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Top 10 Motivation Speakers

May 12, 2015



Brooks International Speakers Bureau has access to the best motivational speakers to help you to select the perfect speaker for your next meeting, conference or event. Here are our top 10 motivational speakers.

  • 1.Top 10 Motivation Speakers

2. Brooks International Speakers Bureau has access to thebest motivational speakers to help you to select the perfect speakerfor your next meeting, conference or event. 3. Mike MullaneBrooks International Speakers Bureau 303-825-8700

  • As a veteran of the earliest flights of the American Space Shuttle
  • program, Mike Mullane has seen the world from a perspective that few
  • people have ever experienced directly but that inspires a deep sense of
  • wonder in all of us.
  • Mullane shares his experiences with audiences both
  • young and old in his hallmark multi-media presentation,
  • "Stories from Space.

Watch VideoAstronaut and Motivational Speaker 4. Eric LarsenBrooks International Speakers Bureau 303-825-8700

  • Modern-day explorer, expedition guide and Eric Larsens life epitomizes
  • adventure.
  • A polar adventurer, dog musher and educator, he has spent the past 15
  • years of his life traveling in some of the most remote and wild places left
  • on earth.

Watch Video

  • Eric travels extensively giving motivational and
  • educational lectures to schools, universities, non profit
  • organizations and corporate groups.

Begin With One Step 5. Daymond JohnBrooks International Speakers Bureau 303-825-8700

  • Daymond John is a young entrepreneur, an industry pioneer, a highly
  • regarded marketing expert, and a man who has surpassed new heights
  • of commercial and financial success.
  • Over the last 20 years, Daymond has evolved from one of the most
  • successful fashion icons of his generation to one of the
  • most sought after branding experts, business, and
  • motivational speakers in the country.

Shark BrandingRead More 6. Dan BuettnerBrooks International Speakers Bureau 303-825-8700

  • Dan Buettner is an internationally recognized researcher, explorer, and
  • New York Times bestselling author and National Geographic Fellow.
  • Buettners National Geographic cover story on longevity, The Secrets of
  • Living Longer was one of their top-selling issues in history and made him
  • a finalist for a National Magazine Award.
  • His books The Blue Zones:Lessons for Living Longer
  • from the People Whove Lived the Longest (2008) and
  • Thrive: Finding Happiness the Blue Zones Way (2010)
  • appeared on many best seller lists and were both
  • featured on Oprah.

Live Longer, BetterRead More 7. Chris GardnerBrooks International Speakers Bureau 303-825-8700

  • Christopher Gardner is the owner and CEO of Gardner Rich LLC with
  • offices in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.
  • Conquering grave challenges to become a successful entrepreneur,
  • Gardner is an avid motivational and aspirational speaker, addressing the
  • keys to overcoming obstacles and breaking cycles.
  • Gardner is also a passionate philanthropist whose work
  • has been recognized by many esteemed organizations.

"The Pursuit of Happyness"Watch Video 8. Terry JonesBrooks International Speakers Bureau 303-825-8700

  • Terry Jones founded He led the company as President
  • and Chief Executive Officer from its founding until May 2002.
  • Previously, Jones served as Chief Information Officer at Sabre Inc.
  • In his 24 years at Sabre, Jones held various executive
  • positions including President of Computer Services,
  • Vice President of Applications Development and Vice
  • President of Product Development.
  • Jones is managing principal of Essential Ideas, a
  • consultancy he co-founded to help companies in their
  • transition to the digital economy.

Founder and former CEO of Travelocity.comWatch Video 9. Joel ZeffBrooks International Speakers Bureau 303-825-8700

  • Joel Zeff is one of the most sought after humorists in the corporate
  • domain.
  • His distinctive comedy blends a spirit of improvisation with his unique
  • take on the corporate life.
  • Corporations and organizations nationwide seek him
  • out to motivate and energize their employees on such
  • topics as creativity, communication, teamwork, passion
  • and fun.

The Strength of Laughter: Energizing Your Spirit with HumorWatch Video 10. Tim SandersBrooks International Speakers Bureau 303-825-8700

  • Time Magazine has described Tim Sanders as someone who uses
  • speaking to generate change in his audiences. They call him a public
  • consultant.
  • Tim Sanders speaks for strong business relationships, both internal and
  • external.
  • Tim Sanders is more than a keynote speaker; his real
  • world experience, research savvy and deep
  • understanding of the human condition make him an
  • indispensable consultant to some of the biggest brands
  • in the world.

People-Centric Business ExpertWatch Video 11. Howard BeharBrooks International Speakers Bureau 303-825-8700

  • Howard Behar is the former president of Starbucks Coffee Company
  • North America and Starbucks Coffee International.
  • Howard Behar presents keynotes and leads thought-provoking Q&As
  • with large and small audiences.
  • He speaks to corporate audiences, educational
  • institutions, boards and governance groups, and
  • nonprofit organizations seeking to challenge and
  • inspire themselves.

Former President of StarbucksWatch Video 12. Rick BarreraBrooks International Speakers Bureau 303-825-8700

  • Rick Barrera is a marketing consultant and author known throughout the
  • Fortune 500 for his extraordinary speaking ability and his unique
  • approach to brand building.
  • His research on the strategies used by breakthrough brands like Hummer,
  • Starbucks, Chicos, Yellowfreight, WAMU, Lexus, and
  • Google will change your thinking about marketing
  • forever.
  • Rick has helped hundreds of companies re-design their
  • systems and implement a holistic approach to serving
  • customers.

Overpromise and OverdeliverWatch Video 13. Brooks International Speakers Bureau 303-825-8700 If you are looking for a motivational keynote speakerfor your next meeting or conference, Contact Brooks International Speakers Bureau 303-825-8700 14. First Rate Client List You're known by the company you keep --- and the companies that keep you.At Brooks, we are fortunate to support some of the areas leading organizations such as the Latin American Educational Foundation, Sun Microsystems, Qwest, Level 3, Whole Foods, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation,Western Union, and Children's Hospital.Weve helped each of them deliver the kind of event that their important programs required.Brooks International Speakers Bureau 303-825-8700 15. Call us: 303-825-8700