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My Top 10 TV Shows ever… both past and present
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  • 1. My Top 10 TV Shows
    ever both past and present

2. What I look for in QUALITY television shows
Action, Conflict
Decent music
Life lessons
Character growth
Surreal Escapism
And yes pretty actors and actresses help too
Whoever said TV rots your brain, clearly never took the time to analyze it like literature
3. 10. Matlock
Old man who still is mentally sharp and suave?
Legal drama, murder mystery
Updated version of Perry Mason, but pre-CSI
4. 9. Friends
A group of pals trying to make it in NYC
Living the everyday relatable issues
Romance, bromance, etc.
Too classic to miss
5. 8. Glee
Singing, dancing. Whats not to like?
High School is still makes great drama!
We all wish we were cool, even adults who live in the real world
They tackle larger social issues, like diversity.
6. 7. Lois & Clark: The Adventures of Superman
Undercover crime fighter. Yes.
Strong female lead. Yes.
Science fiction/ aliens? Yes.
Guilty pleasure in its sappiness.
Deals with urban society and its issues of poverty and justice
Love the technology in this show Lol, so fun to go back
7. 6. Gilmore Girls
Because every mother-daughter dreams of having such closeness
Because every woman dreams of being this witty, independent, and gorgeous throughout life
Great soundtrack
Love their family issues and realism
8. 5. Scrubs
More romance, bromance
Tongue in cheek honesty about the emotional realities of working with sick and dying people everyday
Yay hospitals!
Surprisingly deep, poignant and clever
LOVE the internal narration
9. 4. Psych
A skilled liar who somehow makes it in life, and even does good for other people
A realistic and evolving father and son relationship
Emphasizes the benefit of detailed observation and mindfulness
10. 3. The Pretender
Kidnapped youth making the most of his traumatic childhood rearing
Uses his intellect for good instead of evil
Hes able to infinitely adapt to any situation
Never gives up on trying to reconcile his past and find his family
11. 2. Prison Break
Brotherly love and belief in true justice drives brilliant architect to commit crime
Tests the will of man and his capacity for creativity to overcome obstacles
Good and evil (ethics) are constantly under negotiation as new facts to the story are revealed the viewer becomes judge
12. 1. Boy Meets World
For the most part, healthy relationships played out on screen
Conflicts are communicated, dealt with in 20 min, and people move on with their lives
Escapism at its best! The cute boy, the cute girl, people go to college. What a life.