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Tooth Fairy Traditions You’ll Want to Try ASAP

Mar 30, 2022




As your child begins to notice the first signs of a wiggly tooth, you may start asking yourself a lot of questions about how to be the Tooth Fairy. What does the Tooth Fairy pay these days? Does she leave something besides money? Does the Tooth Fairy take the teeth with her? From tooth fairy letters to tooth fairy pillows to glitter money and more, we've rounded up some truly creative and fun tooth fairy ideas and traditions that provide inspiration for creating a little tooth fairy magic in your own home. Plus, we'll tell you what the average kid seems to be collecting for those pearly whites... 

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Consider getting a bit more creative with your traditions, so you don’t miss this opportunity to really drive home healthy oral habits. These cute Tooth Fairy traditions might seem a little extra, but they’ll make the experience of losing a tooth memorable for your child and turn into a fun, teachable moment.