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Top 10-christmas-movies-for-2010

Jan 13, 2015




Top 10-christmas-movies-for-2010

  • 1. Top 10 RecommendChristmas Moviesfor 2010 by Moyea PowerPoint

2. 1. HomeAlone 3. Kevin McAllister is a young boywho finds himself home alone afterhis family accidentally leaves himbehind for Christmas vacation. He isthrilled at first, until he learns justhow much he depends on his familyfor companionship and support. Whenrobbers threaten to break into hishouse, he knows he must muster upsome independence and fight back. 4. 2. Muppet Christmas Carol 5. Michael Caine teams up withthe Muppets for a retelling ofthe classic A ChristmasCarol. With a cast of mostlynon-human entities, the story isgiven a fresh twist that peopleof all ages are sure to enjoy. 6. 3. The Santa Clause 7. In this movie, Tim Allen starsas a savvy toy businessman whoaccidentally kills Santa; as aresult, he must take over the role,much to his chagrin. While hisson is quick to accept it, otherstake his rapid weight gain as asign of bigger problems. 8. 4. Its a Wonderful Life 9. Poor George Bailey is at the endof his rope; it is Christmas Eve,and when many are feelingcelebratory, he is miserable. Ittakes the help of a guardian angelto get him back into the holidayspirit and show him just howmuch good he has really done. 10. 5. The Nightmare Before Christmas 11. Jack Skellington rules overHalloween, but he finds himselfunhappy with this role. Afteraccidentally stumbling into theworld of Christmas, he becomesdetermined to claim that time ofyear for his own; and that meansgetting rid of Santa Claus. 12. 6. Elf 13. Buddy the Elf moves out ofSantas Workshop and intohuman society as he tries tofind his real dad. Soon enough,he learns that the real world isnot as cheery and content as hehad become accustomed. 14. 7. A Christmas Story 15. All the little boy wanted wasa BB gun for Christmas, andyet the adults in his life seemdetermined to thwart this wish.With many laughs abound,this movie is considered aclassic by many. 16. 8. White Christmas 17. World War II veteransturned entertainers find truelove and save the livelihood ofa friend in this vintageChristmas movie. With manymusical numbers and a cast oflikable characters, this shouldbe on any persons watch list. 18. 9. Miracle on 34th Street 19. While people are happy to graspthe concept of Santa, when a mannamed Kris Kringle claims tobe the real deal, he soon findshimself labeled insane. If he doesnot prove to the world, and acynical little girl, that he is real,Christmas may never be the same. 20. 1o. Scrooged 21. Greedy businessman FrankCross finds himself acting outthe story of A ChristmasCarol. 22. Moyea PowerPointwishes you aMerry Christmas! 23. Moyea PowerPointProfessional PowerPoint toDVD & PowerPoint to videosolutions