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Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr. Audition Packet - The King's ... Modern Millie Jr. Audition Packet ... song or 32 measures memorized with sheet music in correct key ... auditioned, you

Mar 24, 2018




  • ThoroughlyModernMillieJr.AuditionPacket



    Students: ReadtheStudentParticipationContractandsubmitconfirmation CompletetheAuditionForm Providephoto(labeledwithyournameandauditionnumber)totheSAOVPABox Optional:ProvideaperformanceresumetotheSAOVPABox

    Parents: ReadtheFamilyParticipationContractandsubmitconfirmation


    CompletetheRegistration&Feesandsubmit SubmitFeespaymenttotheSAOVPABox


    ParticipationFee: $75Thishelpstocoverperformancerights,lights,sets,sound,programs.

    CostumeBoxFee: $25If you have one from a previous production, fee does not apply. You may also choose to build your own followingtheprovideddiagram.

    Optionalexpenses ParentVolunteerFee $250

    All parents are required to work 25 hours on the show. If you know you are not able to work, and prefer to purchase your hours, combine this amount with your participation fee check. Otherwise we lookforwardtoservingwithyou!

    TShirt $20Projectedadditionalcosts:

    CostumeRentalFee:$100150We will make every effort to keep rental costs low. In addition each student will need to purchase shoes andfoundations(neutralundergarments)thattheywillkeep.

    ConcessionsDonations:2dozenbakedgoods&acaseofsoda/water Tickets: $6/student$8/adult TechWeekDinner(optional)1@approximately$10each Flowers $515

    ProjectedGains: Newfriends&greatfun! Confidenceinfrontofacrowd! Achancetocreatememoriesthatwilllastforever!

  • AuditionInformationThefollowingpagescontaininformationforyoutokeep:

    JHDramaAuditionPolicies AuditionTimeline&Process ThoroughlyModernMillieJr.CharacterDescriptions CostumeBoxInstructions ParentParticipationTasksDescription


    A oneminute audition song or 32 measures memorized with sheet music in correct key, OR CD or tapewithoutvocaltracks(choosethebestpartofthesongforyourvoice).



    AuditionsareopentoallcurrentTKAfulltime,parttime,andPSPstudentsin6th8thgrades. You may not audition if you are on academic probation at the time of auditions. Please note: If students

    are put on academic probation during the rehearsal process, the administration may pull them from the production.

    Thoroughly Modern Millie, Jr. will rehearse within a condensed time frame. Students who are playing a Fall sport (Boys Flag Football, Girls Softball, Boys and Girls Cross Country, Boys Wrestling) may not auditionfortheshow.

    Participation fees are due at the time of auditions. If you need a scholarship for the participation fee or otherexpenses,pleaserequestaFinancialAidformfromMrs.Irwin,

    Students who drop out of Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr. after being cast will not be allowed to audition for thespringplay.


    Rehearsal Times: Monday through Friday, after school until 4:30 or 5:15 p.m. Tech Week rehearsals will go into the early evening. Evening performances end at approximately 9:30 p.m. There is an additionalperformanceforOpenHouseonSaturday,October25,from10:15a.m.11:30a.m.

    Student availability is considered during the casting process. Please list every known conflict on the FamilyParticipationContract.

  • AuditionTimeline&ProcessVocalAuditionWorkshopsWednesday,August20,lunchtime(S2)Thursday,August21,lunchtime(S2)These workshops are being offered by Mr. Sluyter for students who would like some extra guidance before vocal auditions. Student attendance is not mandatory, but please take advantage of this offer if youd like some helpinthisarea.WorkshopsareduringlunchinMr.Sluytersroom,S2.GeneralAuditionsMonday,August25,3:156:15p.m.*Tuesday,August26,2:355:35p.m.**Studentsmaybereleasedearlier.Choose one day to come. Signup for an audition time and number in advance, using the link on the first page ofthispacket.On the day of auditions, you will checkin at the W Building. You will be given further instructions at that time. You can expect the entire process to take at least one hour. You can bring homework to do while you are waiting. After you finish the audition process, you will be given a callback slip that will tell you what to do next. Onceyouhaveauditioned,youarefreetoleave.CallbacksWednesday,August27,3:155:15.Vocals(S2)Thursday,August28,2:354:35p.m.Dance(M2)Friday,August29,2:355:00p.m.Acting(S2)Not everyone will be asked to come to callbacks. Most people will be cast based on how they perform at the initialaudition.Forthosewhoarecalledback,pleasenotetheday/timeforwhichyouarecalledback.CastListTheCastListwillbepostedonwww.tka.orgaslateas10:00p.m.onMonday,September1.Castlistmaypossiblybepostedearlier.MandatoryParentMeeting:Wednesday,September3,7:00p.m.intheTheatre.TheParentMeetingisanimportanttimetoorientparents(especiallynewdramafamilies)totheproductionprocess.Rehearsalcalendarsdistributedatthismeeting.FirstRehearsal:TheFirstrehearsalisforAllCastTuesday,September9,2:304:30p.m.intheTheatre.

  • ThoroughlyModernMillie,Jr.CharacterDescriptionsMillie Dillmount Sweet girl from Salina Kansas who comes to New York City to be part of the new modern era. Shes raising her skirts, bobbing her hair, and looking for Mr. Right who will be right if hes handsome, successfulandrich!Jimmy Smith Charming, smart and a little bit cocky, Jimmy knows his way around the Citybut hes hiding a bigsecretabouthisidentity.Hesactuallytheheirtoamultimilliondollarfortune.Mrs. Meers The villain of the story. She runs the Hotel Priscilla, but also a shady side business too. Think of herasCruellaDeVillemeetsMissHannigan.Dorothy Brown beautiful, sweet, polite, poised and well mannered. Shes come to New York to be an actress.Orsoshesays.JustlikeJimmy,shehasasecret.Sheisactuallyhisequallywealthysister.Ching Ho Mrs. Meers employee blackmailed into helping with her schemes. She promises to bring his motherfromHongKongtoNewYorkifhehelpsher.BunFooChingHosbrotherMiss Flannery Trevor Graydons office manager. Shes stern and a nononsense type of gal, but has a heart ofgoldevenifitisburieddeepinsideher!Trevor Graydon Well todo owner of Sincere Trust, hes handsome and rich and an eligible bachelor. Hes Milliesbossfornow,butshesplanningonmore.Hotel Priscilla Girls (Gloria, Alice, Rita, Ruth, Cora, Lucille, Ethel Peas) Millies fellow boarders at the Hotel Priscilla, these girls have all come to the big city to become famous actresses. Right now, they are dirt poor andspendlotsoftimelookingforjobs.Ensemble Roles and Cameos Additional Hotel Priscilla girls, street scene people, guests at the speakeasy, inmates in the jail scene, moderns, stenographers, cops, the mugger, three speed tappists, restaurant maitre d.Note:Notalloftheseroleshavespeakingparts.Youmaybedoublecastinseveraloftheseroles.

  • Everycastmemberwillneedtohavehis/herowncostumerackandbox.Pleaseusetheseinstructionstobuildyourcostumebox,ORorderonetobebuiltontheFeespage.OrderedboxeswillbedeliveredtotheTheatrebytheTechWeekCuetoCuerehearsal.

  • ParentParticipationTasksDescriptionSince the inception of The Kings Academy Drama Department in 1992, we have relied primarily on parent volunteers to help us launch successful productions. Per the Family Participation Contract, every family is required to give a minimum of 25 volunteer hours. Families will split their hours between before show tasks and during show tasks. (Committee chairpersons should be able to serve 25 hours in their jobs alone.) Please also understand that some families will put in 100s of hours, and 25 hours is just the bare minimum. Please read these task descriptions. Select two before show and two during show committees whereyouwouldliketoserve.

    BeforeShowTasksA before show task is one that requires the volunteer to perform a certain job prior to the performances to help preparetheproduction.ParentVolunteerCoordinators:Chairpersons:a)BeforeShowTasksCoordinatorb)DuringShowTasksCoordinatorc)NewFamiliesCoordinatorThis team of parents will coordinate all of the volunteers serving on the production. The Coordinators monitor all signup links, verif