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Tour Guiding Skills

Jan 21, 2022




Tour guide can be a dream job, because it lets you travel and share your passion and knowledge of a city, a site or a culture. However, it’s a seasonal job, often paid per assignment. How can you retain your clientele and employers? A tour guide is a professional, generally independent, who assists a group of tourists throughout their trip. He takes charge of organization, activities and smooth running of the tour. Tour guides who have a strong mastery of key skills and fundamental knowledge of the profession are obviously likely to be more successful than their less trained colleagues whose basic aptitudes are exploited less and have lower value. The essential tasks range from planning a trip to writing the trip’s report and include building a relationship of trust with travellers and consulting local media. If you're hoping to pursue a tour guide position, it's important to understand the essential skills that are required for the job and how to develop them. 

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With ever-changing public health guidelines, it’s almost certain you will have to change your approach to your business. This may prove more difficult in some instances than others, for example, if you’re running a small boat tour and social distancing may well be near impossible. Be conscious that some of your guests may be more nervous than others in social situations and always keep your guests’ comfort a top priority.