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Tourism Strategy

Mar 24, 2016



June 2012

  • 32% of all Beverly Center shoppers are tourists. Australia (26.8%) and Japan (17.5%) account for the majority of international tourists The international Chinese tourist is expected to grow significantly over the next 3 yearsBeverly Center offers upscale amenities, luxury brands, concierge-style guest services, special offers (BIO card) and a close proximity to local attractions to appeal to this audience

    Tourist shoppers at Beverly Center represent a significant SOW for Taubman

  • However, there are several challenges we face for attracting tourists Content for tourists is scarce and uninspiring Providing information in your native language is not currently an optionTourism is not promoted through digital channels and it is hard to locate on

  • In some cases, the competition is eating our lunch

    Premium Outlets (Simon)Tanger OutletsCentury City (Westfield)The GroveTaubmanSouth Coast PlazaWestside Pavillion (Macerich) Tourism Section (Web)Group Travel PlannerConcierge ServicesMultiple Languages

  • So the question is, how do we enhance our digital channels to be more tourism focused to increase domestic & international shoppers to Beverly Center?

  • Focus on the key tourist need statesThe Basics: Detailed stores, services and amenities

    Planning Tools: Maps, apps and content that help plan trip (holistic) and on-property experience The Taubman planning experience is measured against other attractions (parks, restaurants, museums, etc)

    Special Incentives:Reward advance planningSpecial incentives (price, access, service, etc) for groupsSpecial rewards for tour planners and influencers

  • Inspire our target to take actionDomestic/International Tourists Traveler InfluencersPrimarySecondary

  • Tourists dont connect with websitesThey connect with other people to get valuable information about their travel plans. And they do so in a variety of ways: Social Media Traveler Forums (Flyer Talk) Review sites (Trip Advisor, Yelp)

  • Tourists rely on other visitors recommendations more than anything else

  • We need to create a single experience that brings these assets togetherWebsitesUser generatedSocial Media Traveler Blogs


    StrategyTactical Recommendations

  • Digital StrategyEnhance the Taubman digital experience to be more tourism focused by:

    Creating an engaging and more intuitive tourism destination on the mobile & desktop websiteHarnessing the personal stories, photos and reviews other travelers have providedMaking the one stop source for relevant travel information

  • Create an engaging and intuitive .com destination

    Create a dynamic & flexible space on the mobile/desktop website that provides relevant tourist informationSimple useful design that is easy to find in the navigation Instant Access to Planning & Booking Resources

  • Make it feel personalized

    Display content that is aggregated from social reviews, photos & deals Allow for easy sharing of content as booking and travel decisions are made more often by recommendationsHighlight visitor reviews from Trip Advisor to gain more credibility

  • Turn Beverly Center into a tourist destination

    Make it easy for a tourist to book travel and hotelsPartner with hotels to offer special rates for tourists staying overOffer more options to explore the local attractions and round out their experience to Beverly Center Provide a form to book group travel right on the website


    How will we measure successTimeline

  • How will we measure success?Measurement FrameworkDefine specific objectives Align on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)Performance & AnalysisIntegrate with Google Analytics to report on high level site activityFocused on defined objectives

  • Next stepsTaubman to provide feedback on Strategy, 6/25

    Finalize approval on strategy and begin execution, 6/28

    Share Rd 1 UX, 6/29 (3 rounds of review); Final approval on UX, 7/12

    Share Rd 1 Design, 7/16 (3 rounds of review); Final approval on Design, 7/27

    Deliver revised Desktop Design to Taubman, 7/27

    Deliver design & front end development for Mobile Design to Omni TI, 8/9

    Primary Domestic and International Tourist Most are coming from California domestically and stay an average of 2.7 nights during their visitThe international travelers account for over half of Beverly Centers tourist shoppers, the majority of which come from Japan and Australia. However, Chinese tourists are expected to grow over the next 3 yearsSecondary Travel influencers These include Hotel Concierge, Group Tour Operators, Convenient and Visitors Bureau (CVB)

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