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Theorem 1 Vertically opposite angles are equal in measure Publish Patricia Andrews, Modified 1 years ago

Dec 24, 2015



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  • Theorem 1 Vertically opposite angles are equal in measure
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  • Theorem 2 In an isosceles triangle, the sides opposite the equal angles are also equal in measure. If
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  • Theorem 3 If a transversal makes alternate equal angles on two lines, then the lines are parallel. Converse also true. If
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  • Theorem 5 Two lines are parallel, if and only if, for any transversal its corresponding angles are equal. Converse also true If KL || MG, then < LOH =
  • Theorem 8 The length of any two sides added is always bigger than the third side e.g BC+ AB> AC
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  • Theorem 10 The diagonals of a parallelogram bisect each other. i.e DE = EB AND CE= EA
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  • Theorem 15 If the square on one side of a triangle is the sum of the squares on the other two, then the angle opposite first side is 90 o i.e. If AC 2 = AB 2 +BC 2 then
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  • Theorem 16 For a triangle, base times height does not depend on choice of base Area of Triangle = base x height Therefore: |AC| x |FB|= |AB| x |DC|
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  • Theorem 17 The diagonal of a parallelogram bisects its area i.e. Area of Triangle ABC = AB x h Area of Triangle ADC= CD x h Since |AB|=|CD|; Area of both triangles are the same
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  • Theorem 18 The area of a parallelogram is base by height i.e. Area of Triangle ABC = AB x h and Area of Triangle ADC= CD x h. Since |AB|=|CD| Area of Parallelogram = 2 ( AB x h) = AB x h (i.e Base x Height)
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  • Theorem 20 Each tangent is perpendicular to the radius that goes to the point of contact |AP| |PC| where P is the point of contact
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  • Theorem 21 The perpendicular from the centre to a chord bisects the chord. The perpendicular bisector of a chord passes though the centre. If |AE| |CD| Then.. |CE| = |ED|
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  • Corollary 6 If two circles share a common tangent line at one point, then two centres and that point are co-linear Co-linear along the same line