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May 13, 2015




  • 1.TimeTool Time Tracking Software and Project Time Management Software

2. Contents Additional Tools Technical Specifications Benefits and Features Introduction 3. Contents Introduction 4. Introduction

    • Successful companies become successful by constantly improving, and that starts by understanding exactly how your employees time & costs are being used every day.
    • Budgets and estimates are only useful if they're actually implemented and that means tracking every hour in real time. Whether you're a leader in your field today or just on your way to becoming one, TimeTool can help increase your profits.

5. Introduction Our employee time tracking software and project tracking software assists many successful companies in keeping employee time sheets by providing a professional web timesheet and expense project tracking software tool.TimeTool Tracking Time Software 6. Contents Benefits and Features 7. Benefits Employees Managers Executives TimeTool 8. Benefits Adopted by Employees You need access to information in real time to make Informed decisions and optimize productivity. Employees need Solutions that make their jobs easier to ensure they become part of their routine every day. TimeTool provides them with fast access to data. TimeTool 9. Benefits Critical for Managers Managers need visibility into the Activities of their employees and insight into where they stand with their projects. TimeTool provides powerful project time and costing software so managers can be confident that their teams are producing at their full capacity. TimeTool 10. Benefits Trusted by Executives Executives need accurate information so they can evaluate their company's past performance while looking ahead to the future. They want to answer critical business questions quickly without Sifting through reams of data. With the powerful analytics that TimeTool provides, executives have the real-time information they need to be effective. TimeTool 11. Benefits TimeTool Managers Employers Executives 12. Benefits TimeTool Timesheet is an easy-to-use project time and cost savings solution. This software improves overall business efficiency and gives you complete control of project budget vs. actual information with real-time reporting. 13. Features Time management Absence management Calendar Functionality Work hours Report Absences Report Contact Functionality 14. Features

  • Reports per employee, task, client and project
  • Statistics Reports
  • Special Reports

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  • It can work with any database
  • Dynamic Mapping Layer

Mapping Layer 17. Technical Speficication Start to use it! According your needs Build the package The core tool Deployment Customization Implementation TimeTool 18. Contents Additional Tools 19. Additional Tools TimeTool Ticket Tool Salary Tool VeriScan Payment Tool 20. Additional Tools Salary Tool

  • Automatic salaries calculation
  • Generation of Salary Specification Document

21. Additional Tools

  • Automatic creation of Receipts for clients
  • Graphical Reports

Payment Tool 22. Additional Tools Interface with VeriScan Effective and easy to operate membership database software with ability to capture photo image via connected camera. Collect, update and maintain your members' records with easy interface. Export data in multiple formats, save log entries and set up custom alerts. Save Present Time with boimetric data and touch screen. VeriScan 23. Additional Tools

  • Creation of Virtual Tickets for employees
  • Real Time Control of worked hours

Ticket Tool 24. Additional Tools TimeTool Many new components become this and come onto the market after a long test stage next year. Our software packages do justice to the heaviest demands and make simple dealing possible him topic time. Customer desires are co-taken into account and converted in close cooperation 25. Additional Tools Microsoft Project Import Information about the planning can be imported into TimeTool. TimeTool Synchronization Database Data time from the employees and tasks 26. Additional Tools

  • Microsoft Project Import
  • Working hours per task
  • Hierarchy Structure
  • Calculation between planning hours and working hours
  • Control over the project

TimeTool Synchronization 27. Thank You !