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The uprooted enterprise: ICT for the any3-economy

Dec 21, 2014




Belgacom Enterprise Business Unit, Corporate Market. &

  • 1. Belgacom Group keeps companies online. Anywhere, anyhow, anytime. Enterprise Business Unit | CorporateAugust 26, 09

2. Belgacom Group: your reliable partner Belgian incumbent operatorCorporate Social Converged offerings Responsibility Fix, Mobile, IT and International Average of 34 hours trainingper employee International footprint 89% of employees follow at least Quoted on the Euronext Stock 1 training per year Exchange BELG 1.000 Internet Academy sessions Autonomous public sector companyGreen 100% of energy is from 50%+ owned by the Belgian Staterenewable sources Staff of 17.500 people (Q3/2008) Waste reduction program (-18%) Electricity consumption Turnover 5.978 M Euro in 2008reduction program Net income 800 M Euro in 2008 84% of purchase orders sentelectronically Sensitivity : "Unrestricted"August 26, 09 August 26, 09 Slide 2 Slide 2 3. Belgacoms converged strategyBelgacom wants to be the preferred provideroffering intuitive end-to-end solutionscombining fixed and mobile telecom, IT and media,and empowering its customers to masterand enrich their professional and private lives Sensitivity : "Unrestricted" August 26, 09 Slide 3 4. International presence: Leading ICT integrator in Western Europe Leading ICT integrator in Belgium, France & Luxembourg 32 affiliates in Western Europe Global reach through strategic partners Sensitivity : "Unrestricted" August 26, 09August 26, 09 SlideSlide 4 5. International presence: Own cross border connectivity platform Belgacom Explore Belgacom International Carrier Services Sensitivity : "Unrestricted"August 26, 09 August 26, 09 Slide Slide 5 6. Management within the Belgacom Group Didier BellensPresident & Chief Executive OfficerRay StewartAstrid De LathauwerExecutive Vice President Finance & CFO Executive Vice President Human Resources Scott AlcottGrgoire DallemagneExecutive Vice PresidentExecutive Vice President StrategyService Delivery EngineMichel Georgis Michel De CosterExecutive Vice President Executive Vice PresidentConsumer Business Unit Enterprise Business Unit Sensitivity : "Unrestricted" August 26, 09 Slide 6 7. Management within the Belgacom Enterprise Business Unit (EBU) Michel De CosterExecutive Vice PresidentEnterprise Business Unit Hendrik Van De VeldeJean-Michel CourtoyVice President Product &Vice President Small & Medium Market Solution ManagementKris Verheye Bart WatteeuwVice President Corporate MarketVice President Operational ExcellenceWilliam Mosseray Renaud TilmansVice President International Director Service Delivery Engine Sensitivity : "Unrestricted" August 26, 09 Slide 7 8. Management within the Belgacom EBU Corporate MarketKris VerheyeVice President Corporate Market Frank De Winde Erik Hendrix Sales Director Finance, Industry & Media Director Specialised Sales & Pre-Sales Dirk SlachmuylderRoger Dejaeghere Sales Director Public, Utilities & HealthcareDirector Outsourcing Pascal Vanswegenoven Jan Sonck Director Bid Management & Sales Operations Marketing Director Sensitivity : "Unrestricted"August 26, 09 Slide 8 9. Belgacom Enterprise Business Unit MissionBelgacom is committed tosimplify the ICT of itsprofessional customers withquality-guaranteedend-to-endmanaged solutionsSensitivity : "Unrestricted" August 26, 09 Slide 9 10. Belgacom Enterprise Business Unit AmbitionBelgacom will be theleading network-centricICT service providerin Belgium anda reference in ourEuropean footprintSensitivity : "Unrestricted"August 26, 09Slide 9 Slide 10 11. Belgacom Enterprise Business Unit Vision: The Uprooted Enterprise A tree cant uproot itself. Your company can. With ICT. Sensitivity : "Unrestricted"August 26, 09 Slide 11 12. The Uprooted Enterprise Influences thatExternal Internal require new ways Economical crisis ICT and the internet Environmental, social and Collaboration and outsourcing of interaction: regulatory constraints Own ecosystem Mobility of people, goods Automated value chain and information Customer and employeesatisfaction influenced byprocesses Sensitivity : "Unrestricted"August 26, 09 Slide 12 13. The Uprooted Enterprise Anywhere, anyhow, anytime Profit from the See challenges and opportunities in a period of economical any3 economycrisis Benefit from globalization, seeking for the best place to create, build and service Do not fear changes in climate, social or regulation contexts See information technology as a driver for profitable and sustainable growth Sensitivity : "Unrestricted"August 26, 09 Slide 13 14. The Uprooted Enterprise Uprooted Have flexible activities Are customer-driven, event-driven, market-driven organizations are Collaborate excelling in the Have automate business processes any3 economy Interact electronically Create agility Are always on Sensitivity : "Unrestricted" August 26, 09 Slide 14 15. The Uprooted Enterprise Belgacom keeps your uprooted business online in the any economy: anywhere, anyhow, anytime Sensitivity : "Unrestricted"August 26, 09 Slide 15 16. Serving The Uprooted Enterprise with ICT value propositions Interactive overview:Tailormade ICT needs Click the value propositionsConsult Integrate Manage Outsource Enterprise EnterpriseEnterpriseEnterpriseEnterprise Enterprise NetworkDatacenters SecurityCollaboration Applications Mobility Offering a Answering the Relying onDeploying the ProvidingPutting the state of the art growing technology to toolbox for applicationpower in the converged anddemand forface security smarter availability tohands securedeverything as a risks and enterprise wide the any of the user who enterprise wideservice and pay ensure business unified customer wants to work platform as you usecontinuitycommunicationin a ubiquitouscustomer needs world Business expectations Sensitivity : "Unrestricted"August 26, 09 Slide 16 17. The Uprooted Enterprise adapted to specific needs per marketFinanceGovernmentHealthcareMediaRetail &Services & Customer Simplifying,Improving Exploiting the Manufac-Utilities retention, integrated &quality of care & challenges ofturingCustomer loyalty, intimacymulti-channel operational interactivity, Keeping hold of retention & and experience citizen efficiency, while user generated the consumer in loyalty, front-end in a shaking interaction while facing restricted content & multi- the multi-service ability world of financial coping with budgets channelchannel and back-end crisis, sector budgetcommunicationrevolution, while reengineering, consolidationconstraints models faced facing pressure dealing with and regulation with shrinking on margins andpressure fromadvertisingoptimizelow costbudgetsbusinesscompetitors in a processes & liberalized supply chainmarket integration Sensitivity : "Unrestricted"August 26, 09 Slide 17 18. Belgacom Group keeps companies online. Anywhere, anyhow, anytime.Questions & answers ?More info: Sensitivity : "Unrestricted" August 26, 09 Slide 18 19. ICT value proposition Enterprise NetworkBelgacom Explore Dedicated NetworksNetwork ServicesManagedManaged LAN Strategic Network Connectivity ConsultancyDatacenter Networking Managed Services Technical NetworkManaged WirelessConsultancy InternationalLAN SolutionsNetwork IntegrationManaged Network ConvergenceSecurityNetwork Management ApplicationWAN Optimisation PerformanceMonitoring &Management Tools Value Propositions Sensitivity : "Unrestricted" August 26, 09 Slide 19 20. ICT value proposition Enterprise DatacentersDatacenter Onsite HostedManaged Workplace Datacenter Facilities SystemsSystems HostedManage- Security Systems ment HousingServers, Storage Dedicated Managed Desktop Onsite& Software Hosted SystemsDedicated Lifecycle Datacenter Onsite Facilities HostingSolutionsManagementSecurity Virtual HostedOnsite ServicesSystems Managed Virtual Application Secure Housing Hosting Delivery Storage Hosting Secure Hosting Shared HostingDesktop as a Secure Service Business Backup Workplace IP TelephonyManagement Archiving Mobile Domain Names Connectivity Unified Value Communication Propositions Sensitivity : "Unrestricted"August 26, 09 Slide 20 21. ICT value proposition Enterprise SecurityManagedInternetSecurity Datacenter Security NetworkAccessInside Security Services Security StreetStrategic SecurityConsultancy Technical SecurityConsultancy Managed SecurityServices Secure Application Security Physical Connectivity SecurityManagement Security & MobilityValue Propositions Sensitivity : "Unrestricted" August 26, 09 Slide 21 22. ICT value proposition Enterprise CollaborationTelephonyContact CentersUnified Information Communication ManagementTraditionalCall Centers E-mailWeb Portals TelephonyMultimedia Contact Instant messaging & Document Management Hybrid & IPCentersIdentity Presence E-learning TelephonyInteractive VoiceMobile E-mail Wireless OfficeResponse Videoconference Voice Services Web & Call Conference Belgacom Internet for EmployeesValue Propositions Sensitivity : "Unrestricted"August 26, 09 Slide 22 23. ICT value proposition Enterprise Applications Sector BasedValue Chain Digital Media & Mobile ApplicationApplicationsImprovement VideostreamingEnabledPlatformon Enable Services ServicesPlatform Value Propositions Sensitivity : "Unrestricted" August 26, 09 Slide 23 24. ICT value proposition Enterprise Mobility Mobile VoiceMobile DataMobile Mobile Applications Management Proximus Wireless Proximus Mobile Mail Mobile CRM Proximus FleetOfficeEnterpriseManagement SMS CustomerProximus Volume Based Proximus MobileInteractionProximus E-BillPricing Corporate Internet Machine to Machine Vodafone InternationalUnified Proximus MobileCommunicationManagementCommunicationsIntranet Mobile PaymentsCompany DevicesBelgacom ExploreManagementMobileCompany SIM CardsManagementProximus Budget ManagerValueMobile Preparation & Propositions Implementation Services Sensitivity : "Unrestricted"August 26, 09 Sli