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Tips for creating Moodle Mobile friendly courses sites - MoodleMoot Spain 2014

Jul 15, 2015




Tips for creating Moodle Mobile friendly courses/sites

Juan LeyvaMoodle Mobile Develo[email protected]#mootes14This presentation is about the official app for Android, iOs, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8

If you are more interested in using mobiles to support learning with Moodle, see:

DisclaimerMoodle Mobile is the official mobile app for Moodle

Moodle Mobile

It is important to know that the app will never be able to support all the functions of Moodle, because Moodle is a huge fast-moving target and writing secure web services (which is how the app communicates to Moodle) takes a long time to do properly. This is a tradeoff that we had to make, and we know it may disappoint some users who want this app to do everything immediately!

We focus on the communication aspects, plus a few of the information aspects.Martin Dougiamas

Mobile strategy going forward

Install the Moodle additional features plugin

Local plugin for adding new features to the current Moodle Mobile appThis add-on provides new features and also web services which are currently only available in the latest Moodle versionA Moodle 2.4 installation with the plugin has the same Mobile features available than a Moodle 2.8 installationTips for sitesMoodle additional features plugin

Extra features: Support for sites using SSO authentication methods (Shibboleth and CAS)A new Moodle Mobile major version requires to upgrade this plugin in your Moodle installation.

Tips for sitesEnable Push notifications

The site must be registered in moodle.orgAdministration / Plugins / Message outputs / Mobile notificationsUser must enable in their profile to receive Mobile notifications

Tips for sitesEnable Push notifications

Notifications are connected to the Moodle messaging systemA bulk message to all the users in a course will send a Push notification to the user mobile phone (Remember, the user must enable to receive Mobile notifications)

Tips for sitesUse the topics or weeks course formatTips for courses

Avoid orphaned activities or direct links to activitiesTips for courses

Labels are initially collapsed, use a short text as introduction of what is insideTips for courses

Use responsive HTML in pages or mini-sitesTips for courses

Youtube or maps links (URL resource) opens automatically the system appTips for courses

Find alternatives to unsupported activities or resources

Book module: Publish an accessible version of the Book resource using the export to HTML featureIMS CP: Instead using the IMS CP resource, unzip the file and add it as a resource (mini-site)

Tips for coursesFind alternatives to unsupported activities or resources

Same for SCORM without API trackingNot all the video formats are supported by all mobile devices, upload the same video in different formats in a directory resourceTips for coursesUpload a detailed guide of how to use Moodle Mobile including:Download links to the different platforms/stores.Explain the different possibilities and limitations of the app.Explain how the offline mode works (you should download your contents first).Explain how to configure your messaging settings for receiving mobile notifications.Tips for sitesCreate a custom theme for your siteTips for sites

Do not use frontpage courses or activitiesTips for sites

Place those pages in a global course where all the users are enrolled via cohorts, meta-course enrolmentsEnroll all the users in that course via the db pluginTips for sites

You have more information here:

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