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The warriors

Aug 12, 2015


  1. 1. The Warriors Opening The filmopens with a black screen and we hear a sort of eerie and subtle tune, this non- diegetic music is used as a sound bridge as it is carried into the next scene. Here we see a long shot of a lit up Ferris wheel at night, a blend between the visual and audio give the audience a sense of chilliness and mystery. It then cuts to a similar scene, but with a train in the distance and in big red letters the title appears "The Warriors", this font style and the red color connotes that there will be a lot of violence and war within the film. The camera tracks the train as it moves along the screen and pans down very slow as it pulls into the station. In the scene immediately after this, there is a blurred background and a man walks into the camera's view. The shot is done at a medium shot a combination of the blurred background and the medium shot shows the audience that the character on screen plays an important role within the film, and suggests to the audience that he is one of the main characters. The scene cuts to another scene of the man entering a train, as he enters it pans to the right and we see many more people with him, at this point the sound intensifies and this indicates to the audience that there is something bad that is going to happen and helps enhance the tone of
  2. 2. the scene. As the train begins to depart the camera again slowly pans to the right and we see the train leaving the station with him and his mob of people. After a few low angle and mid-shots of the people conversing on the train, it cuts to an over the shoulder shot of the protagonists talking to one of his friends, this camerawork suggests to the audience that the conversation is an important one. There is then a POV shot of what appears to be the front of the train as it arrives in another station, it cuts to long shot of another group of people walking closer and closer to the camera. There is than another high-angle shot of yet another different group of people entering the tube station. There is then a close up of people's feet as they walk past the camera, and then pans up to show their backs as they walk away from the camera. Following on, there is another over the shoulder shot of the protagonist talking to a different friend, it cuts to a long shot of another gang standing around, all these different gangs entering the station suggests to the audience that they are all heading to the same location and the up- beat music connotes that it may be something bad. Later in the opening, there is a close up of a map which shows "Manhattan" and then another close up of the map showing "The Bronx" these are two prominent boroughs of New York and this immediately tells the audience had they not figured it out earlier, that this filmtakes place in New York. Furthermore, the close up of the map showing these to boroughs reiterates the gang nature of the film as both of these areas have a history of gangs and gang violence.
  3. 3. Furthermore, there is a mid-shot of a member of a gang in the train using one of the handles as a speed bag, this also connotes that these gangs are gathering to fight each other. There are then various close ups of the protagonists gang members talking and advising each other what to do. It ends with a high angle shot of where all the gang members have gathered and the audience hear diegetic sound of the gang members talking and arguing before cutting to black. 00:04 - 00:09 "Paramount Pictures Presents" - The title appears to show the audience that is produced by a major films institution company reassuring that it will be a high quality film. 00:17 - 00:24 "a LAWRENCE GORDON Production" - This title appears to show the audience who the production company of the film was. 00:30 - 00:35 " The Warriors" - Comes on screen in big red writing to show the audience the film that they are watching and also connotes what the filmis about. 00:36 - 00:50 - Between these two times there are various actors who are starring in the film, this appears on screen to show the audience the numerous stars that act in the film and entice the audience if they see an actor whom they like. 01:50 - 01:55 "Music By Barry De Vorzon" - Pops up to show the audience the person who created the music for the film. 02:06 - 02:11 "In the City" - shows the various people who worked on creating the song "in the city" 02:23 - 02:29 "Editor DavidHolden" - showsthe personbehindthe editingof the film. 02:49 - 02:54 "Art DirectorsDonSwannaganBob Wightman" - Givescreditto the people behindthe art of the film. 03:47 - 03:53 "Directorof PhotographyAndrew LaszloA.S.C" - showswhodirectedthe photographyof the film. 06:16 - 6:22 "DirectedbyWalterHill" - Showsthe directorof the film, fansof hisworkwill be intrigued to watch thisfilm.