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Ticket to ride Keir Bowden, BrightGen, CTO @bob_buzzard

Ticket to Ride - Salesforce Hybrid Mobile Apps

Jan 15, 2015



Slide deck from my Dreamforce 2013 mobile theatre session demonstrating a couple of complementary applications - a ticketing app to download tickets to a device and present a QR code and a driver app to scan and verify the code and consume the ticket in Salesforce.

  • 1. Ticket to ride Keir Bowden, BrightGen, CTO @bob_buzzard

2. About me CTO of BrightGen 5 years MVP Enterprise Java background 3. When mobile web apps arent enough You need access to device features but dont want to learn a new programming language per platform Heres how to leverage your existing web skills using the Salesforce Mobile SDK ... 4. Tickets app flow 1. Download Tickets 1. Download Tickets2. Store Offline 2. Store Offline3. Present Code 3. Present Code 5. Driver app flow 1. Sign in to service 1. Sign in to service 4. Consume ticket 4. Consume ticket2. Touch to scan 2. Touch to scan3. Scan code and validate 3. Scan code and validate 6. Mobile options 7. Tickets appHybrid Hybrid Application ApplicationiOS iOSV 1.3 V 1.3REST REST Toolkit ToolkitSmart Smart Store Store 8. Driver appHybrid Hybrid Application ApplicationiOS iOSV 1.3 V 1.3REST REST Toolkit ToolkitScanner Scanner Plugin Plugin 9. Demo Retrieving tickets and presenting a ticket code Scanning and verifying the ticket A look at the code: Store.js - Smartstore integrationTickets.js interface between store and UIScan.js Scanner integration 10. Lesson 1: Storyboard the application Especially single page applications! Map pages to functionality 11. Lesson 2: Professional JavaScript Avoid anonymous functions Use your own namespace Dont tie behaviour to content 12. Lesson 3: Use the discussion boards You arent the first Leverage the community Access the SDK developers 13. Lesson 4: Terminology Cordova Linux Phonegap RedHat Used interchangeably 14. Keir Bowden CTO, BrightGen @bob_buzzard

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