Cool Hunting Bird BNB What it is Replicate specific houses for birds to give the message that every traveller deserves a home. Why is it cool Associates people with the freedom that birds have by creating a physical space using houses from different parts of the world. Related trends Connectivity; Urban nomads Source /birdbnb-every-traveller-deserves-a-home/
  • 11. Cool Hunting WestJet Christmas Miracle What it is It is an airline advertisement using Christmas in order to engage people. Why is it cool Related trends Associates people with the freedom that birds have by Transforms the boring experience of travelling you get sometimes into an extraordinary experience by using the nostalgic spirit of holidays. Cool nostalgia; Experience economy Source
  • 12. Insights Of Cool Examples Post from Japan They wanted to use the idea of connectivity to re-launch a country as a tourist destination and use free internet as an exchange for work (advertisement). People do not mind to advertise if they get something in return (even if it is not a monetary payment). Miss Can People are interested in the culture and the history of a country but they prefer to read short facts that are easier to read and to remember. People engage for a product that is both modern and old, the resale of known product (fish) rebranded and embraced in a nostalgic concept. Sprout Pencil People worry about continuity and about nature that is why they like to use or have a pencil that can be transform into a plant. People value the idea of reutilizing a product once it cannot perform its primary function.
  • 13. Insights Of Cool Examples Freitag bags People enjoy being part of something, they like to know and define themselves for being connected or belonging to a brand. The idea of finding others that share the same tastes and interests can fulfill this illusion of being part of something. Bird BNB People like the feeling of freedom and so they value the idea of being free as a bird. They like to share their ideas and lives with the people who have a similar lifestyle. Bringing pieces (representations) from different parts of the world can make an impression in a specific group of people (travelers). WestJet Christmas Miracle Everybody likes surprises and presents. People like to have an enjoyable experience when they do not expect. A change in a routine (even if is an isolated event) can produce a huge impact at many levels, special as a campaign that becomes viral. Peoples perception of a brand, product or other, can be won over by witnessing others happiness. The trends more present from the examples are: CONNECTIVITY and COOL NOSTALGIA
  • 14. Where the sector is going? We are living in a world where the economic crisis is affecting the way people spend. In spite of this, for many countries the tourism is one of the sectors that is still developing. The topics of our age can be indicators of trends. Taking this into account we extracted 5 main trends, related with tourism, from the 16 topics that we found. Wellness Connectivity When people decide their travel destination they take into account how they are going to feel. That is why they will choose a place that does not represent any threat to their lifestyle. Individualism Nowadays, people want to be in contact as well as they want to have their personal space. Safety Nostalgia Nostalgia is an affectionate feeling you have for the past, especially for a happy time which can be used to focus on a countrys happy time and share this experience with people.
  • 15. How to grow the sector? People accept connectivity (internet credits) as an exchange for advertising. Travellers like to take something with them to remember their holiday or experience. Wellness: People travel to the places where they feel good. The connectivity and nostalgic feeling can be used as an opportunity to advertise tourism and go along with the growth of the sector. How? Apeeling to wellness.
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