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Tips for Bug Bites

Aug 26, 2021




Nothing can kill the enjoyment of an outdoor event quite like bug bites. Even though they are for the most part harmless, bugs drive most people crazy. Nobody wants bug bites that swell and cause persistent itching all over their skin. Bugs are able to hone in on people by sensing the carbon dioxide we exhale. The more people around you, the more carbon dioxide and you guessed it… more bugs! So what can you do? There are numerous ways to prevent and treat bug bites. From prescription medications to home remedies. With so many option available the goal is to find what works best for you. Not all remedies will work everyone due to variations in metabolism, genetics and immune system exposure. 

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The best method to keep bug bites from covering your skin is to avoid the bugs in the first place. If you can’t avoid them totally then using preventative measures mentioned above are the next best idea. Once you do get a bite reaching for over the counter and home remedies that have proven to be effective is the right next step. Don’t fall into some marketing pitch by a company that claims to have the perfect new product when so many have already been shown to work well. This mindset will help you get rid of bites and keep your hard earned money in your pocket.