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formerly The B2B Marketing Summit B2B Marketing “One of the premier events in the industry – not just in Europe but in the world” Carlos Hidalgo, former CEO, Annuitas The world’s biggest B2B marketing learning and networking experience Thursday 22 June 2017 Business Design Centre, London

The world’s biggest B2B marketing learning and networking … · B2B Marketing alumni programme This year, the B2B Summit becomes B2B Marketing Ignite 2017 – the biggest, boldest,

May 24, 2020



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  • formerly The B2B Marketing Summit

    B2B Marketing

    “One of the premier events in the industry – not just in Europe but in the world”Carlos Hidalgo, former CEO, Annuitas

    The world’s biggest B2B marketing learning and networking experienceThursday 22 June 2017Business Design Centre, London


    B2B Marketing alumni programme

    This year, the B2B Summit becomes B2B Marketing Ignite 2017 – the biggest, boldest, most inspiring event ever staged in B2B.

    In one trailblazing day, Ignite 2017 will champion marketing innovation, hold up a torch for the best in our business and inspire every B2B marketer who attends.

    Ignite 2017 is for anyone in B2B who wants to propel their career, fire up their marketing results, spark new ideas and really shine in 2017.

    Watch the video from last year’s event for a quick reminder of what the day has to offer:

    › Over 1000 B2B marketers under one roof.

    › Seven new content streams designed to challenge, enlighten and inspire you.

    › A fully customisable agenda with over 50 breakout sessions including seminars, masterclasses and interactive workshops.

    › Keynotes from big-name headline speakers and leading lights in the B2B space and beyond.

    › The B2B Marketing People Awards, a prestigious new awards ceremony celebrating the best people in our industry.

    › An exciting ‘tech playground’ – a space where you can discover and explore the latest in marketing technology.

    › Post-awards networking drinks.

    B2B Marketing Ignite 2017 will feature:

    Business Design Centre, London

    Thursday 22 June 2017


    Uniquely high-calibre, curated content

    Ignite 2017 features a carefully curated, high-calibre agenda of keynote speakers, workshops, breakout seminars and interactive sessions – over 50 in total.

    We source keynote speakers from the leading names and influencers in the B2B space, and curate the breakout programme from hundreds of ‘call for paper’ submissions.

    The result is an unrivalled programme of the most inspiring and enlightening speakers and presentations that provides an exciting and motivational day of learning and development.


    What are the key benefits of attending?

    › Learning: access a huge range and depth of speakers, covering everything from the strategic to the tactical.

    › Inspiration: a unique opportunity to get inspired by other B2B marketers and brands and take a stack of ideas back to the office.

    › Networking: over 1000 B2B marketers for you to connect with. Anyone who’s anyone in the industry is likely to be there.

    › Discovery: we book speakers and supporters who have new, innovative and inspiring ideas, approaches and solutions for you to discover and explore.

    › Recognition and celebration: Ignite 2017 concludes with the B2B Marketing People Awards, your chance to win recognition and celebrate the best people in our business.

    › Fun: this is not a dry, stuffy event. It’s buzzing, upbeat and closes with great networking at our People Awards drinks.


    Who is Ignite 2017 for?

    The wide and deep range of content streams, keynotes and breakout sessions provides essential learning for:

    › Marketing managers, members of the c-suite and B2B leaders.

    › Client-side and agency-side marketers.

    › Marketers from across all business-facing sectors.

    › Marketers from start-ups and small businesses as well as medium and enterprise organisations.

    A who’s who of the marketing world

    If you work in B2B or want to connect with those who do, no other learning and networking event comes close.

    “ We’ve had loads of really good

    conversations, really great insight and

    advice, and an amazing networking


    Matt Henkes, Bray Leino


    Recommended by

    as one of the top 10 conferences

    attend this year.

    Chosen by Marketer Insider

    Group as one of their ‘best

    marketing conferences of 2017.’


    Six new content streams to enlighten, empower and inspire

    1. Engagement

    How to connect with buyers, influencers and customers. Topics will include:

    Content marketing, demand generation, CRO, influencer marketing, ambassador marketing, emotional marketing, hyper-personalisation, ABM, brand, and tone of voice.

    2. Experience

    Defining and managing the customer journey – from pre-awareness to post-purchase. Topics will include:

    CX, UX, customer journey, customer centricity, and sales and marketing alignment.

    3. Insight

    More effective marketing through better data. Topics will include:

    Evaluating creative, personas, social listening, NPS, and big data/cognitive marketing.

    4. Acceleration

    New marketing tools, techniques and thinking to fuel business growth and success. Topics will include:

    Viral marketing, gamification, WOM, growth hacking, disruption, influencer marketing, social selling, Agile marketing, high-performance marketing, retargeting, leadership and strategy.

    5. Advancement

    The skills and attributes you need to further your career and develop your team. Topics will include:

    Building your personal brand, next generation marketing skills, how to get your next promotion, how to think like a CEO and skills audits.

    6. Martech

    The latest marketing tools, technology and solutions and how to use them. Topics will include:

    MA, ECRM and social CRM, mobile, cognitive marketing, programmatic, predictive analytics and tech stacks.


    The tech playground

    Marketing tech has never offered so much to so many. So what better than a ‘tech playground’ space for you to discover, try out and explore the latest and hottest platforms and apps for marketers?

    The Ignite 2017 tech playground is a dedicated space where you can meet with tech vendors, get demos of the apps you want to see, and make sure you’re up to date with the latest martech solutions for your business.


    Ignite 2017 keynote speakers

    Amanda Jobbins is an entrepreneur, CMO of Oracle, former CIM ‘International Marketer of the Year’ and Cranfield Board Report Top 100 women to watch listee. Amanda has led the marketing of tech brands including Sage, Cisco, Symantec and McAfee.

    Powering hyper-growth: The keys to your success Marketing-driven, step-change growth is within the power of every marketing team. Here’s how to unlock it.

    John Watton is senior marketing director of Adobe in Europe. He has held marketing leadership roles at some of the world’s most successful tech businesses including SAP and Microsoft.

    Humanising B2B marketing: Why is so much B2B marketing a soulless, transactional experience? It’s time to rethink how we use technology beyond simple automation to enable experiences that allow us to connect with customers.

    Carla Johnson helps companies tell better stories, building awareness, engagement and revenue. She is a consultant, speaker and contributor to the CMI, CMSWire and CCO magazine.

    Creative on demand: How the habit of creativity delivers exponential outcomes from limited resources. Carla will reveal how brilliant brands nurture creativity everyday. You too can breed unstoppable creativity and innovation throughout your company.

    Lee Odden is the co-founder and CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, a renowned US digital marketing agency. He’s also executive editor of The Online Marketing Blog and author, public speaker and overall digital marketing mover and shaker.

    Mighty hype or great hope for B2B? Hot topics come and go, with influencer marketing riding high into 2017. But what does it actually mean? What are the major trends you should follow and integrate into your marketing mix more strategically?

    Doug Kessler, co-founder and creative director of Velocity, is a displaced Yank who started his career at Ogilvy & Mather and jumped ship to specialise in B2B. Doug is a content marketing junkie – a copywriter at heart but with a secret passion for analytics.

    Smashing the big conventions of B2B content marketing. Content marketing has been so successful because it didn’t look and smell like marketing. Now, it’s starting to look and smell like marketing. And people hate marketing.

    Joel Harrison is editor-in-chief and co-founder of B2B Marketing, the leading provider of insight, development, events and training for B2B marketers. A highly respected public speaker and writer, Joel is a long-time evangelist for all things B2B.

    Secrets of success. Joel reveals the eye-opening findings from B2B Marketing’s latest research into B2B career high flyers and fast ascenders, their secrets to success and how you can follow in their footsteps.


    Breakout sessions at a glanceHighlights of some of the 50+ interactive sessions

    How to use personalisation to improve the customer experience Jenna Tiffany, founder and strategy director, Let’sTalk Strategy Improve your email marketing performance and discover the single customer view and how it can help you to create effective personalised experiences.

    Customer-obsessed digital business for OEMs Sam Talya, global B2B ecommerce lead, Philips With the emergence of Amazon Business, B2B pure players and organisations building their own eprocurement systems where is B2B ecommerce headed? Sam will be covering the necessity of real-time customer engagement processes and omnichannel customer buying journey insights.

    Can you make online B2B software fashionable? Vanessa de Souza Lage, CMO, Rentals United

    Find out how a mix of content marketing, interactive content, beautiful UI, intelligent UX and event marketing

    turned a dull B2B travel tech software company into the tech brand everyone is talking about in the vacation rental industry (and on a limited budget.)

    Don’t panic: How to make buyer personas your new best friends Jana Baumann, global digital marketing project manager, GfK SE

    Let’s be honest, buyer personas in the B2B industry can be tricky. But don’t panic, Jana’s done it, and will share her experience with you. Together with her digital agency, she has developed a set of initial buyer personas for her global company. And after this session? You’ll be able to do it too.

    Death of a marketer: How we squeezed the joy out of marketing (and why getting it back is everyone’s problem) Andrea Fryrear, chief content officer, Fox Content and The Agile Marketer

    Individual marketers are caught up feeling like they’re juggling chainsaws in a tornado... blindfolded.

    So what’s a marketer to do? It’s time to change the way marketing happens at a grassroots level, one team at a time, starting with this session.

    Want to grow? Go on a mission to Mars! Michael Lindberg, CEO, Lindberg International

    The pace of change is rapidly increasing. That’s why the battle for market share and, ultimately, survival is not won by the biggest companies, but by the fastest movers. Follow the unique 8D Mission to Mars growth process because... “Winners go to Mars, losers stay on Earth!”

    Agile marketing in practice, not theory Mariette Ferreira, head of marketing, FairFX

    Many marketers are wondering what all the fuss is about – whether Agile marketing is right for them and whether it isn’t another one of those buzzwords. This first-hand case study from a fintech marketing team is an insider’s guide on the why and how of adopting and running Agile marketing for your team and business.


    The secret language of leadership: Six techniques to help you speak like a leader Spencer Waldron, European regional director, Prezi

    Have you ever listened to a business leader or politician and found yourself captivated or persuaded by how they spoke? Learn the secret language of leadership and six techniques that will help you be more persuasive, credible and convincing.

    How can digital transformation catalyse user experience initiatives? Danny Bluestone, founder and CEO, Cyber-Duck

    Leading digital transformation is an exciting mission for many B2B marketers, but the scope is colossal. Danny will share tips and case studies helping you define a vision, bring marketing, business and ops stakeholders together and drive any strategic, process and cultural changes required.

    Best use of the latest marketing technologies like virtual reality, AR or AI to implement campaigns, events and live engagements Kate Lechowicz, senior manager enterprise and events marketing, NetApp

    How marketing can create exceptional results using the latest ‘phygital’ experiences and the simple tricks and techniques to take the stress out of complex project development.

    What is the digital marketing transformation curve and why is it important? Holly Gage, director of marketing services, EMEA, Bluewolf, an IBM company

    Take actionable next steps for planning to implement technology-supported revenue marketing strategies. Holly will explain what marketers need from stakeholders as they design and implement a plan to reach key digital marketing transformation milestones.

    Can artificial intelligence save social media? Matt Owen, global social media manager, Shell

    Engagement is down, content is going nowhere and social platforms are less social than ever – so how can businesses intelligently drive the ‘ideas economy’, introducing and combining ideas across communities of micro-influencers?


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