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ThyssenKrupp Materials Austria · PDF file5 ThyssenKrupp Materials Austria Location Vienna - Schillingstraße Total area 23.000 m² Warehouse area 7.200 m² Office space 1.150...

Jun 04, 2018




  • ThyssenKrupp Materials Austria GmbH

  • ThyssenKrupp Materials Austria 2

    Group Organisation Business Area Materials Services

    ThyssenKrupp Materials Austria

  • ThyssenKrupp Materials Austria 3

    Company History TKMA

  • ThyssenKrupp Materials Austria 4

    Head Office Vienna - Freudenau Harbour

    Warehouse area 8.000 m

    Office space 1.200 m

    69 employees

    17 Band saws

    1 Plasma cutting machine

    Diverse machines

    Railway sidings

    Direct connection to Danube harbour

    Direct motorway connection

  • ThyssenKrupp Materials Austria 5

    Location Vienna - Schillingstrae

    Total area 23.000 m

    Warehouse area 7.200 m

    Office space 1.150 m

    94 employees

    Autogenous flame-cutting Surface treatment

    Microplasma cutting Beveling

    Heat treatment Straightening

  • ThyssenKrupp Materials Austria 6

    Location Salzburg

    Warehouse area 3.000 m

    Office space 300 m

    8 employees

    3 Aluminium plate saws up to 150 mm thickness

    Logistic centre for TKM-A Direct motorway connection

  • ThyssenKrupp Materials Austria 7

    Strategical Orientation TKMA


    Czech Republic










    Bosnia and Herzegovina




  • ThyssenKrupp Materials Austria 8

    Core Competence TKM

    Portfolio: Cold work steel Hot work steel High speed steel Mould steel Powder metallurgical steels as semi-finished products, steel bars, sheets & precision steel

    We cut pieces to your specifications or even machined like required milled, drilled, ground. Further information's about our products are available on request.

    Portfolio: Hot rolled products

    Hot-rolled wide strip Heavy plates(Quarto) heavy / medium plates (band) high-strength, wear-resistant special structural steels weather-resistant structural steels

    thin sheet surface-finished products Wire rod Rail Long products

    Profiles (Steel bars/beams) Round- & shaped tubes, hollow profiles

    Further information's about our products are available on request.

    Tool Steel Quality Steel

  • ThyssenKrupp Materials Austria 9

    Core Competence TKM

    Portfolio: Case-hardening steels Heat-treatable steels High-temperature structural steels Roller bearing steel Nitriding steels Additional to our standard program we provide: Sheets of alloy and non-alloy steel Bright steel in all standard grades Castings and investment castings and components

    according to your drawings Further information's about our products are available on request.

    Portfolio: Stainless, acid and heat-resistant Sheets, strips and tubes Stainless, acid and heat-resistant bars corresponding filler materials

    for highest tech. requirements: resistance to corrosive media high strength and elongation values high temperature resistance Further information's about our products are available on request.

    Engineering Steel Stainless

  • ThyssenKrupp Materials Austria 10

    Core Competence TKM

    Portfolio: Aluminium Brass Copper and copper alloys Refractory metals Permanent magnets Heating wire Hard FERRO TITANIT Precision casting aluminium Aluminium zinc sheet

    on request we deliver sheets, round bars & ribbons blanks, clean coil and protection foiling. Aluminium plates we can cut up to 150mm thickness Further information's about our products are available on request.

    Portfolio: Commercial tubes Quality seamless pipes Precision steel tubes Seamless hydraulic & pneumatic line pipes Stainless steel pipes Structural hollow sections Steel line pipes Oilfield pipes OCTG Pipe accessories Special profiles Further information's about our products are available on request.

    Pipes & Tubes Non-ferrous Materials

  • ThyssenKrupp Materials Austria 11

    Core Competence TKM

    Portfolio: Steel grades: Sheet thickness: S 235 JR 3 120 mm S 235 J2+N 10 120 mm S 355 J2+N 3 500 mm S 355 80 500 mm XAR 400 4 100 mm XAR 450 4 100 mm XAR 500 4 100 mm S 690 QL 4 100 mm P 265 GH 10 120 mm C 45 10 120 mm 42CRMO 4 10 120 mm Further informations about our products are available on request.

    Features: Autogenous flame-cutting

    Microplasma cutting



    Heat treatment


    Steel Processing

  • ThyssenKrupp Materials Austria 12

    Service and Competence Portfolio

  • ThyssenKrupp Materials Austria 13

    ISO Certifications

  • ThyssenKrupp Materials Austria GmbH

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