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Timeline of transportation

Dec 01, 2014



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  • 1. Historical Timeline of Transportation

2. GUIDELINESPreviousChoicesNext 3. Transportation is the movement of people and goods from one place to another. The word transportation comes from the Latin word transportare meaning trans (across) and portare (to carry). 4. Historical Timeline of Transportation 5. Shanks Pony is the first form of transportation. It is also known as humans foot. 6. Wooden Sledge (7000-4000 B.C.) 7. Wagon (3500 B.C.) 8. Sailing boat (3100 B.C.)invented by Egyptians that is made up of bundles of papyrus reeds that is tied together. 9. Wooden Ships (2700 B.C.)Egyptians began using this for trade by sea. 10. Horses are domesticated and used for transportation. (2000 B.C ) 11. Wheelbarrow (181-234) 12. Submarine (1620)Cornellis Drebbel invented an human oared submersible 13. Bus (1662)Blaise Pascal invented the first public bus. 14. Jacques de Vaucanson demonstrate his clockwork power carriage. (1740) 15. First practical steamboat demonstrated by Marquis Claude Francois de Jouffroy d'Abbans. (1783) 16. The Montigolfier brothers invented the first hot air balloon. (1783) 17. Steamboat (1787) 18. First Car (1769)invented byNicholas Joseph Cugnot 19. Modern Bicycle (1790) 20. Steam Powered Locomotive (1801) invented byRichard Trevithick 21. First Practical Steam Powered Railroad Locomative (1814) invented by George Stephenson 22. Gasoline Engine Automobile (1862)made by Jean Lenoir 23. First Motorcycle (1867) 24. Cable Car (1871) 25. Dirrigible (1769) invented byFerdinand von Zeppeline 26. Engined Airplane (1903)invented by Wright brothers 27. Helicopter (1907)unsuccessful design 28. Liquid Propelled Rocket l (1926) 29. Modern Helicopter (1940) 30. Supersonic Jet (1947) 31. Hovercraft (1956) 32. Bullet Train (1964) 33. Space Shuttle launched (1981) 34. Segway PT (2002)invented by Dean Kamen 35. Shanghai Maglev Train (2004) 36. SpaceShipOne (2004) the first privately funded human spaceflight 37. SOURCEShttp://www.newworldencyclopedia.or g/entry/transport rt.html e_of_transportation_technology 38. By : Trisha R. Racraquin IV-Gold (2013)

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