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Top Places to Visit in United Kingdom

Apr 16, 2017



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Top Places to Visit in United KingdomUnited Kingdom has a unique history to show with modern advancements of new era.We have discussed aboutdelicious food opportunities at Heathrow airport terminal 3in our previous article.Now in this article we are going to look into some cool and top attractions to visit in UK.UK has a diversity of attractions to present for its tourists to visit and enjoy, ancient castles, old walled cities, latest museums and modern architecture of industrial

Windsor Castle, WindsorFabulous castle Situated at the bank of river.Windsor castlewas the loved place of Queen.Elizabeth II liked to most of time here.Offers to see the Royal Collection paintings.Queen Marys Dolls house is located

British Museum, LondonAn artwork at its best inBritish Museum.It is a museum to express human history.It has history to look for in its own.Itis the no doubt worlds greatest museum.It has established way back in 1753.8 million pieces of antiques of

London EyeThe most popular visitor place in London.A huge 135 meters tall wheel like structure.Built to celebrate Londons millennium celebrations.Sightseeing view on the bank of river Thames.Becomes more awesome at night time with

Tower of LondonBe amazed by this great place of interest.This building was built in 1066.Great attraction to visit in Tower of London.Ravens, Fortress and The White Tower.Plenty of cheerful things to see for adults.

Eden Project, CornwallWorlds largest rain Forrest in the world located in Cornwall.A place to visit for the whole family.Structures built with glass like domes.Heathrow Airport LondonHeathrow airport is also a place to see in London.Largest free structured building of the Europe.Great deal of car parking services at Heathrow

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