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Timeline of Absolutism

Jan 17, 2018



Spain and France 1555- Peace at Augsburg 1588- Spanish Armada Defeated 1643-1715 - Louis XIV rules Europe 1661- Palace of Versailles Constructed

Timeline of Absolutism Spain and France 1555- Peace at Augsburg Spanish Armada Defeated Louis XIV rules Europe Palace of Versailles Constructed Thirty Years War and Central Europe
Thirty Years War Peace of Westphalia Maria Theresa takes throne in Austria Frederick the Great takes power in Prussia Seven Years War Russia 1533-1581- Ivan the Terrible in power
1696- Peter the Great and Romanov family takes control 1703- St. Petersburg Constructed English Civil War 1642- English Civil War Begins Charles I killed, Oliver Cromwell takes power James II takes power, absolutism returns William and Mary take power, Glorious Revolution English Bill of Rights passed

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