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The Passion Project IncubatorTM – Business Launch Blueprint · PDF file 2017-11-02 · The Passion Project IncubatorTM – Business Launch Blueprint Welcome to The Passion...

Aug 06, 2020




  • The Passion Project IncubatorTM – Business Launch Blueprint

    Welcome to The Passion Project IncubatorTM Business Launch Blueprint!

    It’s clear that since you have arrived at this very spot, there is a fire burning inside of you – a passion you want to pursue.

    But you may wonder, “How can I risk all the success that I’ve gained to launch a new business?”

    Did you hear yourself say that?

    While launching any new business has inherent risk, and 97% of new businesses fail to reach a sustainable level, it doesn’t mean you will be less successful than you have already been.

    There are no guarantees, but there are tried and tested business practices that you can follow that will ensure you go through the right steps you need to be one of the 3% that succeeds.

    I have been in the business of launching new products, services and businesses for more than 20 years. Over the course of my career, I’ve launched services that are now generating more than $500 million dollars annually for a F1000 company.

    In fact, I was recognized by my company as having exceptional skills at crafting irresistible products for my clients. The sales teams always said, whatever I touched was “gold” to them - because it worked.

    As I launched my own successful business, I noticed that many of my peers in these “online universities” and “business schools” never really got their businesses off the ground. Wherever I went I saw the carnage of time and money wasted on ideas that never sold.

    Many training programs for new entrepreneurs are too broad to be actionable - and implementation is everything in building a successful business!

    Or… they are too narrow and at the wrong phase or timing for your development cycle. Again, wasting valuable time and money - leading some to go out of business before they got started.

    While there is value in learning the hard way, wouldn’t you rather learn an easier way?

  • The Passion Project Incubator Business Launch Blueprint is a complete formula for success. From testing your concept to creating your brand to building your team and getting investors on board, our team has put together the best practices needed for any successful business to launch a product or service that is destined for success.

    And, while having a successful business formula is necessary for your success, so is managing your mindset. Getting in alignment with your passion is the first step.

    You also need to learn to surf the waves of doubt along the way… but that is a topic for another day.

    For now, proceed with the pages ahead and be sure to ask questions if there’s anything you don’t understand.

    Here we go!

    Deb Boulanger CEO, The Great Do-Over Creator of The Passion Project IncubatorTM

  • The Passion Project Incubator Business Launch Blueprint

    Debra Boulanger, President

  • About Me

    §  25 years of success in product launches, marketing, management, GVP of F1000 firm

    §  Burnt out, frustrated and wanting “A Life”

    §  Connecting with my intuition allowed me to uncover my passion

    §  Lifestyle and income that enables me to live a balanced and fulfilling life helping others

    ©2017 The Great Do-Over 2

  • The Passion Project IncubatorTM Business Launch Blueprint

    Vision Discover

    Plan Build ©2017 The Great Do-Over

  • 1. Discover

    ©2017 The Great Do-Over

  • Phase1: Discover Your Passion


    1.  Get clear on your why get clear on the problem you want to solve and the people you want to serve.

    2.  Clear away any doubts or lingering beliefs that will get in the way of you taking action. To build a business you need to have confidence in yourself so that others will have confidence in you too.

    3.  Get proof of your concept. Primary research is crucial at this stage so you don’t end up with a product or service that no one wants to buy.

  • 2. Vision

    ©2017 The Great Do-Over

  • Phase 2: Vision Your Business


    1.  Reveal your ideal client(s), their pleasure and pain points & develop your avatars

    2.  Define your products or services

    3.  Craft your brand promise – name your company and products, register trademarks, ensure no brand conflicts.

    4.  Create your delivery model – e.g. how your ideal clients will access your products or services

    5.  Define your benefits as they speak directly to your ideal clients’ pain and pleasure points and are used in your marketing materials and sales pitches

    6.  Concept test and refine – with your ideal client advisors

  • 3. Plan

    ©2017 The Great Do-Over

  • Phase 3: Your Launch Plan ACTIONS AT THIS STAGE:

    1.  Select your business structure – Work with your legal advisor and accountant on what business structure makes the most sense for you. Register as an entity in your state (C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC, 501-c3, etc.)

    2.  Create your product architecture – even if you are phasing your launch, have a clear idea of your lead offers and upsell components. Keep the total value of the customer relationship in mind as you build.

    3.  Develop pricing and create sales & revenue forecasts

    4.  Document your launch and promotion plans with sequence and timing

  • Phase 3: Your Launch Plan ACTIONS AT THIS STAGE cont’d:

    6.  Determine your sales strategy – direct or indirect? Online or offline?

    7.  Decide how much funding you need - how much you will bootstrap and how much will come from investors, plan 2-3 years out.

    8.  Determine skills and staffing – Who do you need on your team to execute effectively? Start recruiting talent now.

  • 4. Build

    ©2017 The Great Do-Over

  • Phase 4: Build Your Business ACTIONS AT THIS STAGE

    1.  Determine your visual branding in alignment with your values and brand promise

    2.  Select technology platforms and providers (e.g. e- commerce, email & campaigns, program delivery, marketing and social)

    3.  Develop your launch calendar and content for launch sequencing

    4.  What is your marketing plan? Seek out opportunities to be seen and heard to spread your brand message

  • Phase 4: Build Your Business ACTIONS AT THIS STAGE cont’d:

    5.  Create strategic / tactical partnerships – align with complimentary brands/products for joint promotion, look for affiliate partners, outsource non-core activities

    6.  Staff up – add skills as the volume of business requires; understand your ramp-up curve to avoid being under or over staffed.

    7.  Monitor performance metrics and adjust accordingly – do you need additional sources of funding?

    8.  Monitor business metrics and pivot your approach as needed. To be in business you need to be making a profit. Monitor your financials - conversion and retention metrics and expenses. Plug leaks quickly and often.

  • The Bottom Line §  Your ideal customer is waiting for you and desperate

    for what you offer. But, 97% of new entrepreneurs will fail.

    §  In order to be one of the 3%, you need the mindset, mechanics and metrics to have a successful launch and make money.

    §  Finding the right mentor is the first step.

    Mindset + Mechanics + Metrics = Money

  • To join The Passion Project IncubatorTM …

    Contact Deb Boulanger [email protected]

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