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Tips to stay safe during an epidemic

Aug 26, 2021




It's been a year and as we know COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet. Many of us feel anxious, paranoid, or panic and there are some who disbelieve in the virus that currently haunts us. So how should we act? We need to keep doing our activities with staying alert and keep following the government's health protocols to stay safe and protected during this pandemic. The government has announced the 5M movements as our guide in carrying out activities during a pandemic situation.  

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Don’t go to school or work. You or some family member should call and ask advice from a doctor or other health professional. What you have may be a cold. But during epidemics, doctors recommend being extra cautious and reporting any possible sign that it might be far worse. Know what symptoms to look for. With the COVID-19 coronavirus, for instance, key symptoms have been fever, chest congestion, cough and shortness of breath — not a runny nose. Knowing what symptoms characterize an outbreak may help you know whether you likely have a cold or something potentially much worse. If you have a fever, don’t travel. This symptom usually is a sign that your body is battling a major infection. If you discover such symptoms while flying, tell a crew member immediately. Once you have landed, consult a health professional. And let them know what areas you had visited before your flight.