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Totnes Deeds Project Contents Page Castle Cottage, Collins Road TDP001 2 9 & 10 High Street TDP002 4 29 High Street TDP003 6 27 High Street TDP004 10 28 High Street TDP005 14 25 South Street (‘Byways’) TDP006 18 47 High Street TDP007 20 17 High Street TDP008 27 6 High Street TDP009 28 83 High Street TDP010 32 Land to the rear of the Guildhall TDP011 36 Buildings of Historical Note in Fore Street and High Street TDP012 38 5 Ramparts Walk TDP013 42 70 Fore Street TDP014 43 Castle Meadow TDP015 44 49 Fore Street TDP016 46 66 Fore Street TDP017 47 44 High Street (Birdwood’s House) TDP018 49 8 Belmont Terrace TDP019 57 15 High Street TDP020 58 2 Glendale Terrace TDP021 62 3 Fore Street TDP022 64 21 High Street TDP023 69 Plym House TDP024 72 4 Glendale Terrace TDP025 74 Leechwell Bungalow by Michael Laithwaite TDP026 76 107 High Street TDP027 82 3 Plymouth Road TDP028 89 8 Plymouth Road TDP029 92 5 Belmont Terrace TDP030 94

Totnes Deeds Project

Jan 03, 2016




abstracts of several sets of property deeds for Totnes, Devon
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Page 1: Totnes Deeds Project

Totnes Deeds Project

Contents Page Castle Cottage, Collins Road TDP001 2 9 & 10 High Street TDP002 4 29 High Street TDP003 6 27 High Street TDP004 10 28 High Street TDP005 14 25 South Street (‘Byways’) TDP006 18 47 High Street TDP007 20 17 High Street TDP008 27 6 High Street TDP009 28 83 High Street TDP010 32 Land to the rear of the Guildhall TDP011 36 Buildings of Historical Note in Fore Street and High Street TDP012 38 5 Ramparts Walk TDP013 42 70 Fore Street TDP014 43 Castle Meadow TDP015 44 49 Fore Street TDP016 46 66 Fore Street TDP017 47 44 High Street (Birdwood’s House) TDP018 49 8 Belmont Terrace TDP019 57 15 High Street TDP020 58 2 Glendale Terrace TDP021 62 3 Fore Street TDP022 64 21 High Street TDP023 69 Plym House TDP024 72 4 Glendale Terrace TDP025 74 Leechwell Bungalow by Michael Laithwaite TDP026 76 107 High Street TDP027 82 3 Plymouth Road TDP028 89 8 Plymouth Road TDP029 92 5 Belmont Terrace TDP030 94

Page 2: Totnes Deeds Project

Totnes Deeds Project

Castle Cottage, Collins Road courtesy of Dr. & Mrs. Greene of Castle Cottage. Tel: 863282 24.6.1812. Edward William STACKHOUSE of Pendawes Cornwall and his wife Tryphena (nee TRIST) dau. & coheiress of BROWSE TRIST of Totnes, clerk, who died intestate. George Furlong WISE of Woolston in Loddiswell, Richard MARSHALL of Totnes, Doctor of Physic, Elizabeth WINDEATT of Totnes, widow, William Searle BENTALL of Totnes, banker. [ref.3/4.7.1804 Release. Tryphena TRIST, John STACKHOUSE of Pendawes, E.W. STACKHOUSE, G.F.WISE and William STACKHOUSE. T.T. conveys to G.F.W. and W.S.] G.F.W. and W.S. convey to R.M. £630. ‘without West Gate late in the occ. of Mrs. CHAMPERNOWNE decd. as tenant’, also ‘Babbage’s Garden’. heretofore property of Browse TRIST. T.T.’s uncle Hore Browse TRIST decd., her great uncles James and Nicholas TRIST decd. Garden: ref. indentures 3.9.1722, 16.3.1752 – assigned to Thomas WHITE of Totnes, maltster for Benjamin BABBAGE who purchased same. Now vested in Elizabeth WINDEATT, only surviving child of Mary WHITE widow of T.W. To be assigned to W.S.BENTALL in trust(?) for R.M. William STACKHOUSE of Modbury, clerk. 12.8.1858. will of Richard MARSHALL. His marriage settlement (first wife Jane FARWELL) had no bearing on the property title. 8.5.1873 Conveyance. William MARSHALL of Roehampton to Rowland WINGFIELD of Tuckenhay. ‘many years last past in occupation of --- HARRIS’ as tenant to W.M. Richard MARSHALL d.29.5.1859 will 12.8.1858 land to son W.M. [ref. June 23 & 24 1812 STACKHOUSE et al.] £130. 8.5.1873 Oath. William MARSHALL of Roehampton Surrey, that ‘Babbage Garden’ – orchard + cottage + buildings is not affected by his marriage settlement. 31.8.1877 Conveyance. “Castle Cottage”, Castle Lane. Rowland WINGFIELD formerly of Totnes now of Battersea to Charles STIGINGS of Totnes, railway book-keeper. Orchard known as ‘Babbage’s Garden’. R.W. has ‘lately built a dwelling house in the orchard’. £350. 30.12.1895 Castle Cottage. Elizabeth OSMOND widow of Paddington to Emma WELSFORD of Holloway, spinster. Castle Cottage late in occ. of Charles Stigings and also cottage late in occ. of Sidney Stigings and now Charles Stigings. [ref. indenture 18.11.1892. Osmond made ‘various advances’ totalling £765 to Stigings. Stigings sold to Osmond.] £540. 12.4.1920 Conveyance. Emma WELSFORD of Higher Castle Cottage, spinster to Francis Wills HAMLYN of Totnes , coal merchant. £650. [PLAN]

Page 3: Totnes Deeds Project

Totnes Deeds Project

8.6.1926 Conveyance. Francis Wills HAMLYN retired coal merchant of Totnes to May BROMING of 6 High Street Totnes wife of John William Broming. £850 May BROMING d.25.2.1956. Property -> Osmond John BROMING 8.9.1961 Osmond John BROMING to John and Betty Mary GREENE of Bittaford. The Shrubbery (formerly Castle Cottage) in Collins Road (formerly Castle Lane) adj. property k.a. the Little Shrubbery. £2,800. [PLAN] 21.7.1969 John and Betty Mary GREENE of Castle Cottage, Totnes to Jennifer Claire PENNINGTON of Shillingford St. George, Exeter. £5,000. [ref. conveyance 17.10.1956 The Little Shrubbery O.J. BROMING to Samuel ADAIR] 12.8.1975 Conveyance. Jennifer Claire PENNINGTON to William Jeremy Wybrants GREENE, med. practitioner, and CAROLYN MARY MAXWELL GREENE his wife, both of Cornworthy. [ref. Little Shrubbery]. Notes July 2002 Walter King, Sue King, Julian Wright Eveleigh’s Rentals [from Rea]: 1652. Richard Burridge of --- for the house in Castle Lane widow Williams lives in. 6/8 rent to Church. 1710. ‘Collins’s Corner’ Mr.Benjamin Babbage m. Mrs. Margaret Lavers 23.9.1740 Mr. Thomas White m. Mrs. Mary Babbage 9.7.1745 Elizabeth dau. of Mr. Thomas White bap.21.8.1748 Benjamin son of Benjamin Babbage bap. 1.2.1753 Benjamin Babbage sr., banker, was mayor of Totnes 1754 Richard Marshall mayor of Totnes 1811 and 1812 William Searle Bentall mayor of Totnes 1813 Bromings had shoe shop at 6 High Street (now Lesters). May was mother, Osmond and Edward sons. 1925: M.Day tobacconist at 8 Fore Street / J.W.Broming boot & shoe warehouse 6 High Street 1957: Camburn, tobacconist at 8 Fore Street 1967: W.G.Shaddick, tobacconist at 8 Fore Street J.R.Wright 2.8.02 for Totnes Museum Society TDP001

Page 4: Totnes Deeds Project

Totnes Deeds Project

9 & 10 High Street courtesy Mr. Tom Orsler, Rock Hill, Warfleet Creek, Dartmouth TQ6 9BZ. Tel: 01803 835453 1882. Abstract. Citing:

18.9.1719. Lease, 2000 years, 2/- pa & covenants. Mayor and Burgesses of Totnes to John FURNEAUX of Totnes, shoemaker. Formerly in tenure of Robert WEBBER. 29.9.1808. Indenture. William CUMING of South Brent, Captain in H.M. Royal Navy, to James CORNISH. 25.12.1835. Indenture. £250. James CORNISH of Black Hall, Devon to John SHUTE the younger of Totnes, boot and shoe maker. Property then 3 tenements in the tenure of Thomas CLOAD. 7.7.1881. will of John SHUTE. Bequeathed property to Amelia HOWELL, then living with him. 9 High Street in occ. of Mr. Sharpham PENNY and Mrs. HILL. 15.9.1881. John SHUTE died.

23.3.1882. Assignment. £50. Miss Amelia HOWELL of Totnes, spinster, to Mr. George YEOMAN of Totnes, general dealer. 23.3.1882. Security. £40 to George YEOMAN. 9 High Street in occ. of Mr. Sharpham PENNY and Mrs. HILL. 29.3.1912. Assignment. £80. Maurice John YEOMAN of Totnes, carriage proprietor, to Richard JORDAN of Totnes, dairyman. George YEOMAN d.1.7.1911, property bequeathed to M.J.Y. Formerly in occ. of Mr. Sharpham PENNY and Mrs. HILL, lately in occ. of Mrs. HILLMAN then John BOWDEN. 24.7.1947. Assignment. £650. Christopher Frank HILL of Altona, Station Road and Francis Knowles WINDEATT of 19 High Street to Philip Dennis CAVANNA of 300 Union Street, Torquay, builder. Citing:

13.3.1906. will of Richard JORDAN. exors [his brother] Heber JORDAN of 94 High Street, cycle agent, and [his brother-in-law] George LAMSIN of 11 Fore Street, dairyman. 9 High Street in trust for R.J.’s daughters Beatrice May and Dora Lilian. 28.3.1920 Dora Lilian PARKER (nee JORDAN) died. 7.4.1921 Beatrice May JORDAN m. Christopher Frank HILL, Totnes Church. 10.1.1932. Richard JORDAN died at 14 High Street. 21.9.1946. B.M.HILL died at Altona, Station Road. exors. C.F.HILL and F.K.WINDEATT.

4.7.1963. Assignment. £1400. Philip Dennis CAVANNA, 300 Union Street, Torquay, builder to Katherine GRAY TANNER, Post Cottage, Littlehempston. 25.2.1966. Letter. Sale and release of rent charges (covenant?) of 2/- pa payable to King Edward VI Grammar School, Totnes. “Totnes Grammar School Exhibition Foundation”.

Page 5: Totnes Deeds Project

Totnes Deeds Project

11.5.1968. Letter. K. Gray Tanner to Barclays Bank, Totnes. Stating that she has just been shown the original Deed (believed missing) by Miss Mace, Keeper of Totnes Museum, holder of same. 10.7.1970. Lease. 7 years. 10 High Street. Joseph Grigg KELLOCK of 8 High Street, solicitor, and Janet Creaser GIBSON of Dawlish to George Alfred CHAPMAN, Steam Packet Inn. 1.5.1972 Assignment. 10 High Street. Residue of 7 years. £500. George Alfred CHAPMAN, 10 High Street to Mrs. K. GRAY TANNER of 9 High Street. 10.10.1986. Lease. 14 years. First 4 years £2,100pa. The Katherine Gray Tanner Discretionary Trust to John LAMONT of 7 & 9 High Street. Citing:

2.6.1972. Lease. 14 years. 9 High Street. Lock-up shop and first floor accommodation. Katherine GRAY TANNER to David Michael KAY and Margaret Sylvia KAY. Divers assignments, lease assigned to Jean Marjory LAMONT [1981].

9.12.1991. Letter. John LAMONT assigned the residue of 14 years to Brian Keith HAYES and Susan Miriam HAYES. 19.3.2001. Lease. 9 years. The Katherine Gray Tanner Discretionary Trust of Rock Hill, Warfleet Creek, Dartmouth. Lock-up shop and premises at 9 High Street, Tenants B.K.HAYES & S.M. HAYES. J.R.Wright 3.8.02 for Totnes Museum Society TDP002

Page 6: Totnes Deeds Project

Totnes Deeds Project

29 High Street courtesy Mr. Jeremy Williams, 27 High Street. Tel: 862390

2.6.1707. Will (with probate in Latin, 1710). “Office copy of Thomas Shute’s will, 1710”. Fragile condition. Thomas SHUTE of Plymouth, taylor. To grandaughters Mary FOX £30 when she attains age of 21, ditto g/dau Jane FOX. Trustees Henry TOLCHER of Totnes, John MURCH of Plymouth, goldsmith, Richard WYATT of Plymouth, chandler. Yearly rent of 20/- from dw.ho. in Totnes [bounded: west – lands late Samuel AUSTIN decd.; east lands late Mr. Richard BROOKING decd.] ‘to the use of the baptiz’d congregation usually meeting in the pigmarkett in Plymouth’. To his servant Sarah WERRY 40/-; dau. Barbary FOX dw.ho. in Totnes after her decease to son(sic) Shute FOX. Also to said son £5 for and towards his schooling and better education. All the residue to son-in-law Thomas FOX the sole executor. 8.8.1722. Lease for a year. 5/-. Mary CORBETT of Plymouth, widow, one moiety to Frances SPELT of Plymouth, widow. dw.ho., bakehouse & curtilage late in pos. of John KERSWELL, tallow chandler, now in tenure or occ. of one --- BLACKLER a baker and others. Bounded: east – lands late of Mr. Richard BROOKING decd.; west – lands late of Mr. Samuel AUSTIN decd. Rent ‘one pepper corn on the feast of St Michael the Arch Angell’. 18.4.1785. Lease for a year. John SCHAAK of Thames Dutton (sic), Surrey esq., only son of Thomas SCHAAK of City of York who was only son of Mary SCHAAK whose maiden name was Mary WOOD, and William MAXWELL, Lile Street, Middx., to Lawrence TREMLETT, Totnes, linnen draper. 20/- yearly rent to Baptist Congregation in Plymouth, 4/- yearly rent to Mayor and Burgesses of Totnes. 19.4.1785. Release. See bond. 19.4.1785. Bond. John SCHAAK esq. and William MAXWELL esq. to Laurence TREMLETT. LT bought dw.ho. from JS and WM for £80 by lease & release. Bounded: east – house late the lands of George TAYLOR gent. decd, now in pos. of Peter BASTOW; west – now in pos. of John TROWNSON; south – Fore Street; north – back walls or lands belonging to PB and JT. Said dw.ho. formerly in pos. of William Mudge TAYLOR decd., since Sarah HARDING and others now William OLDREY the younger. JS and WM bound in the sum of £300 to leave LT to enjoy the property. 13.5.1788. Grant of an annuity. 1) Lawrence TREMLETT, Totnes, linen draper 2) Martha PAGETT, St Mary de Crypt, Gloucester, widow 3) Rev. John TREMLETT Gloucester, clerk 2) purchases £40 annuity from 1) for £400. Dw.ho. in middle quarter of Totnes bounded: east - house late the lands of George TAYLOR, gent , decd. late in pos. of Peter BASTOW now of Thomas GEORGE; west – house now in pos. of John TROWNSON; north - back walls of the lands of said several houses belonging to PB & JT. Said dw.ho. formerly in pos. of William Mudge TAYLOR decd., since Sarah HARDING and others, late William OLDRY the younger as tenant to John SCHAAK and William MAXWELL but now in pos. of LT.

Page 7: Totnes Deeds Project

Totnes Deeds Project If annuity is late or unpaid MP can enter dw.ho. of LT and impound property until she is paid. John Tremlett paid LT 10/-. LT sold to John Tremlett for residue of term of 99 years. Meantime LT holds it unless he defaults. 30.6.1792. Demise and lease. £5 pa. 99 years from 1.11.1746. Mary DUNNING of Ashburton, spinster (only sister of Rt. Hon. John Lord Ashburton decd., aunt of Rt. Hon. Richard Barre Lord Ashburton an infant, his only child) to Christopher PREDAM, Totnes, esq. ‘all that messuage or dwelling house situate in the town or Borough of Totnes aforesaid adjoining the High Street there and consisting of about 21 feet in front towards the said street and also 2 rooms closets or chambers thereto belonging communicating with the back part of the said dw.ho. on the south east side thereto abutting and projecting in and over a certain other dw.ho. and premises belonging to the said C.P. and over the passage thereto belonging which said rooms, closets or chambers are one over the other and about 6 feet 8 inches wide and 9 feet long from north to south.’ 25.3.1793. Bond. Martha PAGETT, Gloucester, widow to Lawrence TREMLETT of Totnes, mercer and linnen draper. Trustee Rev. John TREMLETT, Gloucester, clerk. 17.9.1801. Assignment for residue of 99 years. £5pa. Thomas LUSCOMBE the younger late of Totnes now City of London, gent. to Paul Charles Cathcart FISHER of Totnes, stationer. Citing 30.6.1792 demise and lease (above). Christopher PRIDAM now decd., will 6.6.1796 bequeathed the property purchased of Lady Ashburton then in pos. of William TAYLOR to Thomas LUSCOMBE. TLs father (also Thomas LUSCOMBE) agreed 29.10.1800 on behalf of TL jr. sale to Fisher for £220 10/-. Fisher paid £100 to TL senior 26.12.1800, now Fisher pays remainder to TL jr. “abutting and projecting in and over a certain other dw.ho. and premises heretofore belonging to CP but now William MARSHALL surgeon”. 1.11.1805. Lease for a year. 5/-. Thomas TREMLETT of Charles Square, St.Leonard parish, Shoreditch heretofore of Warminster, Wilts., gent, dissenting minister to Arthur FARWELL of Totnes, gent. Bounded: east – lands late in pos. of George TAYLOR gent. decd. now Thomas Hoare TAYLOR, clothier; west – house late in pos. of John TROWNSON now Richard ANDREWS, currier; north – back walls and lands of THT and RA. Said dw.ho. formerly in pos. or occ. of William Mudge TAYLOR since Sarah HARDING and others late of Lawrence TREMLETT now Nicholas HOLBERTON. Rent one pepper corn. Citing release to be made 2.11.1805 between Martha PAGETT of St.Mary de Crypt, Gloucester, widow, John TREMLETT, Gloucester, Minister of the Gospel, TT, NH the younger of Totnes, shopkeeper, and AF. 2.11.1805. Release. Pagett, Tremlett and Tremlett. Citing (amongst others) lease and release 17/18.2.1800. Lawrence TREMLETT to Thomas TREMLETT 10/-. LT is since dead, debts still unpaid. TT sells for £500 to Nicholas HOLBERTON (with agreement of Pagett, her annuity transferred to NH).

Page 8: Totnes Deeds Project

Totnes Deeds Project 28.4.1874. Conveyance. £350. 1) Henry CRIDLAND, Ash Grove, Beadford, York, gent. and Mary Cleave LIDSTONE, wife of John LIDSTONE of Kingsbridge, iron founder. 2) John LIDSTONE, Richard POUND, Dodbrooke, gent., and Elizabeth Cleave MURCH, wife of James MURCH of Kingsbridge, grocer and tallow chandler. 3) John WRIGHT of Totnes, master mariner. Nicholas HOLBERTON of Totnes, gent., decd., will 4.9.1840, devised dw.ho. in Totnes then occ. by Mr.MORRIS (no part of hereditaments hereinafter), remainder hereditaments dw.ho. in Totnes in pos. of himself and William RANDLE unto his friends Samuel HUXHAM of Totnes, grocer, and the said Henry CRIDLAND the younger of Totnes, woolstapler. One moiety to his daughter Mary Cleave LIDSTONE and remaining moiety upon trust for his other daughter Elizabeth Cleave HOLBERTON. NH died 5.9.1840. SH and HC executors. Citing indenture 24.3.1845 – marriage settlement of ECH and JM. Conveyed moiety to JL and RP in trust for ECH and children of marriage. Married 6.4.1846 at Kingsbridge Church. SH died 1.11.1864 leaving HC sole executor. He sold property to JW, except annuity of £1 given by the will of Thomas SHUTE payable to Baptist Meeting House in Plymouth and rent charge of 4/- payable to Corporation of Totnes and £350 charge for Church Rental. Sale £175 to MCL and £175 to JL & RP. dw.ho. in Totnes, bounded: east – house formerly the lands of George TAYLOR gent, decd., then Thomas Hoare TAYLOR clothier now John BINNICOMBE; west – house formerly in pos. of John TROWNSON then Richard ANDREWS currier, now Richard ANDREWS his son. dw.ho. formerly in pos. of William Mudge TAYLOR then Sarah HARDING and others since Lawrence TREMLETT then Nicholas HOLBERTON. At date of his will in occ. of --- RANDLE tenant, now of John WRIGHT. 5.11.1874. Covenant for production of a deed. John LIDSTONE, Kingsbridge, ironfounder, Richard POUND, Dodbrooke, gent., John WRIGHT, Totnes, master mariner. Citing indenture 28.4.1874 between Henry CRIDLAND and Mary Cleave LIDSTONE, JL, RP and Elizabeth Cleave MURCH, and John WRIGHT. Hereditaments to JW. Also citing 24.3.1845 : 1) Elizabeth Cleave HOLBERTON 2) Samuel HUXHAM and Henry CRIDLAND 3) James MURCH 4) JL the younger and RP. - marriage settlement of 1) and 3). Deed in pos. of JL & RP – will produce on request. 25.6.1906. Lease. 21 years. £30pa. Harriet WRIGHT, Totnes, widow, to

The Hon. William Frederick Danvers SMITH MP Charles AWDRY Alfred Dyke ACLAND Charles Harry St. John HORNBY Charles Selwyn AWDRY - all of No.186 The Strand, London – ‘W.H.Smith & Son’.

Page 9: Totnes Deeds Project

Totnes Deeds Project rent increases by 5% on all improvements made by HW with approval of lessees. witness Maud L. TUCKER, 29 High Street, Totnes, milliner. 21.7.1926. Vesting Deed. of 29 High Street ‘settled by the will of John WRIGHT deceased’. Between Harriet WRIGHT, Totnes, widow, Blanche Adele ADAMS, 20 Colville Terrace, London, widow, Charles Henry WIDGER, Totnes, law clerk [Trustees] and the said Harriet WRIGHT. Citing: 7.4.1893. Will of John WRIGHT, Totnes, master mariner 31.5.1896. John Wright died. 20.7.1926. Deed of Appointment of new Trustees. ‘All that dw. ho. garden and premises...’ 22.7.1926. Conveyance. £150. 1) Harriet WRIGHT, Totnes, widow – vendor 2) Harriet WRIGHT, Totnes, widow, Blanche Adele ADAMS, 36 Arundell Gardens, London, widow, Charles Henry WIDGER, Totnes, law clerk – Trustees 3) Rt. Hon. William Frederick Danvers Viscount Hambledon (sic) Charles Harry St. John HORNBY Arnold Danvers POWER Sir William Henry Dyke ACLAND Baronet Arthur William ACLAND Edward William SEYMOUR Michael Charles St. John HORNBY - W.H.Smith & Son, Strand House, Portugal Street, City of Westminster – Purchasers

4) William Frederick Danvers Viscount Hambledon Charles Harry St. John HORNBY Arnold Danvers POWER Sir William Henry Dyke ACLAND Baronet

- trustees, W.H.Smith & Son Citing: John WRIGHT bequeathed his son John Wright £150, charged on the property, and his estate to HW. 13.4.1946. Lease. 99 years. £60pa. HAMBLEDON ESTATES Ltd. to W.H.SMITH & SON Ltd. J.R.Wright 12.10.02 for Totnes Museum Society TDP003

Page 10: Totnes Deeds Project

Totnes Deeds Project

27 High Street courtesy Mr. Jeremy Williams, 27 High Street. Tel: 862390

19.7.1878. Conveyance, 27 High Street. £350. Louisa Frances Reynolds JOHNSON, spinster, Broomborough, to Robert HARRIS, Commission Agent, Totnes. Citing indenture 11.5.1874 George CAREW and James Walrond BURROUGH conveyed to LFRJ. Bounded: southern end or front – High Street; north by a wall recently erected by LFRJ (wall still remains her property); east –property belonging to Mr. Sharpham; west – property belonging to Mr. Wright. 20.7.1878. Mortgage. £250 + interest. Robert HARRIS to George BROWSE of Westerland, Marldon. Citing indenture 19.7.1878 Louisa Frances Reynolds JOHNSON conveyed to RH. 20.7.1878. Mortgage . £110 + interest. Robert HARRIS to Samuel ROACH, Plymouth, slate merchant. 1.12.1883. Conveyance. Dwellinghouse and premises at 27 High St. now in occ. of Robert HARRIS and his tenants. Bounded: east – property of Samuel SHARPHAM; west – property of John WRIGHT; north by wall belonging to trustees of Totnes Church School. 1) George BROWSE, Paignton, gent. 2) Samuel ROACH, Plymouth, merchant 3) Robert HARRIS, Totnes, Commission Agent 4) Totnes Coffee Tavern Co. Ltd. Citing indentures 20.7.1878. RH conveyed to GB subject to proviso for redemption £250+ interest (mortgage). Ditto RH to SR, £110 + interest. RH now owes GB £303 11/- and SR £114 15/-, total £418 6/-. RH has agreed to sell to 4) for £550. 4) paid off GB and SR, remainder £131 14/- to RH. 14.4.1887. Mortgage. Dwellinghouse at 27 High Street used as a Coffee Tavern together with hall. Premises in occ. of William JENKINS as tenant to Totnes Coffee Tavern Co. Ltd. (Arthur CHAMPERNOWNE Chairman, F.W.HAMLYN Secretary). Bounded: east – property of Samuel SHARPHAM; west – property of John WRIGHT; north by wall belonging to trustees of Totnes Church School. 15.5.1896. Indenture. Transfer of mortgage of 27 High Street. Edward WINDEATT, Totnes, solicitor, to Edgcombe PARSON, Coates, Cirencester, gent. and John Sparke AMERY, Druid, Ashburton, gent. Citing indenture 14.4.1887 – mortgage - £440 still owing.

Page 11: Totnes Deeds Project

Totnes Deeds Project

27.9.1921. Conveyance. £1100. John Sparke AMERY, Druid, Ashburton, Totnes Coffee Tavern Co. Ltd. and Joseph TODD, accountant, 30 Fore Street – liquidator to

John Richard Furse CLARK. Edgcombe PARSON d. 9.11.1920. £440 owing to Amery, rest to liquidator. 27.9.1921. Mortgage . 27 High Street. John Richard Furse CLARK to MIDLAND BANK LTD. 25.1.1922. Agreement. Rev. William Thomas WELLACOTT, Rectory, Totnes Thomas MAYE, Totnes, gent. George Francis KELLOCK, Totnes, solicitor Henry MADDICK, Totnes, outfitter and John Richard Furse CLARK, Temperance Hall and Temperance Hotel granting emergency exit access to playground. 5/- pa. 24.7.1945. Conveyance. £4,000. John Richard Furse CLARK, ‘Holmewood’, Staverton, retd. hotel proprietor to Ralph Reginald SMYTH, Temperance Hotel, engineer. Temperance Hotel AND the hall at the rear. 5/- pa to use emergency exit via staircase and school playground at rear. 27.8.1945. Mortgage. Temperance Hotel, Totnes. Ralph Reginald SMYTH to MIDLAND BANK Ltd. 25.3.1947. Conveyance. £9,000. Temperance Hotel. Ralph Reginald SMYTH to William George CAWSEY. Bounded: east – F.W.Woolworth & Co. Ltd.; west – W.H.Smith & Son. Ltd. 25.3.1947. Agreement. Ralph Reginald SMYTH to William George CAWSEY. RRS will not do business with restaurant or hotel within 5 years or 3 miles. 23.7.1947. Mortgage. William George CAWSEY, Temperance Hotel. 29.7.1948. Agreement relating to a window and rainwater pipe at 27 High Street. John Edmund YOULDEN, F.W.WOOLWORTH & Co. Ltd. and William George CAWSEY. WGC owns 27, JEY owns 23 and 25, but leased to FWW on 5.7.1935 for 42 years.

Page 12: Totnes Deeds Project

Totnes Deeds Project

30.7.1948. Conveyance. £11,000 including £2,500 for stock, fixtures and fittings. Central Hotel formerly Temperance Hotel, and Cinematograph Theatre. William George CAWSEY to Mrs. Bessie Doris BORSDEN. Bounded: east – F.W.Woolworth & Co. Ltd.; west – W.H.Smith & Son. Ltd. WGC will not do business with restaurant or hotel within 7 years or 3 miles. 13.8.1948. Mortgage. Central Hotel. Mrs. Bessie Doris BORSDEN to MIDLAND BANK Ltd. 1.5.1951. Agreement. Exeter Diocesan Board of Finance (owner of Totnes Church of England School) grants Kelvin Dingley WHITE and Richard Grenville WHITE of ‘Tremadoe’, 18 Keyberry Park, Newton Abbot permission to erect an emergency exit opening into the school playground. KDW and RGW to pay EDB 25/- pa. 29.8.1952. Conveyance. £250.

1) Bessie Doris BORSDEN of Central Hotel, High Street, Totnes, formerly of The Central Stores, 84 High St., Clydach, Glamorgan

2) BARCLAYS BANK LTD. 3) Kelvin Dingley WHITE and Richard Grenville WHITE of 18 Keyberry Park, Newton Abbot

1) conveys to 3) hall and premises at rear of hotel. 3) pay 2). Conditions: 3) not to compete with Central Hotel other than sale of ice cream; 4) Central Hotel the only Totnes restaurant or cafe to be advertised on-screen. 30.8.1952. Legal Charge. Kelvin Dingley WHITE and Richard Grenville WHITE of 18 Keyberry Park, Newton Abbot, cinema proprietors. Borrowed £1700 from Marion WOOD, 38 Torquay Road, Newton Abbot.

Endorsement: 2.7.1956. Marion Wood died. 31.5.1957. Vacating Receipt (endorsement) – personal reps. of MW decd., exors. Dorothy Gladys WARNE of Bodmin and Ernest Frank STOUT of Newton Abbot received £1957 from KDW and RGW.

1.6.1957 Legal Charge. Kelvin Dingley WHITE, 18a, and Richard Grenville WHITE of 18 Keyberry Park, Newton Abbot, cinema proprietors. Borrowed £2350 from Katie Beatrice WHITE of 18 Keyberry Park, Newton Abbot. 28.11.1959. Conveyance. £4,500. Hotel only. Margaret Glenda DOBBIN, ‘Inglewood’, 1 Primley Park, Paignton, wife of Roy Walter DOBBIN, to John CHIALVO of 27 High Street.

20.6.1953. Bessie Doris BORESDON (sic) married Owen Glyndwr THOMAS at West Glamorgan Registry Office. 16.12.1958. Bessie Doris THOMAS died at Totnes Hospital. MGD sole executor.

28.11.1959. Schedule (inventory) of all Hotel contents. Sale £1,000 Margaret Glenda DOBBIN to John CHIALVO.

Page 13: Totnes Deeds Project

Totnes Deeds Project

9.12.1959. Mortgage. Central Hotel and restaurant. John Joseph CHIALVO to MIDLAND BANK Ltd. 15.10.1963. Conveyance. £5,750. Continental Hotel. John CHIALVO, 27 High Street to Thomas Albert MATTHEWS, 65 Amery Road, Harrow, Middlesex. 15.10.1963. Receipt. £1250 for furnishings, fixture and fittings. John CHIALVO from Thomas Albert MATTHEWS. 15.10.1963. Assignment of Goodwill of Business. £250. John CHIALVO to Thomas Albert MATTHEWS. JC covenants not to do business with restaurant or hotel within 3 years or 3 miles. 1964. Land search plan. ‘The New Continental Hotel’. shows 23 & 25 = Woolworths. 1.10.1964. Conveyance. £10,000. Thomas Albert MATTHEWS, 27 High Street to F.W.WOOLWORTH & CO. LTD. Hotel or dwelling house. 19.10.1964. Conveyance. £8,250. Kelvin Dingley WHITE and Richard Grenville WHITE of 18 Keyberry Park, Newton Abbot to F.W.WOOLWORTH & CO. LTD., registered office Marylebone Road, London. Hall and premises at the rear of the Continental Hotel (formerly the Central Hotel) at 27 High Street used as a cinema and known as ‘the Romany Cinema’ and right of way through passageway on west side in common with Bessie Doris BORSDEN & her successors in title.

25.5.1969. Notioce of Listing of Building of Special Interest. Ministry of Housing and Local Government to F.W.Woolworth & Co. Ltd. re 23 & 27 High Street. 5.3.1973. Land charge. 27 High Street AND rear known as Romany Cinema. Jeremy Christopher Harley WILLIAMS and Kenneth Harley WILLIAMS, Ford Farm, Harberton. 2.5.1973. Land charge. Rear of 27 High Street known as Romany Cinema. James Leslie Reginald BONNET, Hampstead Manor, Littlehempston. 21.5.1973. Restrictive covenant on Romany Cinema. Williams + Williams + 2 mortgagors + Bonnet. J.R.Wright 13.10.02 for Totnes Museum Society TDP004

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Totnes Deeds Project

28 High Street courtesy Joan Brady, The Hermitage. This property was abstracted by Michael Laithwaite in 1977. For reasons unknown, some of the documents shown to us in 2002 are not referenced by Laithwaite: for clarity his original text is reproduced in black and our additions are shown in red and italicised. The present deeds start only in 1962, with an abstract of title reciting earlier ones back to 1911. More useful are a set of deeds from 1784 to 1890, shown to me in 1977 by the owners of the Hermitage, the cottage which lies immediately behind the building lately occupied by Victoria Wine. They deal with the whole site, from High Street to South Street. Stylistically, however, the front section of No.28 seems to date from c.1700, and although the Land Tax returns take its history back to 1747, earlier references are very scrappy indeed. I had hoped that the abuttals shown in the deeds of Nos.26 and 30 might provide some clues, but the Trust has been unable to gain access to those of No.30 and those of No.26 (seen at Windeatt’s in 1999) go back only to 1971. Although the 1971 deeds list earlier documents from 1882, all it shows are the names of the parties involved. I have also found deeds probably relating to No.26 in various collections ranging in date from 1610 to 1747, but unfortunately only those from 1610 to 1638 give the abuttals. The Hermitage Deeds 24 / 25 March 1784. Lease and Release. Sale by Nicholas Brooking the younger, of Dartmouth, esquire, to William Rennell, of Totnes, mercer, for £500. ‘All that one Messuage or Tenement and Garden to the same belonging formerly in the possession or occupation of Griffith Savage afterwards of Walter Voysey and Richard Voysey since of Thomas Brooking or one of their respective Tenant or Tenants but now of him the said William Rennell as Tenant to the said Nicholas Brooking…which said premises are situate… in Totnes… within the Gates there between the Lands formerly of Richard Bogan but now of Nicholas Narracott Kendall Esquire in the East Part the Bast Wall in the South Part the Lands formerly of Richard Fowell Esquire but now of George Farwell in the West Part and the Street there in the North Part’. Vendor agrees to produce a deed of 1782 (lease and release 4/5 Nov 1782) between Nicholas Brooking of Dartmouth, esquire, and wife Mary, and their son, the said Nicholas Brooking party hereto, and his wife Mary. After the death of Nicholas senior, Nicholas junior would procure the remainder of five terms of 1,000 years created by a deed of 13.7.1745 between Nicholas Brooking of Bully, esquire, and Nicholas Brooking the younger, gentleman, father and grandfather of Nicholas Brooking party hereto, and Thomas, Mary, Susanna and Ann Brooking. An 1845 Abstract of Title mentions a document of 20.1.1755, parties (1) Nicholas Brooking the father (2) Nicholas Brooking (3) Henry Holdsworth, clerk, and Arthur Holdsworth esq. (4) Mary Holdsworth, spinster, “now the wife of said Nicholas Brooking the father”.

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Totnes Deeds Project

2 / 3 March 1802. Lease and Release. Sale by William Rennell the elder of Totnes, gentleman, to Jasper Parrott of Berry Pomeroy, gentleman, for £945. ‘All those three Messuages or Dwelling Houses (formerly used and denominated as one Messuage or Dwelling House) and Garden thereto belonging’. Now in the possession of the said William Rennell, ‘that is the back tenement in his own actual occupation the middle tenement in the occupation of William Jackson and the fore part in the occupation of George Farwell, tenants to the said William Rennell’. Lands of William Marshall, surgeon, to the East, and of George Farwell, mercer, to the West. From 1845 Abstract: “previously to his sale of this property… Mr.Rennell had erected a new tenement behind thus explaining the subsequently apparent variation in the description of the parcels”. 24 / 25 March 1816. Lease and Release. Sale by George Parrott of Sherford Barton, Brixton, gentleman, eldest son and heir of Jasper Parrott of the same place, who had died in 1815 (will dated 18.3.1815). Purchaser was Jasper Parrott of Totnes, gentleman, for £1,000. Thomas Parrott trustee to JP. [according to 1856 abstract, he was made trustee “to prevent any wife of the said Jasper Parrott being entitled to Dower”] Three messuages as in 1802, ‘together with the Garden Stables and Lofts… behind the same’. Property now in possession of tenants, John Watts and Samuel Heath. From 1845 Abstract: “George Parrott left a widow who is now living – she must release her dower”. 25 May 1820. Indenture of Feoffment. Jasper Parrott and Thomas Parrott of Diptford Court, Diptford. Thomas pays 10/- to Jasper for 3 messuages as above. Thomas to own them after Jasper dies. 1820, morrow of the Holy Trinity. Plea of Covenant. TP pays JP £200. JP to have use until his death, then TP. “3 messuages, 2 gardens, 3 stables and 3 lofts”.

11 September 1827. 21-year lease by (Jasper) Parrott to William Colston of Totnes, mercer and draper. £50 p.a. ‘All that front Messuage or Dwelling House and Premises situate in Totnes’. Fixtures include ‘the Counters and Shelves in the Shop behind the two front pillars’. Kitchen and drawing-room mentioned. Not to carry on noxious trades, including the making of sedan chairs. Reference to the messuage behind these premises, occupied by Mary Taylor, widow. 20 June 1838. Parrott mortgages for £500 to John Hannaford, stationer, Totnes. Tenants now Joseph Ferris and William Gill, mercers and drapers. Endorsed on rear: JH received from JP £20 in Oct 1839, £5 in Apr 1840. Interest was due Apr 1839 - so nearly a year late. 15 Apr 1841. Transfer of mortgage. [1856 abstract: “Indenture of demise”.] James Pitman and James Samuel Pitman of Dunchideock. John Hannaford receives his £500. £300 to Jasper Parrott. 2 July 1844. Transfer of mortgage. Parrott, now of 1 Grosvenor Place, London, gentleman, sells [ -no] to William Putt of Brampford Speke, esquire. Putt pays off Pitmans and £60 to Parrott. Parrott undertakes to insure property and repay Putt.

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Totnes Deeds Project

7 January 1845. Hearing, Court of Bankruptcy. Jasper Parrott an insolvent debtor. Court appoints Henry Lake Hirtzel as official assignee. Christopher Clarke Calley of Totnes appointed by creditors as assignee of estate and effects of Parrott. 1845 “Abstract of Title of Christopher Clarke Calley esq. Assignee of the Estate and Effects of Mr. Jasper Parrott an insolvent to the Fee Simple and Inheritance (subject to a mortgage of £860 and interest) of two Dwelling Houses, Garden and premises in Fore Street, Totnes (formerly one) now in occupation of Messrs. Ferris and Gill.” 25 September 1845. Ferris and Gill agree with owner of No. 30 (Charles Webber, draper) to open up a window in the wall of their front house, in a room behind the shop. Paying 6d. p.a. Thomas Hamlyn tenant of No.30. 13 December 1845. Release by Hirtzel of Exeter, Calley and Parrott of Totnes to Messrs. Ferris and Gill of Totnes, drapers. £895. Citing: 6.8.1845 premises put up for sale by auction at the Castle Inn, Totnes. Ferris and Gill were highest bidders. 11 July 1846. Release in Fee. William Putt d.7.8.1845, left estate to his wife Martha. Martha now deceased, left estate to James Hunt Putt of London, esquire, and Jemima Cuming Putt of Plymouth, spinster, convey to Ferris and Gill, drapers; had the real sale happened earlier? [Yes – see above]. Ferris and Gill now discharge the mortgage. 24 July 1851. Gill sells out to Ferris. Still drapers. £500. 11.2.1856. Indenture. Ferris, Lowry and Dillon [see below]. Lowry and Dillon trustees for the creditors of Ferris. Ferris assigns estate to trustees. From 1856 Abstract of Title: reference to indenture 31.3.1856 between Ferris, Lowry and Dillon [see below], stating that Ferris had mortgage w/ Devon & Cornwall Banking Co. 7 May 1856. Auction (3pm, at Seven Stars) of freehold dwelling-house and business premises, late in occupation of Mr. Joseph Ferris, draper. Also courtlage, garden, gig-house, and stable behind, together with a smaller dwelling-house adjoining and behind the main one.

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Totnes Deeds Project

9 March 1857. Devon and Cornwall Banking Co., to whom Ferris was indebted, sell to Robert Howell of Exeter, linen draper, for £1,000. Tenant now Edward Knapman.

1) Samuel Lowrie and John Dillon of London, warehousemen, trustees of Ferris 2) Directors of Bank 3) Trustees of Bank 4) Robert Howell 5) Nicholas Gidley of Totnes, accountant 6) John Alison, esq., of Totnes

Abuttals: east side lands formerly of William Marshall Bentall, surgeon, now of Mrs. Thornton Bentall. West part once George Farwell, then Charles Webber, now Messrs. Hamlyn. HIGH STREET of Totnes in the north. 10 March 1857. Mortgage. £700. Howell borrows from William Andrews of Diptford. 25 July 1862. Knapman of Totnes, linen draper, buys from Howell, still of Exeter. Formerly 3 messuages, now one, occupied by Knapman. Greenhouse mentioned. £1020 to pay off mortgage, plus £50 to Howell. 13 February 1890. Edward Knapman of Exeter, gentleman, leases to Edward Stephens, tailor and woollen draper, and Benjamin William Hayman, linen and woollen draper and outfitter, both of Totnes. Lately occupied by Messrs. Hockley & Walter as tenants. Described as No. 28 High Street for the first time. Annual rent £65. Lease 21 years 15 days. 24 March 1890. Letter. Stephens & Hayman agree not to remove a partition erected by them in the shop, at the end of their lease. Addressed to E.Knapman of Exeter. 18 November 1898. Surrender of lease by Stephens. Stephens and Hayman agreed 5.7.1898 to dissolve partnership. Hayman now solely liable for the lease. J.R.Wright and S.King for Totnes Museum Society 3.12.2002 TDP005

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Totnes Deeds Project

25 South Street (‘Byways’) courtesy Mrs.A.M.B.Cope, 25 South Street, Tel: 865625. 14 May 1877. Indenture. Conveyance. (1) William ASHFORD of Dartmouth, merchant, Andrew Sparke DISTIN of Totnes, ironmonger, and William HAMLYN of Totnes, grocer, trustees of (2) Samuel REEVES of Totnes, builder, and (3) John RICHARDSON of Totnes, builder.

(1) and (2) convey to (3) ‘all that parcel of land with the buildings or shed thereon used as a timber yard… for many years in occ. of Richardson and Reeves then of Reeves; abuttals: North by the roadway called South Street; West by the orchard formerly in pos. of John Toms decd. then of William SYMS as tenant; South by house and garden of property of P.Condy and W.Condy; East by warehouse and gardens property of John COOMBE.

Citing: Samuel Reeves being in pos. of the property. By indenture of 30.9.1865 he mortgaged the property for £150 to Caroline LAMPEN.

Indenture 1.10.1874 mortgaged transferred from Lampen to Philip Condy and William Condy.

Indenture 26.2.1877. Reeves, indebted to various parties, appointed Ashford, Distin and Hamlyn trustees on condition that they sell it by public auction.

Auction took place on 14.3.1877 at Commercial Inn, Totnes. Richardson was highest bidder, £123 plus liability for mortgage.

5.3.1927. JR’s will. Appoints Charles Henry WIDGER and John James WINSOR executors. 5.3.1927. Codicil to will, not affecting appointment of executors. 12.7.1927. JR died at Totnes. 24.12.1927. Widger and Winsor assent to the vesting of the property in Winsor. “Dwellinghouse and premises including the workshops gardens and premises known as 23,24,25,26, and 27 South Street”. [also 8 Leechwell Lane, 2,3,4,5,6 and 20 Cistern Street, and all of Moorashes]. 22.1.1934. By his will Winsor appoints Widger and Victor James de Bretton SMITH of Strete, Devon, accountant, as executors. 11.3.1947. Winsor died at 26 South Street. 15.9.1947. Probate of Winsor’s will. 30.10.1947. Assent. Properties vested in Mary Elizabeth Winsor of 26 South Street (inter alia) 23,24,25,26,27 South Street. Memorandum of sale of 25 South St. to Mrs. E.M.REYNOLDS. Memorandum 5.2.1953 sale of 23 (formerly 23 & 24) South St. to Mrs. Reynolds. 30.5.1952. Conveyance. £430. 25 South Street. Mary Elizabeth Winsor to Elizabeth Mary Reynolds of May Cottage, Old Road, Harbertonford, widow.

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Totnes Deeds Project

5.2.1953. Conveyance. £360. 24 South Street. Mary Elizabeth Winsor to Elizabeth Mary Reynolds. Vendor, holding title to 8 Leechwell Lane, agrees not to erect any structure thereon that would diminish the light at No.24. Agreement reciprocated. 7.2.1953. Statutory declaration. M.E.Winsor is the widow of J.J.Winsor. JJW was nephew of John Richardson. 2.9.1954. Conveyance. 23 South Street (part of No.24). E.M.Reynolds to Gladys May ACKLAND. 31.3.1955. Acknowledgement by Smith of the right of Gladys Jean COVINGTON of Boulders, EastCliff, Looe, Cornwall to production of copies of probate of will of Richardson. 31.3.1955. Conveyance. £1300. E.M.Reynolds, widow, to Gladys Jean Covington. “All that dw.ho. with yard garden and outbuildings formerly the two dw.hos. known as 24 and 25 South Street but since converted into one and known as ‘Byways’ No. 25 South Street”. 3.10.1955. Conveyance. £1400. Byways (No.25) G.J.C. to Ruth Stackhouse DAWE of Greenbanks, 42 Follaton, married woman. 5.1.1968. Ruth Dawe died. No.25 vested in Henry Edmund CAUNTER. 15.11.1968. Letter from A.R.THOMPSON of Whitehall to Minister of Housing, concerning Compulsory Purchase Order on 5 dwellings and land in South Street and Leechwell Lane, including 23 and 25 South Street and 8 Leechwell Lane. Ref. public inquiry in Totnes 15.10.1968. 7.7.1977. H.E.Caunter died. No.25 vested in Mildred Mary CAUNTER, executrix. 20.1.1983. Letter from M.M.Caunter (pensioner) to DHSS, Torquay, enquiring about funding support for property repairs. J.R.Wright 27.1.03 for Totnes Museum Society TDP006

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Totnes Deeds Project

47 High Street courtesy Mr.S.Paul, 40 The Carrions, 868664 29.9.1804. Conveyance (Release) £315. Nicholas COOKE, gent. of Totnes, to James WILLS, mason of Totnes, in trust for Richard QUICK, cheesemonger of Totnes. Dw. ho. and garden with appurtenances between lands formerly of William BOGAN esq. then Frederick CROSS now John OLDRIEVE on the east; Henry MARTYN then Samuel VIOL late Richard SOPER now Walter VENNING on the west; Fore Street south; Back Lane north. Premises formerly in pos. of William CLEMENT decd. then Elizabeth his wife also decd. then Elizabeth GILDON now and for many years Nicholas COOKE. James Wills appointed trustee for RQ Note: Elizabeth Clement widow bur.15.8.1737 Mr. William Clement bur. 18.6.1736 8.4.1805. Demise for 2000 years. Richard Quick, cheesemonger, to John Toms, tallow-chandler of Totnes. Also assignment of policy of assurance as a collateral security. RQ owes JT £300 by bond dated 29.9.1804. Repayment due 29.9.1805 with interest. [mortgage]. 24.12.1807. Further charge for the security of £100 [mortgage extension]. RQ and JT. 24.6.1820. Limitation and appointment of dw.ho. Richard Quick to John WINSOR and Richard James LUSCOMBE. £700.

1) John Toms of Dartington, gent. 2) Richard Quick of Totnes, grocer 3) James Wills of Totnes, mason 4) Francis Brooking CUMING of Totnes and Laetitia Dorothea his wife 5) John Winsor of Ashburton, esq, and Richard James Luscombe of Moorlinch,

Somerset, clerk 6) John YABBICOM of Totnes, schoolmaster

Citing lease & release 28/29.9.1804, 8.4.1805 – release in 7 parts

1) Samuel CUMING and Susanna his wife 2) FBC 3) Laetitia Dorothea Winsor 4) Thomas SPLATT 5) John PINIGER esq. 6) John ABBOTT gent. 7) JW and RJL

JW & RJL now possession of £700 through sale and investment of properties therein sold w/permission of FBC & LDW. £410 owed by Richard Quick to John Toms, remainder £290 to RQ. Property described, assigned to Yabbicom. Ref. Elizabeth ‘GLIDDON’.

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Totnes Deeds Project

24.10.1870. Declaration as to title. By Mary HOSKING of Totnes, widow, was ‘well acquainted with RQ formerly of Totnes, grocer, and related to his late wife Elizabeth.’ She lived with them for many years and after near them. Remembers him in occ. of dw.ho. shop cottages and premises now in occ. of John Thomas TOZER and Thomas SEARLE, one cottage unocc. Situate in Fore Street opposite the Market Place. RQ only married once, to Elizabeth WILLS in Totnes ca.1801. Only one lawful child, Elizabeth, formerly wife now widow of Henry LLOYD, ex-Bristol then Totnes, b.12.11.1803 in Totnes, heiress of RQ. RQ died in Totnes 23.3.1850 intestate. Thomas White WINDEATT of Totnes, solicitor, verifies the above. Acting as solicitor for John Yabbicom of Totnes, gent, mortgagee of said property served notice 22.5.1869 on Elizabeth Lloyd. Mortgage money has not been paid. 24.10.1870. Conveyance. Yabbicom to Tozer. Tozer ‘not married on 1.1.1834’. ref. Lease and release 23/24.6.1820. ref. 14/15.6.1826. (1) LD Cuming, (2) Winsor and Luscombe (3) John Yabbicom the younger. (2) assigned to (3). RQ d.23.5.1850 (! c.f. above!) £500 of £700 unpaid and due. Lloyd did not pay. Yabbicom sold premises at public auction to JTT for £332. Premises in occ. of JTT, one cottage unocc., others Thomas Searle and George Evans, building behind - Evans and Alfred Bickford. 25.10.1870. Mortgage. £225.

1) John Thomas Tozer of Fore Street, Totnes, boot and shoe maker 2) Richard James Norman KING, Hugh Graham MARSHALL and James LAWLESS,

all of Exeter, esqs., trustees of the Provident Permanent Benefit Building Society

JTT borrows £225. “All that… formerly in occ. of RQ but now of JTT together with the three tenements or cottages and a building behind the same now in occ. of Thomas Searle, George EVANS and Alfred BUCKFORD…” 14.5.1874. Conveyance. Dw. ho., shop, 3 cottages and a garden.

3.1.1874 Tozer adjudicated bankrupt by County Court of Devonshire held at East Stonehouse.

19.1.1874 James Edwin Edward DAWE of 8 Union Terrace, Plymouth, accountant appointed trustee of property of Tozer.

Dawe has paid off mortgage. Has agreed to sell to Robert Emanuel Underdown HARRIS of Totnes, accountant for £244.

Dw. ho. and premises now in occ. of Harris, one cottage in occ. of John RUDD, others and building behind unocc.

15.5.1874. Mortgage. £220. George BROWSE of Westerland, Marldon, gent. Lends Harris £220. Cottages in occ. of John Rudd, John STOYLE and one unocc. Garden in occ. of Harris, building in occ. of Messrs. WESTHEAD and NINER.

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Totnes Deeds Project

17.10.1894. Conveyance. £450. 47 High Street.

1) REUH of Totnes, merchant 2) Amy Elizabeth BROWSE of Teignmouth, widow, Frederick KELLOCK of Totnes,

solicitor, William Bennet MAYE of Staverton, gent. 3) Robert REED of Totnes, watchmaker

George Browse will 7.1.1886 appointed (2) as executors. GB d.20.8.1889. £220 mortgage still due: all interest paid. RR pays £220 to (2) and £230 to (1). Cottages formerly Rudd / Stoyle / unocc. Now in occ. of James WARNER, Mary PARSONS and Elizabeth DREW. Building formerly in occ. of Messrs. Westhead and Niner now in occ. of John COLE. 29.11.1919. Conveyance. No. 47 High Street and cottages and premises in rear thereof . Robert Reed of 1 South Crescent, Totnes, retired watchmaker, to Robert Reed the younger of 3 South Crescent, Totnes, engineer. Weekly rent of 10/- payable to vendor during his life and after his death to Elizabeth Reed, his wife. Premises formerly in occ. of John Thomas Tozer then REUH now of Messrs. Eastman Ltd and other as tenants, together with four (formerly three) cottages formerly in occ. of JW, MP and ED, now in occ. of William FARLEY, William WAKEHAM, Henry SMART and George TUCKER. Also a piece of garden and building now used as a stable behind, garden formerly in occ. of REUH now let with the cottages, building formerly in occ. of John COLE now in occ. of Mr. MORLEY. 22.3.1923. Mortgage. Robert Reed to London Joint City and Midland Bank Ltd., 57 High Street, Totnes. 20.12.1929. Mortgage. Robert Reed of 47 High Street, and Midland Bank Ltd. 11.2.1931. Mortgage. Robert Reed of 47 High Street and Susan Elizabeth Reed of 3 South Crescent, widow, and Midland Bank Ltd. 27.3.1931. Statutory declaration. Susan Elizabeth Reed of 3 South Crescent, Totnes. Is widow of Robert Reed the younger, who d.10.8.1925 intestate. RR left 4 surviving children and 3 grandchildren. Eldest son and heir is Robert Reed b.26.8.1897, now lives at 47 High Street. 8.5.1937. Reconveyance. Midland Bank Ltd. to Robert Reed and Susan Elizabeth Reed. 8.5.1937. Reconveyance. Midland Bank Ltd. to Robert Reed.

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Totnes Deeds Project

10.5.1937. Mortgage to secure £1750. (1) Jack COLLIVER of Lea View, Torcross (“borrower”), (2) Robert Reed of 3 Glendale Terrace (“surety”), (3) Susan Elizabeth Reed of 3 South Crescent, widow (4) Arthur Henry REEVES and Francis George REEVES of the Plains, builders

merchants and Herbert John PROUT of 100 Ferndene Road, Herne Hill, gentleman (“mortgagees”)

Colliver owns Lea View, Torcross. Robert Reed the elder (grandfather of (2)) d.31.10.1920. Elizabeth Reed d.6.2.1934. (2) agrees to act as surety for (1) (3) releases her life interest in 47 High Street.

27.8.1946. Endorsement to above. Mortgage and interest all repaid and RR released by mortgagees. Memorandum. Conveyance 28.8.1946. Colliver conveyed Lea View to William Henry Powesland..

27.3.1947. Conveyance. £2500.

(1) Susan Elizabeth Reed of 3 South Crescent, vendor (2) Susan Elizabeth Reed (3) Robert Reed of 16 Townstall Crescent, Dartmouth, surveyor (4) Wilfred Lawrence TARR of 47 High Street, Totnes, gentleman

£5 paid to (1) in discharge of her right to dower. (3) agrees to pay Succession Duty on death of (1). Dw. ho. opposite the Market House together with the sites of four cottages lately demolished, piece of garden and building behind formerly used as a stable, bounded on the North by North Street.

Memorandum. 29.6.1956. Building now or formerly used as a garage with forecourt adjoining North Street with the yard adjoining extending southwards 115 feet at rear of 47 High Street, conveyed to Evans & Cutler Ltd. of 35 High Street.

10.4.1947. Mortgage. W.L.Tarr of “Melrose”, Teignmouth Road, Bishopsteignton and Barclays Bank Ltd. 29.6.1956. Deed of Grant. Evans & Cutler grant WLT right of access by foot from North Street to No.47 in cons. of conveyance of land of same date. (For the duration of his occupation.) 3.2.1986. Conveyance. £79,999. WLT of 1 Aller Park, Newton Abbot, to Adrian John CLARKE and Sylvia Margaret CLARKE both of 2 The Elms, East Street, Ippleplen. Also: assignment of goodwill of business of a fish shop (£1).

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Totnes Deeds Project

Abstract of the title of John Yabbicam, 1874

as trustee under the marriage settlement of Francis Brooking Cuming and Loetitia Dorothea Winsor to the fee simple and inheritance of certain dwellinghouses garden and premises in Fore Street Devon now in the occupation of Mr John Tozer and others as tenants thereof. 1820 June 23 & 24 Indentures of lease and release of these dates between John Toms gent 1st pt., Richard Quick grocer 2nd pt., James Wills mason 3rd pt., Francis Brooking Cuming & Loetitia Dorothea his wife 4th pt., John Winsor esq. & Richard James Luscombe clerk 5th pt., & John Yabbicom schoolmaster of the 6th pt. Reciting indentures of lease and release 28 & 29 Sept 1804 between Nicholas Cook 1st pt. Richard Quick 2nd pt. J. Wills 3rd pt. the mess. Tenement dwellinghouse appurtenances garden conveyed to the use of J Wills his heirs & ass. for the term of the natural life of R Quick. But nevertheless as to and during such estate for life in trust for the said R Quick his heirs and assigns with remainder to the use of the right heirs of the said R Quick for ever. Reciting indenture 8 Apl 1805 between R Quick of the one part and J Toms of the other part the s. R Quick in cons. of the sum of £300 advanced to him by way of loan granted and demised unto said Jno. Toms the messe tenement etc to hold his exs ads and ass. for the term of 2000 at pepper corn rent if demanded upon trust for sale for the better securing and raising the sum of £300 And reciting indenture 24 Dec 1807 between R Quick of the one part and John Toms of the other part after reciting said last indenture it is witnessed that R Quick in consideration of the further sum of £100 then advanced to him by Jno Toms the sd. R Quick did thereby further charge and make chargeable the sd. Dwellinghouse etc with payment of the said sum of £100 making together with the sum of £300 already advanced the sum of £400 to be raised and payable under the trusts recited. And reciting indenture of lease and release 23 and 24 Feby 1814 being made between Samuel Cuming and Susanna (1st), the sd. Francis B Cuming (2nd), Loetitia Dorothea Winsor (then L D Cuming the wife of F B Cuming) (3rd), Thomas Splatt (4th), John Piminger esq. (5th), John Abbott gent (6th), and John Winsor and R Luscombe (7th) after reciting that a marriage was intended between F B Cuming and L D Winsor and further for the considerations expressed the messuages etc were settled to the several uses upon the trusts for the intents therein mentioned. In which sd indentures contained a proviso or power that it should be lawful for J Winsor & R J Luscombe or the survivor of them with the consent of F B Cuming and Loetitia Dorothea his then intended wife absolutely to make sale etc all or any of the sd messuages etc to any person(s) in such manner and it was agreed that it should be lawful for J Winsor ands R Luscombe or the survivor of them his heirs etc to lay out or invest such moneys (to arise from such sale) in government or other stocks and that the yearly interest dividends be applied in manner therein directed. And reciting that R Quick that there remained owing to J Toms £300 and £100 and the further sum of £10 making together £410. And reciting that R Quick being desirous that the sum of £410 owing to J Toms be paid off and discharged but it not being convenient to do so had requested J Winsor & R J Luscombe to pay off same and also to advance him the sum of £290 for his other occasions which J Winsor and R J Luscombe (in pursuance of the powers in sd Indenture of Settlement had accordingly agreed to do upon being secured by the bond of R Quick

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Totnes Deeds Project

and conveyance of the dwellinghouse etc upon trust for sale securing and raising sd sums of £410 and £290 making £700 and all interest to accrue and it was proposed that sd term of 2000 years be assigned to J Yabbicom in trust to attend the fee simple inheritance. It was witnessed that in pursuance of the agreement in consideration of the sum of £410 to J Toms in hand paid by J Winsor and R J Luscombe at the request of R Quick and with the consent of F B Cuming and L D his wife testified and in full discharge of all principal moneys owing to him by R Quick and also in consideration of the sum of 10/ paid to J Toms by J Yabbicom, the said J Toms on the nomination of J Winsor and R J Luscombe did bargain etc for the considerations aforesaid. And in consideration of the sum of 5/ to R Quick at the same time paid by J Yabbicom the sd R Quick did bargain etc to J Yabbicom all that the sd dwellinghouse etc within the gates of the town of Totnes in part recited indenture of April 8 1805 to the said John Toms for 2000 years for the unexpired term of 2000 years. In trust nevertheless for J Winsor and R J Luscombe theirs exs etc for the purpose of better securing the sum of £700. In trust for R Quick his heirs etc to be assigned and disposed of as he or they should direct or appoint. It was further witnessed that in consideration of 10/ to J Wills by J Winsor and R J Luscombe that J Wills at the request of R Quick did bargain etc and in further consideration of £210 to him the sd R Quick in hand paid by J Winsor and R J Luscombe (being the residue of the sum of £700 agreed to be advanced as aforesaid he the said R Quick did grant etc unto J Winsor and R J Luscombe and their heirs.. all that the dwellinghouse etc between the lands formerly of William Bogan esq then late of Frederick Cross but then of John Oldrieve on the east part the lands theretofore of Henry Martin then of Samuel (Viol?) late of Richard Soper and Walter Cuming on the west part the Fore Street of the town of Totnes on the south part and the back lane there on the north part with all shops cellars stables courts courtlages void grounds gardens backsides stalls standings commodities profits and heridts. Whatsoever to the sd messuage etc belonging which sd parties were formerly in the possession of William Clements decd then of Elizabeth his wife also decd her tenant after that of Elizabeth Gliddon her tenant then of Nicholas Cook his tenant but then of the sd R Quick his tenant. All which dwellinghouse etc were in the actual possession of J Winsor and RJ Luscombe by virtue of a bargain and sale…to hold same and their heirs etc upon the trusts. Upon trust that if sd R Quick his heirs etc should not within the space of 6 cal months from the day on which notice of demand of sd. sum of £100 should be delivered in writing to sd. R Quick his heirs etc left at his or their usual abode, pay and discharge the same respectively together with all costs and charges attending. Then in such case they sd. J Winsor and RJ Luscombe their heirs etc might with all convenient speed with or without the consent of R Quick sell or dispose of the same dwelling house etc unto any person for such price as to Winsor and Luscombe seems reasonable, as sd. R Quick might have done had not now abstracting presents been made on any or all of which should be as valid even if made against the consent of R Quick his heirs etc. as if he had joined therein and consented thereto. Upon trust I the1st place to reimburse themselves all costs and charges attending the execution of the trusts and in the next place to pay themselves £100 and the to pay over the remainder to R Quick his heirs etc. Covenanted by J Wills with J Winsor and R J Luscombe. Executed by Jno Toms, Rd. Quick, Jas Wills, FB Cuming and LD Cuming. 1844 May 17: Receipt for £200 pd by Mr Robert Charles Earle in part discharge endorsed signed by Mr Jno Yabbicom. 1826 June 14 15. Indentures of lease and release the latter made between LD Cuming widow of FB Cuming, Jno Winsor & RJ Luscombe, Jno Yabbicom gent.

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Totnes Deeds Project

Reciting indentures of Feb 23 & 24 1814…purported to be a settlement made on a marriage then in contemplation (and which soon afterwards took effect) between FB Cuming and LD Winsor. It was by the sd. indenture that if J Winsor and RJ Luscombe etc. should die or desire to be discharged from acting in trust, it should be lawful for F B Cuming and LD Winsor or the survivor of them etc to nominate any other person to be a trustee in their place. And that when any new trustee should be nominated, the sd mess tenements lands hdts or such part thereof respectively as should not have been sold or disposed under the trusts or powers declared to sd (several sums of £3599/12/1 and £850 3 percent consolidated bank and all or the stocks funds which for the time being be subject or liable to any of the trusts and should thereupon by conveyed by the trustee/s for the time being. And recited that the marriage took effect. And recited the indentures of 23 and 24 June 1820. And recited that F B Cuming died September 1822 leaving LD Cuming his widow. And recited that J Winsor and R J Luscombe expressed their desire to be discharged from the trust. LD Cuming agreed that John Yabbicom be a trustee in their place. John Yabbicom consented. It was further witnessed that J Winsor and R J Luscombe in consideration of 5/ to each of them paid by J Yabbicom did grant bargain etc unto J Yabbicom: all that the sd. dwellinghouse messe or tenement and garden with the appurt situate lying and being within the gates of the town of Totnes together with all shop cellars stables courts courtlages void grounds gardens backside walls standings commodities profits and heriditaments … then in the occupations or R Quick or his tenants. It was lastly witnessed that for the considerations aforesd and in order to enable J Yabbicom to receive or recover all of the sd trust moneys the rents and growing proceeds thereof they sd. J Winsor and R J Luscombe (with the consent of LD Cuming) did each of them make J Yabbicom his heirs etc to be the true and lawful attorney of themselves, and in their name to ask demand etc from all persons whom it may concern to pay or deliver all sums of money …upon trust due and upon non-payment of same or any part thereof to commence etc to prosecute in their names as they would personally have done in the case that the now present had not been made. Executed by LD Cuming John Winsor R J Luscombe and John Yabbicom and attested. J.R.Wright and W.King 21.5.03 for Totnes Museum Society TDP007

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Totnes Deeds Project

17 High Street

courtesy Messrs. Windeatts, 19 High St. 1/2.4.1808. Lease & Release. £300. Arthur FARWELL, Totnes, gent., nephew and heir-at-law to late Christopher Farwell of Totnes, to George FARWELL, Totnes, gent., in trust for Thomas DAW the younger, Totnes, shopkeeper. For many years in pos. of Margaret HAWKES, widow, decd, now Mary SHINNER as tenant to AF. Abuttals: east & north - now or late prop. of AF in occ. of William Forrord MITCHELL, clerk; west - Priory Lane; south - Fore Street. Signed Thomas Daw junr. 23.5.1872 Conveyance. £170. Mr. George DAW, Modbury, gent. to Mr. Edward STEPHENS, Totnes, tailor. In occ. of Thomas Daw then John Stephens now ES. Abuttals: east & north - now in occ. of Evan EVENS. TD d.26.2.1841, left prop. to wife Sarah Daw, who d.3.4.1851, then brother GD. 24.5.1872. Mortgage. £200+int. Edward Stephens to John NECK. 31.1.1893. Reconveyance (redemption of mortgage). Theodore HANNAFORD to ES. Property named as ‘No.17 High Street’. Citing 7.7.1884. Transfer of mortgage. JN to TH. 1.2.1893. Mortgage. £300+int. ES to Mr. Robert E. Bourne, Totnes, land agent. endorsed 24.3.1909. Transfer. REB to Miss Mary Jane PUCKETT. 30.6.1923. Conveyance. £560.

1) Alfred Norman Felix GOODMAN, Devonport, Official Receiver and trustee of the estate of Herbert Edward STEPHENS, a bankrupt.

2) Richard ADAMS, 7 Belmont Terrace, Totnes, mortgagee 3) George William Nieass HORSWELL, Plymouth and David FREDMAN, Plymouth, purchasers MJ Puckett d.6.10.1919 ES d.23.2.1920, bequeathed prop. to son HES. HES declared bankrupt 14.3.1923 at Plymouth County Court

2.7.1923. Mortgage. £450+int. GWNH to Mr. John Peter BLIGHT, Callington, solicitor. 24.6.1924. Conveyance. £620. Horswell + Fredman + mortgagee to The Paignton and District Sanitary Steam Laundry Co. Ltd. Prop. one time in occ. of Francis John REEVES (??), after ES, lately HES. Abuttals: east & north - formerly prop. of AF now of and in occ. of Charles Hamilton WELLINGTON; west - partly by the way or street formerly called Priory Lane now Church Close & partly by hereditaments belonging to Francis Knowles WINDEATT and George Edgcombe WINDEATT (party wall). Notes George son of Mr. John & Margaret Hawkes bap.20.6.1768. Mr. John Hawkes buried 29.4.1797 Mrs. Margaret Hawkes, widow, buried 18.4.1805. J.R.Wright 21.5.03 for Totnes Museum Society TDP008

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Totnes Deeds Project

6 High Street courtesy Mr.Lester (senior) 27.9.1791. Conveyance. £205.

1) Agnes Hore CHAMPERNOWNE, Totnes, widow [vendor] 2) Thomas ROBERTS, Totnes, rug-maker and Dorothy his wife (one of two sisters

and co-heirs of Samuel OSBORNE of Totnes, rug-maker, who died intestate 3) Sarah OSBORNE, Ottery St. Mary, widow and administratrix of SO 4) John TAYLOR, Totnes, gent. [purchaser]

Citing L&R 26/27.12.1785. SO to AHC all that dw.ho. theretofore in pos. of Bennett COLE.

7.10.1777. [mortgage] SO owned ‘that one little courtlage…converted into a garden’. AHC lent SO £150 + interest. The mortgage was not paid off at the appointed date.

Since death of SO, TR has purchased one moiety from Elizabeth Osborne of Totnes, spinster by L&R 2/3.12.1790. £155 1/3 owing to AHC. Remainder to be paid to SO, TR and DR. £39 18/9 to SO, £10 to TR & DR. Dw.ho. heretofore in pos. of Bennett Cole afterwards Edward Oldrieve and others as tenants, in the town of Totnes a little above the lower or East Gate on the South side of the street, formerly consisting of The higher shop and fore chamber over it, the parlour and parlour chamber, the lower shop and fore chamber over it, a little chamber over the cellar and the broad chamber over the same, a ground room and a little courtlage, the fore part of which premises hath been some time rebuilt by Thomas HYNE decd. and consisted then of the higher fore shop and the chamber over it, garrett over the kitchen lately called a parlour, a little space between the kitchen and higher shop, kitchen chamber formerly called the parlour chamber, a little chamber over the entry the lower shop and cellars behind the same taken out of the shop the chamber over the shop and the two chambers over the cellars All of which sometime in pos. of TH decd., since of Samuel OSBORNE decd, father of SO hereinbefore named, SO his son, his tenants, but now of Francis HERNAMAN cordwainer and others as tenants All that said little courtlage converted into a garden heretofore in pos. of SO the father since of SO the son. abuttals: east – courtlage and woodhouse formerly in pos. of Rebecca TAYLOR widow decd, since of George MADDICK decd; north – house where Bennett Cole formerly dwelt and after in pos. of said RT since of said GM Said courtlage 17 and half feet in length 13 and half feet in breadth late in pos. of Sarah Osborne or her undertenants together with the stone or dead wall between the courtlage and a certain garden heretofore in pos. of RT now JT For 10/- Sarah Osborne relinquishes rights to dower.

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Totnes Deeds Project

13.4.1853. Will of Charles TAYLOR esq. of Totnes. To brother Thomas Hore TAYLOR and his wife Louisa £5 each. Henry TAPPER his late servant a suit of mourning. Dw. ho , shop, wareroom, cellar, garden, courtlage, stables, coachhouse and premises in Totnes lately rented by Messrs. WEBBER, and malthouse and premises near thereto rented by Thomas HOLMAN, to his daughter Maria Carew TAYLOR. £200 to his wife charged out of these premises. Greenhouse at the Priory to his wife during her life. Dw. ho. situate in Fore Street in which he now resides, also garden and premises thereto and wareroom behind the garden in occ. of Mr. William Howard LEAMAN to his daughter Harriette Carew TAYLOR Dw. ho in Fore Street in the occ. of Mr. PARROTT to his daughter Mary Southcote TAYLOR also dw. ho and moiety of courtlage and littlehouse occ. by Miss Mary TALOR as tenant (premises adjoin his son Henry Carew TAYLOR’s offices) also garden known as the Orchard Garden now in occ. of George PENNY as tenant Leechwell Orchard and house and buildings thereon (contiguous to Orchard Garden) to daughter Anna TAYLOR also tenements at the entrance of Leechwell Lane occ. by John KNIGHT, Richard WOOTTON, John HONEYWILL and James NINER. Garden and greenhouse therein. Abuttals: east – premises belonging to George PRESSWELL; south by the Grove; also coachhouse adjoining said garden at the entrance on the north side now in occ. of CT to Augusta Townes TAYLOR; also some properties in South Brent His son Henry Carew TAYLOR owes him £300. To his son Henry Carew Taylor the offices now in his occ. and one moiety of courtlage and littlehouse in occ. of Mary Taylor. After the decease of his wife the greenhouse at the Priory to HC Taylor. To James Walrond Burrough William GILLARD and George PRESSWELL four closes of land and premises near Bowdon Turnpike Gate commonly called Maudlin Hills, Butchers Field and Orchard with a linhay in occ. of James PENWILL as tenant. Also dw.ho on Harpers Hill Street in occ. of Samuel MINGO. Also dw.ho. in Half Moon Street in occ. of George MINGO in trust to pay Policy of Assurance on the life of TH Taylor (annual sum £29 18/6). Surplus of rents payable to HC Taylor. After the death of THT, all premises to HCT. Other property in South Brent in trust for son George Earle Taylor, any widow or issue. Silver and plated goods to his wife Harriette Taylor. Wife is sole executrix. Any of the above parties who should dispute the will shall forfeit all benefit therefrom! Witnesses Elizabeth BENNETT, servant to Mr. Taylor and John J. HENLEY Clerk to Messrs. Presswell & Michelmore, solicitors, Totnes.

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Totnes Deeds Project

Codicil 19.5.1853. Revoking the £200 charge and the gift to his wife. Revoking the £300 debt from HC Taylor and £200 to be paid to his wife, £100 to daughters Harriette and Augusta in equal shares. Charles Taylor died 20.7.1853. Conveyance 29.3.1897. £600. Harriette Carew Taylor, Little Priory, Totnes, spinster, to John William BROMING, 1 High Street, boot and shoe maker. All that dw.ho and garden known as 6 High Street, Totnes. 29.3.1897. Mortgage. £375. JWB, mortgagor. Henry Jardine PRESSWELL, Totnes, solicitor, to John Thomas BROWN-MASON, Exeter, dental surgeon.(mortgagees). Dw. ho. with garden known as No.6 High Street in occ. of Peninah Fairweather REEVES and Emma REEVES as tenants 26.4.1906. Transfer of mortgage. HJP and JTBM to Elizabeth CLARK wife of Henry CLARK of Newton Abbot, transferee. 19.9.1912. Reconveyance. EC to John William BROMING, Totnes, boot and shoe maker. Abstract of Title 1917, 4 High Street.

24.8.1906.Indenture between Harriette Carew Taylor and Augusta Townes Taylor (sisters). Property in occ. of Mr SMART and a store in the rear thereof in occ. of Mrs. NICKELLS. 11.4.1911. A.T.Taylor conveys to her niece Harriet Augusta NOTT all that store in South Street at the rear of 4 High Street in occ. of Mrs Nickells carrying on business as J.Selwood as tenant.

14.6.1917. Conveyance.£100. Harriett Augusta NOTT of Saint Georges, Lower Mitcham, South Australia, wife of Albert Edward Nott of Adelaide, S.Australia, company manager, to John William BROMING of 6 High Street, bootmaker. All that store in South Street at the rear of 6 High Street, late in occ. of James SELWOOD now in occ. of JWB 13.12.1917. Acknowledgment. Harriett Augusta Nott, Lower Mitcham, South Austrlia, wife of Albert Edward Nott of Adelaide, South Australia, acknowledges right of J.Broming to see deeds. 22.10.1952. Assent of executors. No.6 High Street vested in May Broming. Property in occ, of Mr.C.D.CLARKE as tenant. JWB d.22.6.1952. Probate 9.9.1952. 6.12.1956. Transfers. May Broming deceased. 6 High Street and store at rear to Edward Shaddick Broming. 5.10.1973. Conveyance. £28,000. Edward Shaddick BROMING, 6 High Street, venodr to Leslie Roy LESTER and Lilian Iris LESTER (his wife). Dw. ho. and shop with garden known as 6 High Street AND store situated in South Street being to the rear of 6 High Street. 10.4.1980. License to carry out building works at boundaries of properties. Most Noble Percy HAMILTON 18th Duke of Somerset (licensor) and Leslie Roy Lester (licensee).

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Totnes Deeds Project

Notes [Totnes PRs] Bennet Cole m. Rebecca Langton 8.4.1673 Bennet son of Bennet Coall bap. 14.12.1677 Rebecca dau. of Bennet Cole bap. 6.7.1681 Bennet Cole m. Mary Cavton(?) of Newton Abbot 17.9.1702 Susanna dau. of Bennet Coke bap. 30.1.1703 Mary dau. of Bennet Cole bap. 7.11.1710 Joshua son of Bennet Cole bap. 30.11.1715 Richard son of Bennet Cole bap. 4.9.1723 & bur. 16.2.1723 Bennet Cole bur. 14.12.1726 Thomas Hyne bur. 18.2.1733 Edward Oldrieff bur. 8.7.1737 Mary Cole, widow bur. 11.5.1744 Thomas Hyne bur. 22.12.1751 George Maddick bur. 8.8.1770 Elizabeth Osborne bur. 1.6.1779 J.R.Wright 9.7.03 for Totnes Museum Society TDP009

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Totnes Deeds Project 83 High Street

83 High Street courtesy Lee Howton and Tim Friese-Greene 865250 13/14.6.1780. Lease & Release. £130.

1) Andrew LANGMAN of Kingsbridge, tanner, devisee in will of John LANGMAN his uncle late of Totnes, maltman, who was devisee in will of his father John LANGMAN of Totnes, hellier

2) Mary LANGMAN of Totnes, spinster, sister of AL Messuage, malthouse, stable and herbgarden near and without West Gate sometime in pos. of James MAYNE decd apothecary, afterwards Mary MAYNE widow decd, since JL grandfather of AL late of JL decd uncle. No Abuttals. 14.11.1811. Lease. 60 years. £24pa.

1) Elizabeth PEARSE of Cawsand, Cornwall, widow 2) John LANGMAN of Totnes, carpenter

Messuage, malthouse, stable and herbgarden near and without West Gate sometime in pos. of James MAYNE decd apothecary afterwards Mary MAYNE widow decd, afterwards Christopher LAVERS then John LANGMAN decd, since James DERRY decd then Mary DERRY his widow decd, now EP 24.2.1852. office copy of will of John Langman of Plymouth, pattern maker, who died 21.5.1867. Property and assets in Plymouth to his wife Mary. After her death or remarriage to his daughter Mary Adelaide. If latter dies without issue then devises to his sisters Mary Ann Derry and Elizabeth Pearse Langman.. Daughter sole executrix. Proved at Exeter 27.7.1867 by Mary Adelaide OGALBE nee Langman wife of Charles Ogalbe storekeeper. Effects under £1000. 30.4.1858. Mortgage. John LANGMAN of Plymouth, ironmonger and William HOARE of Plymouth, licensed victualler. Mary Derry of Totnes devised by her will of 5.8.1811 property as above to Abraham JARVIS to the use of her niece Elizabeth Pearse and after her decease to MD’s nephew John Langman then her nephews Edward Langman, then Richard Langman then Andrew Langman then heirs of John Langman. MD d.1811 will proved 19.10 following. All others also decd. John Langman is son of JL the nephew. WH has lent JL £160 (mortgage). Abuttals left blank. Now in occ. of Mr. BRIMMICOMBE as tenant. 28.5.1858. Affidavit. John Langman of Plymouth, pattern maker. Knew EP of Cawsand niece of Mary Derry nee Langman of Totnes. EP died at Cawsand about 30 years ago. His father John Langman nephew of MD died at Plymouth about 20 years ago and was bur. Totnes. Uncle Edward Langman d & b Totnes upwards of 30 years ago. Uncle Richard Langman d & b Totnes about 30 years ago. Uncle Andrew Langman d. John St. Southwark about 18 months since.

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Totnes Deeds Project 83 High Street

5.4.1865. Transfer of mortgage. £160. Susan Hoare of Plymouth, widow John Langman Copleston Lopes RADCLIFFE of Plymouth , gent WH d.18.3.1864. Susan Hoare sole executrix. Principal sum still owing, interest

paid. Mortgage transferred to CLR. 10.9.1885. Transfer of mortgage. CLR d.5.12.1883. Elizabeth Charlotte RADCLIFFE of Derriford, widow to Lydia CLARK of Plymouth, widow. £375 13/2 in total. 19.9.1888. Redemption of mortgage. Clark by Ogalbe.

16.10.1888. Conveyance. 83 High Street. £339. Following a recent redemption of mortgage, Mary Adelaide Ogalbe of 10 St Judes Terrace, Plymouth sells to Elizabeth Parnell TARRING & Bertha Mary TARRING of Totnes, spinsters, and Alfred TARRING of Totnes, baker. All that messuage, shop, dyehouse (formerly a malthouse) stable and garden lately in occ. of William SLOGGETT as tenant now unocc. Citing 24.2.1852 copy will above

10.9.1885. Transfer of mortgage from Elizabeth Charlotte Radcliffe to Lydia CLARK

19.9.1888. Redemption of mortgage from Lydia Clark by MAO. 24.10.1888. Inland Revenue account of successions to property. MAO, widow, succeeded to property on death of John Langman 21.5.1867. MAO is his daughter and was b.28.2.1829. 29.4.1903. Memorandum of agreement between Alfred SHINNER of 83 High Street and Richard Clements HIGHAM of Crediton. Shinner present occupier as tenant to Alfred Tarring trading as restaurant or dining room. Tenancy to transfer to Higham on 6.8.1903. Goodwill and fixtures to be sold to Higham for £60. Shinner will not conduct same trade within one mile for seven years. Inventory: 1. All garden produce consisting of vegetables, fruit and flowers of every kind. 2. Wire netting and top fencing of poultry house. 3. Post and line for clothes drying in garden. 4. Bench and all shelves in outhouse and washhouse. 5. Wooden screen around water closet. 6. Water cask and all fittings to same. 7. All shrubs and bulbs in garden. 8. All carpet and linoleum on the floors of bedrooms, dining rooms, staircase, landing, shop, lobby and all stair rods and eyes. 9. Blinds in two bedrooms, dining rooms, stairs and shop windows. 10. All curtain-poles, rings and fittings to all windows. 11. Three shelves and brackets in shop. Gas meter case. Small counter in shop. Oil cloth on two counters and two window boards. Till drawer and lock. All gas piping, brackets, tap for gas stove, two plate glass mirrors in frames, fixed, one in each front window, window sign, board games front of house. 12. Shelving in side closet, hat pegs in passage And behind all doors. All finger plates on doors, knocker and brass knob at side door.

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Totnes Deeds Project 83 High Street

8.8.1914. Conveyance. £500. EPT, BMT and AT to RCH, refreshment house keeper. £166 13/4 to each vendor. 1.6.1933. Assent of transfer. Charles Henry WIDGER of Paignton and Walter Henry MENDHAM of 49 High Street, Totnes, hairdresser, as pers. reps of RCH who d.8.3.1933 assent to transfer to Hester Ann Higham (wife of RCH). 14.9.1950. Tenancy agreement. Front shop. HAH to Augustus George JARVIS of 1 Collins Road, greengrocer. £1 per week. 7.8.1951. Conveyance £1750. HCH of Venlea, Lower Collins Road to David HOBBS and Enid Gertrude LINDSELL of Oak Tree Cottage Manaton Newton Abbot. 28.11.1951. Conveyance. £2785. DH of 83 High Street, gent, and EGL of same address, spinster, to Alexander FISHWICK of Beckdale Cottage, White Hart Lane, Woodstreet near Guildford. 28.11.1951. Mortgage. £2000. Exeter Benefit Building Society to AF. 22.2.1957. Conveyance. £2400. AF to John William WESTMUCKETT, hotelier and caterer and Amy Albena Westmuckett his wife of Perranporth, Cornwall. 22.2.1957. Mortgage. £1250. Co-operative Permanent Building Society to Mr & Mrs J.W.Westmuckett. 25.4.1958. Conveyance. £3500 to include transfer of mortgage. JWW and AAW to Adam Carter BAILEY, Wing Commander RAF (retired) and Edith Maud Bailey his wife of Shappen Hill Cottage, Burley, Hants. 14.4.1960. Conveyance. £3500. “Sea Horse Buttery”, 83 High St. ACB & EMB to Carlos MORENO café proprietor and Muriel Moreno his wife of Seaway Mansions ST Marks Rd Torquay. Premises formerly known as “The Rendezvous Tearooms”. Also 14.4.1960. Assignment of goodwill. £825. 30.4.1963. Conveyance. £3500. CM & AM to Major Robert James Forbes SCOTT c/o Flagstones, East Budleigh Road, Budleigh Salterton. Also assignment of goodwill £2300. 18.10.1967. Conveyance. £4500. “Sea Horse Buttery”, 83 High St. RJFS to Daphne Brenda ASH of 14 Ersham Rd. Canterbury. Also assignment of goodwill £1475. 1.3.1972. Probate of will of DBA. Property in trust for her two sons Nigel Andrew Ash and Seton Charles Ash. Her mother Mary PURSELL and Clive Montague Marshall INMAN to be permitted to reside in property during their lives, sons also.

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Totnes Deeds Project 83 High Street

11.7.1974. Abstract of Title of Westward Developments (Totnes) Ltd. to Castle Court Estate and associated properties. See Castle Court. 7.3.1976. Death certificate of Mary Pursell nee BLAINE, at 83 High Street. Informant Arthur ASH. 1.7.1981. Deed of grant. £350. Westward Developments (Totnes) Ltd regd. office 6 The Plains Totnes to CMMI, NAA and SCA, all of 3 (sic?) High St. WD own 79 and 81 High St. CMMI, NAA and SCA own 83 High St.

Citing conveyance 18.9.1961 John HOOPER, Phyllis Mary HOOPER and Austin CRAVEN and Agnes CRAVEN.

WD grant CMMI, NAA and SCA right of way by foot over land to rear of 79 and 81. 18.7.1989. Transfer of lease. NAA of 83 High St, SCA of 54 Hamborough Rd, Streatham and CMMI of 57 Trefussis Rd Falmouth (landlords) agree to transfer from Conker Shoe. Co. Ltd., tenants (Andrew John LANGFORD and Verity LANGFORD of 8 Hunters Moon, sureties) to James Marcus Jocelyn CARFRAE of 46 Denys Road and Shirley June Ash of Billany House, Dartington.

Citing lease 3.5.1984 between landlords and tenant and sureties. 21 years from 29.9.1983. Rent £4160pa.

3.12.1990. Appointment of new trustee (of will of DBA). CMMI retiring. Arthur ASH of 83 High St appointed in his place. NAA and SCA continue. 20.5.1993. Letter from Keystone Historic Buildings Consultants, 3 Colleton Crescent, Exeter to Manager, Barclays Bank Totnes, requesting permission to consult deeds of 83 High Street with consent of trustees [a report was later issued]. 8.7.1999. Property transferred to present owners. Notes Totnes burials 21.10.1760. Anne, wife of Mr John Langman 20.5.1764. Christopher Lavers 12.10.1772. Andrew Langman senior 7.4.1780. John Langman 13.11.1793. Elizabeth Langman, widow 13.4.1806. James Derry. 24.4.1809. Mr. Edward Langman 14.8.1809. Elizabeth, wife of Andrew Langman 1.10.1811. Mary Derry, widow 1.6.1812. Richard son of John Langman 1.2.1824. Andrew Langman a.67 J.R.Wright 20.10.2003 for Totnes Museum Society TDP010

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Totnes Deeds Project Land to the rear of the Guildhall

Land to the rear of the Guildhall, Totnes

formerly part of Totnes Priory, later part of Totnes Priory Estate, now the location of:

Chy Vean, Priory Orchard, The Gardens and Monksway (plot 8); Priory Court flats (1 – 6) and Priory Gate (plot 13). This site is known as the Priory Orchard. The Benedictine Priory was founded in 1088 and stood on the site of the present Guildhall and Town Council offices. The Priory property was not bounded by the town wall (ref. 1, p 977) but according to a deed the Prior’s Garden occupied a space beyond the east wall. Another garden is mentioned as belonging to the Priory within the north gate, which suggests that the property of the monks extended from the east gate around the north wall, almost to the castle walls. Later deeds confirm that the site occupied five acres. By a mandate issued on 30 January 1535, Henry VIII had Totnes Priory valued along with all other ecclesiastical possessions spiritual and temporal, and it was subsequently suppressed and demolished. By an indenture of 19 June 1540, the house and site of the Priory of Tottnes by authority of Parliament suppressed and dissolved together with all houses, orchards, gardens, lands, etc., containing by estimate five acres in Totnes were leased to John Champernon for 21 years at the annual rent of £17 6s 4d. This was transferred by John’s widow Catherine to Walter Smith, gent., merchant, in 1542. The same year Walter gave some of the land to extend the church (the north aisle) and the cemetery, being on the north side of the parish church and containing by estimation 96 feet (north to south) by 297 feet (east to west). In 1553 King Edward VI gave permission for various ancient and ruinous (i.e the Priory) buildings on the site to be converted to a new Guildhall, prison and Grammar School. The date can be seen on an inscription inside the Guildhall on the east wall. Within a week King Edward was dead at the age of 16, and it is probable that Totnes was the last of the many grammar schools he established (ref. 1, pp 598 – 600, and 607 - 608). The destruction line of some of the priory buildings can be clearly seen from the north side, and near ground level are arrow slits with protective arching which shows that they were part of the original design of the wall, which stood on the town’s original northern boundary. W. Spreat’s print of c. 1850 entitled Totnes, the castle and priory from the Ashburton road shows the area behind the Guildhall still as open land with trees. It was still open land in 1923. Conveyances cited as relevant in that year are: 5 October 1920, conveyance, Harriett Augusta Nott to Eryke Hayman Cathcart. 9 November 1921, conveyance, Eryke Hayman Cathcart to Robert Balmain Low 10 May 1923, conveyance Robert Balmain Low to Samuel Foster. 17 July 1923, a conveyance, Samuel Foster, gentleman, of Cumbernauld, Torquay to George Cann of 33 High Street, for £470: all those two pieces or parcels of land site and being prt of the Priory Estate in the Borough of Totnes in the Coy of Devon and being plots 8 and 13 on the Estate Map for the sd estate… George Cann built Priory Orchard in the centre of plot 8, date unknown but probably not long after 1923. Chy Vean was built by 1947, to the west of Priory Orchard, and Monksway was built (date unknown) to the east. 30 April 1947, conveyance of Priory Orchard, from George Cann to Arthur Charles Immer Cole of The Retreat, Goodrington Orchard, Paignton (£3,700). 29 September 1948, conveyance of Priory Orchard, A.C.I. Cole to Dr John George Graymore (formerly principal of Plymouth Technical College) & Mrs Ethel Graymore (£4,250). John Graymore died 23 February 1961.

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Totnes Deeds Project Land to the rear of the Guildhall

30 July 1962, conveyance of Priory Orchard, Mrs Ethel Graymore (widow) to Mr & Mrs W.F. Harrison for £5,700. 28 April 1975, death certificate of William Flanders Harrison, who died of leukaemia, a retired shipping agent, born 20 September 1889, Chelmarsh, Shropshire. 18 August 1976, conveyance of Priory Orchard, from Doris Macintyre Harrison (now of 200 Park Avenue, Purbrook, Portsmouth) to Pamela de Courcey Tombs, of 18 Ferndale Road, Teignmouth (£19,000). 3 October 1979, conveyance of Priory Orchard, from Mrs Pamela de Courcey Tombs to Prof. Maurice Stevenson Bartlett and Sheila Rosemary Bartlett, his wife, both of 117 Littlehampton Road, Worthing, W. Sussex, 24 October 1979 (£43,000). Application 4 February 1980 for car port at Priory Orchard for Prof. M.S. Bartlett, granted 18 March 1980. Application 3 September 1981 for extensions to Priory Orchard for Prof. M.S. Bartlett, granted 7 October 1981. Full planning application received 20 March 1985 to build a dwelling within the Priory Orchard plot, in the name of Grant and Green (architects), 10 High Street Totnes. Permission granted 5 June 1985. Owner still Prof. Bartlett. Sale of Priory Orchard from Prof. Bartlett to Terence William Puddefoot and his wife Diane Jane, registered 24 February 1987. The new house within the Priory Orchard plot was given the name The Gardens. Completion inspection was on 11 November 1987. An application to resite planned east facing first floor window to north elevation 22 Dec 1987, was granted 10 February 1988. The Gardens was registered as a separate entity on 2 March 1988. The Puddefoots moved into The Gardens and sold Priory Orchard to Barbara Olga Fearon (29 October 1987) who is still the owner (2003). Planning application at The Gardens, for the conversion of double garage to a study and single garage. Completion inspection 17 July 1990. In 1991 The Gardens was sold by the Puddefoots to Alan Charles Holyer and his wife Brenda Joan. On 1 February 1996, The Gardens was sold by the Holyers to Walter John King and his wife Susan Mary.


1. The History of Totnes Priory and medieval town, written and published by Hugh R. Watkin, Torquay 1914.

W King 19 June 2003 TDP011

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Totnes Deeds Project Paul Presswell’s notes

Totnes – Buildings of Historical Note in Fore Street and High Street A brief summary of the buildings and some of their early merchant owners, from superficial surveys between 1960 & 1970. by Paul Presswell Fore Street Nos. 20 & 22 These seem to be the least altered in the town, differing little from the single storey “hall” type medieval tenements with roofs parallel to the street, except that the higher roof of the “hall” house allows two low storeys instead of a ground floor only. Gabled fronts became fashionable in the 16th and 17th centuries. At the rear a stone block was added at right angles to the front – in or about the close of the 15th century. No.30 Converted into the first bank in Totnes (The Totnes Bank) in 1792. Opened under the partnership of town clerk Arthur Farwell and a member of the Bentall family. It failed in Victorian times. The “Georgian Gothic” house at the rear of the side court yard called Gothic House oversailing a passage called Bank Lane was the bank house or residence. [Mansion] Handsome brick mansion with a fine renaissance style porch, built by Giles Welford in 1775. King Edward VI Grammar School, founded 1553, moved into the premises in 1887 from its original building adjoining and north of the Guildhall. No. 48 Fine ceiling on 1st and 2nd floors, once said to be the Mayor’s Parlour. Gallery and back block built c.1914. A butchers shop for more than a century. The passage goes through to former cow sheds which faced Victoria Street at the rear. No.50 Fine ceiling on 1st and 2nd floors. Gallery no longer exists. No.52 Fine plaster work of 1692 on 1st floor; staircase of similar date. Gallery survives; back block with 18th century external stairs and mullioned window. Earlier oriel windows probably replaced with sash windows by Mayor Reynell in 1784 who owned the property. No.54 Dated 1607 on gable. A classic example, with original fireplaces in ground floor rear room, and ground floor room of back block. Two early doorways; an original newel stair (back block); an early 18th century stair (main house). Original cellar with mullioned window. No.56 Retains its gallery. The back block is now No.1 Atherton Lane. Union Chapel The site of an ancient corn and seed market.

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Totnes Deeds Project Paul Presswell’s notes

No.64 Not of great importance, except for its superb first floor ceiling in plasterwork of about 1620 with the town arms and Prince of Wales feathers. No.65 Believed to be, originally, a 16th century guest house. No.66 A double-courtyard house with two detached blocks. Side passage with moulded stud partition. Gallery with 16th or 17th century moulded beam. No.67 Believed to be converted from a 16th century gate house. No.68 Probably originally a single storey medieval hall type house, heightened in the 17th century and re-fronted in the 18th century. Behind is Manor Cottage – an Elizabethan house; interior extensively altered in the 1970s when it lost a good plasterwork ceiling. No.70 THE MUSEUM – a fine example of an Elizabethan merchants house; built c.1575 and considerably altered c.1630. Purchased in poor condition by the Totnes Borough Council in 1958 and completely restored to, as near as possible, its original layout and appearance. Possibly built by a member of the Kelland family. No.72 A small house with a timber framed front, probably inserted later, filling a space between Nos.70 and 74. No.74 A house of some importance (although altered externally) the largest in the street and probably owned by Geoffrey Babb, mayor in 1582, died in 1604, who, during the mayoralty of John Wise in 1587, and with him, contributed to the largest of the 34 shares towards fitting out, at Dartmouth the two ships CRESCENT and HARTE for the Armada campaign. Geoffrey Babb built 3 large grist mills on the banks of the river north of the bridge. At the rear is Paradise House – probably a garden house. It has a fine and rare 16th/17th century colonnade. The East Gate The building bridging the highway between Fore Street and High Street, although much altered, dates from the 16th century. The upper room was probably added in the 18th century. The Gate Room above the arch contains some fine linenfold panelling with a carved frieze. The overmantel is surmounted by carved heads of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. The frieze has carvings of angels. After Royalist troops had fled the town during the Civil War, General Fairfax used the rooms as his quarters in 1646. The arch was widened and postern removed in 1835. The clock with its two dials replaced windows in 1878. When the clock was recently repaired, wires for carrying the weights were found extending from the belfry to some 15 feet below street level. High Street No.2 Opened as an Inn probably soon after the hospitality of the Priory was lost at the dissolution of the monasteries. First known as the Angel, Owned by Christopher Hodge at the time of the Civil War in the 1640s when it was the foremost Inn in the town and provided billets for King Charles I’s soldiers. After his execution was called the King’s Head. Later in the 1700’s, called the King’s Arms, but declined in importance.

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Totnes Deeds Project Paul Presswell’s notes

No.8 Site of the original Guildhall. The rear used as a Cloth Hall after 1553, when old priory buildings became the present Guildhall. By 1642 had degenerated into a Pease market. Converted to a dwelling house c.1719. Has good early 18th century ceilings and staircase. [Open court between Nos.8 and 10] Old cobbled paving extending beyond a fine little 18th century cross building with Venetian window. No.10 Traced back to 1404 by C.F.Rea. Lived in by the Wises in 1462 and later by the Martins. Belonged to William Ryder in 1432, at that time Totnes’s richest merchant, and mayor for many years. Three first floor 16th/17th century panelled rooms (similar to that of No.32) and elaborate moulded ceilings. Fitted with sash windows in the 18th century. An 18th century building to the rear. No.12 Rebuilt in the early 1700s. Traced back to 1404 by C.F.Rea, when it was a ‘tenement of the Church’. Nos.11-13 The site passed from the Crown to Nicholas Ball in 1554 which suggests it was priory property before the Dissolution. The old Church House built in the 1580’s by Mayor Richard Savery. A fine 1st floor ceiling with the date 1586. No.14 The town house of Christopher Savery of Shilton, nr. Modbury, mayor 1591, M.P. 1592 High Sheriff of Devon and knighted 1619. Retains its 17th century timber front and original mullioned windows at first floor. No.16 One of the finest Elizabethan town houses and one of the earliest to show the Renaissance influence i.e. entablature, pilasters and friezes instead of jetties and carved woodwork. Lower frieze initialled N.B. (Nicholas Ball) was M.P. in 1584. Upper frieze dated 1585 – the year of Nicholas Ball’s mayoralty and when he added a new front to the property which he inherited from his father William Ball Official Receiver in 1555. The shorter upper pilasters suggest that at a later date the entablature and roof were raised to heighten the 2nd floor rooms. Ground floor originally fronted by a four-pillared arcade now filled in. Fine 1st floor plasterwork ceiling. Back block and gallery (of no great interest) demolished 1968. Nos.17-19 The house of Walter Smyth, merchant in cloth and tin. In assessment of 1522 second only in wealth to John Giles of Bowden House. His tomb is set in the wall of the southern chapel of the parish church. No.21 Notable for its cellar where cockfighting was reputed to have taken place long after it was forbidden by the 1849 Act of Parliament. Entrance is from the passage and descent by a circular flight of stone steps. On one side of the 30 by 25 foot cellar is a breast-high cockpit. An alcove above the floor overlooking the pit was probably the referee’s vantage point. No.26 Built in the regional gabled style with renaissance details i.e. pilasters etc. by solicitor and town clerk John Amyatt in 1707, originally with pillared portico. An interesting balustraded internal light well between ground and upper floor.

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Totnes Deeds Project Paul Presswell’s notes

No.28 Has the same style of gable and renaissance details as No.26 with which it was probably built as a pair. The front is of wood and plaster and particularly vulnerable to the elements. Possibly converted to a theatre before 1806. Sculptured theatrical masks added to the facade. Old pay-box remains on the premises although not in situ. No.29 Courtyard style plan. No.32 Although not particularly impressive, among the best of the individual houses. Built by Nicholas Brooking when he was mayor in 1577 in the older courtyard style. Owned by the Brooking family for ca.150 years from ca.1500 – called the ‘mayor’s house’. Fine granite fireplace, ceiling, panelling and late 17th century fireplace. Excellent frieze and ceiling in 1st floor front room. Panelling similar to William Ryder’s house at No.10. Behind the house are foundations of a probable 16th century kitchen. Nos.35-37 The oldest complete house in the town. Late 15th or early 16th century. Probably the first to be extended over the pavement on fine columns of similar date. More houses were similarly extended in the 16th century. At one time belonged to the Burhed family. A John Burhed was mayor in the 1400s. Civic Hall The Civic Hall, built in 19--, stands on the site of the ancient shambles or meat market which would have had an entrance in South Street – an early by-pass (earliest reference 1442) – for cattle to be driven from the live cattle market in the Rotherfold external to the West Gate. A market house was built in 1594, renewed in 1848, converted to a public hall in 1948 and destroyed by fire in 1955. No.44 Birdwood House A good example of a double courtyard house, enhanced by the two rear blocks of patterned timber foaming and slate-hanging being visible from the adjoining car park. No.54 An excellent example of gabled roofs. Richard Tucker, mayor in 1438, 1455, 1456 lived in a house on this site. The rainwater heads bear the date 1813. No.55 Good early 18th century ceiling, panelling and staircase. Original 16th/17th century front door with panelled passage partition (now staircase). The exterior is all 18th century. No.57 In the 1200’s the owners of the property on the site of the existing building paid to the church annually 1lb. of wax or alternatively 10d. No.73 Bartholomew ‘chaplain and clerk’ prepared a list of members of the guild of merchants in 1260 commencing with the abbots of Torre and Buckfast. Charles Rea (1863-1929) Totnes historian concluded that the Abbot of Buckfast had his ‘town house’ where this building now stands with a courtyard at the front. transcribed by J.R.Wright for Totnes Museum Society 23.2.04 TDP012

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Totnes Deeds Project 5 Ramparts Walk

5 Ramparts Walk courtesy Totnes Town Council 13.7.1889. Conveyance. £167.

1) Daniel Robert FEARON of Whitehall – ‘the Official Trustee of Charity Lands’

2) Thomas Hunt EDWARDS, solicitor William HAMLYN, accountant Benjamin William HAYMAN, draper Rev. James JOHNS, Congregational Minister Thomas Creaser KELLOCK, solicitor John Earle Lloyd LLOYD, merchant Jeffrey MICHELMORE, Land Agent Joseph ROE, merchant Henry SYMONS, merchant Frederick Tapscott TUCKER, merchant Thomas White WINDEATT, solicitor all of Totnes, Governors of the Charity known as the Totnes School Foundation

3) Mayor, Aldermen & Burgesses cit. Endowed Schools Act 17.3.1888 – property vested in Official Trustee. 2) sell to 3) ‘all that piece of land containing 1460 square feet abutting upon the Guildhall together with the Old Grammar School buildings standing thereon.’ 27.10.1891. Conveyance. £205. Mayor, Aldermen & Burgesses to Devon County Council. 1.6.1953. Lease. DCC to MAB. ‘All those 3 cells and Charge Room forming part of the premises known as the Old Police Station’. Annual rent one peppercorn. 22.9.1959. Conveyance. £1,100. DCC to MAB. 9.1.1989. Leasehold conveyance. 5a, Ramparts Walk. SHDC to Ivan and June Phyllis CHALLONER. 125 years. 9.7.1993. SHDC to Totnes Town Council. Transfer under rule 72. Leasehold £18,500. J.R.Wright 2.3.04 for Totnes Museum Society TDP013

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Totnes Deeds Project 70 Fore Street

70 Fore Street courtesy Totnes Town Council [originals with bank] Abstract of title. 21.10.1955. Conveyance. £1000. Rosalind Orr RACZ of Manor Cottage, Fore Street to Peter James ADDISON and David Cyril FOOT, Ambersgate, Solsbro Road, Torquay, restaurateurs. Vendor is pers. rep. of Sidney Walter KINSMAN who d. intestate 21.1.1955. 5.11.1957. Conveyance. £650. Margaret Joyce BAXTER of 28 Marldon Cross Hill, Marldon, spinster to Mayor, Aldermen & Burgesses of Totnes. Citing legal charge 21.10.1955, PJA & DCF and MJB. Mortgage MJB lends [mortgage] PJA & DCF £500. ‘All that land, messuage or dw. ho. and café formerly known as Commercial Inn then the Elizabethan Café now No.70 Fore Street’. Also right of way past premises formerly occ. by Gerald Stanley Presswell into South Street. No abuttals. J.R.Wright 2.3.04 for Totnes Museum Society TDP014

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Totnes Deeds Project Castle Meadow

Castle Meadow courtesy Totnes Town Council 31.7.1950. Conveyance.

1) Redworth Estates Lt.d (in liquidation) – the “Company” 2) Thomas Henry WALTERS (the liquidator) 3) Leonard Knight ELMHIRST Dorothy Whitney ELMHIRST his wife Alfred Octavius ELMHIRST of Sherburn-in-Elmet, co.York, solicitor Frederick Ambrose Stapleton GWATKIN, 2 Whitehall, London, solicitor - the “trustees”

transfer of property to the trustees. 1) all those parcels of land and other buildings forming the Redworth Estate,

estimated 6.623 acres – see second schedule 2) land to NW of (1) known as Droppings Well, 1.146 acres citing conveyance

5.3.1940 between the Company and Vernon Edmond Gordon HARRISS 3) land at NE end of St. Johns Terrace together with 1 & 2 Redworth Flats 4) land adjoining (3) 5) Paradise Field and Castle Meadow, 2.956 acres. 6) plot of land in parish of Totnes formerly known as Pandaw now k.a.

Quarrenden 7) Barn Field, Puddavine and Puddavine Orchard, parish of Dartington Second schedule: ordnance no. acreage 20 Barracks Hill Verges 0.211 21 Redworth Lodge, drive and grounds 5.083 22 Redworth Kitchen gardens 0.997 27 strip, Redworth Grounds 0.040 28 Redworth Cottage and garden 0.292

endorsements: Conveyance 29.10.1951: 20,21,22 & 27 conveyed to Devon County Council. Conveyance 1.5.1961: OS #23 to E.W.F.WEBB Conveyance 14.8.1969: OS #6100 and #600 to Devon County Council. Conveyance 1.11.1972: 2 Redworth Flats to William Edward SLOCOMBE Conveyance 12.2.1979: OS#5227 (part) to Richard Murray de Quetteville CABOT, David Boyd Redmond CABOT and Alison Cabot SALAMAN 21.3.1980. Deed of Variation.

1) Alfred Octavius ELMHIRST Lord Young of Dartington Peter SUTCLIFFE Maurice Whitney ASH Ruth Whitney ASH - the “trustees” to 2) Sir Alexander Bradshaw CLEGG Michael David (John) LANE Christopher Bennett ZEALLEY – the “special trustees”

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Totnes Deeds Project Castle Meadow

11.8.1983. Conveyance. £4,500. Dartington Hall Trust to Totnes Town Council. ‘All that parcel of land known as Castle Meadow subject to right of South West Water Authority to lay and maintain sewers as shown’. J.R.Wright 2.3.04 for Totnes Museum Society TDP015

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Totnes Deeds Project 49 Fore Street

49 Fore Street courtesy Totnes Town Council 19.12.1927. Conveyance. £600. George SYMONS, 49 Fore Street, retired dairyman to Alfred Henry LUCAS, 14 Castle Street, tailor. Land, dw. ho. & shop. 12.3.1930. Conveyance. £1000. AHL to Charles ATTWATER, 18 High Street, Falmouth, dealer in antiques. 13.3.1930. Mortgage. Citing schedule: 20.5.1882. Conveyance. W.E. & L.H.HEATH to M.E.HEATH. 31.3.1916. Conveyance. T.H.D.ALLEN to Windeatt, Samuel & Southcott.

1.4.1916. Mortgage. W, S & S to BLAKE 31.1.1922. Conveyance. Blake to Symons

J.R.Wright 2.3.04 for Totnes Museum Society TDP016

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Totnes Deeds Project 66 Fore Street

66 Fore Street

Courtesy Vera Harvey 20.9.1838. Mortgage. George Carlile MITCHELL, Bridgetown, currier, borrowing from James WEBBER of Totnes, carpenter. Cit. indenture of assignment 18.9.1838

1) George FARWELL and Henry Richard ROE 2) William Dacres ADAMS 3) GCM

Which cit. indenture of demise 9.6.1805 between Bernard HANNAFORD, William ADAMS and Arthur FARWELL. WA lent BH £250 and AF trustee for sale. AF d. 9.2.1809. Last will 29.10.1807 Christopher FARWELL sole executor. CF d.9.6.1837. Last will 23.9.1831 GF and HRR executors. WA also decd., WDA sole executor. BH died without paying off mortgage and interest. WDA calls upon GF and HRR to sell the property by Public Auction to pay off the debt. Auction was held 10 May last at Town Arms Inn in Totnes but no bid was made. Since the auction they have agreed to sell to GCM for £300 for the residue of a term of 2000 years. JW to lend GCM £300. Messuage tent. Or dw. ho. with an herb garden thereunto adjoining…without the East Gate… formerly in pos. of Joseph JACOB of Totnes, clothier afterwards of George SNELL and others since of Ann COLE and Nicholas TOZER then called the Elephant and Castle Inn since of Henry HEATH cordwainer then of Richard STANNING as tenant thereof afterwards of the said Bernard HANNAFORD now of GCM his tenant or tenants. End. 2.11.1852. William Hannaford, executor of will of James Webber decd. received £300 for GCM, all interest having previously been paid. 26.4.1950. Lease. £60pa. No.66 Fore Street. Francis TOZER the elder of 72 Barnfield Road, Paignton, retired shoemaker, to Nina Cecilia Mabel GORVIN of 66 Fore Street, Totnes, shop proprietor. 20.12.1950. Deed of enlargement. Francis TOZER the younger of 72 Barnfield Road, Paignton, retired grocer, and Frank Ellis TOZER, 82 High Street, Totnes, retired builder. cit. 20.5.1884 assignment of leasehold, residue of 2000 years from 9.6.1805. George Carlile Mitchell to Francis Tozer the elder. (1956 abstract of title: £355). FT the elder d.11.5.1950. FT the younger and FET executors. They declare that the assignment is enlarged into a fee simple.

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Totnes Deeds Project 66 Fore Street

12.1.1951. Conveyance. £2550. 66 Fore Street and 3 cottages at the rear thereof. FT and FET to NCMG. FT the elder d. at Deepway Exminster. End. 19.9.1951. Conveyance. Cottage No.3. NCMG to Pollie SWIFT. End. 26.11.1956. Conveyance. Freehold 66 Fore Street. NCMG to Marian Ellen COLEMAN. 1971. Abstract of Title of pers. reps. of Edna Kathleen TAYLOR to Nos.1 and 2 Cottages, rear 66 Fore Street. NCMG d.22.21969, Hillandale, Westonfields, Bridgetown. Her will appointed EKT of Hillandale, Westonfields, Bridgetown executor. EKT d.23.4.1971, Torbay Hospital. Her will appointed Arthur Claude TAYLOR, Devonia, Bridgetown, executor. 24.1.1972. Conveyance. No.2 Cottage. ACT to Vera Ann HARVEY. Notes Church rentals 1863 Mr. Geo. Mitchell, ho. Fore Street 4d. 1837 George Mitchell, his ho. late Hannaford’s 4d. 1823 Bernard Hannaford, his ho. late Gaye’s since Huxhams 4d. 1776 Gaye, Mrs. Bridget ho. late Snell’s 4d. 1642 [‘64 Fore St’] abuttal (W) lands late Rd. Weeke’s now ? Parish registers Joseph Jacob bur.7.10.1724 George Snell snr. bur.4.4.1772 Mrs. Bridget Gay, wid. bur.11.11.1781 Bernard Hannford d.3.4.1833 a.80 Directories 1823 Bernard Hannaford – ironmonger Henry Heath – boot & shoemaker 1869 George C. Mitchell – currier & leather seller, Fore Street 1890 Frank Tozer – bootmaker, 66 Fore Street J.R.Wright 31.1.05 for Totnes Museum Society TDP017

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Totnes Deeds Project 44 High Street

44 High Street (Birdwood’s House)

courtesy the Mitchell Trust except * Whanganui Regional Museum, New Zealand. *26.11. 31 Charles II [1679]. Indenture. £150. John WISE of City of London, merchant to Robert SYMONS of Totnes, merchant. Property as below ‘...together with the hangings in the hall chamber...and the stoning trough in the courtlage’.

Citing indenture 1.9. 20 James I [1622] M&B to Richard WISE, Totnes, merchant, father of JW. ‘...messuage which was commonly known as Burdwood’s House and...slip or lane called Burdwood’s Lane lying in the east of the messuage’. Within the gates, abuttals: east – lands and tenements of William MARTYN, Leonard YEO, Phillip HOLDITCH and M&B then in tenure of Edward MACUMBER; west – then lands of William BOGAN the elder then in tenure of William FARWELL; north – street; ‘...and the way then called the Bastewalls in the south’. for 99 years + 41 years or on the lives of the said RW, Walter Wise and Lettice Wise the children of John Wise late of Totnes, merchant decd. Citing indenture 10.3. 18 Charles II [1666]. RW to JW for remainder of term.

31.3.1715. Indenture. £150. 41 years. Mayor & Burgesses to Robert SYMONS of Totnes, merchant. All that messuage etc anciently called Birdwood’s House within the Gates…’. Abuttals: east – lands heretofore of William MARTIN and others, now of Lawrence EASTRIDGE; west – the land of William BOGAN the elder but now of Peter CUMING; north – high street of the Town; south – Bast walls. Heretofore in the tenure or possession of Richard WISE decd. now and for several years in pos. of RS. 40/- pa rent. 10/- towards the maintenance of the Chapple House called the Maudlyn of Totnes and the Maudlyn people there, 10/- towards the reparation of the Conduitts of the Borough and 20/- to their own use. 29.9.1718. Indenture. £125. Residue of 41 years. John FOWNES of Northway, Devon and Francis DREWE of Grange, Devon, administrators of Robert Symons late of Totnes, merchant, to Daniel MARRIOTT of Totnes, vintner. 18.9.1719. Indenture. 2000 years. £65. M&B to DM. ‘whereas the Mayor and Burgesses present at a late generall meeting or assembly of the sevrall members of their Corporation came to an unanimous resolution and agreement to sell off and dispose of sevrall of their lands houses and tenements for an absolute term of two thousand yeares in order to pay off and satisfy as far as possible the Debts and Incumbrances of the Corporation contracted by their predecessors and for that purpose sevrall publick surveys have been called and held by them in the Counsell Chamber adjoining to the Guildhall of the said Borough and at one of which surveys they…agreed to sell…’ [the premises] to Daniell Marriott for £65 for 2000 years commencing 41 years from 9.8.1711. Late in pos. of Richard Wise decd late of Robert Symons now of John HOLDITCH and others undertenants of DM. 20/- pa rent 10/- towards the maintenance of the Chapple House called the Maudlyn of Totnes and the Maudlyn people there, 10/- towards the reparation of the Conduitts of the Borough. end. Guildhall Totnes, ? December 1719 memorandum that the wax wherewith this deed was first boiled being too soft the impression of the seale could scarce be seen when the wax was cold wherefore there was new wax putt and the Common Seale of the Borough of Totnes aforesaid was this day againe impressed and affixed to this deed by the unanimous consent of

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Totnes Deeds Project 44 High Street

the Mayor and Majority of the Masters and Counsellors and twenty Burgesses now assembled in the presence of us William Fabyan, Richard Foal junr.? end. Totnes Guildhall 8.9.1719. Memorandum that publick notice (according to the ancient agreement touching the twenty Burgesses of this Borough) having been duly made in the parish Church of Totnes aforesaid on Sunday last imediatly after the end of morning prayer for an assembly to be had of the said Mayor and Burgesses of this Borough on this day We the Mayor and Majority of the Masters and Counsellors and twenty Burgesses of the said Borough subscribing our names being now assembled together in pursewance of the said notice do hereby give our consent to the making and granting of the within written Deed or Conveyance as witness our hands The marke of Christopher Rowe Nicho.? ?? Mays The marke of William Weeks James Bankley? John Fould Wm.? Clements Christopher Predam Richard Cole ?? Wakeham Daniel Sowdon Bennett Cole John Amyatt William Predam James Clarke Thomas Blackaller Peter Cockey’s marke Christopher Blachford Thomas Blackaller Will Cornish Richard Vavasor Daniell Marriott end. Memorandum: By a deed of gift and declaration of Trust dated 7.11.1957 and made between Douglas William Mitchell of the one part and Harry Bernard Reed, Thomas Stallard and Leila Clare Mitchell (herein and hereafter called the Trustees) of the other part part of the demised premises was assigned for the residue of the term granted by the within-written Lease to the Trustees and the right of the Trustees to the production of the within-written Lease and to the delivery of copies thereof was acknowledged. end. By a surrender dated 11.8.1959 and made Douglas William Mitchell of the one part and the Mayor Aldermen and Burgesses of the Borough of Totnes of the other part part of the within-described property (being land and buildings immediately to the south of the property comprised in the Deed of Gift and Declaration of Trust dated 7.11.1957) was surrendered by the said D.W.Mitchell to the said Mayor Aldermen and Burgesses 1.5.1724. Indenture of sale. £260.

1) Samuel WOTTON of Engleburne, Devon, esq. John WISE, Totnes, esq. Nicholas ROE, Totnes, clerke 2) Daniel MARRIOTT, vintner 3) William PAYNE, clothier

Cit.1.6. 7 George (1721) mortgage DM to SW, JW, NR and Edward LANGWORTHY then of Totnes, clothier, since decd. £150 – money belonging to the trust of John HARLOWIN late of Totnes, gent., decd. Bond to pay £153 15/- on 1.12. next. Payment was not made. £156 13/6 still owing. WP pays DM remaining £103 6/6. Also conveyance of one lease by indenture 28.8.1718. DM to John HOLDITCH of Totnes, mercer (tenant).

Abuttals: west – the land of William BOGAN the elder but now of Peter CUMING.

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Totnes Deeds Project 44 High Street

20.9.1725. Agreement. Lawrence EASTRIDGE of Totnes, mason and William PAYNE of Totnes, clothier. Payne wishes to fix timber on the wall adjoining Eastridge’s passage ‘opposite to the parlour belonging to the said William Payne’ for ‘more convenient raising and building of closetts or rooms over the said passage’ and ‘also of laying or causing to be laid on the wall any gutter or gutter of lead for the keeping dry the said wall…over the said passage so far as the said parlour extends itself in length’. Payne to pay 1/- and 4d p.a. for 500 years. Witn. Richard Hurrell. 28.8.1754. Assignment and surrender.

1) John PHILLIPS, Totnes, clothier, Richard HURRELL, Totnes, clothier and George RULE, Totnes, cooper 2) William PAYNE, Totnes, clothier, eldest son and heir of William PAYNE of Totnes, clothier, decd. 3) Samuel PAYNE, clerk, Mary PAYNE and Elizabeth PAYNE (3 other children of WP the elder)

Cit. indenture 3.10.1745 between WP and JP, RH, GR and his wife Sarah Rule formerly Sarah LAVERSE WP the father by his will of 11.3.1740 gave to his 5 children William, Samuel, Mary, Elizabeth and Sarah £40 ea. and also £260 ea. payable within 6 months of his death. JP, RH and SL to pay his children when they attain 21 years and appointed them guardians. Remainder devised to WP the son. WP has reached 21 years and is now executor. WP conveyed upon trust to JP, RH and GR to ensure legacies payable.

Abuttals: East – now Thomas HOLMAN; west – WB then John CUMING. In occ. of RW, RS merchant decd., then and now WP Also ‘garden and garden house lately built to the said garden adjoining near the North Gate’ formerly in pos. of John Bruford BARBER decd. since Daniel Marriot his tenant or tenants afterwards WP the father then WP the son. Garden house 1000 years, rent one grain of wheat if lawfully demanded.

Cit. indenture also reciting that John CARELL of Torbryan yeoman and Thomas CARELL of Broadhempston, tanner, became bound by their bond dated 29.5.1742 of £240 for £120 + interest to WP senior. Also John Carell by mortgage 29.5.1742 a certain field or close called Lower Wood in Torbryan. Also bond 15.7.1743 Thomazin CHADDER of Totnes and William CHADDER, Totnes, surgeon, £80 for £40 with interest. Former mortgage is paid off, latter remains unsatisfied.

Other children (except Sarah) have reached 21 and have received their various legacies including their shares of £20 of the above £120 by the last will of their grandmother Mary Laverse. WP has given sufficient security to (1) to ensure SP’s legacies will be paid, so they now reassign the properties to WP. 24.6.1822. Assignment. £800. Benjamin BABBAGE, Totnes, esq. to William SPARKE, Totnes, butcher. Mary Payne by her last will bequeathed the property to Babbage, sole executor, or Charles Babbage if BB should die in her lifetime. MP ‘long since departed this life’ Abuttals: east – now Richard ALFORD; west – WB the elder, then PC, now Robert Wills GILL Prop. Now in pos. of BB, late of Mary Payne.

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Totnes Deeds Project 44 High Street

25.6.1822. Mortgage. BB lends WS £400 + interest. 17.7.1826. Assignment upon trust for sale (mortgage). £300 + interest.

1) William SPARKE, Totnes, butcher 2) Ayshford WISE, Christopher FARWELL, Nicholas BAKER, William Searle BENTALL, Totnes, bankers and co-partners 3) George FARWELL, Totnes, gent.

Cit. 25.6.1822 £400 + interest now due to Benjamin BABBAGE of East Teignmouth. Cit. bond of same date £600 for £300 + interest.

In occ. RW, RS, DM WP, Samuel Payne, Mary Payne late of Benjamin Babbage now of WS and his tenants. 17.7.1826. Bond. WS to AW, CF, NB and WSB. £600 for £300 + interest. 13.6.1829. Conveyance. £950.

1) Charles BABBAGE, Devonshire St. Portland Place, London, esq. 2) AW, CF, NB, WB 3) GF 4) William Sparke 5) William HOLBERTON, butcher

BB now decd. will 10.6.1826 CB executor. £400 + £54 interest now due to CB and £300 + £43 12/1 interest due to (2). WH pays these plus £152 7/11 to WS. Prev. in occ. BB now [blank]. Witn. William Forord. 15.6.1830. List of William Holberton’s title deeds deposited with Walter PRIDEAUX. Cit. ‘bond of even date herewith for £200 + interest’. Witn. Nicholas GIDLEY. End. 27.9.1832. WH further borrowed £560 of WP. Witn. NG End. [no date] ‘£160 part of £560 has been paid off’ - NG. 16.6.1848. Assignment to secure the repayment of £600. WH to NG.

1) WH late of Totnes now 7 Dorcas Terrace, Hammersmith, butcher. 2) Sarah Elizabeth Prideaux, Totnes, widow. 3) NG, Totnes, accountant.

Walter Prideaux d. 23.8.1833, will proved June 1844. Brother Roger Prideaux, Thomas Bentall and wife SEP executors. Stocks and property to SEP and after her death to his dau. Sarah Trist Douglas wife of Thomas Douglas, after her death to his granddau. Fanny Jones Trist Douglas. TB d.29.7.1844. WH paid SEP £160 18.3.1836. £600 and arrear of interest now due. WH assigns to NG upon trust for sale if £600 + int. not paid within 6 months of receipt of written notice to settle. Abuttals: east – RA, late of James GRANT since pulled down and thrown into the Totnes New Market; west – RWG, now James GILL. Prop. Now in pos. of Edmund HEDGES and others and tenants to WH.

End. 31.7.1850. ‘Recd. Of Messrs. Michelmore and Presswell on account of interest due on this mortgage £4 2/1 for Mrs. Prideaux’ – NG.

17.6.1848. Further charge. £54, being the outstanding interest on the mortgage. SEP ‘had called on the said WH to pay off the said Principal money and interest but it not being convenient to the said WH to pay’ it was agreed to secure the payment by an assignment (mortgage) and this further charge.

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Totnes Deeds Project 44 High Street

23.4.1850. Notice to pay off principal money and interest due on a mortgage and further charge. SEP to WH. 6 months’ notice from SEP and NG. Notice served 27.4.1850 by R.H.Holberton. 16.1.1851. Notice from NG to pay rent due on property. To Samuel Penny SHARPHAM and Edward TORR and others. WH now decd. Served Thursday 16.1.1851 by John J. HENLY. 1851. Abstract of Title of Nicholas Gidley.

Cit. 19.6.1849. Transfer of mortgage. SEP, TD and STD to Francis Nicholas LIGHTFOOT of Cadbury, clerk and Francis Brooking CUMING of Totnes, gent. Cit. wills of Walter Trist Prideaux and Walter Prideaux. Cit. 15.2.1851. Agreement for sale. NG of Totnes, grocer and Philip CONDY the younger of Totnes, innkeeper. £625. Assignment to be executed 23rd March next. Agreed that shop fixtures belonging to Mr. Thomas SYMONS are not included in the sale.


1) NG, grocer 2) SEP, widow 3) Reverend Nicholas Francis LIGHTFOOT (sic?), Cadbury, clerk and FBC, gent. 4) PC the younger, innkeeper

£625 PC to (3). Abuttals: same. Prop. late in occ. of EH now SPS and others. 5.8.1872. Assignment. £800. 1) Philip Condy, 21 Marquis Road, Canonbury, Middx., architect and William CONDY, Totnes, brewer (2) Frederick William TRESEDER, Devonport, ironmonger. “…the said Philip Condy the younger sometime after he purchased the said premises he converted the same into or used the same as an Inn called or known as the Commercial Inn and caused some parts of the stabling and back premises to be pulled down and destroyed and certain tenements to be erected on some parts of the site thereof’.

Cit. indenture 18.4.1836 (1) John HARVEY, Totnes, cordwainer and Agnes his wife (2) PC the younger (3) WC of Plymouth, carpenter (4) John TOMS, Totnes, esq. (5) Thomas MICHELMORE, Sparkwell, gent. Coach house 99 years from 4.10.1802 by M&B, 5/- pa rent, became vested in PC.

PC by will dated 7.10.1868 left property to his 2 sons PC and WC, executors and beneficiaries. PC died 14.11.1869. Property in occ. of SPS, late of PC.

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Totnes Deeds Project 44 High Street

21.10.1872. Assignment. £800. Frederick William TRESEDER, Devonport, ironmonger to William CONDY, Totnes, brewer.

Cit. indenture 5.8.1872 - premises became vested in FWT. Premises: Commercial Inn, anciently Birdwood’s House. Abuttals: west – now Andrew Sparke DISTIN. Prop. Late of Philip Condy decd. now of Thomas ROBERTS and others as tenants to FWT. Also ‘coach house or building erected and built by Thomas BAKER on a part of the Waste Ground of the Mayor & Burgesses lying near the roadway leading from the site of the Old Fish Market which formerly stood in Totnes towards the North gate’, length from Castle Wall towards E about 17 feet, breadth N->E 23 feet. Abuttals: west – Castle Wall; east – road; south – building or stable late in pos. of Sarah Babbage or her tenants; north – waste ground belonging to M&B upon which many years since was built a Blacksmith Shop and formerly in occ. of Nicholas KNIGHT but now in occ. of William Stevens SAWYER innkeeper or his tenant. 99 years from 1(sic?).10.1802. 26.10.1872. Grant of annuity of £20 secured on Commercial Inn and premises. William Condy, brewer to Mrs. Louisa Condy, Totnes, widow. LC pays WC £260 to purchase annuity. Commercial Inn and ‘the several tenements and appurtenances behind the same’ in occ. of Thomas Roberts and others as tenants to FWT but now to WC. 9.5.1889. Release of hereditaments from payment of annuity. Mrs. Louisa Condy, 15 Trematon House, Mutley, Plymouth, widow to William Condy, Totnes, gent. WC recently entered into a contract for the sale of the property on condition that it is released from payment of annuity. WC has made satisfactory provision for the payment of the annuity. Witn. Sarah Condy, 15 Trematon House, spinster. 31.12.1889. Conveyance. £10,250. William Condy, gent. to Andrew Hawkins TANQUERAY of Totnes, gent. 1.10.1892. Mortgage. £5500. AHT, Totnes, common brewer to Truman Tanqueray, Tingrith, Beds., clerk in Holy Orders and Frederic Thomas Tanqueray, Woburn, Beds. esq. cit. 2 other mortgages of the same date, AHT to (1) John Thomas GREEN, Woburn, esq. £3600 and (2) Emma GOODMAN, Bedford, spinster £3000. 2 schedules shown, incl. 44 High Street. First Schedule

Number on Plan Description Situation Occupier Charges

1 & 2 House and Cellar 52 High Street Andrew Hawkins Tanqueray

Fourteen Shillings per Annum Church Rental

Brewery and Stores South Street 3 Stores late Malthouse South Street do.

Tenement South Street James Tucker Store South Street Andrew Hawkins


4 Bay Horse Inn Stables and Garden

Cistern Street Joseph Thomas Foale

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Totnes Deeds Project 44 High Street

Second Schedule Number on Plan

Description Situation Occupier Term of years under which Property held

Charges or Ground Rents

5 Commercial Inn 44 High Street Thomas Adams Roberts

Residue of Term of 2000 years from 18.9.1719

Maudlin Rental Ten Shillings Manor Rental Ten Shillings

House Behind Commercial Inn

Stables do. 6 House South Street George Hill

7 House South Street Samuel Shillabeer Residue of Term of 2000 years from 18.9.1719

Manor Rental Eight Pence

8 Dart Hotel and Stable New Walk, Totnes

William Thomas Residue of Term of 75 years from 29.9.1845

Manor Rental Two Pounds

9 House Office and Yard do. A.M.Holman & Son

10 Coach House Castle Street William Arscott Residue of Term of 99 years from 4.10.1802

Manor Rental Five Shillings

All end. 5.4.1897. Reconveyance (mortgage paid off). 6.4.1897. Conveyance. £16,500. Lion Brewery and houses belonging thereto. AHT, Totnes, brewer to William WALTER, Windsor, Berks., brewer and Sydney PHILLIPS, Newport, Monmouth, brewer. 5.5.1900. Mortgage. £14,000 + interest. Thomas Herbert KELLOCK, 8 Queen Anne Street, Cavendish Square, London, surgeon, and Reverend Alfred GILL of Farringdon Rectory, Devon, clerk in Holy Orders. Lion Brewery and other property incl. Commercial Inn. Attached: several notices of further charges on the premises. 28.9.1900. Mortgage. £3,820 + interest. WW & SP to THK and AG. Secured on White Hart Inn, Buckfastleigh and Church House Inn, Broadhempston. 17.5.1901 Sydney PHILLIPS, Totnes, brewer to William WALTER, Totnes, brewer. Have been trading in partnership and SP is retiring. SP conveys estate to WW for £5,253 8/4. Other properties to be conveyed by another assignment of this date: £4,000 for this part. Undivided moiety in the Lion Brewery and other properties. Partnership dissolved 4.4.1901. 17.5.1901. Bond by way of indemnity against debts and liabilities. £10,000. WW to SP. Cit. 5.4.1897 indenture of partnership. 18.5.1901. Mortgage to secure share of SP and cash loan. £10,500. SP to retire. His share valued at £5,253 8/4 also partnership owes him £5,300. WW pays SP £53 8/4 leaving £10,500 continued in the business as a loan to WW. To be repaid 4th October next. Several endorsements of £500 payments.

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Totnes Deeds Project 44 High Street

9.2.1904. Probate of will of Sydney Phillips esq. decd. SP of Wootton Court Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent formerly of Gothic Lodge, Totnes d.28.12.1903 at 3 Christchurch Villas, Southborough, Kent. Admons granted to Frances Evelyn Phillips, widow, Arthur Edward PORTER, MD and Walter Clifford PHILLIPS, brother. Will 14.6.1898. Several mortgages by William Walter, All endorsed with reconveyances between September and December 1921, including mortgages 18/19.11.1913 by WW of one acre and part of field known as ‘Inner Weir Field’ and building known as The Bungalow. NB: auction of Lion Brewery and premises took place October 1921, Newton Abbot. 20.12.1922. Mortgage of Commercial Hotel. WW of The Bungalow, Totnes to London Joint City and Midland Bank Ltd. Reassigned 23.3.1931. 24.3.1931. Conveyance. £1200. William Walter, Abbey Court, Falkland Road, Torquay, gent. to Nicholas Prout Maurice Piddock HUNT, Norville, New Road, Brixham, brewer. ‘fully licensed hotel with 2 cottages and stables known as the Commercial Hotel’. Abuttals north – Fore Street; south – South Street; east – property belonging to Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses known as the Market; west – property belonging to trustees of the late Henry Thornton DISTIN and the National Provincial Bank Ltd. Subject to payment of Manor rent of 10/8 p.a. and Maudlin Rent of 10/-. 17.6.1931. Mortgage. £2000 + interest. NPMPH to Lloyds Bank Ltd. Commercial Hotel, Totnes. End: paid off 4.11.1932. 26.8.1931. Agreement between National Provincial Bank Ltd. and NPMPH, esq. affecting The Commercial Hotel and 46 High Street. NPB owners of No.46, ‘whereon there formerly stood a shop and dwellinghouse which was recently destroyed by fire on March 2nd 1931.” Agreement concerning Commercial Hotel’s windows and disposal of rainwater. 11.11.1932. Mortgage. £2500 + interest. NPMPH to Alfred HINGSTON, Beaumont, Totnes, esq. End. 22.4.1938. Paid off. 30.4.1938. Assignment. £4,500. NPMPH, Norville, Brixham, gent. to H & G SIMONDS Ltd., Regd. Office The Brewery, Reading, brewers. 1957. Supplemental abstract citing 27.6.1952. Redemption of ‘several yearly payments’ [Manor and Maudlin rental] on Commercial Hotel and Dartmouth Inn, Totnes. £40 and £8 to redeem charges of £1 and 4/- respectively. 11.7.1957. Assignment. £2000. Messrs. H&G Simonds Ltd. to Douglas William MITCHELL, Lake Gardens, Totnes, Chartered Architect. end. ‘By a deed of gift and declaration of trust dated 7.11.1957 and made between DOUGLAS WILLIAM MITCHELL of the one part and HARRY BERNARD REED THOMAS STALLARD and LEILA CLARE MITCHELL of the other part part of the within described premises was assigned to the said HBR TS and LCM for the residue of the term granted by the within mentioned Lease and the right of the said HBR TS and LCM to the production of the within written assignment and to deliver of copies thereof was acknowledged. By a surrender dated 11.8.1959 and made between DWM of the one part and the Mayor Aldermen & Burgesses of the Borough of Totnes of the other part part of the within described property (being land and building immediately to the south of the property comprised in the deed of gift and declaration of trust dated 7.11.1957) was surrendered by the said DWM to the said M A & B

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Totnes Deeds Project 44 High Street

By an assignment dated 16.12.1966 and made between the within named DWM of the one part and Elizabeth Baird STALLARD of the other part part of the premises described by the within written deed and being No.12 South Street Totnes was assigned to the said EBS whose right to production and delivery of copies of the within written deed was acknowledged.’ 9.9.1958. Charity Commission order for vesting in Official Trustee of Charity Lands. 192 sq.yds., north frontage to High Street. 1958-1989 various tenancy agreements pertaining to ‘North flat’ and ‘flat on south side of second floor’. 26.4.1984. Agreement by South Hams District Council to permit trustees to install new window overlooking Civic Hall forecourt. (Near front of building, beyond ramp.) NOTES Wise, Totnes: Richard Wise esq. bur. 2.8.1670 John Wise gent bur. 29.7.1702 Walter Wise bur. 17.3.1638/9 mayors: John Wise 1587,1609 Richard Wise 1640 John Wise 1650,1652,1694 will of John Wise 1621. rentals: Maudlin 1594 of the receiver for the time being for Birdwood’s House, garden and pigshouse wh. Wm, Avery (& ny) holdeth £1 4/- Maudlin 1652 Mr Rd Wise ho, in mid Qr in which he lives 10/- Manor 1675 Mary Wise, where she dwells, to the town 20/-, to the Conduit 10/- Maudlin 1712 Mr. Robt. Symons out of his ho. now Mr. Dan. Marriott 10/- Maudlin 1735 Mr. Wm. Payne his ho. late Symons’s 10/- Maudlin 1776 Wm. Payne his ho. late Simons 10/- Manor 1804 Miss Payne ho. late Marriotts 10/- Maudlin 1823 Wm. Sparke his ho. late Simmons 10/- Manor 1825 Wm. Sparke out of ho. late Marriotts 10/- J.R.Wright 23.8.2004, rev.28.11.09, rev.4.4.10 for Totnes Museum Society TDP018

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Totnes Deeds Project 8 Belmont Terrace

8 Belmont Terrace

Courtesy Rosemary Burn 18.2.1905. Lease. 999 years from 25.3.1904, £8pa. Part of Pound House Orchard. Edward WINDEATT, Totnes, solicitor to William Trewolla REEVES and Thomas Fairweather REEVES, Totnes, builders. Reeves to build not less than 10 dw.hos. within 5 years, option to purchase freehold. 31.8.1910. Conveyance of leasehold, 8 Belmont Terrace. £225. WTR and TFR to Charles Henry WIDGER, Totnes, accountant. CHW to pay 16/- of the annual rent, WTR and TFR to pay £7 4/-. [JRW: £8 = 160/- = 10 x 16/-, so it seems likely that the other 8 properties in Belmont Terrace would yield the remainder of the £8 – No.9 perhaps paying more for a larger plot?] J.R.Wright 22.7.04 for Totnes Museum Society TDP019

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Totnes Deeds Project 15 High Street

15 High Street

courtesy Mr J.R.Lee, 15 High Street

17.11.1821. Indenture. 5,000 year demise. £10. Thomas DAW the younger, stationer, to George MURCH of Weymouth. Plot of land 4 1/2 feet by 4 1/2 feet ‘on which is now erected and built a privy’. Part of property now occupied by TD and opening on to Priory or Terry’s Lane. Contiguous to a dwelling house belonging to GM. 2.5.1837. Indenture (Lease). 1) Thomas DOWGLASS of 4 Endsleigh St., Tavistock Square, Middlesex, esq. and Sarah Trist his wife (formerly Sarah Trist PRIDEAUX) and George MURCH of Manchester, co.Lancaster, superannuated supervisor of excise, eldest son and heir of James Murch, formerly of Totnes, joiner and ironmonger, who died intestate and Joan his wife 2) Evan EVENS of Totnes, silversmith EE pays 5/- to each of (1). Dw. ho. and appurtenances. Abuttals: north – Church Yard; east – part of the walk or Market Place; west – tenement or dw. ho. sometime in tenure of Thomas TERRY decd., since of Richard PUNCHARD the younger afterwards Christopher ROWE decd. then of Margaret HAWKES widow decd., after Mary SHINNER; south – Fore Street. Heretofore in pos. of William Forord MICHELL, clerk, since of – SHARLAND, tailor, late of Isaac BAWDEN since of William WEEKS and Elizabeth STEPHENS as tenants to GM now Evan Evens. Refers to a Release to be signed next day by (1) and (2) and Nicholas GIDLEY. 3.5.1837. Release. £420. 1) Thomas DOWGLASS of 4 Endsleigh St., Tavistock Square, Middlesex, esq. and Sarah Trist his wife (formerly Sarah Trist PRIDEAUX) 2) George MURCH of Manchester, co.Lancaster, superannuated supervisor of excise, eldest son and heir of James Murch, formerly of Totnes, joiner and ironmonger, who died intestate and Joan his wife 3) Evan EVENS of Totnes, silversmith 4) Nicholas GIDLEY, scrivener. Cit. L&R 5/6.4.1808. Arthur FARWELL of Totnes, gent, nephew and heir to Christopher Farwell of Totnes, Doctor of Physic, decd. at request of James MURCH, Totnes, carpenter, conveyed property [in trust?] to Walter PRIDEAUX of Totnes, gent. JM died intestate 26.12.1810 WP d.23.8.1833 leaving STP only child and heir STP m. Thomas Dowglass Jan 1828 EE pays GM £420 and 5/- to T & S Dowglass 4.5.1837. Demise (mortgage). £350 and interest. 1) Evan EVENS, silversmith 2) Robert WORTH, Totnes, tailor 3) Charles MICHELMORE, Totnes, gent. RW lends EE £350.

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Totnes Deeds Project 15 High Street

Endorsed: 10.1.1858. Lucy Worth and Anne Worth received £100 as part settlement of principal. 16.4.1859. LW and AW received £50. 3.1.1861. LW and AW received £200 + £6 interest from EE in full settlement of mortgage. 6.1.1882. Memorandum of deposit of deeds with the Naval Bank, Totnes, as security to Messrs. Harris Bulteel and Co. by Evan Evens of 2 Redworth Villas, gent. Premises now in occ. of Samuel E. BURROW as tenant. 12.4.1884. Mortgage.

Edward WINDEATT, solicitor to Thomas BULTEEL of Plymouth, banker and Giles DAUBENY of Plymouth, banker

[acting for] the Naval Bank, Plymouth as Harris, Bulteel and Co.

citing 6.1.1882 deposit Now in occ. of Samuel Edwin Burrow as tenant.

Nicholas Evan Evens late of 2 Redworth Villas, Dartington, d.10.2.1884 last will 5.3.1883 conveyed property to EW [in trust]. TB & GD require repayment of £170.

16.4.1884. Transfer of mortgage. £170. TB & GD to Edgcombe PARSON of Coates, Cirencester, gent and John Sparke AMERY of Druid House, Ashburton, gent. 30.6.1905. Conveyance. £685.

1) Sarah Ann WILLIAMS of Herme Bay, Kent, widow 2) Benjamin William HAYMAN, Totnes, esq. and John Sparke AMERY, Ashburton 3) Edgcombe PARSON of Newton Abbot & JSA 4) Charles Hamilton WELLINGTON of 15 High St, jeweller

NEE by will 5.3.1883 granted annuity of £4 4/- to Elizabeth Sandover SERCOMBE. Upon her death annuity to pass to Elizabeth Ann Sercombe (now E.A.WISE). Edward Windeatt [trustee] to pay remainder of estate to SAW, daughter of NEE. By order of the High Court 16.1.1905 BWH & JSA appointed as trustees of will of NEE. SAW sells to CHW for £685, subject to payment of annuity to ESS/EAW during their lives. £170 to EP & JSA, £515 to BWH & JSA. Abuttals:the Walk or Market Place formerly there on the East part but some years since pulled down; west - a tenement or dw.ho. formerly in the tenure of Edward Stephens but now in the tenure of Messrs. Stephens & Richards. ‘…for many years past in the occ. of CHW as tenant to SAW…together with the East wall of the said house provided that the same shall not be used for advertizing or opening a window without the consent of the Town Council of Totnes’. All property conveyed EXCEPT the 4 ½ x 4 ½ foot square piece (cit.1821 indenture) which CHW has leasehold. Endorsed: E.S.Sercombe d.1906, Mrs. Wise d.1908. 1.7.1905. Deed of enlargement. Regarding leasehold plot. A ‘privy’ still there. Enlargement (absorption) into fee simple. Witn. Walter O.Wellington, clerk to Symons, solicitor of Wadebridge. 2.12.1946. Conveyance. £3,000. CHW to Claude Hamilton Wellington. Both of 15 High Street, jeweller and watchmaker.

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Totnes Deeds Project 15 High Street

3.12.1946. Mortgage. Claude Hamilton Wellington to Lloyds Bank. Endorsed 20.7.1973 – mortgage repaid. 1.11.1973. Conveyance. CHW to Raymond George LEE and Cynthia Ruby LEE of Merilands, Water Lane, Shiphay. 1.11.1973. Assignment of goodwill. CHW will not trade within 5 miles. 12.10.2000. Land Certificate. Proprietors RGL, CRL and Jeffrey Raymond Lee. Eveleigh’s Rental 1642. Messuage in the west of the Churchyard; in the south of the messuage late called the Priory of Totnes, now in occupation of ----; in the east of a messuage late Walter Smith’s and now ---- in occ. of ----; in the north of the Street; granted 6 Feb 7 Edward VI [1553] to Thomas Floyer, gent., then in occ. of Isabell Lee, after of Richard Dowse and now of Walter Dowse. 13/4. Messuage within the gates, near ---- sometime Richard Dowse’s now Walter Dowse’s “for setting the posts of the fore part of the said house on the Lord’s soil”. 4/- Walter son of John Dowse bap. 22.5.1569. Walter son of Richard Dowse bap. 9.3.1572. Richarde Dowse bur. 11.4.1586. Mr Walter Dowse bur.1.7.1646. Church Rental 1652. Mr. Walter Deeble, house by the Ch.Yard where Mrs. Dowse dwells. 13/4. Mr. Walter Deeble for pillars before a house against the Church in which Mr. Richard Martin jr. dwells. 4/- Thomas Terry bur.17.11.1657. Hearth Tax 1674. Christopher Farwell 5 hearths. No Deeble or Dowse. Church Rental 1712. Mr. Christopher Farwell, his house next Church Walk 13/4. Katherin wife of Christopher Rowe bur.19.7.1706. Christopher Rowe bur. 17.4.1724. Church Rental 1735. Mr. Christopher Farwell, his house next the Church Walk. 13/4 Rental 1735 [Rea p227] ref. ‘house opposite Terry’s Lane’. Church Rental 1776. Christopher Farwell, M.D., his house near the Church 13/4. Mr. Christopher Farwell M.D. bur.14.12.1779. Church Rental 1823. Jas. Murch 7/6 and Thos. Daw 5/10, houses near Church Walk (13/4) Pigott’s Directory 1823. Nicholas Evens. watchmaker. White’s Directory 1850. Evan Evens, watchmaker, Fore St. Nichs. Evens, watchmaker, Fore St. White’s Directory 1890. Samuel Edwin Burrow, watchmaker, 15 High Street. Kelly’s Directory 1893. Samuel Edwin Burrow, watchmaker, 15 High Street. Kelly’s Directory 1902. Charles Hamilton Wellington, watchmaker, 15 High Street. J.R.Wright for Totnes Museum Society 24.7.04 TDP020

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Totnes Deeds Project 2 Glendale Terrace

2 Glendale Terrace

courtesy the owner, Sep 2004

1930 Abstract of Title.

16.10.1899 Indenture. £1,000. George MITCHELL, Totnes, Hotel Proprietor to Horace Edward GOLDING, 99 Cannon St., City of London, Solicitor and Henry Walter SIER. Ashburton, Westmorland Road, Bromley, Kent, esquire. 1) Messuage formerly called Rose Cottage but then known as Northgate House, nr. north gate with yard, garden, shrubbery, stables and coachhouse, offices and buildings. Also cottage and garden adjoining or near on the north side known as Northgate Cottage then in occ. of Alfred Ross BUTLER. 2) Garden or plot nr. Northgate behind (1) with right of entry from Northgate Street formerly prop. of and in occ. of Richard BROOKING but then unocc. Abuttals: north – (1); west – garden formerly belonging to James SAWYER; south – garden formerly belonging to Samuel HUXHAM esq. then Edward Miall TUCKER; east – garden and cottages formerly prop. of Arthur Browse NINER but then of John WOODLEY. 3.9.1913. Indenture. £600. HEG and HWS to William Trewolla REEVES and Thomas Fairweather REEVES, Totnes, builders. Properties as above. end. Indenture 8.7.1922. WTR and TFR to Jessie PETHERBRIDGE. Messuage known as ‘the Rest’ which had been erected on a portion of the property. end. Conveyance 18.7.1922. WTR and TFR to Athelstan JONES and Emily JONES a plot of garden on south of property with right of way into North Street. 24.12.1913. Mortgage. £500. Joseph Fitze BAKER, Edward WINDEATT and George Edgcombe WINDEATT lend to WTR and TFR. 31.12.1920. Reconveyance (redemption) of above mortgage. 6.6.1929. Agreement. WTR and TFR and the Totnes & Bridgetown Gas Light & Coke Co. Ltd. Copy referenced. 9.4.1930. Agreement. WTR and TFR and Emma WORTH. Re drainage connection to ‘The Rest’. Two houses already built at Glendale Terrace, six more planned. 11.4.1930. Agreement. WTR and TFR and The Electric Supply Corporation Ltd. Copy referenced.

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Totnes Deeds Project 2 Glendale Terrace

30.9.1930. Deed of partition. WTR and TFR. Part 1 to WTR, Part 2 to TFR. TFR also pays WTR £675 by way of equality. Part 1 2 Glendale Terrace, subject to 3 agreements above. San Remo, 4 Glenarm Terrace. Part 2 Northgate House (now in course of demolition), Northgate Cottage and building site for continuance of Glendale Terrace. The garden and store in North Street. 51 High Street – shop, stores and 2 cottages. Schedule of documents 1854. Conveyance of garden. Mrs. E.HOLBERTON and Mr.E.HARRIS to Mr.E.H.HOLBERTON. 1.9.1874. Conveyance of garden. Mr.E.H.Holberton to R.Huxham WATSON esq. 30.3.1885. Conveyance of garden. R.H.Watson to R.BROOKING. 9.4.1885. Mortgage of garden. Mr. R.Brooking to Silas DYKE esq. 1.11.1892. Conveyance. Northgate House, garden and stable and Northgate Cottage and garden. George DOWGLASS, James Leslie SWEET (1) GD and Rev. George LONGRIDGE (2) Edward HALFORD (3) GD, Jasper Kernick PEEK and John Arthur ILIFFE (4) Catherine Newton CARDALE (5) GD, Newdigate Hooper Kearney Burne and JKP (6) Mary Ann Hinchcliffe KING (7) Sarah Elizabeth Prideaux DOUGLASS (8) GD (9) and George MITCHELL (10). 7.8.1894. Conveyance of garden at Northgate. Edward Broadlake Dingley Henry Silas DYKE and George Ebenezer DYKE (1) George Mitchell (2). [as above, 1899-1920] 6.6.1929. Agreement re Gas Main as above. 9.4.1930. Agreement re drainage as above. 11.4.1930. Agreement re electric cable as above. 8.10.1945. Assent re 2 Glendale Terrace. Irene Margery CORNWELL of Woodford, 5 Logan Road, Paignton, wife of Aubrey William Cornwell, executrix of will of Mabel Jane REEVES late of Woodford, 5 Logan Road, Paignton. MJR d.22.10.1944. Assents to vesting in herself of 2 Glendale Terrace. 19.10.1978. Conveyance. 2 Glendale Terrace. £7,000. John William CORNWELL, 41 Redburn Road, Paignton to Aubrey Kenneth KNEIL and Ruth KNEIL of 2 Glendale Terrace. IMC d.25.1.1978. Admons to JWC. Conveyance subject to the 3 agreements of 1929 and 1930. Schedule of documents 11.2.1932. Grant of probate. WTR. 16.4.1932. Vesting assent. Pers. reps. WTR (1) Mrs. MJR (2) 14.12.1944. Grant of probate. MJR. 26.4.1978. Admons. IMC. J.R.Wright 29.9.2004 revised 5.10.07 for Totnes Museum Society TDP021

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Totnes Deeds Project 3 Fore Street

3 Fore Street

courtesy Mr.C.L.Hundy The property described initially consists of 3, 5 and 7 Fore Street. Numbers 5 and 7 are removed early on. Number 3 is currently a jewellers (CL Hundy). Number 5 was a double-fronted building now divided into 5 (Crystals) and 5a (McCabe’s, butcher). Number 7 has been the Lord Nelson throughout the period described. 27 Sept 1840 (cit. in [a]) Death of Richard Cranch gent. of London Street, City of London. His will (dated 20 May 1840) devised all his freehold and leasehold property at Totnes to John Bentall and Josiah Graham Lowe. 6 May 1852 (cit. in [a]) John Bentall and Josiah Graham Lowe, by deed poll, renounced and disclaimed the devises from the will 29 May 1852 (cit. in [a]) On petition of Richard Cranch (son of testator) and others by order of the High Court of Chancery, devises were vested in Thomas Gray and Henry George Gray as trustees. 15 November 1852 [a] Indenture for £900, between 1st part Thomas Gray, Commercial Sale Rooms, Mincing Lane, City of London, sworn broker, and Henry George Gray, same address, sworn broker 2nd part John Heath of Totnes, auctioneer 3rd part George Farwell of Totnes, Gentleman

1. [Number 5.] Messuage or dwellinghouse yard garden brewhouse stable and appurtenances formerly occupied by John Brown Paige as tenant bounded on the south by the street, on the west by the Lord Nelson Inn, on the north by the way leading from Mill Lane to the Town Arms Inn, on the east by the tenement in the occupation of John Heath

2. That old accustomed public house The Lord Nelson Inn, yard, malthouse

stable now in occupation of Mary Allery and James Pack, itself bounded on the west by a dwellinghouse occupied by Arthur Venning and on the east by the above premises in possession of JBP

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Totnes Deeds Project 3 Fore Street

3. [Number 3.] Dwellinghouse yard stable outbuildings in the possession of John

Heath tenant itself bounded on the west by the first premises described, in the east by a messuage (i.e. no. 1) formerly in the possession of Walter Holman dec’d now of Susannah Shore.

All to John Heath. 13 November 1879 [Memo added on reverse of 1852 indenture] Conveyance between

1. John Heath, Totnes, retired hotel proprietor 2. Elizabeth Puckett widow

For number 5 Fore Street: but see below*. 6 May 1880 [Memo added on reverse of 1852 indenture] Conveyance of the Lord Nelson Inn (no. 7) between

1. John Heath 2. Robert Reed of Totnes, Innkeeper

25 Oct 1880 (cit. in [b]) Indenture for mortgage of remainder of property between

1. John Heath 2. Brutton John Ford

With proviso for redemption for £700 22 Nov 1883 (cit. in [b]) Auction held by BJ Ford *Part of the property (now no. 5) sold to Elizabeth Puckett for £160 part payment of £700. Number 3 not sold, best bid being £350. From this point the documents concern number 3 Fore Street only.

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Totnes Deeds Project 3 Fore Street

20 July 1884 [b] Conveyance

1. Thomas Heath of Totnes postmaster and Charles Joseph Heath surgeon of St Bartholomew’s hospital London, to

2. Brutton John Ford of Exeter gent.

JH died 27 Nov 1883. In his will 17.10.1883 he devised to his sons TH & CJH. They paid BJF £100 and conveyed premises to redeem mortgage. 7 May 1887 Conveyance £300

1. Brutton John Ford of Exeter gent., to 2. Thomas Heath of Totnes postmaster

21 July 1888 Mortgage £300

1. Thomas Heath of Totnes postmaster to 2. Philip Moysey of Stoke Fleming yeoman and Joseph Henry Radford of

Exmouth gent. 4 Feb 1907 Indenture:

1. Philip Moysey, gent., Plymouth and Joseph Henry Radford, gent., Exmouth, mortgagees

2. Thomas Heath, postmaster of Riverside, Tiverton, vendor

3. Edward Windeatt, solicitor, purchaser.

For £425: £300 to mortgagees.

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Totnes Deeds Project 3 Fore Street

5 Feb 1907 Mortgage (£200) between

1. E Windeatt solicitor 2. John Beavis Duder of Aish, Stoke Gabriel, farmer.

Bounded in the west by premises formerly belonging to Elizabeth Puckett dec’d and now occupied by George Bannerman Tucker, in the north by a road or way leading from Mill Lane to the Town Arms Inn and in the east (no. 1) by the premises formerly occupied by William Holman dec’d but now belonging to and occupied by Henry Sandford Johnson. No. 3 was late in the occupation of Lavinia L. Peterson, tenant. 4 June 1921 (cit. in [c]) Edward Windeatt dies. His will (dated 7 Dec 1919) names his wife Sarah (died 26 May 1931), his son George Edgcombe Windeatt, and his daughter Grace Frances Wilson executors and trustees. 3 Jan 1923 (cit. in [c]) JB Duder dies. By his will made 16 Nov 1920, his daughter Blanche Duder (died 12 Nov 1930) and the mortgagees below appointed executors and trustees. 2 October 1933 [c] Conveyance between: George Edgcumbe Windeatt, solicitor, of Totnes, and Grace Frances Wilson of 50 Langholm Crescent Darlington, co. Durham, vendors; Elizabeth Ann Duder of Glencavin Sands, Paignton, and William Samuel Harris, farmer, of Aish House Stoke Gabriel (mortgagees); William George Lamsin, 11 Fore Street, Totnes, dairyman (purchaser), for £600, being £200 to the mortgages and £400 to the vendors. Bounded on the west (5) by premises formerly belonging to Elizabeth Puckett dec’d but now of George Freeman Burton Marks, on the north by a road or way leading from Mill Lane to the premises formerly the Town Arms Inn, and on the east (no. 1) the premises formerly occupied by William Holman dec’d, later by Henry Sandford Johnson, now by Stanley Coleman Jellicoe and others; number 3 was formerly occupied by Lavinia Peterson as tenant, later Elizabeth Tucker, now Alfred Sidney Rundle (abutting Fore Street), the premises to the rear unoccupied.

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Totnes Deeds Project 3 Fore Street

29 Dec 1971 Conveyance between: William George Lamsin, retired dairyman of Hillcroft, Cherry Cross, vendor (died 5 Aug 1978), and Juan Lynn Moore of Pen Tor, Ipplepen, purchaser £4,500. Mortgage: Lamsin lends Moore £2,500. 14 Mar 1974 Mortgage: Lloyds Bank->Moore (jeweller/clockmaker). 28 Nov 1983 Transfer for £70,000 from Juan Lynn Moore, watchmaker and jeweller, to Bradley Trading Co Ltd, Reg. Office 13 Lower Grosvenor Place Also £10,000 for good will of business. 1986 Transfer to Christopher Leslie Hundy, still in occupation as jeweller, November 2004. W.J.King, J.R.Wright 30 November 2004 TDP022

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Totnes Deeds Project 21 High Street

21 High Street

courtesy Mr. P. Hickling, 21 High Street

16.3.1868 (from 1901 abstract of title). Indenture. 1) Francis Henry THOMAS 2) Robert INGHAM, Charles GILPIN, Charles WHETHAM, Jonathan THORP 3) William WALKER 4) Jeffery MICHELMORE

citing indenture of release 28.9.1772 – lease for a year dated 27.9.1772 1) Estcourt CRESSWELL esq & Anna Maria his wife 2) Sir William GUISE bart. & his wife and Richard COLCHESTER esq.

fine levied in Court of Common Pleas at Westminster in Trinity term of 12 Geo III premises assured to (2), plaintiffs, ‘upon various trusts which have long since been determined or had failed to take effect and subject thereto in trust’ for EC & heirs. (1) defendants. Hereditaments held in trust for Thomas FRY 7.9.1814. 1) Estcourt CRESSWELL 2) Richard Estcourt CRESSWELL esq. 3) Rev. Charles SEWELL and Rev. Thomas Tracey COXWELL held in trust by (3) to sell or raise by mortgage after death of EC and TF. TF survived EC and d.27.3.1860 Order of High Court of Chancery 26.6.1863, George Thomas ELLISON plaintiff, FHT defendant. Sir WG and RC seized of the lands but both now decd. and not certain which one survived the other. Order that lands should vest in petitioner GTE as trustee of estate of the survivor of WG and RC. the ‘Devonshire Estate’ put up for sale with the approbation of the Judge on 27.9.1867 in 17 lots, the hereditaments described being Lot 1. Jeffery Michelmore highest bidder for Lot 1 at £360.

12.2.1868 JM paid £360 + £2 7/2 interest FHT did grant and convey, RI, CG, CW & JT did quit claim (for purpose of merging and extinguishing residue of 1000 years) all that dwelling house, shop and premises in Fore Street Totnes formerly in occ. of Mrs HANNAFORD but then of Henry TOMS as tenant.

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Totnes Deeds Project 21 High Street

30.6.1868 (from 1901 abstract of title). Manor and Estate of Spitchwick. 1) RI, CG, CW & JT 2) FHT 3) Thomas BLACKALL 4) William WALKER TB paid £11,100 to Bank of England Manor and Estate of Spitchwick to TB TB covenants to produce deeds for JM on request 12.11.1901 Conveyance. Anthony PIKE, Bridgetown, gent, and Henry MICHELMORE, Exeter, gent, to Richard KNOTT, 35 High Street Totnes, china & glass dealer. citing indenture 9.3.1868 Jeffery MICHELMORE to Pike & H.Michelmore premises amongst other hereditaments, mortgage for repayment by JM of £600 + interest. £600 still due, so AP & HM sell to RK. Consideration £400 as mortgagees. Messuage or dwellinghouse, shop and premises in High Street formerly in occupation of Mrs Hannaford then Henry Toms but now or late of Matthew REVELL as tenant, premises now known as 21 High Street. 25.6.1923 £200. Richard KNOTT to Alice Mabel NILES, wife of Charles Henry Niles, motor engineer, 1 Priory Terrace, and Gertrude Audrey KNOTT (RK’s daughter). Premises in occ. of vendor. 4.3.1938 half-share. £150. AMN, 3 Priory Avenue to Gertrude Audrey BRINLEY, wife of Jeffery William Brinley. 11.11.1949 £3250. GAB to Henry GREEN, pharmacist, 21 High Street. Upper part on 1.7.48 was residential and remainder business of a chemist. 1.12.1969 half-share in dental practice, goodwill and fittings. £2250. Erol RESHAD, dentist, 21a High Street, to Geoffrey Edmund RICH. 13.6.1973 (from schedule of documents dated 1979). Conveyance. HG to Erol Reshad and Geoffrey Edmund Rich, dental surgeons. Notes: from : i) Richard VI7 Cresswell was born in 1688. He married Elizabeth Estcourt, daughter of Sir Thomas Estcourt and Mary Corbet, in 1709. He died on 5 Dec 1773 at Sidbury. (a) Thomas Estcourt8 Cresswell married Elizabeth Scrope, daughter of Gervaise Scrope and Elizabeth Cresswell, on 23 Apr 1742. He married Anne Warneford, daughter of Edmund Warneford and Elizabeth Sackville, in 1744. He died on 14 Nov 1788. i) Estcourt9 Cresswell was born on 10 May 1745. He married Mary Wotton. He married Mary Gregory, daughter of (--?--) Gregory , on 14 Aug 1781 at Bibury. He died on 4 Jul 1823 aged 78. (a) Anne10 Cresswell married Rev Thomas Fry on 23 Sep 1802.

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Totnes Deeds Project 21 High Street

(b) Jane10 Cresswell (c) Thomas Estcourt10 Cresswell married Sarah Howell on 14 Oct 1802. He married Sarah Hawkins on 5 Oct 1806 at Sherston Magna. He died on 5 May 1838 at Westport. (d) Richard Estcourt10 Cresswell was born on 5 Oct 1781. He married Elizabeth Coxwell, daughter of Rev Charles Coxwell, on 24 May 1803. He died on 21 Mar 1841 aged 59. ? Thomas Fry grandson of Estcourt Cresswell via Thomas & Anne Fry? =============== from : The Devon book and paper trades : a biographical dictionary. Totnes TOMS, Henry. Printer. Priory Lane 1856d. Succeeded Samual Hannaford. Owned wooden press previously used in turn by Cleave, Fisher, Dyer and Hannaford. Sources: Worth p.511. HANNAFORD, Samuel. Printer, bookseller, stationer, library. 1823d; Upper Main Street 1830d; Fore Street 1840d-1855h. Died: EFP 4/11/1852 8f. Advert EFP4/11/1852 8f. Librarian South Devon Library 1848d. Succeeded George Dyer, succeeded by Henry Toms. Used old-fashioned wooden press. Sources: Worth p.511. DYER, George jun. Printer, bookseller. Agent for state lottery EFP 6/1/1814 1d. Succeeded Fisher, succeeded by Samuel Hannaford. Imprints: 1819: Hawkins. Sources: Dredge p. 115; Worth p.511. FISHER, C Printer, bookseller. Testifies to Cordial Balm (advert) EFP 30/10/1806 3e. Succeeded Cleave, succeeded by Dyer. Imptints: 1814: Removal order. Sources: Worth p.511.

CLEAVE AND FISHER. Printers, booksellers. Imprints: 1797: Collection.

CLEAVE, Walter. Printer, bookseller, stationer, bookbinder, pocket book maker. 1783d-1785p. Children: daughter married EFP 5/4/1804 4b. Adverts EFP 16/1/1767 4a, 8/1/1768 2a, 4c, 27/1/1769 2cd, 4cd, 5/1/1770 2c, 1/1/1773 2c. Takes adverts for EFP 5/1/1775 3, 4b. Sun insurance policy 393533 £200 1777/8, Guildhall Lib. ms 11,396/263. Advert for books EFP 26/6/1778 2a. Agent for lottery tickets EFP 17/11/1780 1d. Advert EFP 30/8/1782 3a. Disclaiming debts of son William EFP 11/8/1796 1c. First Totnes printer known to Worth. Succeeded by Fisher. Imprints: 1769: Turner; 1773: Puddicombe; 1789: Exeter. Sources: Plomer; Dredge p.106; Worth p.511.

=============== from 1851 Census Name Relationship Mar Age Sex Occupation Birthplace Samuel HANNAFORD Head M 54 M Bookseller Printer & C Master

Emp 1 Man & 2 Ap Totnes-DEV Elizabeth HANNAFORD Wife M 53 F --- Totnes-DEV Eliz. M.T. HANNAFORD Daur U 27 F --- Totnes-DEV Louisa HANNAFORD Daur - 26 F --- Totnes-DEV Samuel HANNAFORD Son - 23 M (Book) Totnes-DEV Mariam HANNAFORD Daur - 21 F --- Totnes-DEV F.W. HANNAFORD Son - 19 M Printer & C App Totnes-DEV F.A. HANNAFORD Daur - 16 F --- Totnes-DEV Caroline HANNAFORD Daur - 14 F --- Totnes-DEV Arthur HANNAFORD Son - 13 M --- Totnes-DEV A.E. HANNAFORD Daur - 9 F --- Totnes-DEV Address: Fore Street, Totnes Census Place: Totnes Totnes, Devonshire PRO Reference: HO/107/1874 Folio: 50 Page: 1 FHL Film: 0221022 J.R.Wright 23 September 2007 for Totnes Museum Society TDP023

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Totnes Deeds Project Plym House

Plym House, Plymouth Road

5.7.1833. (DRO QS/82/XXI/1) Henry CROCKER of Totnes, coachbuilder, pays £180 to trustees of Commissioners for “the scite of all that tenement or dwelling house lately used as a Turnpike House together with all the materials of the said dwelling house and the garden thereto adjoining the Turnpike Road leading from Totnes towards Plymouth, lately known by the name of Broomborough Turnpike House”. 29.9.1892. Indenture. £191. Thomas BULTEEL esq, Plymouth and Giles Andrew DAUBNEY formerly of Plymouth but now of Park Strasse, Cassel, Germany to William TUCKER of Totnes, butcher. All that messuage, tenement and dwellinghouse with courtlage adjoining the Plymouth Road in the higher quarter of Totnes for several years in occ. of Henry BARTLETT, then of Matthew REVELL as tenant then of Harriet SANDERS as tenant now of Bessie STONEMAN (said tenement and dw.ho. built some years since by Henry CROCKER on the site of the Broomborough Turnpike House) together with the dividing wall hereby conveyed from the courtlage adjoining and belonging to the other portion of the said Turnpike House.

citing: 30.1.1879 Indenture. Henry Bartlett (1) and TB and Christopher Harris BULTEEL (2)

11.11.1887. Indenture. TB and CHB (1) and Edgar BARTLETT (2)

31.12.1887. Indenture. Lucy Laetitia BARTLETT (1) and TB & GAD (2).

10.11.1903. Indenture. William Tucker, retired butcher to Richard JORDAN, dairyman. £237 10/-. For several years in. occ. of Bessie Stoneman as tenant but now of George ASH.

20.6.1932. Richard Jordan (deceased). Beatrice May HILL, daughter.

25.6.1946. BMH to Christina Margaret Elizabeth MARTINS (daughter).

23.5.1947. CMEM to William John LE DUC, retired grocer.

30.6.1947. WJLD to Dorothy Winifred GRANT, spinster.

9.12.1947. DWG to Lt. Commander Anthony Robert PROFIT and Rosemary Yvonne PROFIT his wife.

30.4.1948. ARP & RYP mortgaged to Archibald Ernest WOOD, cattle dealer.

Page 73: Totnes Deeds Project

Totnes Deeds Project Plym House

5.5.1965. ARP & Rosemary Yvonne COX (formerly Profit) to Kelwyn Brusillof COSWAY, retired PC.

14.5.1970. KBC to Philip Stephen John PINCOMBE and Jennifer Ann PINCOMBE his wife. 11.9.1972. PSJP & JAP to Michael John FORTY and Alison Douce FORTY.

31.3.1978. MJF & ADF to David Clayton GUEST and Heidrun Gatelinde GUEST. Notes: A letter from Garth Pedler to Totnes Town Council (in Study Centre Turnpikes file) states that Broomborough Gate tollhouse was completed in September 1805. =============== from 1851 Census Name Relationship Mar Age Sex Occupation Birthplace Henry BARTLETT Head M 37 M Tailor & Mercer Harberton-DEV

Emp 2 Men Frances BARTLETT Wife M 38 F --- Totnes-DEV Henry M. BARTLETT Son U 16 M Tailors Son Totnes-DEV William BARTLETT Son - 14 M Tailors Son Totnes-DEV Fredric BARTLETT Son U 12 M Tailors Son Totnes-DEV Emma BARTLETT Daur - 10 F Scholar Totnes-DEV George BARTLETT Son - 8 M Scholar Totnes-DEV Frances E. BARTLETT Daur - 6 F Scholar Totnes-DEV Richard P. BARTLETT Son - 5 M Scholar Totnes-DEV James BARTLETT Son - 2 M Scholar Totnes-DEV Hubart BARTLETT Son - 9m M --- Totnes-DEV Mary PERRING MotL W 78 F House Serv Totnes-DEV Address: Plymouth Road, Totnes Census Place: Totnes Totnes, Devonshire PRO Reference: HO/107/1874 Folio: 60 Page: 21 FHL Film: 0221022 from 1881 Census Matthew REVELL Head M 27 M Solicitors Managing Clerk Plymstock Mary Ann REVELL Wife M 27 F Totnes Bertram Grylis REVELL Son - 3 M Totnes Leonard REVELL Son - 1 M Totnes Dwelling: Plymouth Road Census Place: Totnes, Devon, England PRO Reference: RG11/2176 folio 101.2

Sue King and Julian Wright 23 September 2007 updated Julian Wright 4.4.2010 for Totnes Museum Society TDP024

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Totnes Deeds Project 4 Glendale Terrace

4 Glendale Terrace

courtesy of Jill Tomalin

1930 Abstract of Title.

16.10.1899 Indenture. £1,000. George MITCHELL, Totnes, Hotel Proprietor to Horace Edward GOLDING, 99 Cannon St., City of London, Solicitor and Henry Walter SIER. Ashburton, Westmorland Road, Bromley, Kent, esquire. 1) Messuage formerly called Rose Cottage but then known as Northgate House, nr. north gate with yard, garden, shrubbery, stables and coachhouse, offices and buildings. Also cottage and garden adjoining or near on the north side known as Northgate Cottage then in occ. of Alfred Ross BUTLER. 2) Garden or plot nr. Northgate behind (1) with right of entry from Northgate Street formerly prop. of and in occ. of Richard BROOKING but then unocc. Abuttals: north – (1); west – garden formerly belonging to James SAWYER; south – garden formerly belonging to Samuel HUXHAM esq. then Edward Miall TUCKER; east – garden and cottages formerly prop. of Arthur Browse NINER but then of John WOODLEY. 3.9.1913. Indenture. £600. HEG and HWS to William Trewolla REEVES and Thomas Fairweather REEVES, Totnes, builders. Properties as above.

end. Indenture 8.7.1922. WTR and TFR to Jessie PETHERBRIDGE. Messuage known as ‘the Rest’ which had been erected on a portion of the property.

end. Conveyance 18.7.1922. WTR and TFR to Athelstan JONES and Emily JONES a plot of garden on south of property with right of way into North Street.

24.12.1913. Mortgage. £500. Joseph Fitze BAKER, Edward WINDEATT and George Edgcombe WINDEATT lend to WTR and TFR.

end. Conveyance 24.7.1930. WTR and TFR to William John James Hill BURNETT dw. ho. garden & greenhouse known as 1 Glendale Terrace.

31.12.1920. Reconveyance (redemption) of above mortgage. 6.6.1929. Agreement. WTR and TFR and the Totnes & Bridgetown Gas Light & Coke Co. Ltd. Copy referenced. 9.4.1930. Agreement. WTR and TFR and Emma WORTH. Re drainage connection to ‘The Rest’. Two houses already built at Glendale Terrace, six more planned. 11.4.1930. Agreement. WTR and TFR and The Electric Supply Corporation Ltd.

Page 75: Totnes Deeds Project

Totnes Deeds Project 4 Glendale Terrace

30.9.1930. Deed of partition. WTR of Woodford, 3 Logan Road, Polsham, Paignton and TFR. Part 1 to WTR, Part 2 to TFR. TFR also pays WTR £675 by way of equality.

Schedule of documents 1854. Conveyance of garden. Mrs.E.HOLBERTON and Mr.E.HARRIS to Mr.E.Harris HOLBERTON. 1.9.1874. Conveyance of garden. E.H.Holberton to R.Huxham WATSON esq. 30.3.1885. Conveyance of garden. R.H.Watson to R.BROOKING. 9.4.1885. Mortgage of garden. Mr. R.Brooking to Silas DYKE esq. 1.11.1892. Conveyance. Northgate House, garden and stable and Northgate Cottage and garden. George DOWGLASS, James Leslie SWEET (1) GD and Rev. George LONGRIDGE (2) Edward HALFORD (3) GD, Jasper Kernick PEEK and John Arthur ILIFFE (4) Catherine Newton CARDALE (5) GD, Newdigate Hooper Kearney Burne and JKP (6) Mary Ann Hinchcliffe KING (7) Sarah Elizabeth Prideaux DOUGLASS (8) GD (9) and George MITCHELL (10). 7.8.1894. Conveyance of garden at Northgate. Edward Broadlake Dingley Henry Silas DYKE and George Ebenezer DYKE (1) George Mitchell (2). [as above, 1899-1930]

4.8.1932. Conveyance. £975. TFR of 51 High Street, Totnes, builder to Walter Henry MENDHAM, hairdresser of 49 High Street, Totnes. No.4 Glendale Terrace. With right of entry to The Rest, Northgate Cottage, 1,2 and 3 Glendale Terrace for purpose of inspecting, relaying and cleansing the sewer. Together with covenants. 7.3.1968. Statutory declaration by Grace Reeves of Green Gables, Castle Hill, Totnes regarding ownership of land around 4 Glendale Terrace. ‘In or about the year 1932 my late father...constructed...1,2,3 and 4 Glendale Terrace together with...Green Gables’. J.R.Wright 5.10.07 for Totnes Museum Society TDP025

Page 76: Totnes Deeds Project

Totnes Deeds Project Leechwell Bungalow Abstract of deeds kept by the South Hams District Council relating to the lands to the southern area of Totnes. By Michael Laithwaite from photocopied documents. Title Deeds of 'The Bungalow', near Leechwell, Totnes. (seen at the offices of South Hams District Council, 19th April 2005) 1695 Copy (made in 1719) of an indenture of lease dated 18th March 1694 (1695 in modern dating). Between:- 1) Walter Bogan, Gatcombe, Devon, Esqre. 2) Thomas Willing, Totnes, millright. (1) in consideration of the surrender of an indenture of lease dated 6th April 12 Charles I (1636) granted by William Bogan Gent. Deceased (grandfather of the said Walter Bogan party to these presents) unto Symon Tillard late of Totnes vyntner deceased and also in consideration of a payment of £18, has leased to (2) 'All that one Orchard or Apple Garden with the appurtenances & one Herb-garden conteyning by estimacon one acre & half be it more or less lying & being on the East side of the said Orchard which is now in the manurance or occupacon of ye said Thomas Willing & are Scituate lying & being within the Borrough of Totnes aforesaid Betweene the Orchard or apple garden now in the tenure or occupacon of Prudence Brooking in the North parte the Grove comonlie called the Maudlyn Grove & the orchard belonging to the Maudlyn house of Totnes aforesaid in the Eist & South Eist partes, the Way or Lane there called Leechwill Lane in the West parte, & ye way that leadeth from the Town of Totnes aforesaid towards the Maudlyn house of Totnes aforesaid on the South parte (Except & always reserved out of this demise & grante unto the said Walter Bogan his heires all the Oakes & Elmes & other Timber Trees now standing or growinge & beinge in the hedges belonging to the said Orchard saveing the parings & sherdinges of such Trees as have bin heretofore usuallie pared & sherded.' Term: from the day of the date hereof for 99 years if the said Thomas Willing, Susanna Ford wife of Tobias Ford & Avise Willing, daughters of Thomas Willing or any or eyther of them shall happen so long to live. Rent: £3 p.a. Condition that the lessee 'shall well and sufficiently repaire sustaine & maintaine the said demised premisses in hedges ditches gates & fences & all other needfull & necessary reparacons whatsoever having & taking sufficient greate timber & fould boote (=Foldbote? Defined in one handbook as 'The Old English term for the right to take wood from the commons to make sheepfolds') in & upon the said premisses growing or to be grown during the said term for & towards the reparacon of the same by the delivery or appointment of the said Walter Bogan his heirs or assigns, & fire boote ffrith & stakes without delivery doing thereby no voluntary wast or spoil And also well & sufficiently planting the same with good frute trees when & as often as need shall require at the proper costs & charges of the said Thomas Willing his executors administrators & assigns during the said term And in the end thereof shall leave & yeild up the same so well & sufficiently repaired & planted as aforesaid'. The lessees shall be 'freed acquitted, or otherwise from time to time upon reasonable request sufficiently save & kept harmless by the said Walter Bogan his heirs or assigns of & from all & all manner of High Rents issueing or goinge out of the said demised premisses or any parte thereof & due & payable to the High & Chief Lord or Lords of the Fee of the same duringe the said Terme'. Witnesses: Peter Torr, John Pearse.

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Totnes Deeds Project Leechwell Bungalow Copy authenticated by John Taylor and one other (omitted from the photocopy). §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ 1719 Release of Reversion in fee (i.e. the freehold) dated 20th November 1719. Between:- 1) William Bogan, Gatcombe, Devon Esqr. 2) John Langman, Totnes, hellyer Payment (2) to (1) £105 (1) 'hath granted bargained & sold alyened released and confirmed' to (2), 'in his (Langman's) actual possession now being by virtue of a bargain sale or lease to him thereof made by the sd William Bogan for the term of one year for the consideration of five shillings ..... by indenture bearing date the day next before the day of the date of these presents' (i.e. a Lease and Release: a standard form of conveyance) 'All that one Orchard or Applegarden with th'appurtenances and one Herbgarden containing by estimation (one acre and half be it more or less) lying and being on the east side of the sd Orchard formerly in the possession of Thomas Willing deceased but now of Hannah Willing his widow and are situate lying and being within the Borough of Totnes aforesaid between the Orchard or Applegarden formerly in the Tenure or Occupacon of Prudence Brooking and now the Lands of Richard Taylor Gent. on the North part the Grove comonly called the Maudlyn Grove and the Orchard belonging to the Maudlyn house of Totnes aforesaid in the East and South-east part the Way or Lane there called Leechwill Lane in the west part and the Way that leadeth from the Town of Totnes aforesaid towards the Maudlyn house of Totnes aforesaid on the south part'. Title free of all incumbrances except for the 1695 lease granted by his late father Walter Bogan since deceased, to Thomas Willing since deceased, for the lives of himself and his two daughters, Susanna Ford then wife of Tobias Ford but now the widow of one Williams and Avis Willing now the wife of one Baylye. Witnesses: John Taylor, Mary Bogan (signatures) §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ 1720 Conveyance of Leasehold Interest dated 28th July 1720. Between: 1) James Buckley, Totnes, gent., and John Metherell, Totnes, Millwright (administrators of the goods of Thomas Willing, late of Totnes, millwright, deceased). 2) Edward Langman, Thurleston, Devon, yeoman 3) John Langman, Totnes, hellyer Recites Bogan-Willing lease of 1695. Property description as in 1719, except that it is described as 'All that one Orchard or Apple Garden with thappurtenances & one Herb Garden lately converted into a Nursery .... then & late in the manurance or occupacon of the said Thomas Willing & since of Hannah Willing his widow now deceased'. Now (1) transfer the lease to (2) in trust for (3) 'to wait upon & attend the Inheritance & to or for no other use intent or purpose whatsoever' (i.e. the end of the lease, when John Langman as freeholder comes into full possession). (3) pays (1) £68 19s. Witnesses: John Tippett, Wm. Burgoyne. §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§

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Totnes Deeds Project Leechwell Bungalow 1832 Abstract of the Title of Mr. Edward Langman to the Fee simple & Inheritance of an Orchard and Premises in the Parish of Totnes in the County of Devon called Willings otherwise Leechwell. (On reverse described as 'an Orchard & Premises situate in Leechwell Lane in Totnes') a) 8th March 1773. Will of John Langman, Totnes, maltman (proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Totnes, 10th May 1780). Leaves niece Mary Langman his 'Dwellinghouse wherein I now live situate near the West gate in Totnes with appurtenances to hold during her natural life the said Mary Langman from time to time keeping the same well repaired during her natural life And from and after her death I give and devise the fee simple & inheritance of the said Dwellinghouse with appurtenances unto my said Nephew Edward Langman his Heirs and Assigns for ever Also I give and devise unto my said Nephew Edward Langman all other my Messuages Lands Farms Tenements Hereditaments and Premises situate lying and being in the several Parishes of Thurleston and 'Totnes' in the County of Devon or elsewhere ... for ever'. He is to be sole executor and residuary legatee. (I have not noted bequests of goods and money.) b) 17th November 1802. Will of Edward Langman, Lake Garden, Totnes, gent., the nephew and residuary devisee named in the last abstracted will (proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Totnes, 19th June 1809). Bequest to his nephew, Edward Langman of 'All that my Orchard with its appurtenances situate & lying in or near Leechwell Lane in Totnes aforesaid called or commonly known by the name of Willings Orchard to him his Heirs & Assigns for ever making no demand on me or my Executor hereafter named for wages or other sum as due from me at the time of my death'. No other details abstracted, not even the name of his executor. c) 8th July 1812. Will of Edward Langman, Totnes, gent. (proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Totnes, 20th February 1813). 'I give devise & bequeath all that my Orchard & Premises situate in or near Leechwell Lane in Totnes aforesaid which was bequeathed to me by my late Uncle Edward Langman deceased unto my nephew Edward Langman son of my brother John Langman ... for ever from & immediately after he shall attain the age of 21 years but nevertheless I do hereby will & direct that my said Brother John shall have receive & take the rents issues & profits of the said orchard during the minority of his son Edward for his own use & benefit for the better enabling him to pay off the legacies hereinbefore mentioned'. If the nephew dies under 21, John gets the orchard for ever. Proviso 'that the said Orchard shall never be sold but shall always continue & remain in the Family & that the Walnut or Frenchnut Tree which now stands on the Premises shall never be cut down or destroyed & if ever it shall be cut down or destroyed that person so doing shall immediately pay the sum of £30 to my surviving Brothers and Sisters which may be then living to be equally distributed amongst them'. Sole executor his brother John. Bequest of goods and money not noted. Attached to the abstract is a series of partly illegible notes by a lawyer. Mrs S.M. Laithwaite has kindly interpreted most of them, but they do not seem to provide any useful additional material

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Totnes Deeds Project Leechwell Bungalow §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ 1832 Release in Fee dated 15th February 1832. Between:- 1) Edward Langman, Totnes, yeoman. 2) William Sloggett, Totnes, dyer. 3) James Cornish the younger, Totnes, gentleman. Recites will of Edward Langman, made in 1812. Edward Langman the nephew (party hereto) attained the age of 21 on 30th July 1829, and now sells the orchard 'in fee simple free from incumbrances' (i.e. the freehold) to Sloggett for £460. (This is the release; there was a lease dated the previous day). Description: 'All that Orchard or Applegarden with the appurtenances containing by estimation Two (I think: the photocopy is obscure) Acres or thereabout (be the same more or less) situate lying and being within the Borough of Totnes aforesaid bounded on the North by lands late of Francis Brooking Cuming but now of Letitia Dorothea Cuming, on the East and South East by Maudlyn Grove and Maudlyn Orchard, on the West by Leechwell Lane and on the South by the road leading from the Town of Totnes aforesaid to Maudlyn House and Lake garden which said Premises were formerly in the possession of John Langman Hellier who purchased the same of William Bogan afterwards of Thomasin his Widow afterwards of John Langman Maltman (their Son) afterwards of Edward Langman of Lake garden in Totnes aforesaid Gentleman deceased since of Edward Langman (Nephew of the last named Edward Langman) lately of the said John Langman Father of the said Edward Langman (party hereto) and now of the said Edward Langman (party hereto) Together with all Houses Outhouses Edifices Buildings ways paths passages water watercourses hedges ditches fences easements profits and advantages whatsoever to the said Orchard and Premises belonging ...'. James Cornish is to hold the property in trust for Sloggett during the latter's life 'to prevent the present or any future wife of the said William Sloggett being entitled to dower out of or in the said Premises'. Witness's name illegible on photocopy. §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§

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Totnes Deeds Project Leechwell Bungalow

1873 Photographs of 1873 coloured map of the orchard taken by James Bellchambers and David Mitchell. I did not see any accompanying documents, nor were any photocopies taken. §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ Comment Although there is no firm evidence to link the 1636 lease with earlier documents, I strongly suspect that Leechwell Orchard was among the chantry properties seized by Edward VI in 1548. An enrolled deed of 1552 records the sale by John Peter of Bulley, gent., to William Bogan of Great Totnes, merchant, of a group of properties formerly belonging to the dissolved Chantry of New Cross in Great Totnes and which had been granted to Peter and John Bogan (William's elder brother) by letters patent in 1548. (J.C. Tingey, A Calendar of the Deeds enrolled within the County of Devon, typescript, Devon and Cornwall Record Society library, 1930, vol. 1, no. 367). William was the grandfather of the William Bogan who granted the lease in 1636 ( J.L. Vivian, The Visitations of the County of Devon, 1895, p. 98). Among the properties was an orchard at Lychwyll in Great Totnes, then in the tenure of Thomas Renoff. The Devon chantries are discussed in L.S. Snell, The Chantry Certificates for Devon and the City of Exeter, 1960, and N. Orme, 'The Dissolution of the Chantries in Devon, 1546-8' (Transactions of the Devonshire Association, 111, 1979, pp. 75-123). Three chantries were dissolved in Totnes: the chantry on the bridge of Great Totnes, the chantry of Mary of Pity, and the chantry of the New Cross. The first of these operated within the chapel at the west end of the bridge and the other two within Totnes

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Totnes Deeds Project Leechwell Bungalow parish church. Each had a priest whose function was to say Masses for the souls of those nominated by the people who had contributed to setting up the chantry and in the two latter cases to assist at services in the church. The last two also had alternative titles: the first was the guild or chantry of Our Lady of Pity and the second the guild or chantry of Jesus, or the chantry of New Cross (Orme, p. 113). Remarkably little else is known about them. Watkin's Totnes Priory mentions a bequest of 6d. to 'the light of the new cross' in the parish church in 1432 (p. 365), another of 6s. 8d. p.a. to 'the wardens and store of the new cross of Tottonia' in 1464 (p. 439), and 6s. to 'the store of Jesus' in 1537 (p. 596), but there is no mention of property. In 1540 a lease of property in Fore Street is granted by the 'wardens of St. Mary of pity Tottonys with the assent of --- (the) Mayor of the town of Great Tottonys and the Commonalty of the said town', suggesting that the church chantries had little freedom of action (p. 597). One of the dissolution documents says that New Cross was 'founded by Ambrose Frowke and others' (Orme, p. 113), but Frowke's name does not appear in Watkin's detailed index. Possibly it is a misreading of Ambrose Franke, whose name is mentioned regularly between 1451 and 1475, and who in 1464 was one of the trustees for property given to Totnes parish church (Watkin, p. 439). All this perhaps explains why the immersion basin was built in Leechwell Orchard. The chantry of New Cross must have been as much under the town's control as Leechwell itself, for which the town appointed two wardens. Lepers may have used the basin but it seems clear that the Maudlin (itself controlled by the town) never owned the orchard. The Maudlin estate apparently remained intact until 1719, when the Mayor and Burgesses leased it off for 2,000 years along with other town properties (Devon Record Office, 46/1/1/3a-b). The freehold of Leechwell Orchard, however, already belonged to the Bogans in 1636. Michael Laithwaite, May 2005

TDP026 13.11.2007

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Totnes Deeds Project 107 High Street

107 High Street

courtesy of Mr.I.Bright & Miss J.A.Becker

30.9.1772. Indenture. 1) Edward TOOLEY of Middle Street, Cloth Fair*, Middlesex, shoemaker 2) Thomas TOOLEY of Totnes, yeoman, administrator of Andrew TOOLEY late of Totnes, decd. and William WOOD of Totnes, butcher, and Joan his wife (whose maiden name was Tooley) 3) John HOLDITCH of Cornworthy, yeoman

cit. indenture dated 18.9.1719 1) Mayor and Burgesses of Totnes 2) John FOWNES the elder of Northway, Devon, esq. and Francis DREWE of Grainge, Devon, esq., administrators of Robert SYMONS late of Totnes, merchant, decd. 3) Elizabeth EFFORD of Totnes, widow

cit. indenture of demise (mortgage), 31.3.1715. RS lends M&B £600. Amongst other lands, dw. ho. & stable opposite the Rotherfold Conduit then in pos. of Nicholas CRUES. 2000 years + annual rent of one penny. Mortgage was not repaid on time so all the premises became forfeit to Symons. Symons since decd. and JF and FD his administrators. £742 and upwards due on mortgage. M&B decided to sell the lands. Several surveys. They contracted w/EE to sell for £50 for remainder of 2000 yrs at annual rent of 2/6. EE pays £50 direct to JF & FD. EE (now decd.) in her will of 31.12.1724 left property to son John PHILLIPS on condition that he pass it on to TT, AT and Joan Tooley. JP did not do this in his will of 31.5.1754** but devised the premises (being Townland) in pos. of Walter HOLMAN, Thomas SEARLE the younger and himself after the death of his wife (who is since decd.) to Edward TOOLEY, and willed that the back courtlage and herbgardens belonging to the dw. ho. in which he then lived should after his wife’s death ‘be enjoyed by’ the respective owners and occupiers last mentioned. TT, WW and JW are satisfied that ET is entitled to all of it and ET has agreed sale to JH for £100, i.e. the dw. ho. and stable also his part of the back courtlage and herbgardens lately in pos. of John CLEAVE and others, afterwards of Stephen TAPPERELL and others as tenants. TT, WW and JW receive 5/- each from JH. Still 2/6 annual rent. TT covenants that he and AT have not done anything to encumber the title. WW covenants that he and his wife have not done anything to encumber the title.

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Totnes Deeds Project 107 High Street

26.6.1826. George REYNELLS of Totnes, taylor, administrator of the estate of Elizabeth REYNELLS, widow, late of Totnes decd. to William COX of Brixham, carpenter.

cit. 30.3.1815. Jeremiah REYNELLS of Totnes and WC cit. 28.1.1800. JR to Mary Ann HOLMAN of Dartmouth, widow, mortgage £90 + interest

cit. 25.3.1805. Transfer of mortgage. MAH and WC. £40 due to MAH. WC paid MAH £40. JR borrowed another £210 from WC at that time, and another £100 at a later (unspecified) date.

NB: promisory note attached to deed shows that this additional £100 was in the form of a £200 loan on 2.2.1818, £100 of which was repaid in 1825.

JR in his will dated 29.1.1808 named ER as his executrix. ER died intestate. Admons to eldest son GR 7.11.1825. £350 owing to WC. GR sells property to WC for £480, so WC pays GR £130. Dw.ho. and stable opposite the Rotherfold Conduit and back courtlage and herbgarden heretofore in pos. of one Robert HOLMAN baker, decd., lately in pos. of JR, decd., since of his wife ER decd. and her tenants but now William REYNELLS and others as tenants. ALSO the newly erected tenement at the back of the dw.ho in the said courtlage now in occ. of Thomas LEY as tenant. 21.9.1898. Account of Succession in Real Property. Mary Elizabeth TOBY of Exmouth, Susan Pomeroy HELLINGS of Brixham, Jane SANDERS of Brixham upon the death of Susannah Ingram COX, derived from William Anderson COX (will proved 22.12.1876). MET is the successor as lineal issue of WAC. MET b.29.3.1843; SPH b.1.2.1835; JS b.20.10.1849. “a leasehold messuage & garden... nnow in occupation of William C. KINSMAN as tenant thereof at the yearly rent of £14”. 1.10.1898. Mortgage. £100. Sydney KINSMAN of Totnes, painter to Mrs. Sarah WINDEATT, wife of Edward Windeatt, solicitor. Shop, dw.ho., bakehouse, outbuildings, garden and premises in the Rotherfold known as 107 High Street, in occ. of William Cholditch Kinsman. cit. schedule: 26.6.1826 Reynells to Cox

25.12.1857. Mortgage £120 + int. Mary COX and Richard SPRAGUE to Edwin SEARLE 16.9.1896 Transfer of mortgage. James D.SEARLE to Susannah D.SEARLE

Sep 1898 Assignment. Susan D.SEARLE (1) and Susan Pomeroy HELLINGS, Mary Elizabeth TOBY and Jane SANDERS (2) to Sydney Kinsman (3).

24.12.1902. Reconveyance. Edward Windeatt to Sydney Kinsman 18.5.1909. Reconveyance. Sarah Windeatt to Sydney Kinsman 21.5.1909. Mortgage. £100 + interest. Sydney Walter Kinsman of Totnes, painter to Selina LUSCOMBE of Merrifield in the parish of Woodland, spinster. Premises late in occ. of WCK now of Alfred KINSMAN as tenant. Abuttals: E by Rotherfold; N by premises now or late belonging to Frederick HORN; W by premises n/l bel. to Joseph ROE; S by premises n/l bel. to John RICHARDSON.

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Totnes Deeds Project 107 High Street

22.2.1912. Assignment. £200. Sydney W.Kinsman, 70 Fore Street, house decorator, to Alfred Kinsman, 107 High Street, baker. cit. 30.9.1898 conveyance. SDS (1) and MET, SPH, JS (2) to SK. cit. 21.5.1909 mortgage. Principal sum remains owing but interest paid up to date abuttals as 1909. Rental still 2/6. 25.7.1927. Reconveyance. Selina Luscombe to Alfred Kinsman. 12.2.1946. Probate. Alfred Kinsman of 107HS died intestate 17.10.1945. Admons to Louisa Jane Kinsman of 107HS, his widow. 20.2.1946. Assent. LJK assents to property vested in self. (No mention of bakehouse in description.) 15.3.1947. Probate. LJK of 107HS died intestate 25.12.1946. Admons to Marie Josephine ACKLAND of 107HS, daughter and only person entitled to the estate. 31.3.1947. Assent. MJA of 107HS, wife of Clement Lewis ACKLAND, administratrix by admons 15.3.1947 of estate of LJK assents to property vested in self. 14.9.1988. 2 declarations as to title (MJA and CLA) because the above assents had been mislaid. end. “the documents described herein have since been found”. CLA and MJA have lived at 107HS since 6.4.1936 (the day they were married). MJA: “the said ground rent has since the date of my mother’s death been paid by me to the Totnes Endowed School Governors the present owners of the freehold interest”. [ground rent 2/6] NOTES * now City of London EC1. ** Will of John Phillips, Clothier of Totnes, Devon Date 26 June 1756 National Archives Catalogue reference PROB 11/823




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Totnes Deeds Project 107 High Street

FILE - Devon Record Office - ref. 46/1/1/4 - date: ----- June 1724 Document mutilated.

TOTNES Assignment of Mortgages and declaration of trust. (1) John Fownes and Francis Drew. (2) John Martyn and John Waddon, both of Plimpton, esquires, as Trustees. [(3) William Woollcombe, Thomas Bowdon, Richard Clarke and John Gilberd, (4) Totnes Corporation.] Two Mortgages are recited: (a) Dated 19 June [? year], by the Mayor and Burgesses of Totnes to John Fownes, of four water grist mills, malt mill, fulling mills, fishery, dwelling-house, Rack Marsh meadow and c., for £700. Term of 500 years. On this there is now due to Fownes £1021. (b) Dated in the first year of George [I, i.e., 1714/5], by the Mayor and Burgesses to Robert Symons, of the above premises with additions, namely certain Markets, the Shambles House (then held by John Fabyan, later Nic. Harris, now Walter Harris). [Two other houses - William Hingston a tenant]. the Kays and Kayage with duties, customs and c., [the Church Walk with the] Chamber or Lottery over the same and the Gerts, Pease, Beans and Apple Markett to the same belonging, and all tolls; a little field called the Fair Park, on S side of way to Harpers Hill, then held by Martyn Gooding.... opposite the Rotherfold Conduit then held by Nic. Crues, now John Phillips... house garden and stable... Thomas Hawkins and others, house etc., in Lower Quarter held by Nic. Lampen now Hugh Hawkes, and messuages in Picklemore Street: Excepting to the Mayor the privilege of placing and weighing yarn, worsted and obb on the flesh-shambles....... Consideration: £600 and 1d. rent if demanded. Term, 2000 years. Robert Symons is dead intestate and Fownes and Drew have obtained letters of administration of his estate and so become entitled to the second mortgage, [whereon there is due] from the Corporation £676. 10s. 0d. Fownes and Drew have called for speedy payment, which the Corporation cannot provide without selling or leasing parts of the mortgaged premises. The Corporation have therefore held a Survey in the Guildhall and there contracted to lease:- (i) To Woollcombe the flesh-shambles... Shambles house, Church Walk and Lottery and Market thereto belonging, for 99 years... (iii) To Bowdon and Clarke the cattle-market, Rotherfold, sheep market and fairs, with tolls and c., for £350 ready money and 6s. 8d. rent, and (iii) To Gilberd and Clarke... [? markets] with tolls etc., for 99 years, for £180 ready money and 5s rent. NOW, in consideration of the £1021 due to Fownes being paid by Woollcombe ---------[? alone, or jointly with Bowdon etc., ?] --- and of £676.10.0., due to Fownes and Drew on Symons' mortgage being paid by Woollcombe, Bowden, Clarke and Gilberd; Fownes and Drew severally and jointly assign to Martyn and Drew (as Trustees for the Corporation, Woollcombe, Bowdon, Clarke and Gilberd) the premises of both Mortgages, subject to the following five assignments, all made jointly by Fownes and Drew with the Corporation. (a) To Andrew Colwill, doctor in physick, decd., the Stray Park, for £35. (b) To Elizabeth Efford widow, house and c., opposite Rotherfold Conduit for £50. (c) To Edmund Efford, house etc., in Higher Quarter, then held by Thomas Hawkins and ors., for £34. (d) To Benjamin Amyatt, houses etc., in Picklemore Street for £20. [These four stated to have been of one date, 18 Sept., 1718; but query 1719?]. (e) To Hugh Hawkes, house in Lower Quarter, N side of Street and E of Chris. Farwell's house; held by Nic. Lampen. Lastly, Woollcombe, Bowden, Clarke and Gilberd having paid the Corporation £393, the remainder of their several contracted purchases; it is declared that the present assignments to Martyn and Waddon are on trust that the latter should by three leases already prepared

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Totnes Deeds Project 107 High Street

and dated the day after this, grant to Woollcombe etc., their several parcels for 99 years absolute, and hold any residue to the use of the Corporation.

FILE - Devon Record Office - ref. 46/1/1/8 - date: 31 - 1754 26 June 1756 [from Scope and Content] TOTNES

[from Scope and Content] Will and Probate of John Phillips, clothier of Totnes. [from Scope and Content] To kinsman John Phillips of Newton perukemaker my dwellinghouse at Collins Corner and known by the Sign of the White Lyon in Totnes also plot of ground adjoining the house wherein Nicholas Reeve the elder now lives which I sometime since purchased from George Harris, with a Barn. The premises subject to £10 given to his sister Elizabeth Phillips. [from Scope and Content] My nephew Thomas Tooley the elder wearing apparel, my half of the boats and tackle, 5s. a week for life, my dwelling houses, cellars and places on St. Peter's Key, my marsh called St. Peter's Marsh except the part inclosed by a wall and hereinafter devised, my dwelling house orchard and garden at Mots Hill and the plot thereto belonging; Willow Plott and Bull Plott at or near Mots Hill, the close at or near Snail Mill held by Andrew Langman tanner. Tooley to hold the premises for life then to said Thomas Tooley the younger then to Robert Tooley son of said Thomas Tooley, junior, his heirs and assigns for ever. [from Scope and Content] To said Robert Tooley the yearly rent which shall after my death become payable in respect of the said close held by said Langman during the term which the present lessee has therein. Also all the other rents to Thomas Tooley for life except the yearly rent of premises now in possession of Kinsman Thomas Holman yeoman of Totnes in respect of any leases made by testator to him. [from Scope and Content] To Thomas Tooley the younger Messuages etc. called Windmill Down in Totnes lately in possession of Stephen Waymouth deceased. Also, leasehold messuage called or at Cumming in Rattery for term of 40 years on life of Mary Southard wife of John Southard cooper of Totnes then to kinsman William Tooley for residue of 99 years now determinable on death of said Thomas Tooley the younger. Also releases the said T.T. junior from all debts due for rent or otherwise to the time of death of testator and bequeaths to him £50 after the death of said Mary Southard if he is still living. [from Scope and Content] To said William Tooley £200 at age of 24. [from Scope and Content] Recites Will of Testator's late mother Elizabeth Elford 31 December 1724 in which she gives to Testator house and garden in Leechwell St. Totnes also an orchard adjoining the highway leading from Totnes to Harberton Ford also the close in Totnes adjoining a Lane leading from Totnes towards Follaton then in possession of Testator as his mother's tenant. Premises to be held on trust for such uses as recited therein and amongst others that testator his heirs or assigns should take the rents for 99 years on lives of Thomas Tooley, Andrew Tooley (since deceased) and Joan Tooley now the wife of John Pering of Totnes butcher (her grandsons and granddaughter), to such uses as he should think fit provided it was for the benefit of said grandchildren. Testator now directs that the rents of the said house and orchard shall be received by Thomas Tooley the elder, his nephew and after his death to his children, determinable as aforesaid. The rents of the garden in Leechwell St and close in Totnes to be received by said Joan Pering for her own use then to said T. Tooley senior, determinable as aforesaid. [from Scope and Content] Gives the close adjoining the last mentioned field now held by Mr. Roger Berryman to Thomas Searle the elder of Totnes butcher, for life of Joan Pering, on trust for such uses as Joan shall direct but only for her own use, after her decease to T. Tooley the elder and his heirs for ever. [from Scope and Content] To kinsman Richard Tooley, son of Thomas the elder, the houses opposite or nigh to Collins Corner, Totnes, now in possession of John Sowden sadler, Agnes Fox widow, John Soper and others, tenants to late John Phillips (testator). Also £20 and £30 to be paid him within 3 years after death of Testator in £10 a year. [from Scope and Content] To Testator's wife for life the house and premises (being Town land) now in the several possession of Walter Holman, Thomas Searle, junior, and Testator. After her decease to Edward Tooley son of said Thomas the elder, for residue of estate of Testator and the back courtlage and herb gardens as well to the last mentioned premises as to the house in which Testator now lives shall after the death of Testator's wife be jointly enjoyed between the respective owners and occupiers of the said two several last mentioned houses. Also to said Edward Tooley £20 for the placing him out as an apprentice to some handicraft trade or a baker and £30 at age of 24. To Andrew Tooley, son of Thomas the elder, my field or close now in the possession of his kinsman Phillips Fox formerly of William Carlile, on the west side of middle way, Totnes. If Andrew dies before 21 then to the use of

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Totnes Deeds Project 107 High Street

said Phillips Fox. Also to said Andrew Tooley messuage consisting of several houses lately conveyed to him by Richard Square carpenter and now in possession of said Richard Square and others as tenants and which lies in Totnes nigh the Fish Shambles. If Andrew dies before 21 then to kinsman Peter Fox the brother of said Phillips Fox.

[from Scope and Content] After death of Testator's wife interest to be paid to said Thomas Searle the elder at the rate of three per cent a year as well for the several legacies of £100 apiece given to said Peter Fox's daughters and said John Pering's daughters as also for the said legacies of £200 given to William Tooley and £30 to Edward Tooley by half yearly payments the first to be made within 6 months after testator wife's decease and continue so payable till they reach the age of 21. Thomas Searle, senior, to dispose of the interest for their maintenances as he shall think fit, allowing himself reasonable costs and charges. [from Scope and Content] Deposition by George Taylor of Totnes gent that the alterations in said Will were made before Testator executed the same. Dated 19 June 1756. (P.C.C.)

FILE - Devon Record Office - ref. 46/1/1/10 - date: 30 May 1760 [from Scope and Content] (1) Messuage and garden without Gate of Totnes between Street on E, lands late of John Langman, decd, now of John Colwell, physician on W. & N, formerly in the possession of Luke Corbin decd afterwards of Grace Preston, as tenant to Langman, but now of Peter Hawkins as tenant to John Colwell, and the lands formerly of the Mayor and Burgesses of Totnes since of John Phillips clothier, also decd, now of Edward Tooley on south. Premises successively held by John Barter decd, Thomas Money chirurgeon decd, Nicholas Crewys and others as tenants to William Furneaux and Edward Truman both decd, and lately of John Phillips who purchased the Fee Simple from William Bogan, esq., decd; Joan Phillips widow, also decd, now said Searle.

Totnes Parish registers John Efford bur.5.2.1718/9 Elizabeth Efford, widow bur.12.2.1724/5 Andrew Tooley bur.7.12.1735 John Fox son of Peter bur.13.11.1737 John Perring m. Joan Fox by license 22.3.1748/9 Mary & Ann, daus. John Perring bur.3.12.1751 Mr. John Phillips bur.24.3.1756 Thomas son of John Perring bur.18.6.1760 John Perring bur.11.6.1762 Jeremiah Reynolds bur.3.10.1823 a.78 Elizabeth Reynolds bur.2.4.1825 a.65 from [all in Totnes unless otherwise noted] Jeremiah son of Philip Reynolds bap.15.11.1746 Jeremiah Reynells m. Elizabeth Bruford 17.5.1778 George Brufod Rennells bap.10.2.1786 George Bruford Reynolds d.28.5.1837 Robert Holman m. Mary Ann Townsend 19.3.1771 Marriages ========= Christopher Tuly m. Elizabeth Phillips 1.1.1701 John Phillips m. Joane Palke 23.7.1701 --- Thomas Tooley m. Anne Green 10.10.1725 (in BRIXHAM) Thomas Tooly m. Joane Pulling 6.8.1752 (in RATTERY) --- Phillips Fox m. Elizabeth Langman 14.10.1756 Baptisms ======== John Phillips son of Thomas bap.22.7.1677 John Phillips son of Christopher bap.9.10.1679 Elisabeth Phillips dau. of Thomas bap.22.11.1682 --- Mary dau. John Perring bap.16.1.1750, bur.3.12.1751

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Totnes Deeds Project 107 High Street

Directories 1830 Susannah Reynolds, baker, Cistern St 1838 John Collings, baker, Cistern St 1856 Reuben Crocker, baker, Cistern St 1866 Thos & Wm. Kinsman, bakers, Cistern St 1870 William C Kinsman, baker, Fore St 1878-1879 William C Kinsman, baker & confectioner, Rotherfold 1883 William C Kinsman, Rotherfold 1889 William C Kinsman, baker, Rotherfold / Richard Cuming, saddler, 103 High St 1890 William C Kinsman, 105 High St 1893 William C Kinsman, Rotherfold / Richard Cuming, saddler, 103 High St 1897 William C Kinsman, 107 High Street / Richard Cuming, saddler, 105 High St 1902 William Chalditch Kinsman 107 High St / Sidney Tucker, saddler, 105 / Richard Cuming, saddler, 57 1919-1930 Frederick Kinsman, baker, 107 High St 1939 Alfred Kinsman, shopkeeper, 107 High St Manor Rentals 1735 Mr. Jno. Phillips ho. opposite Rotherfold 2/6 1804 J.Rennolds ho. opposite Rotherfold late Holman’s 2/6 1825 J.Reynolds ho. opposite Rotherfold late Holman’s 2/6 1837-40 Mrs.Cox, Brixham, for a ho. late Holman’s opp. Rotherfold 2/6 1855 opp. the Rotherfold adj. Waterloo Place owner: Eliz.Cox occ: Reuben Crocker 2/6 1863 ho & garden nr. Rotherfold owner: Mrs. Cox occ: Mr.Jo.Putt 2/6 1885 ho.Rotherfold owner: Mrs.Cox occ: Wm.Kinsman 2/6 Land Tax Assessments 1747 John Phillips ho. late Jervis 16/- ; ho. late Langworthy 16/- (prob. 8 High St.) 1781 Robert Holman ho. late Tooleys 16/- 1785, 1786, 1788 Robert Holman’s widow for her ho. 16/- 1790, 1791, 1792, 1793 Robert Holman’s widow for her ho. 16/6 1794, 1795 Robert Holman’s widow for her ho. 16/- 1796, 1797 Robert Holman’s widow for her ho. 16/6 Devon Record Office: Apprenticeship Indentures ref. 1579A-0/24/66/26 - date: 1787 William Gunn to Jerimiah Renolds, baker, for his dwelling house, the property of James Cole ref. 1579A-0/24/67/86-87 - date: 1802 Ann Hyne to Jerimiah Rennells, baker ref. 1579A-0/24/69/69 - date: 1817 Ann Helman, 14 to Jeremiah Rennells, baker, on his house late Holman's Devon Record Office: Estate Duty Office Wills ref. 1078/IRW/R/281 - date: 1824; Jeremiah Reynolds of Totnes, Devon

J.R.Wright 10.7.08

for Totnes Museum Society TDP027

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Totnes Deeds Project 3 Plymouth Road

3 Plymouth Road

30/31.12.1825. Lease and Release. (1) Samuel BURTON, Totnes, veterinary surgeon (2) Henry TAPPER, Totnes, yeoman (3) Richard FORD, Kingsbridge, labourer, trustee to 2 By indentures of Lease & Release dated 21/22.12.1825 between (1) John CHASTER, Totnes, gent. and John ENDLE, Weston, Berry Pomeroy, yeoman; (2) Thomas COMMINS, Bodmin, gent.; (3) said Samuel Burton (4) James GILBERD, Totnes, leather cutter, trustee to SB; (5) Thomas BARTLETT, West Teignmouth, gent. Cons. £40 (1) sold to (3) the parcel of ground 32 feet in front and extending back so far as Mr. Gardner’s garden wall (number 5 on attached plan) being part and parcels of two orchards formerly in the land of Aaron TOZER and John TOPE in Totnes adjoining the Plymouth Road from Totnes to Broomborough and then occupied by Henry TAPPER as tenant. HT has agreed to purchase a moiety or half part (sixteen feet in front) for £27. Any house built on the plot to be not less than 7 feet from the Plymouth Road agreeable to the plan of Thomas PONSFORD of Totnes, architect. 5.5.1855. Conveyance. George HILL to Agnes HILL two undivided third parts of a dwelling house in the Plymouth Road. 31.7.1861. Will of Henry Tapper of Totnes, gardener. Bequeaths his dwelling house in the Plymouth Road to the use of his wife Mary Tapper and after her decease to be sold by auction. Probate 24.4.1866 to Mary Tapper, widow. 14.7.1876. Mortgage. £100 @ 5%. (1) Agnes Hill, Totnes, widow and Catherine Hill, Totnes, spinster – mortgagors (2) Frederick BOWDEN, Totnes, merchant – mortgagee. Samuel Hill, builder was seized of 3 Plymouth Road at the time of his death. In his will of 17.7.1838 he bequeathed the property (then in occ. of William SMITH) to his 3 grandchildren George, Catherine and Agnes the children of his late son George Hill. SH d.6.1.1839. Agnes the granddaughter d.Jan.1849 under 21 whereby her share became vested in George her brother. Cit. 5.5.1855 GH conveyed his two-third share to AH. Premises sometime in occ. of WS, then of AH now of Mrs Gill. 27.3.1883. Conveyance. £155. Catherine Hill to William STOOKE. 9.5.1896. Mortgage. £100 @4.5%. (1) Mary Stooke, Totnes, widow, mortgagor (2) Rev. Alfred GILL, Rector of Farringdon, Devon and Thomas Herbert KELLOCK, Doctor of Medicine, mortgagees. Premises sometime in occ. of William Smith, Agnes Hill, Mrs Gill, John FEDRICK, now of MS.

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Totnes Deeds Project 3 Plymouth Road

1898 Abstract of Title.

March 1883. (1) Catherine Hill (2) Frederick Bowden (3) William Stooke. Agnes Hill d.21.12.1877, all her estate to her daughter CH. WS pays £100 to FB and £55 to CH. October 1875. Will of WS. All his estate to wife Mary. WS d.13.10.1888.

2.6.1898. Conveyance. £200. Mary Stooke and her mortgagees to Mrs. Elizabeth NOTT. Post 1949 Abstract of Title.

17.5.1911. (1) Frederick William Nott, 3 Plymouth Road, Post Office clerk (2) Philip Henry Treble NOTT, Wimbledon, Surrey, the said FWN, Helena Jane PEAGAM, Park Mill, Northchapel nr. Petworth, Sussex, formerly of 3 Plymouth Road aforesaid, widow, Elizabeth Ellen BAPLE wife of John Baple of Chawleigh, Devon, schoolmaster, Amelia Blanche SANDERS the wife of John Sanders of Norton, Glamorgan, tailor (3) Francis Knowles WINDEATT, Totnes, solicitor, (4) the said FWN. Elizabeth Nott of 3 Plymouth Road, widow was seized of property. Her will of 18.3.1909 appointed son FWN and daughter HJP executors. Directed that property should be sold and proceeds divided equally among (2). EN d.7.1.1911. FWN purchases property for £155. 15.3.1949. FWN died intestate. 18.7.1949. Admons to Philip William Harris Nott, 64 High Street, dairyman, son of FWN. 9.11.1949. Conveyance. (1) PWHN, vendor (2) Dorothy Mary Elizabeth HEAL, 101 High Street, wife of Alfred Charles Ellis Heal, Christine Isabel May SWINBURNE of 3 Plymouth Road wife of Harry Edward Ernest Swinburne, beneficiaries (3) Edith Helena Nott of 64 High Street, purchaser. <document incomplete>

The following is a transcription of a typewritten document found in the filing cabinet at Totnes Study Centre. The handwritten title is “History of 3 Plymouth Road”. The author is unidentified and the document is undated, although it is obviously written post-1990. It seems highly likely that the author was primarily summarising the above bundle of deeds. After the passing of an Act in 1803, the section of the road in which the house stands was built in about 1806, following the aquisition from John Tope of his house and orchard to facilitate the "new cut out of the Town". In 1825 Samuel Burton, Veterinary Surgeon, of Totnes, sold a half share of a plot of land in the new Plymouth Road, being part of two orchards formerly owned by Aaron Tozer and John Tope, to Henry Tapper, Gardener, of Totnes, at a price of £27. The 20 neighbouring plots presumably changed hands at that time and a row of terraced houses were erected. Local tradition persists, although unsubstantiated, that Brunel designed or built the houses, possibly for the engineers working on the projected atmospheric railway. By 1838 the house, though at the time occupied by a William Smith, was owned by Samuel Hill, a local builder. Hill died in 1839 and left the house equally between

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Totnes Deeds Project 3 Plymouth Road

the 3 children of his deceased son George - George, Catherine and Agnes Hill. Agnes died in 1849, unmarried and a minor, and her one third share went to her elder brother George, also a builder. In 1855 George sold his enhanced 2/3 share to his grandmother Mrs Agnes Hill, the widow of old Samuel, who ran it as a lodging house. Successive occupants appear to have been Agnes herself, then a Mrs Gill and later a John Frederick, until in 1876 Agnes and granddaughter Catherine mortgaged the house for £100 to Frederick Bowden, a local merchant. In 1877 Agnes died. The house then appears to have passed into the sole ownership of the unmarried Catherine who, in 1883, sold to William Stooke, a poulterer, of Harberton, for £155. On William's death in 1888, the house was left to his widow Mary. In 1896 Mary Stooke mortgaged the house to the Rev Alfred Gill, Rector of Farringdon, and Thomas Kellock of Totnes, a doctor of medicine, for £100. By 1898 Mary Stooke discharged her mortgage by selling the house for £200 to Mrs Elizabeth Nott, a widow. Mrs Nott died in 1911, leaving the house to her five children in equal shares. Later that same year Frederick Nott, one of the two sons, aquired the house for £155 under an agreement with his 4 siblings in a manner directed in his mother's Will. Frederick Nott, a post office clerk at the time of his mother's death, lived in the house through both World Wars and, before his death in 1949, became the local Postmaster. Frederick Nott was survived by his three children - Philip, a dairyman of 64 High St Totnes, Dorothy (Heal) of 101 High St and Christine (Swinburn) whose then address was given as 3 Plymouth Road. On the winding up of the father's estate Philip, as administrator, sold the house to his own wife, Edith Nott for £700. In 1957 Edith Nott signed a wayleave agreement with the Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of the Borough of Totnes permitting the erection of an electric street light within the front boundary of the garden. In 1962 Eric Collins, a local Welfare Officer, with the aid of a 100% mortgage from the Devon County Council, bought the house from Mrs Nott, the terms of his loan requiring him to replace the old living room floor with a waterproofed concrete floor finished with thermoplastic tiles. In 1966 Collins moved on, selling the house for £2700 to Lieut-Col Maurice Davie of London SW19. Later that year Davie mortgaged the house to a lady from Paignton, Mary Neilson. The following summer Barclays Bank took a second change over the house "to cover sums owing to them". In the spring of 1969 Col Davie persuaded the Trustees of the E C Davie settlement to acquire the house for £4500 as an asset of the Trust. It seems likely that he and his wife separated around that time and that Mrs Davie retained the right to reside in the house. The legal title was conveyed in the name of the 3 trustees, one of whom subsequently died. In 1986 solicitors were instructed to prepare deeds appointing new Trustees and vesting the house in their joint names. This was done, but a careless secretary then posted the bundle of house deeds to 3 Plymouth Rd by mistake. Mrs Davie, who was apparently an alcoholic, later claimed never to have recieved the deeds and, despite intervention of another local solicitor, they were not recovered. In 1988 Mrs Davie is said to have fallen down the stairs and subsequently died. Despite a search of the house the missing deeds were not found and the solicitor in St Albans whose office had sent them out in error gave a Statutory Declaration, with a schedule of the original documents as an exhibit, in order to complete the legal title. The "new" trustees put the house up for sale and it was acquired by the Brinton brothers, speculative builders who "did it up to sell". Probably at this stage the title became Registered Land under Title No DN 262410. The purchasers, in about Oct 1990, were Elizabeth Ortega and her son Santiago. J.R.Wright 25.1.09 for Totnes Museum Society TDP028

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Totnes Deeds Project 8 Plymouth Road

8 Plymouth Road

8.9.1839. Indenture. (1) Matthew HILL, Staverton, yeoman and Samuel Hill, Totnes, builder; (2) Charles MICHELMORE, Totnes, gent.; (3) Richard COULTON, Buckfastleigh, gent.; (4) Simon THORNTON, Totnes, butler; (4) Robert WORTH, Totnes, tailor. By indentures of Lease & Release dated 28/29.10.1825 between (1) John CHASTER and John ENDLE; (2) Thomas COMMINS; (3) Samuel HILL (since deceased); (4) Arthur BROWSE; (5) Thomas BARTLETT, (1) sold to (3) & his heirs 2 plots or parcels of land marked in the plan of the now reciting indenture 7&8. Plots were parts and parcels of two orchards formerly in the land of Aaron TOZER and John TOPE in Totnes adjoining the Plymouth Road from Totnes to Broomborough and then occupied by Henry TAPPER as tenant. And by indenture of demise dated 3.2.1829 between SH (since deceased) and RC (of Rattery) and CM, SH demised the aforementioned premises to CM for 3000 years for securing £200 advanced by RC to SH. Further charge dated 3.4.1832 RC advanced £100 to SH at 5% p.a. Soon after the execution of the Lease & Release SH built 3 messuages or dwelling houses and offices on said plots of land. SH sold in his lifetime one of the houses with garden and offices belonging to Alexander Popham LUSCOMBE and another house, garden and offices to John WEBBER. In his will dated 17.7.1838 SH gave to his brother MH and testator’s son Samuel Hill all his 3 dwelling houses being Nos.6,7 & 8 in Plymouth Road then in occ. of Thomas BASTOW, Jane LANGMAN and – CAMPBELL as his tenants, upon trust that they should after his death sell them as soon as convenient. Will was proved 5.2.1839. CM has not sold premises but £300 still owing to RC. Auction was held on 23.5.1839 at the London Inn, Totnes by order of MH and SH. £300 offered at auction. Since auction MH and SH have contracted with ST to sell for £370 for 3000 years. ST pays RC £300 and £70 to MH and SH. Said house is now occupied by Thomas Bastow as tenant and is numbered 8, bounded to the east by No.7, to the west by house owned by John Webber, on the south by orchard once owned by John Chaster but now by Charles Webber and on the north by the road. Abstract of Title of Mr Henry Distin to No.8 Plymouth Road (freehold house) 1.7.1854??? will of Simon Thornton, Totnes, gent. He bequeathed No.8 to Nicholas GIDLEY of Totnes, grocer and John Webber CHASTER of Totnes, tanner (Mr. LASKEY then tenant) in trust for Ann Distin, wife of Andrew Sparke Distin of Totnes. ironmonger for her life. Trustees to pay remainder to A.S.Distin for education of her son Henry Thornton Distin until 21 years old. ST d.25.3.1854, will proved 28.4.1854. Ann Distin d.17.10.1902. 15.1.1920. Conveyance. HTD of Totnes, ironmonger to Mrs. Susanna PRESTON of Totnes, widow. Cons. £550. (SP was tenant at time of sale.) 25.3.1926. Conveyance. SP to Edmund Banfill and Elizabeth Hutchings STOYLE of Northgate, Totnes. Cons. £500.

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Totnes Deeds Project 8 Plymouth Road

7.10.1938. Agreement re party wall. Between Heber JORDAN esq of Stresa, Plymouth Road, garage proprietor, and EBS esq. of North Gate Lodge, draper. EBS d.13.11.1944. EHS d.19.6.1947. Her will dated 1.2.1947, proved 28.10.1947. 23.1.1949. Assent vesting No.8 Plymouth Road in Mabel Elizabeth PROUT of Northgate Lodge, married woman, dau. of EHS (the beneficiary) and Frank Banfill Prout of Surrey, civil servant, and John Reginald Prout of Northgate Lodge, accountant (the executors). 30.3.1951. Conveyance. MEP to George L. ADDINGTON and his wife. Cons. £2650. 31.3.1951. Mortgage to secure £800 + interest at 4% p.a. GLA of 8 Plymouth Road, retired civil servant and Rosetta Louise Addington his wife (the borrowers) and Mabel Elizabeth Prout, wife of Alfred Peter Prout, of Northgate Lodge, company director. 10.7.1961. Conveyance. GLA and RLA to Mrs Mary Ethel STOYLE of Wayside, 50 Follaton. Cons. £1850. 27.5.1977. Assent vesting property in Arthur Keith STOYLE. MES d.16.12.1976, probate 28.1.1977. Executors AKS of Exeter and Henry Denys Hope Johnson of 8 High Street, Totnes. No.8 now Kelms House. J.R.Wright 25.1.09 for Totnes Museum Society TDP029

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Totnes Deeds Project 5 Belmont Terrace

5 Belmont Terrace

Courtesy of Richard Wyatt.

As to the former leasehold interest

18 February 1905. Lease by Edward WINDEATT to William TREWOLLA REEVES and Thomas FAIRWEATHER REEVES of “ALL THAT piece or parcel of land part of a certain Orchard called or known by the name of Pound House Orchard situate in or near North Street Totnes aforesaid the dimensions and boundaries whereof are shown and delineated on the Plan shown on these presents and therein coloured Pink together with the several messuages or dwellinghouses to be erected thereon “for a term of 999 years from March 1904 (See deeds for 8 Belmont Terrace).

31 August 1910. Assignment by W T REEVES and T F REEVES (Vendors) and Edgecombe PARSON and John Sparke AMERY (Mortgagees) to Percy MARLEY of “ALL THAT piece of ground together with the messuage or tenement and other buildings erected thereon and known as Number 5 Belmont Terrace Totnes, all which said premises are more particularly delineated on the plan drawn on these presents and therein coloured red”.

17 July 1926. Assignment by Percy Lewis MARLEY to Winifred PENGILLY

8 October 1974. Will of W PENGILLY appointing Edward Fabyan WINDEATT , John KENDALL and James Patrick SPILLER to be her executors and giving her dwellinghouse and premises known as 5 Belmont Terrace Totnes to Joan Mary COAKER absolutely.

9 May 1976. Death of W. PENGILLY.

15 July 1976. Probate of will of W PENGILLY granted out of the Bristol District Probate Registry.

16 August 1976. Assent (endorsed on Assignment dated 17 July 1926) by E F WINDEATT, J KENDALL and J P SPILLER in favour of J M COAKER

As to the Freehold

7 December 1919 Will of Edward WINDEATT

4 June 1921. Probate of Will of Edward WINDEATT granted out of the Exeter District Probate Registry to Sarah WINDEATT, George Edgcombe WINDEATT and Grace Frances WILSON

26 May 1931. Death of Sarah WINDEATT

12 October 1933. Assent by George Edgcombe WINDEATT and Grace Frances WILSON vesting (inter alia) “ALL Those Freehold dwelling houses and premises with the gardens thereto belonging and known as Numbers 2, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 Belmont Terrace” in themselves.

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Totnes Deeds Project 5 Belmont Terrace

28 February 1962. Death of G E WINDEATT

7 June 1963. Deed of appointment by G F WILSON appointing Edward Fabyan WINDEATT and Alicia Windeatt WILSON to be a trustee jointly with herself of (inter alia) Numbers 2, 5, 7 and 8 Belmont Terrace.

4 October 1977. Conveyance by G F WILSON, E F WINDEATT and A W WILSON to Joan COAKER of “ALL THAT dwellinghouse and premises with the garden thereto belonging and known as Number Five Belmont Terrace situate in the Borough of Totnes in the County of Devon

10 November 1977. Conveyance by J M COAKER to Paul Nigel TURNER (Missing)

10 November 1977. Legal charge by P N TURNER in favour of South Hams District Council with Vacating Receipt endorsed dated 6 July 1984.

6 July 1984. Conveyance by P N TURNER to Louis HINTON and Valerie Elizabeth Ann HINTON