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Tips to Avoid Getting Sick

Aug 26, 2021




The flu, COVID-19 and other serious illnesses are a true concern for the world today, and colds are a nuisance that nobody enjoys. They’re highly contagious and spread easily from person to person. That doesn’t mean they’re impossible to prevent though, or that you can’t stop them from spreading. With the help of these tips to avoid getting sick, you can keep yourself and others around you safe. 

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If you have symptoms, stay home. Make your favorite hot drink and some soup and get ready to rest until you’re feeling better. We don’t care what reasons you have for going into the office; they’re not good enough. Not everyone has the luxury of paid sick days, this is sometimes a sacrifice you have to make. If you’re able and absolutely can’t afford to miss work, talk with your manager about working from home or making up for the lost time once you’re well. Lives are on the line.