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Public School Choice Option for School Name Students Opción de Escuela Pública para los Alumnos de la Escuela [name of school] The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 Title I, Part A, Section 1116(b)(1)(E) De la ley 2001 Que Ningún Niño Se Quede Atrás Título I, Parte A, Sección 1116(b)(1)(E) DATE

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 Title I, Part A, Section 1116(b)(1)(E) De la ley 2001 Que Ningún Niño Se Quede Atrás Título I, Parte A, Sección 1116(b)(1)(E)

Jan 24, 2016



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Public School Choice Option for School Name Students

Opcin de Escuela Pblica para los Alumnos de la Escuela [name of school]The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 Title I, Part A, Section 1116(b)(1)(E)De la ley 2001 Que Ningn Nio Se Quede Atrs Ttulo I, Parte A, Seccin 1116(b)(1)(E)


1The accountability portion of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) requires schools to reach goals of Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for all subgroups on an annual basis.

La parte de la responsabilidad de la Ley 2001 Que Ningn Nio se Quede Atrs (conocida por sus siglas en ingls como NCLB) exige que las escuelas logren las metas de Progreso anual adecuado (conocido por sus siglas en ingls como AYP) para todos los subgrupos anualmente.

2Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)Progreso Anual Adecuado (AYP)

Attainment of Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs) in ELA and Math

Logro de los Objetivos medibles anuales (conocido en ingls como AMOs) en ELA y Matemticas

95% Participation Rate95% ndice de ParticipacinProgress on the Other Indicators:API Graduation rate (high schools only)

Progreso en el Otros Indicadores:ndice de rendimiento acadmico (conocido en ingls como API) ndice de graduacin (nicamente las preparatorias)3NCLBs accountability requirements could not be met by Californias API (Academic Performance Index) formula. No Child Left Behind has four components: 1) attainment of AMOs Annual Measurable Objectives in English/Language Arts and Mathematics for the overall school and for numerically significant subgroups; 2) 95% participation rate for all students and numerically significant subgroups; 3) progress on the Other indicator which is the API in California and measured by attainment of an API score of 650 or improvement of 1 point; 4) for high schools, an increase of .1% (1/10%) in the graduation rate annually until the rate is 100%.

Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs): English/Language ArtsElementary and Middle Schools and Elementary Districts

Objetivos medibles anuales (AMOs): Lengua/Literatura en InglsEscuelas Primarias y Secundarias y Distritos Primarios 4The State Board of Education adopted Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs) in English/language Arts for different groups. This slide shows the AMO for elementary and middle schools , and for elementary districts. The baseline percent was determined by finding the 20%ile performance point in spring 2002.

As the slide shows, 13.6% of the students in the school as well as each subgroup must have performed at the Proficient or Advanced levels on the California Standards Test in English/Language Arts in order to meet the AMO in spring of 2002, 2003, and 2004. In spring 2005, the AMO increased to 24.4% and will remain at that level through spring 2007. Beginning with spring 2008, the percent of students performing at this high level increases significantly each year until ALL students are proficient by 2014.

The CAT6 is not part of the AMO formula.

Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs): Mathematics - Elementary and Middle Schools and Elementary Districts

Objetivos medibles anuales (AMOs): Matemticas - Escuelas Primarias y Secundarias y Distritos Primarios 5Like the English/Language Arts Annual Measurable Objectives, the AMOs for mathematics were adopted by the States Board of Education for different groups. This graph shows the AMOs for elementary and middle schools and for elementary districts.

As this graph shows, schools were expected to have at least 16% of their students perform at the proficient or advanced level in mathematics for spring 2002, 2003, 2004 and then to increase to 26.5% for spring 2005, 2006, 2007. Thereafter, the percent of elementary and middle school students performing at the proficient or advanced levels must increase annually by 10.5% until all students perform at this high level in spring 2014.

Group/Sub GroupGrupo/Subgrupo

AYP Growth Percent Proficient or AdvancedCrecimiento AYP - Porcentaje competente o avanzado

English-Language ArtsLengua y Literatura en ingls MathematicsMatemticas2011201220133-Year Growth2011201220133-Year GrowthSchoolwideA Nivel Escolar71.275.672.8+1.672.070.866.2-5.8Hispanic or LatinoHispano o Latino62.469.865.9+3.564.864.658.1-6.7WhiteBlanco85.685.587.9+2.379.883.784.6+4.8SE DisadvantagedDesventaja Socio Econmica64.369.065.2+.967.764.657.7-10English LearnersAlumnos EL 52.559.051.7-.863.457.848.3-15.1TargetObjetivo67.678.489.268.579.089.5Update this slide with your own data6Academic Performance Index (API) ndice de Rendimiento Acadmico (conocido en ingls como API)

879 (2012 Base was 885)879(en el 2012 la Base fue 885)

Median API of similar schools: 816El promedio API de escuelas similares: 816

2012 Statewide Rank = 9 Clasificacin estatal

2012 Similar Schools Rank = 10 Colocacin con escuelas similares

7Update this slide with your own data (from CDE website Dataquest)School Name Academic Performance Indexndice de Desempeo Acadmico de C.E. UttUpdate this slide with your schools data. The last year we had an API was in 2013.8

Name of School receives Title I, Part A funds La Escuela Intermedia Utt recibe fondos de Titulo I, Parte A However, we have not Achieved the NCLB Achievement Goals for the Schoolwide, Hispanic or Latino, Socioeconomically Disadvantaged, and English Learners subgroups in English/Language Arts and Mathematics.

Sin embargo, no hemos logrado las metas de logro NCLB en Lengua y Literatura y de Matemticas para los subgrupos de toda la escuela, hispano o latino, en desventaja socio econmica, y aprendices de ingls.English LearnerAprendices de Ingls

A student who is learning English and not yet proficient in English and academics.Un alumno que est aprendiendo ingls y que aun no domina el ingls y materias acadmicas.

1Beginning2Early Intermediate

3Intermediate4Early Advanced5AdvancedReclassificationWhat is Program Improvement?When a Title I school has not met the requirement for Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for two or more consecutive years (as measured by the STAR Content Standards Tests), it becomes a Program Improvement school.To move out of Program Improvement, a school must make Adequate Yearly Progress for two consecutive years in all areas.

11This would be the time to tell parents that the federal government (which oversees Title I funding) has frozen all CA schools PI status until after we have test scores from 2015 CAASPP. At this point, our test scores reflect achievement from 2013. There werent any state testing results for ELA and Math for 2014.Qu es Programa de Mejoramiento?Cuando las escuelas Titulo I no logran los requisitos para el Progreso anual adecuado (AYP) durante dos o ms aos consecutivos (como est medido por los Estndares de Contenido del Examen STAR), se convierte en una escuela con Programa de Mejoramiento. Para salir del programa de mejoramiento, la escuela debe hacer el Progreso Anual Adecuado por dos aos consecutivos en todas las reas.

12Did You Know That Sabia que usted queProgram Improvement only applies to schools that get Title 1 Federal Funding.

El Programa de Mejoramiento aplica nicamente a las escuelas que reciben Fondos Federales Ttulo 1.

School Name has had an average of 14.8 points of API growth per year since 2001. School Name has grown by 161 API points since 2001.

School Name ha tenido un promedio de 14.8 puntos de crecimiento en el API desde el ao 2001. School Name ha crecido por 161 puntos de API desde 2001.13Customize with your own figures and school name.What Are a Parents Options? Cuales son las opciones de los padres?1. Remain at School Name Permanecer en School Name

2. Request a NCLB School Choice Transfer to a non-Program Improvement SchoolSolicitar una Transferencia de Opcin de Escuela NCLB a una escuela que no est en el Programa de Mejoramiento

14Customize with your school name.What is NCLB School Choice Transfer? Qu es la Transferencia de Opcin de escuela NCLB? All students enrolled in Name of School have the option to request an NCLB School Choice Transfer to another middle school in the Tustin Unified School District. Todos los alumnos matriculados en la Name of School tienen la opcin de pedir una Transferencia a otra Escuela Intermedia "NCLB en el Distrito Escolar Unificado de Tustin.

Once placed, students may stay at the school of transfer until they complete the 8th grade.Una vez colocados, los alumnos pueden quedarse en la escuela de transferencia hasta que terminen 8o grado.

15Customize with your school name.Who Decides the School Available to My Child for Transfer? Quin Decide que Escuela est Disponible para la Transferencia de Mi Hijo?You will be given two transfer choices of non-PI schools. Usted recibir dos opciones de transferencia para dos escuelas que no estn el Programa de Mejoramiento.

Indicate your first and second choice.Marque su primera y segunda opcin.

The Tustin Unified District will offer a school to you based on space availability.El Distrito Escolar Unificado de Tustin le ofrecer una escuela dependiendo de la disponibilidad.

16Comparison Data with PI School Choices Comparacin de Datos con Opciones de Escuela PISchoolEscuelaAPIScores Resultados APIEnglish-language artsPercent Proficient or above*Lengua y Literatura Porcentaje de competente o ms alto*MathematicsPercent Proficient or above*Matemticas Porcentaje de competente o ms alto*Name of School Name of School878/80072.8%66.2%Currie Middle SchoolEscuela Intermedia Currie818/80058.7%60.6%Hewes Middle SchoolEscuela Intermedia Hewes903/80080.8%71.2%Customize with your schools API and AYP (Schoolwide)17What About Transportation? Qu pasar con el Transporte?Daily transportation is provided between Name of School and the transfer school. Se proveer transporte diario entre la Name of School y la escuela de transferencia.

Transportation will be provided as long as Name of School is in Program Improvement. Se proveer transporte siempre y cuando la Name of School est en el Programa de Mejoramiento. 18Add your school name.Who Do I Call for Assistance with NCLB School Choice Transfers? A Quin Llamo para Ayuda con la Opcin de Transferencia a una Escuela NCLB?1.First contact: The Name of School office.Primero comunquese con: la oficina de la Name of School

2.If Name of School cannot help you, please call:Si la Name of School no puede ayudarlo, por favor llame a:

Mr. Sean DiazCoordinator, Student Support ServicesDirector, de Servicios de Apoyo para los Estudiantes714-730-7301 X32319Customize with your school name.How is Name of School Moving Students Forward? Cmo est Name of School Ayudando a sus alumnos a salir adelante?Double Block MathDoble periodo de matemticasCore Plus Clase extra de apoy en lenguajeNESTPeriodo de intervencin y estudio

After School Peer-TutoringTutora despus de escuela

English Language Development Core Aprendizaje Progresivo del ingls (conocido por sus siglas en ingls como ELD

8th Period Commitment Club Club de Compromiso

Customize with improvement activities your school has implemented.20Parent Involvement Participacin de los PadresFamily Nights Monthly parent workshops

Noches de Familias y tieres de padres cada mesAwards Reconocimiento de estudiantes

Attitude, Commitment, and Achievement (monthly)Actitud, compromiso y logros (mensual)

Falcon Lunch (Quarterly)Halcn almuerzo (trimestral)

Honor Roll Breakfast (Semester)Honor Roll desayuno (semestre)Bilingual SupportApoyo Bilinge

PTAAsociacin de Padres y Maestros

ELACComit Asesor de los que aprenden inglsSchool Site Council (SSC)Consejo Escolar Local

Customize to match what you are going at your school.21The C.E. Utt Campus El Campo Escolar de C.E. UttMeasure S Technology Upgrades (Actualizaciones tecnolgicas)

SMARTBoards SMARTBoard en CADA saln de clases

Amplified Audio Audio amplificadas

iPads for every student iPads para todos los estudiantes Apple TV

Beautifully maintained campus Mantener el campo escolar bonito

Computer lab Laboratorio de computadores

Think Together Programa Despues de Escuela

Goals for 2015 - 16 Metas para el 2015-16Increase our effectiveness through collaboration and intensive interventionAumentar nuestra eficacia a travs de la colaboracin e intervencin intensa

Increase learning for all students, with an emphasis on students who are not proficient in English/Language Arts or Math. Aumentar el aprendizaje para todos los alumnos, con un nfasis en los alumnos que no son competentes en Lengua y Literatura en ingls o en matemticas.

Involve parents even more in the learning process Incluir a los padres an ms en el proceso de aprendizaje.

23QuestionsPreguntasWhat is a reasonable goal for the students at Name of School?Qu es una meta razonable para los alumnos de Escuela Intermedia Name of School?

Do I have to transfer?Debo transferirme?

How will transportation work?Cmo funcionar el transporte?Customize with your school name.24Before You Make a Final Decision Antes de que Haga su Decisin FinalIf you have questions or would like additional information, call:Si tiene alguna pregunta o desea ms informacin a: Name of PrincipalName of SchoolDirector de la Name of School714-730-XXXX

And, please discuss your decision with your child.Por favor, hable con su hijo respecto a su decisin. 2525