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The yoga of psychological perfection

Apr 07, 2016



Mostly the inconscience, the subconscious, the physical/emotional mind, the active mind, the center of desires and wishes all are playing a complex game with many subterfuges. Humanity in general has no idea of the pushes and pulls at work and the why behind it all. Most of us are totally on auto-pilot and happy to be so. Our lives are running in very limited grooves and a very basic intelligence mostly carries us through. Do we think of improving upon it? This would be yoga.

The Yoga of Psychological Perfection

SutrasByPradeep Maheshwari

The Yoga of Psychological Perfection.How much and what do we understand from this term? What does it entail?This is a yoga which wants to examine every sentiment, thought that birth in us and the responses we respond with.Mostly the inconscience, the subconscious, the physical/emotional mind, the active mind, the center of desires and wishes all are playing a complex game with many subterfuges. Humanity in general has no idea of the pushes and pulls at work and the why behind it all. Most of us are totally on auto-pilot and happy to be so.Our lives are running in very limited grooves and a very basic intelligence mostly carries us through.Do we think of improving upon it? This would be yoga.


Chapter 1: The Human Psychological make-up

Chapter 2: Our Worth page 59

Chapter 3: Get a Grip on Reality page 102

Chapter 4: Reflections page 148

Chapter 1The Human Psychological Make-up.

The first question that comes to mind is then what is psychology and is our understanding of human nature as we see it, not enough?It is definitely not enough.And about psychology the answer is easy. In the last 100 years there has been a good lot of study of human psychology but only from the clinical and medical angle. But nevertheless here are some very good general books like Sense and Nonsense in Psychology that give us a lot of deeply relevant information. Another good source of learning is books by the great writers like Somerset Maugham, Dickens, Maupassant and Victor Hugo and many others. Their stories are not just entertainment but also deeply understanding of the human psychology at work. Bertrand Russell is one of my favorite authors.But we need go beyond the clinical aspect of human nature which is in this line of study known for the aberrations and disturbed humans. There is something that I call Occult psychology as shown to us by spiritual masters. And this is what we need to study with a sincere, non-prejudiced mind. This is what will take us far on the path on which he first stop is the Intuitive mind which operates from the Intuitive knowledge level of Consciousness.But reading is not enough. Reading only fills the head up. The information in the head needs to be integrated with the nature of the native. The best method for this is by learning new subjects and challenging one self. Make it a point to get into situations requiring learning by doing. For instance take up chess one year, the next badminton, the year after learn to paint in oil; and aim to become real good at it. Think how you can earn some more by taking up extra activities. Every time you take up something new you will have to push yourself out of your comfort zone, meet new people and learn to adjust and work or play with them. This in itself becomes the learning process in which you learn about the world around you and within you. It is not as easy it may sound.The pressure to adjust and deal with the psychological challenges that we come across in new situations and new people is a potent source of self-education and can be used to great effect as the path in the Yoga of Psychological self-perfection.

And then to it all is to be added the question how good is the instrument and how well is it performing? Between the receptor instrument the ear and the eye and the brain that is going to interpret the information, there is a vast space where the subconscious with its habits, the desire mind with its obvious agenda, the reasoning mind with its limiting logic, the physical body's small mind focused on its comfort, the emotional mind with all its turbulence...... all these have outposts; and try (and normally always succeed) to way-lay the information for their own advantage by adding or deleting much from it.I would say that Zen or The yoga of Psychological Perfection is the way by which we reduce these outposts to nothing and then see the Reality in all its purity.

The removal and eliminating and transforming the ego into a Divine being First we do not remove the ego. It is transformed in to a positive being with all its strength intact; it is a gradual process of chipping away and re establishing balance in the persona. It does not, cannot happen all of a sudden - that one moment it is there and the other it is not. This is the way the intellectualised beings rationalise while their hidden subconscious being remains the same quietly influencing everything without the mind ever realising what manipulation is going on.

The organisational heads of any codified set of belief have always used the suggestive power of God's ways & fear of the unknown to control the minds and life of lesser endowed humanity. From this angle religion becomes an enemy.For the thinking populace, sincerely wanting to better itself, sincerely looking for answers to their questions on life, all life, including religion becomes a source of answers.

We wait for orders. We are brought up under the feudal mindset where we are not allowed innovation and we are expected to act only when we are told.This kills initiative and even if youngsters come out with something new, it is rarely paid attention to. The ego element in the adults or "captains" is high.

Mike Welton : What other people think of you is none of your business !!!Pradeep Pk Maheshwari: No but it is mine and it helps me to keep track of myself because others are merely reflecting something of me although improperly. And if nothing else they show us how the world moves and behaves.I would like to know what is inadequate if at all or is it the uppity, maneuvering and manipulating of the others that see me that way.Then comes the question why we are in each other's life at all and why I am tolerating them or giving them any leeway.

I am just a Fence.I belong to neither to the people on the left nor to the people on the right. It is more like no-mans land. I am just here; not really wanted but a necessary evil to be tolerated often even derided. Nobody sees any individuality in me and no personality. My worth is the little assistance I give in being the wall in an argument. Otherwise I am quite a nuisance. Even the sheep, cows and bulls think of me as useless interfering thing. I need attention and have to be kept in good repair which makes me a liability. What worth do I bring by my presence? None!

What is the Ego and what do I think of this advice to drop it or let it go and such?It is not a thing and it is not a separate possession It is one of the bodies we have to take on to make the human persona for our time on this earth. It is the main beam of the tiny house that people call home for a while on this earth. When you ask the question, why the Ego and all that it is like - why a small cottage when you have the entire earth to live?Give it a thought.

On the atrocities carried out by wayward children/young men.The elders and people around know it and know it is wrong. They consider it wrong. They know it is wrong. But the sons have to be allowed. The Prince cannot be called in.Plus I may tell you, within confines it happens a lot in homes and private corners. Women are play-things and lately they haven't been portrayed quite well at all. Additionally seeing their shapes in detail through Jeans and stocking-pants is quite inflammable material. To individuals who have suffered I would say: It did not happen to you because you are you or you did anything. It is the mind state that is bubbling all around. It is just that one happens to be in the wrong place at a particular time and opportune moments are created that mischief mongers take advantage of. These bums have absolutely no fear of consequences and no morals to fall back upon

From my notepad no1Lazy minds - active otherwise.When we remember the instructions but forget the situ.We have been advised by all and sundry, even qualified idiots that we should go for walks in the freshness of early mornings. Of course. Yes. But this was advised for hot places and seasons when the sun tends to burn in the daytime. The freshness of the dew, the breeze if any and the cooler temperatures are conducive to clean breathing and meditation. Moreover with the beginning of the working day smoke from fires and humans, rolling stock and vehicles start throwing up dust into the living space and temperatures can go up alarmingly.

So the human mind picks up this adage and prides itself by virtuously following the advice by rising early ( in comparison to the lazy-bones), going for a morning walk ( in comparison to the laggards), following healthy habits ( in comparison to the careless). The additional advantage being that all this is good for health and some virtuous seeming gossip later in the day.This advice would have been perfect for hundred years ago for warm climes. But then the advice travels but not the logic with it.Today the air is polluted to an extent when experts are being forced to advice to the contrary. But I dont think the virtuous are going to be balked of their good deed of the day. They follow their own prejudice of I go for a walk regularly every morning at 5 am.Few realise or even consider even when they end up having bronchitis and sore throats, that in chilling weather the polluted air is nearer the ground and in more solid form when mixed with the foggish weather. To people with asthma, I have never been able to make understand that they should keep their windpipes covered and warm and their lungs protected from chills. Who will tell them? Why they are not prepared to think and awaken their lazy minds to this fact which is so obvious from their experience. Not to forget that there is this unspoken thought that we are still young and strong enough to brave the elements and.... and .... an