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The Most Failsafe Sump Pump System Ever Manufactured
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The Gold Standard In Pumps

The Most Failsafe Sump Pump System Ever Manufactured

NexPump Advanced SystemKey FeaturesAuto Notification SystemAutomatic Self-TestingOperates on Electricity12V Battery Back-upDual High Capacity PumpsDual Sensors5600 Gallons Per Hour20-AMP ChargerPrimary/Back-up ModesBattery Life MonitorPlumbing Alert SystemPump Hour TrackingUser Friendly DisplayAudible AlarmEasy Installation

Phone Call & Email NotificationCalls & emails during

pump activationspower outageslow batterysensor errorsplumbing errors

Advanced Real-time Diagnosing:Every 12 hours NexPump performs a

sensor check pump check battery check plumbing check phone line check empties sump pit pump hour tracking

calls & emails if detects an issue & also during real time emergencies

Battery Hour Countdown TimerCalculates pump activity and battery life, providing accurate hours remaining.

20 AMP Battery Charger

93 GPM at 10 ft (5600 GPH)Dual High Capacity pumps Pump Hour CounterRedundancy

Dual Sensors Redundancy No Sticking Floats System Emergency Mode*

* If both sensors become disconnected NexPump will activate every 2 minutes and will empty sump until corrected.

Features Exclusive to NexPump Phone Call & Email Notification 93 GPM (5600 GPH) Dual Pumps capable of operating independent and together Self Diagnostic Check every 12 hrs Hour Countdown timer when operating on battery power Pump Life Hour Tracking 20 AMP Battery Charger System Emergency Mode Plumbing Error Detection

Backup or Primary Mode

Radon Friendly

Easy Installation

21st Century Advanced Technology

How This Benefits Totally protect yourself and your customer Easy Installation (AVG 60-90 Minutes) Radon Friendly NexPump Support Team 3 Year Warranty (Parts & Labor) Contractor email if chosen (customer for life)* Increased Profits*Not intended for monitoring