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TOP 5 DISNEY MOVIES I’m a total Disney freak and I especially love the movies like The Jungle book, Mulan, Robin Hood, etc.. But the 5 on my list are the

Dec 23, 2015



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  • TOP 5 DISNEY MOVIES Im a total Disney freak and I especially love the movies like The Jungle book, Mulan, Robin Hood, etc.. But the 5 on my list are the ones Im mostly in love with By: Aly Dunoyer
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  • #5 ALADDIN (1992) Aladdin that is was obsessed with. Its a fun movie about a street rat falling in love the princess of India when he make a deal with Jaffar to retrieve a lamp hidden in the cave of wonder. The genie has been in there for 10,000 years and gives Aladdin 3 wishes which Aladdin uses 2 to get Jasmin and gives the genie his freedom as his 3 rd wish. This movie is full of Action, magic,and excitement. I loved this movie so much I literally could not stop singing a whole new world and A friend like me and lot of people think I look like Jasmin.
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  • #4 THE LITTLE MERMAID(2009) The Little mermaid was one of the most popular movies in Disney. Mermaids is what caught my eye in the trailer and the cover of the movie. I literally wanted a mermaid tail when I was 6. Ursula is one of the greatest Disney villains of all time with some hilarious scenes and lines just like Ariel in these pictures, this movie has many funny and creative songs like under the sea
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  • #3 BEAUTY AND THE BEAST(2007) I fell in love with this movie and I couldnt stop watching it.Beauty and the Beast is a lovely and its a legendary love story that beauty is only skin deep. After a curse from an enchantress a prince was turned into a beast which only true love can break the curse until the 21 st year,A girl named Belle sacrificed herself to save her father from trespassing to the Beasts castle and worked as the servant she began to fall in love with the beast and the beast fell in love with her back. Back in belles home town Gaston wanted to marry Belle but she loved the beast Gaston thought if he killed the beast Belle would marry him. This movies is extraordinary and funny.
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  • #2 FROZEN (2014) This movie is just straight up funny the songs the scenes (especially Olaf scenes) Elsa played by the academy award winning in musical and acting Idina Menzel and Anna played the hilarious Kristen Bell and Olaf the loveable snow man by Josh Gadd. Frozen is my 2 nd favorite movie to ever occur in Disney. The scenes with Elsas ice powers and Annas silliness with Olafs moments this movie is FANTASTIC and cant wait for Frozen Fever.
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  • #1 Peter Pan This movie is funny whimsical and takes place were dreams are born. NEVERLAND. I wanted fly with Peter Pan with Tinker bell in this movie and ride the jolly roger with Captain hook put him next to a crocodile and he is the worlds biggest baby. Peter pan has amazing magic and funny Lost boys. 2 words LOVE IT
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  • o DID I FORGET ONE o DID YOU DISAGREE WITH THE LIST (ITS MY OPINION MY THE WAY) Question, comments, concerns? Hmmmm. So thats my list of my favorite Disney movies that I love so much. What did you guys think of my list?
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